At UN, Pakistan Praises Saudi Arabia for Protecting “Women’s Rights”


It’s not a joke. It’s the United Nations.

And it’s that punchline to the joke that the UN protects human rights that is the UN Human Rights Council, which is always ready to condemn human rights abusers like Canada, Australia and America… but has a kind word for defenders of human rights like China, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

Today’s United Nations punchline has been brought to you by billions of your tax dollars. It’s your money. You deserve a good laugh.

As the UN Human Rights Council scrutinized Saudi Arabia’s domestic rights record this morning… out of 95 countries who took the floor, 82 praised Saudi Arabia.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based human rights group UN Watch, said the country is poised to win a seat on the Human Rights Council.

“A country whose legal system routinely lashes women rape victims rather than punish the perpetrators should not have been praised effusively by members of the UN’s top human rights body,” said Neuer. “Instead the world should have addressed the Saudi regime’s use of cruel, inhuman and degrading punishments, such as flogging, amputations and eye-gouging.”

But look at who lined up to praise Saudi human rights.

Afghanistan: “We commend Saudia Arabia as they continue to enhance the protection and promotion of human rights…”

Palestine: “We take notice of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to protect and promote human rights…”

Somalia: “Saudi Arabia maintains a high priority for protection and promotion of human rights…”

Libya: “Saudi Arabia continues to strengthen human rights and promote them and this deserves our appreciation…”

Mauritania, VP of the UNHRC (and a country that practices slavery): “We commend Saudi Arabia for always seeking to strengthen human rights…We commend Saudi Arabia in terms of the progress on guaranteeing fundamental rights and freedoms, socioeconomic progress, participation of women at all levels and participation in society.

China: “We appreciate efforts made to protect the rights of children and to have dialogues of religious tolerance…”

Pakistan: Commended “laudable steps taken by Saudi Arabia to promote and protect the rights of children and women…”

It’s official.

According to China, Saudi Arabia which arrests Christians for praying, practices religious tolerance.

According to Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, the terrorists running the Palestinian Authority, and a Muslim country that practices slavery, the Saudis excel at human rights.

And according to Pakistan, a country where raping women is practically in the Constitution, Saudi Arabia, which won’t let women drive or leave the house, is also breaking new ground in protecting women’s rights.

Every comedian knows when to go out on a high note. The joke that is the UN has reached its high note. There is nothing else. It’s time to disband the whole thing, admit it was a long gag, and move on to the Glasgow Comedy Festival, and maybe use the UN building to house the homeless.

There’s nothing else left to do.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “…admit it was a long gang…” I think Daniel meant it was a long “gig.” But, his point is taken.

  • john spielman

    islam certainly seems to lead to INSANITY!
    Time to get the US out of the UN (usless nations) and the UN out of the US

  • Squiggles

    So it does make perfect sense in a sick, twisted way. Rarely do Muslim men think of women as humans. Therefore, the way they treat their fellow, Muslim man is in accordance to Human Rights.

  • Lookatme

    We appreciate efforts made in China and India in the area of clean, renewable energy.

  • Jason

    Who even listens to the UN anymore? There has not been a single successful thing that the UN has done since 1945, it’s been worse than the League of Nations, and far more overreaching. But what do you expect? The OIC is the most powerful block in the UN, it’s to be expected that Islamic nations criticise our human rights record, they have the power to do so, never mind their hypocrisy.

    • jadedcorliss

      UN, useless numbskulls.

    • daniel oconnor

      “Who even listens to the UN anymore?” Barack Obama, for one who will try to implement treaties that he has had signed before the Senate even has any chance to ratify them. More importantly, before the Supreme Court has an opportunity to rule on whether the Constitution can be change or negated by the operation of law which is the highest authority that any treaty can claim.

  • Biff Henderson

    Despite its many faults, it somehow managed to be instrumental in forestalling the Bumbler in Chief’s mad dash to waste American lives and treasure, to say nothing of the potential of igniting a world conflagration, on a fool’s errant he was hellbent on proceeding with in Syria. Forestalling madness is the best we can hope for from the likes of the best and the brightest of our age.

