Atty General Holder Threatens to Sue Every State that Passes Voter ID Laws


His Majesty, Protector of Illegal Aliens, Provider of Assault Rifles to Mexican Druglords and Keeper of the Keys to the Cold Medicine Prescription Cabinet of America has spoken.

No laws that restrict Obama voters from illegally voting will be tolerated. Ever. Under any circumstances.

The North Carolina law includes troubling new restrictions, such as provisions that will significantly reduce early voting days; eliminate same-day registration during early voting; impose a restrictive photo identification requirement for in-person voting; and prohibit the counting of otherwise legitimate provisional ballots that are mistakenly cast in the right county, but in the wrong precinct.  The Justice Department expects to show that the clear and intended effects of these changes would contract the electorate and result in unequal access to participation in the political process on account of race.

None of those restrictions have anything to do with race. They have to do with safeguarding the integrity of the vote.

Any restrictions of anything will contract access. That’s the point.

Holder is a big fan of contracting access to firearms, which unlike the universal franchise, is in the original Bill of Rights.

Access to one of his press conferences requires ID. That restricts the number of people who have access to him.

Driving requires a license. Buying cold medication, under Obama, requires a photo ID.

Does this operate by race? Only if Holder is claiming that black people are less prepared, less committed to taking the time to get photo IDs and register ahead of time. Only if Holder is saying that black people are stupid and lazy.

But that’s not what he’s really saying. The Democratic Party is protecting its fraud machine and to do that it has to insist that black people are stupid and lazy and that this laziness and stupidity has to be protected by law, but it’s really pushing that in order to really protect its illegal voters, who are not always black, but who are always voting illegally, multiple times, in places where they are not supposed to vote.

It’s racist, it’s dishonest and it’s stupid.

For instance, in 2005, the state legislature made an explicit finding that the failure to count out-of-precinct provisional ballots disproportionately affected African-American voters.

We’re not supposed to ask whether out-of-precinct provisional ballots should be counted at all. Only that failing to count them disproportionately impacts African-Americans. And that licenses any form of abusive behavior when it comes to voting.

So let me be very clear: today’s action is about far more than unwarranted voter restrictions.  It is about our democracy, and who we are as a nation.  I stand here to announce this lawsuit more in sorrow than in anger.

It’s neither sorrow nor anger. It’s about cynicism and power.

To other states considering voting restrictions like North Carolina’s, I want to say this: I and my colleagues at every level of the Justice Department will never hesitate to do all that we must to protect the Constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights of all Americans.

Unless those Americans are white voters being intimidated by some of Holder’s armed Black Panther thugs. In which case, Holder will protect the armed thugs.

I call upon state leaders across the country to pause before they enact measures similar to those at issue in this case.

To pause and reflect that Holder will abuse his power some more to come down on them.

Today’s action is not the first that the Justice Department has taken to protect voting rights following the Supreme Court’s flawed decision to strike down a key part of the Voting Rights Act.  And… it will not be our last.

…And a second complaint challenges Texas’s restrictive photo identification requirement as racially discriminatory in both purpose and result.  Each of these complaints asks courts in Texas to subject the State to a preclearance regime similar to the one required by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act

So Holder, in his role as Attorney General, has decided to disregard the Supreme Court and the law, completing the process by which Obama Inc’s illegal regime acts as Legislature, Executive and now the Judiciary as well.

Forget the Supreme Court. It’s all Obama Inc. now.

  • Reallycantstanditanymore

    Well so far that is par for the course. I just finished reading my 9th grader’s American government book and this book claims there are only two parts of our government that have to answerto each other – the legislative and the judicial. It also states that the President has total power of both and the neither the legislative branch or the judicial branch can question or change anything the President does. Cuba?

    • BS77

      I need a valid ID to get a library card, to make a major purchase, to renew my driver’s license, to board a plane, to rent a house…but to vote…nahhhh, you just show up and vote, even twice, who cares????.

    • Motobroad

      I’d be interested to know the title and publisher of the American government book; I want to get a copy for analysis.

  • Veracious_one

    clearly Obama Inc is out to destroy America..

    • herb benty

      Well, at least the America the world looked to and respected. The America that was the land of the free. The America where you could pursue your dreams, a truly “fair” country. Welcome to Amerika.

