Atty General Holder Argues Parents Have No Right to Educate their Children

The background for this case is the German war on homeschooling that has led some families to seek political asylum in the United States where homeschooling is still legal for now.

While the Obama Administration refuses to expel illegal aliens who have committed felonies and welcomes in immigrants with AIDS, European Christians who don’t like the compulsory indoctrination of their children are not their cup of tea.

The Romeikes’ case is now before the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, with the US government seeking to revoke their asylum and force them to return to Germany. And the details of Attorney-General Holder’s arguments in the brief for Romeike v. Holder are sinister, to say the least.

According to Holder, parents have no fundamental right to home-educate their children.

“[Holder’s office] argued that there was no violation of anyone’s protected rights in a law that entirely bans homeschooling. There would only be a problem if Germany banned homeschooling for some but permitted it for others.

That’s the essential problem with Big Government liberalism which is not interested in the preservation of civil and human rights, but the non-discriminatory elimination of those rights.

The U.S. Attorney General has said this about homeschooling. There is no fundamental liberty to homeschool. So long as a government bans homeschooling broadly and equally, there is no violation of your rights.”

Remember this isn’t just about Germany. These days we have a German government too.

  • BraddocksGold

    I would guess everyone in America except Holder would like this family to stay here and school their kids how they see fit.

    • Brenda

      is it just me or does anyone else feel like this is Germany in the 1930's?

  • goemon

    There's just no end to the depravity of those people. Aren't there millions of us who understand these guys are psychopaths who are way more malice than incompetence and who desire USA and all other non-oppressive governments be completely destroyed? Can't we do a million man march on D.C. until the thugs are put through the courts? No? Guess it's back to my American Idol, football, and other bread and circus until my new < 200 square foot Agenda 21-approved apartment gets assigned to me, which probably wont permit the ownership of TV since it will cause carbon emissions that destroy the planet. Meanwhile the elite get to heat up their regions with 200 foot plasma TV's.

    Resistance is futile. Homeschool your kids in the ways of liberalism so they can be spared execution and live a life in the gulag.

    • tagalog

      I'll come if the Million-Man March includes everyone carrying a firearm in the streets of Washington, D.C., in support of the Second Amendment among the other things such a march should support.

    • Gustyj

      The elite have jet airplanes to fly to play golf and the Obama is following in the footstepts of Lincoln, (so he says) and I believe him. You may recall that in the 1860's when Lincoln was president he destroyed much of the country and was responsible for the death of Two Million of his own people, not as bad as Hitler but did Hitler consider the three millions Jews he murdered as his people. And Obama has the Two Billion hollow-point bullets to MURDER more than a few million and the Homeland security has ordered Seven Thousand ASSAULT WEAPON's to be used on us.

      • ryan

        What did you just say? I have no idea what I just read. Lincoln did not kill his own people and absolutely did not destroy much of the country. If he did I want to know where you got your information from, as I am a history major and would like to see for myself. Lincoln SAVED this country the only way he could. The CSA, was an illegal "country" if you can call it that, that probably would not have been recognized by any other country in the world, and probably would not have survived due to its own economic background. If you think that Lincoln sending troops in to save the country is murder, then Jeff Davis did the same thing, as did all their generals, and all the troops who fought for their beliefs. Obama is not doing anything but tearing this country apart so keep on following him. He's destroying our country by taking away our freedoms and rights and pretty soon there will be no education because parents won't send their kids (we home school) and we will ALL be on welfare. But I guess that is what you want to see.

  • patron

    Just send your children to school to get raped by their teachers and shot to death by their sadistic classmates. The Democratic Party must reward the NEA for all those campaign contributions.

  • TXJenny

    If they lose their case, then they ought to seek asylum in Texas, where we still have the will and wherewithal to oppose the bully feds.

    • canalway

      You got room down there for a yankee who's sick & tired of this crap?

      • ChurchSox

        You wouldn't believe how many hard-core Texans are recovering Yankees.

    • Ryan

      Indeed TXJenny. We're military and my wife homeschools our kids and we are sick and tired of it as well, especially now that they are taking away our tuition assistance so we who are trying to better ourselves will either have to stop taking classes or pay out of pocket.

  • TXJenny

    And God bless Texas!

  • AdinaK

    Okay now, just rely on this crew, those who are lockstep behind Billy Boy Ayers and his (mis)education system –

    The above IS the vision of Obama's and Holder's America!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • guest

      hey this is the sultan's site not a place to advertise yours

  • Arlie

    Common Core is the new education system designed with the help of Bill Ayres… Marxist indoctrination of all children. Now they want younger minds too with the pre-school children. This regime is beyond evil… they all belong on prison.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Does tat mean reading books at home-at any age-is against the law? One tends to become educated by reading.Seems to me that President Lincoln was "home schooled".

    • Cindy

      Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, William Henry Harrison, John Adams, James Garfield or Woodrow Wilson all received a home school education in their childhood!

      • J Douglas K

        I don't know abut the others, but Adams' education was a combination of home, church, publicly-funded "Classical Grammar" school, and a private tutor. His parents weren't elitists, either…only committed to the education of the next generation. Adams himself advocated in 1776 for a universal "liberal education" for all, "especially the poor." (N.B-this is not our contemporary political "liberal", but the word in the classical sense of "worthy of a free person" education. What America's children have largely received is not "worthy of a free people").

  • Capt_Z1

    More garbage from the mouth of a bla-k Anti American socialist.

  • Capt_Z1

    More Anti-American garbage from tha mouth of our socialist attorney general.

  • tagalog

    So, if I understand the position of Eric Holder as set out in the above commentary, if a government passes a law banning home schooling on an across-the-board basis, that is, banning EVERYONE from home schooling their children, that's Constitutionally OK and not a deprivation of the fundamental right to liberty (reference the Fifth Amendment).

    So, if the Nazi government had passed a law that mandated exterminating the German race, that would be perfectly permissible – and not a deprivation of the fundamental right to life – because it included every German, and was done with due process of law. Do I have it right, Eric?

  • Moliminous

    The “Attorney” General of the US should read the Pierce decision of 1925. The US Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY agreed in this opinion, that “the child is not the mere creature of the state.” The court said that it was unconstitutional for the government to presume that it has sole discretion over the schooling of children. To the contrary, they said parents are the primary educators. Look it up, Mr. Holder.

  • Insectman

    As a retired public school teacher I am convinced that our only hope is to rescue our children from the public (government) schools and raise a godly generation.

    Please see "Call to Dunkirk" at

    Public schools cannot be redeemed. Saying we should not abandon them is like saying the passengers of the Titanic should have stayed aboard because the band was playing good music and the captain was a good man.

    Please also see IndoctriNation at

    Additionally, please see


  • Kirt

    The U.S. Attorney General Holder said… "So long as a government bans homeschooling broadly and equally, there is no violation of your rights.” So if this ideology is applied to say, the first amendment or the 4th amendment even the 2nd amendment, as long as it is applied broadly and equally… it is not a violation of your rights? REALLY?