    • Fox Fuzzbox

      Let the islamic bullies destroy each other for a better world.

      • Biff Henderson

        Do the mean the the Democrat Socialist Marxist/Big government gone mad utopia my grandchildren will inherit? The disruption in fossil fuel supply that leads to a worldwide economic collapse? I prefer the manageable, slow burn of Mustards picking each other off for Allah’s cause. Give them just enough rope and stay out of their way. Sad to say but the humanitarian aid the West provides the civilian population in these sectarian conflicts just props up their delusions about what Islam can achieve and prolongs their misery. The father of lies never rests.

      • sarah

        yeah, or just destroy you.

        • Fox Fuzzbox

          I fight back.

  • shaylynnvacca321

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  • Elizabeth capecod

    They are Cowards afraid to stand up to evil! I will relish the day when evil comes for them.

    • Fox Fuzzbox

      It’s quite sufficient if the truth were to become visible to them. That would make them writhe in agony.
      Little chance of that happening, though, blinded by ideological faith as they are.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Saudi is a country where men wear dresses (dishdashas), where
    men do not work – they import servants and slaves to do the dirty work -and
    they also expect everyone else to fight their wars for them (like Iraq and now
    they ask the world to take care of Iran for them). We should just tell them to
    take a hike. We no longer need their oil (even with Obama working to kill
    domestic oil production and kill pipelines from Canada, we still make progress
    to self-sufficiency).

    Saudi have no exports of any importance (except terrorism,
    the building/funding of Mosques and the funding of Western universities that
    are willing to carry out the Islamist conquest on their behalf by poisoning
    young minds through their leftist professors). The best course of action is to
    get Iran and Saudi to come to blows – two rivals in competition to dominate the
    Islamic world with their separate but similarly evil brands of extremism and

    The UN is a big joke. They send their “Rapporteurs” to
    western countries as clown-idiots who make alliances with leftists and native
    warriors to give the leftist press the opportunity to fake a level moral
    playing field with lies concocted about free nations that make them appear as
    low and degraded as the OIC countries and other undeveloped moral midgets stuck
    in the 7th century.

    The UN also gets a warm welcome from women’s groups and gay groups
    – people who see the torture and killing of their fellow travelers in places
    like Saudi and other Islamic states and entities but are willing to sacrifice
    the truth about torture, molestation and killing by Islamists against their own
    friends for their greater desire to condemn free western countries for the
    crime of freedom, capitalism, “colonization” (by which they mean the steps
    their ancestors had to take to establish homes and a way of life that affords
    the leftists the comforts and freedoms which allow them in 2013 to tear down
    what their forefathers made possible).

    • Lokie

      Well said.

  • Lauren

    Sure. They protect women’s right by treating the women like infants incapable of thinking for themselves. To any Saudi muslim women who might read this: I do not want your life.

  • surj

    It is about time United Nation is dismantled for good . Do you know that Muslim countries are thinking of having their own Islamic Olympic games, in which only muslim countries will participate ? So I have heard

    • Daphne Donges

      They can have them as far as I am concerned

  • Blake

    the oic and un are equally evil and detrimental to society

  • antimuslim

    Dont believe to the propaganda arab …….The Arabic is beyond all slaves

    • Fox Fuzzbox

      The essence of islam is submission and coercion.
      It’s the life of a slave on a mass scale that they feel compelled to impose on the whole world. Or die trying. And it’s better they get on with that before anybody gets hurt. -Oh, wait..

  • v markwell

    your having a laugh.

  • Alterity

    If it wasn’t for the oil…

  • surj

    Pakistan may praise S.A for women’s right, but what about the women’s right here in USA from muslims see
    muslims have been doing this all-over Europe ,UK and even in muslim countries to non muslim women and girls. See how they treat women in Afghanistan

  • Troy Manley

    I am pretty sure what they mean is muslim rights. because to them if your not a muslim you have no rights anyway.

