Australian Judge Finds Muslim “Cultural Differences” Valid Excuse for Rape

Bit by bit, Western nations are adopting Muslim legal standards on blasphemy and on the treatment of women.

The excuses are manifold. Racism, cultural differences, Islamophobia, relativism… but it all ends the same way, with Western writers, artists and thinkers being censored and Western women being subject to Taliban treatment.

This is how it began.

An Afghan refugee would drive from his home in Tullamarine to nightclubs in Frankston late at night searching for drunk, vulnerable young woman to prey on, a court was told today.

He would pick them up in his white 1988 Honda Civic and rape them.

The victim was sitting on the footpath behind the 21st Century Dance Club when Esmatullah Sharifi approached her and offered to give her a lift to the Bay Hotel.

She accepted but became anxious and confused when they had been driving for an hour and she saw a road sign saying Sorrento.

Sharifi then pulled over into a dark side street and raped her in the front passenger seat.

“She began to scream and cry out for help,” Ms Dalziel said.

“The accused put his left hand over her mouth and his right hand around her neck, restricting her breathing. He said to her, ‘I’ll take you home after it, I’ll give you back your phone as well’.

In the rapist’s defense, his lawyer argued that he wasn’t at all clear about this whole “Women are human beings” thing.

Mr Regan said Esmatullah Sharifi was uneducated, illiterate, inexperienced in forming relationships with women, and was confused about the nature of consent. He is in Australia on a permanent protected visa.

The judge didn’t buy it then, but the usual lefty approach is to just keep appealing until you find a bleeding heart judge who accepts the horrible notion being put forward. And that didn’t take very long.

Granting leave to appeal, Court of Appeal Justice Robert Redlich said: “The sentencing judge rejected any suggestion (Esmatullah Sharifi) didn’t have a clear concept of consent in sexual relations.”

In April last year, a psychologist told the County Court that Sharifi had “an unclear concept of what constitutes consent in sexual relationships” in Australia.

“It proves, in my view, an adequate basis for most grounds of appeal that (Sharifi) wishes to pursue,” the judge said.

We’re not just dealing with ignorance of the law. We have Western judges setting out the notion that if a Muslim settler in Europe, America or Australia does not understand the concept that women can refuse sexual contact, that this is a mitigating circumstance.

Ms Dalziel said Esmatullah Sharifi claimed he did not have a great understanding of sexual mores in Australia but Judge Mark Dean disagreed.

“These are acts of violence,” the judge said. “Serious acts of violence against women, nothing to do with sexual mores. They’re brutal acts of violence.”

But they do. In Muslim sexual mores, serious acts of violence being committed against women are not a problem because the women do not belong to themselves. They belong to their family.

Islam does not recognize the same concept of individual rights as civilized jurisprudence does. Furthermore Muslims from tribal societies like Afghanistan bring those same tribal attitudes along.

As Australian columnist Andrew Bolt says, quite rightly,

If Afghan men have a culture which leaves them more likely to rape, and our courts have a culture of being more lenient as a consequence, I suggest Australian women have an interest in stopping the boats until we get this sorted out:

And that doesn’t just go only for Australia. Stop the boats. Stop the planes. Stop the trains.

The left cannot have it both ways.

Either Esmatullah Sharifi is responsible for his own actions. Or he isn’t. Either rape is cultural or it’s individual. Either Esmatullah Sharifi should be hit with the full force of the law or the Afghan culture of rape represents a threat to non-Muslim countries.

They can only pick one.

  • SunflowerSurfer

    Send the SOB to me and I will take care of his appeals and. educate him to reality. If we (western nations) do not wake up fast we are truly doomed.

  • stavros from tassie

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Punish this predator as anyone else is punished. I do however take offence at the writers linking of the decision of one Judge to “the usual lefty approach”. What does one thing have to do with the other. It is moronic and has as much credibility as saying that people and politicians of “the right” are all in favour of fascism, death squads and concentration camps.

  • mike r

    make the muslim eat some pork, tell him we did not realize he could not have pork, no concept of such a thing.

  • dolkensp

    In that case, lets allow him to be prosecuted like he would be under Islam law…

    I’m sure their punishments are much less lenient than Australian law for this kind of thing…

  • reve888

    If I wasn’t a Christian, I’d be inclined to suggest that she look into her own brand of honor killings. Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to do so. The law is supposed to give recompense to those who are violated, which I think should be the death penalty for her attacker. Unfortunately, the judges don’t punish or protect anyone anymore, and therefore people are left to their own devices to protect themselves.

  • Tracey

    Cancel his visa and send him back, he does not deserve to live in this country

  • Disillusioned Aust Tax Payer

    What an absolute disgrace to the women, and eventually all Australian citizens. It won’t end here! We work hard, pay taxes, etc. They come here and use their ‘beliefs’ to escape our Laws and way of life!!…….Which apparently they came here to enjoy and escape the shit going on over there….yet they are absolute parasitic hypocrites, bleeding our welfare system and flaunting our laws and eventually…wait for it to happen..our way of life!! WHAT A FUCKING SLAP IN THE FACE FOR THIS YOUNG LADY!! AND the rest of us. Aust Navy would only have to shoot a couple out of the water, and they’d think twice……try going over there and doing the same, what would happen? You’d be shot, no questions, no second thought, no appeal, no welfare, no FUCKALL. Australian Govt is more interested in keeping the ‘peace’, than protecting their own citizens who PAY their wages, lurks, and, perks. This can only go on for so long before people will say ‘enough is enough’!!!

