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As Obama Leaves Afghanistan, Taliban Begins War on India

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On March 9, 2013 @ 10:35 am In The Point | 18 Comments


Obama pulled out of Iraq giving Al Qaeda free reign. But Al Qaeda in Iraq didn’t stay in Iraq. Some of its operatives went to Libya and attacked the American mission in Benghazi killing four Americans. Others are fighting in Syria and some reportedly took part in the Algerian operation.

The moral of the story is that just because you leave a country, doesn’t mean that the terrorists you leave behind will stay within its borders. They will find ways to go on attacking you and other countries in the area, creating deepening waves of instability.

Now as Obama announces a progressive pullout from Afghanistan, turning over the country to the Taliban, the Taliban are not just making plans for taking over the country, but for extending the war beyond Afghanistan’s borders, putting the situation back the way it was on September 11.

Pakistan’s release of the effective leader of the Taliban and other high-ranking Taliban members was not a bid for peace, and if anyone in the CIA or the State Department really thought that, more fools them.

Pakistan uses the Taliban for its own purposes. It has no interest in fighting the Taliban. It wants the Taliban to do its fighting for it. And the best evidence of that is this announcement [2] from the Pakistani Taliban.

The leader of Tehrik Taliban Pakistan Waliur Rahman Khan announced sending of terrorists in Kashmir and pledged to fight for the imposition of Sharia law in the State.

The announcement isn’t entirely new, but the Taliban will soon have the spare personnel to extend into Kashmir. The TTP or the Pakistani Taliban usually targets Pakistan. If they are serious about a major campaign in Kashmir, it might well mean that the Pakistani Taliban have cut a deal with the Pakistani government. This deal might well be short term, but it’s an inevitable reaction to Obama’s mishandling of Afghanistan.

If Pakistan can have its own creatures running Afghanistan while its domestic Taliban concentrates on India, then the Taliban will be fully on the same page as Pakistan’s security goals.

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