  • Bill James

    Kind of like a Nobel Peace prize for the Third Reich, isn’t it? Obscene.
    Absolutely obscene.
    -Tabari IX:113: Allah permits you to shut them (women) in separate rooms
    and to beat them, but not severely. If they abstain, they have the right to
    food and clothing. Treat women well for they are like domestic animals and they
    possess nothing themselves. Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in his Quran.

    -Tabari I:280: Allah said, ‘It is My obligation to make Eve bleed once every month as she made this tree bleed. I must also make Eve stupid, although
    I created her intelligent.’ Because Allah afflicted Eve, all of the women of
    this world menstruate and are stupid.

    -2/24/10…Shaikh Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak, a prominent Saudi cleric, has issued an edict calling for opponents of the kingdom’s strict segregation of men and women to be put to death if they refuse to abandon their ideas.

    Results of the United Nations sponsored 2002 Arab Human Development
    Report ( Here are some highlights relating to women:
    -The utilizationof Arab women’s capabilities through political and economic participation remains the lowest in the world.

    -About 65 million adult Arabs are illiterate, two thirds of them women.

    -The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) includes GEM (gender empowerment measurement) which reveals that women suffer “a glaring deficit” in women’s empowerment. Among regions of the world the Arab region ranks next to last as measured by GEM.

    -The number of illiterate people is still increasing, to the extent that Arab
    countries embark upon the twenty-first century burdened by over 60 million
    illiterate adults, the majority of whom are women.

    -Other, more cultural behaviours common in the Arab world can also have an
    adverse health impact. These include intermarriage between close relatives,
    promotion of early marriage, and female circumcision.

    -High maternal mortality (death during child birth) is a key health challenge
    facing most Arab countries.

    • Fox Fuzzbox

      t’s a friggin’ Retard-O-Rama®

  • James Peris

    I don’t surprise when USA based Human rights organisation criticises Russia to violating human rights n not criticise Saudi Arabia
    Actually they don’t do human rights activities they do their own benefit activities and to find enemies fault even it is not their faults. Question is how long the world will tolerate these nonsense.

  • Jewlicious

    Does the U.N. stand for United Nazis ???

  • Lucian

    How much money did SA pay the UN?!

  • عائشه

    من قال أنه غير مسموح لنا بالخروج من المنزل ،هذا مجرد تلفيق يحق لي أنا المرأة مسلمه أن أخرج من المنزل وخصوصاً لزيارة الجيران والأقارب أو حتى للتسوق والعمل ، بحيث لا أهمل أبنائي لان خروجي الكثير سيجعلني مهمله لأبني الذي يجب أن أكون بجانبهم وأوفر لهم الحب والحنان الام البعيد عن إبنها تسبب لهم مشاكل نفسيه من الممكن أن تستمر إلى المستقبل وتؤثر عليهم ، يحق لي أن أتعلم وهذا ما يحثني عليه ديني ، إن أردة العمل بإمكاني أن أعمل ومرتبي لي أنفقه فيما أريد ولا يحق لأحد أن يعترض أو أن يأخذه مني وعلى أبي أو زوجي أو ولي أمري أن ينفق علي من ماله ومرتبي يظل لي ،يحق لي أن أختار زوجي وإجباري على الزواج من شخص لا أريده محرم في ديني ، يحق لي أن أرث ، يمنع منع باتاً في ديني أن تستغل المرأة عقلياً أو جسديا ،أن من ينعت المرأة بكلمات ساقطه ليست فيها يعرض للعقوبه ، أن الدوله توفر لي مرتب من غير عمل حين لا يكون هناك من ينفق علي حرصاً على عدم إستغلالي أو مد يد الحاجه للعابرين في الطريق حفظاً لكرامتي ،إن كان عملي متعب يمكن أن أجلب عامله تساعدني في العمل ،لايحق للرجل معاملتي بعنف وقسوة .
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