ASA Boycott of Israel Uses Testimony from Angela Davis


Nothing like testimony from a racist Communist terrorist to endorse a racist left-wing boycott. It’s no coincidence that most of the supportive statements seem to come from University of California faculty. The UC system has been repeatedly criticized for its anti-semitism problem.

The endorsements begin with a cynical act of Jewashing by listing the call for boycotting Israel by a professor who declares “I am a Jew.”

Then we move on to…

Angela Y. Davis, Distinguished Professor Emerita, UC Santa Cruz
Office: 831-459-5332, 831-459-1924

The similarities between historical Jim Crow practices and contemporary regimes of segregation in Occupied Palestine make this resolution an ethical imperative for the ASA. If we have learned the most important lesson promulgated by Dr. Martin Luther King—that justice is always indivisible—it should be clear that a mass movement in solidarity with Palestinian freedom is long overdue

Yes, that Angela Davis.

The Communist terrorist had circulated a petition calling for a boycott of Israel back in 2011. She served on the bigoted Russel Tribunal and this kind of ugly rhetoric and activism against the Jewish State is nothing new for the Black Panthers she was associated with.

Now 16 percent of the American Studies Association’s members have backed an Angela Davis petition against the Jewish State.

  • Veracious_one

    Angela Davis, like most diehard Anti-American communist racists, will do all she can to insure Anti-American racist and hatred rhetoric remains alive and well…

    • fass52

      You’re doing a pretty good job of that yourself.

      • Guy Fromage

        By pointing out how much of a racist commie Angela Davis is?

  • Omar

    Davis is out of her mind if she thinks that she and the BDS movement is the movement of justice. First of all, it is ridiculous that this lunatic is referencing Dr. King, considering the fact that 1. Dr. King strongly supported Israel and it’s right to exist and 2. The Black Panther Party (which Davis was a member of) and much of the New Left movement have destroyed the classical civil rights movement (the classic civil rights movement advocated for a color-blind society in the United States and called for much needed civil rights reform through Congressional legislation) and created a new agenda in which the left would take over the Democratic Party and many other institutions in this country (this method was how the left had built it’s monopoly over black voters in virtually every election in this country since the late 1960s. Because of the left’s destructive agenda, poor and minority communities are suffering in many urban areas in this country today). Remember that much of the New Left movement at that time have denounced the classical civil rights movement as “sell-outs” and “Uncle Toms”. Stokely Carmichael and his New Left comrades had denounced Dr. King as “Uncle Martin”. In addition to Davis’ inaccuracies regarding her so-called “analogy”, she has strongly supported Communist totalitarian regimes around the world, particularly in Eastern Europe, where she had called political prisoners supporting democracy and human rights in their countries “common criminals” and “terrorists” who “deserved” to be jailed (Davis had very likely lobbied against having the dictatorship of the then-Communist Czechoslovakia release democracy and human rights activist Vaclav Havel released from prison on the false grounds that he was a “fascist”, a “Nazi”, a “racist” and a “terrorist”, therefore echoing the the radical left’s propaganda and smear attacks against Havel and other dissidents from Communist countries). Davis has also used the same smear attacks against the Dalai Lama (Davis has called the Tibetan spiritual leader a “fascist”, a “feudalist”, a slave-king and a CIA agent) and justifies the Chinese Communist invasion and genocidal occupation of Tibet. The American people need to boycott Angela Davis and her and her totalitarian agenda.

  • Gebbike

    I luv u Nelson Mandela, and your Amazing Technicolor Batik Dreamshirts


    Someone should point out to fascist angela davis that she is a brutal, racist, fascist, imperialist pig of color, OCCUPYING Native American land.

    When will Angela pack up and self deport herself from North America – and where will she move to? Africa? Which part of Africa? Eurabia? Russia?

  • Ettore Greco

    Divide and Conquer is an illness that must be cured. The recognition of Equality has always generated much fear for that concept of Individualism so adored by the Jewish culture and this Culture has always defended with one well defined strategy: Divide and Conquer. This strategy always begins with the same sentence: “Let me help you”. And betrayal is soon to follow. Nevertheless, no one should be found guilty only for being born in a certain part of the World or for having learned what was taught since childhood. It is not a matter of DNA or races. Instead it is about culture, or, the foundations of our knowledge. In historical sense, the Human behavior has never changed, and, there were always those who preferred protection and had fear of freedom in a World that only recognizes the rule of force. From the beginning, the Jewish culture, for fear of survival, has embodied the role of the slave for the ruler of its time. At first, with Moses for the Pharaohs of Egypt, then with Herod for the Roman Empire, more recently at the service of the Royals of England and now at last for the most influential Anglo-American group of Freemasons. Time has always brought change hence hope for the future, but up until now the World’s views of the Jews have remained unchanged throughout history. People have always called them greedy, parasites, masters of lies …. Although, in the UK and US,they are fully protected and in those places almost no one dares to talk bad about them in public. As they believe they are the “chosen people” from God the Jews are also the sworn enemies of Equality. This Belief, incompatible with peace and Human respect, has brought over the centuries constant wars and destabilization. Today the World in turmoil is a sign of their “success”. After 3,000 troubled years, the Culture of the Jews can be defined today with utmost clarity. The more they feel protected the more they become arrogant. Fear and arrogance allow them to only look up or down. They detest any form of transparency and they know better than anyone else how to navigate in turbid waters. Corruption is their vital organ. They adore a deep voice and have constant need of attention. Their “sense of humor” revolves around bashing on cultures and people from all over while they accuse antisemite any remark about them or their “Masters”. They find very amusing to be the judges of everyone. One famous “sense of guilt” follows them everywhere and the word “sorry” is always their companion. With a tight hold on Hollywood, TV stations and newspapers their influence has no rivals in the World and reflects more and more in the values of our times. The nature of this Culture exemplifies the role of the middle man. Like the eternal second, It is near the strongest but also at a safe distance from the troubles it stirs. One peculiarity of this Culture is the need to always look up to someone and idolize who is “better” (like who is richer or more famous. Who is more ……). That is why the Jewish culture is perfect for the Freemasons and for their adored pyramid that would enslave all, except One.

  • Hard Little Machine

    By their own rules of the road we should be bombing the campus.