      • gerry

        There is no more dream,the paradise that was America is no more,but thefools are still there.Around the world there is no respect for America,Benghazi is an exaple,American is the only country were a diplomat was sodomised,The Syrian debacle is the latest one,the entire turned its back on America,quite humiliating for the country.No one wants to be associated or seen with the America,the America of Obama.Elections have consequences and people around the world see America as Financially bankrupt,corrupt to the core.The point has been reached arond the world,when people will start to despise you.

        • herb benty

          Canada with it’s “no-brainer” desire to bring Keystone XL oil to America( Dems fanatical left stopped that), STILL admires our best friend- the USA. But we are aghast that a communist Admin has been allowed to take the reins of power of our previously staunch ally. We are up here watching with sadness/worry and amazement at the destruction of the greatest country this world has ever seen. The EU socialists/ Communism/Islam have wanted America to fade for a long time. Obama has been only too happy to oblige.

          • Canadianpatriot

            I second your sentiment, herb. Perhaps it is going too far to say that the current administration is an enemy of Canada, but it is certainly no friend. The American people on the other hand remain our good neighbors and relations. What has happened to the greatest nation on earth is heartbreaking and frightening as well as a lesson in that what is most important can be so easily taken away. Obama is a nobody, an empty suit, a vacuous boob with all of the pretentions and malice that the left can serve up in place of rationality. Anyone who has ever wondered how the Germans could have allowed a savage like Hitler into power need only look at America. The universities are the core of all this. They are the ones who were supposed to carry the torch of rational thought, of the Greek legacy, of the renaissance and the enlightenment. They are the core of this collapse. G*d damn them for the darkness they have brought.

          • herb benty

            Here here! Your words match your name. Bang on about the universities. Thanks.

          • canada’s friend

            Thank you for acknowledging our common alliance and friendship. I and many are deeply humiliated by this most unpresidential, narcissistic, despot. He embarrasses us around the world, shuns our allies, supports our enemies, violates our constitution and disrespects our citizens. Thanks to the willing slobbering mainstreem media accomplices keeping the low information voters uninformed he is sheltered and hidden from responsibility or even the most basic accountability.
            You are correct that the biggest enemy this country has been and continues to be university with its frankfort inspired and trained traitors and “elite intellectuals”. Thanks again

    • gerry

      Nothing new,we all knew it.This is what happens when a country is run by gangsters.

    • Harry Black

      It’s the Republican Party, especially its Tea Party wing, that is out to destroy America. If it forces the US into default, you will learn what the destruction of America is like. Meanwhile, it’s a good thing that Holder is going after ALEC-sponsored voter suppression laws. And it’s reassuring to know that Daniel Greenfield is living up to his usual standards of gutter journalism.

      • Gee

        And leftists dictators and the their supporters have not standards or morals at all

  • herb benty

    The Dems can’t allow all those illegals pouring across the Mexican border to go to waste! And the blatant “multiple times” voters need cover. If common sense voter ID laws were enacted the Dems would need to rely on the SEIU-rigged voting computers, can’t have that!

  • defcon 4

    Democraps must remember to vote early and vote often!

    • BS77

      what do they called Illegal Immigrants now? Oh yes, Undocumented Democrats.

  • LindaRivera

    ‘Atty General Holder Threatens to Sue Every State that Passes Voter ID Laws’

    NO legitimate government would do such a thing. This has become a completely LAWLESS government that appears capable of absolutely ANYTHING.

    • tickletik


  • Biff Henderson

    It’s like voting for Dancing With the Stars. The number of votes you’re allowed is based on how determined you are to sway the tally.

  • popseal

    OK, somebody call me when the Second American Revolution starts. I don’t want to miss it on CNN. It should be a doosey!

    • DaRueStir

      Be sure to wave at the cameras so we know it’s you, I’ll be the one m00ning the CNN cameras on live TV.

      Maybe I’ll write an inspirational message to the world explaining how most American’s feel about Obama and the New World Order.

  • SoCalMike

    Because for Dems voter fraud is a constitutional right.
    Without it, I doubt they could ever win anything outside of inner city metropolitan elections.

  • Pinnie

    Clearly …an assault. Holder is one of R Constitutions worst nightmares. Bo …holding up the rear.(sorry) ….If Holder gets in a jam (F&F)…BO whips out the pen. This is a really a bad time to have Repub. weenies & a full Communist party of Dems in Congress.