  • PG

    Based on the information I’ve looked at from various news and court documents the offender in question has been given a custodial sentence of 8 years reduced from a minimum sentence of 11 years. While both decisions I find inadequate, I wonder if some peoples opinions of the sentence would differ if it was an Australian citizen or a resident from another religious or ethnic background.

  • Lord Clive Ballantyne

    The prosacuter must apeal we do not want to set a precadance. The Judge should be sacked and set aside. This outrages if this is true. Something or someone should do something about it…

  • MARK

    I’m not sure why people are so surprised by this?

    Most judges are paedophiles anyway so so them this is completely acceptable.

  • ChandraAlchemista

    so…in a muslim country you are expected to know the laws and abide by them… by that standard he would have been relieved of the offending appendage!!

  • Keiv Spare

    What does this have to do with “the left”? Liberal people oppose rape too.

    • Constitution101

      If you look at the “Discover the Networks” at the top of this site you’ll see a selection of groups, individuals, etc. Most of these groups are classified as on the left. There is a difference between a classical liberal and those on the left. Your use of the world liberal needs to be defined first before you can have everyone on the same sheet of understanding. It is the hard left that is opening the doors world-wide to this sewer of islam.

  • Constitution101

    So before a muslim steps foot in Australia and before a month goes by all muslims in Australia must be given a piece of paper stating what the laws are regarding rape, etc. and they are to sign and date it.

  • natsta

    How about Christians go over to Muslim countries and start practicing Christian belief’s as we don’t know there culture. So it should be ok for us to do what we don’t know. If every Muslim can think they can come here do what they want and blame there own culture for not knowing better than let every Christian on earth go to there countries and practice the word of Christ ad we don’t know any better. Bet u I know what will happen

  • Reevaw

    If people want to emigrate to Australia they need to be taught the basics of our legal system and our customs… They need to understand that Australia is a democracy and men and woman have equal rights that rape is a criminal offence and the marriage of children to old and decrepit men is not practiced here and is classed as peadophollia… Which is also a crime… My daughter and I have rights to live and breath without fear of being raped or preyed upon …I don’t care what religion you practice or where you came from…. But if they can’t crash this seemingly no brainer concept then sorry but access denied!

  • natsta

    Seeing that our government is our public servants like the police. Why don’t we all band together and get a partition together to stop all boats and Muslims and Islamic people into our country. When Rome does as the Romans do or go home. We all have the power to over throw any government or especially a judge. Just think what if it was your sister, girlfriend, fiancé or mother. We can all talk the talk but no one has the balls to stand up for justice and our own culture. The choice is urs stand up make a difference or shut up as ur as bad as them

  • natsta

    Sorry typo “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

  • Kathy

    Whatever happened to “ignorance of the law is no excuse”? A traffic offence is more or less immutable, but rape is not?

  • Arthur Shaw

    When in Rome do as the Romans do…now what’s left after this…..a total mess.So next time you visit these muslim countries or go into a cathedral don’t cover up respectfully and see what happens to you.Tell them you don’t!

  • Evan Vernon Giles

    Everyone has miss construed what was said and yes I think this particular judge needs a serious attitude adjustment, he has only been granted the right to appeal his sentence, however I doubt that the high court justices will agree with their brother judge.
    And I am a labour lefty as well but no one with half a brain would agree with the judge

  • Evan Vernon Giles

    After reading the actual article it would appear it was reduced

  • Aus87

    So can I go to afghan and just rape woman as they have no right to say NO, if so send all our rapest there and we can have a rape country !!!

  • Gwyneth Price Brown

    Any one no matter who it is, should know, understand and abide by the laws of that land before being allowed entry

  • James

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. This judge should be shot.

  • Alex Nidetch

    What is the punishment for rape in Afghanistan??? Is it not the death penalty??

  • Ted Castor

    They can’t carry a gun to protect them selves over there, but I don’t know of any law that says they can’t carry a knife or straight razor. That is the best way to educate a muzzzie (if it’s even possible to educate one of them) to the realities of the western culture.

  • Marty

    It’s very simple, if an Australian breaks the law overseas, you are tried by their law and suffer the consequences. If ignorance is no excuse for an Australian it is definitely no excuse for a foreigner. We have to set an example to all law breakers.

  • Saf81

    Wow you people are talking about lack of intelligence but you took this articles word about rape. In Islam if a person is found guilty of rape they are punishable by death!

  • bill

    Nice hyperbole, you guys. At first I thought this was satirical, but then I realised you just hate anyone who isn’t white.

  • George K

    Since when does the left encourage rapes? Most afghans are very conservative and I never met a left/liberal that agrees with the notion that rapists should not go to jail. The author of this article does not have a very objective notion of what the left stands for.

  • George K

    Where in this article does it say that the judge is a left leaning judge. He could be a conservative that doesn’t care if women are raped. There’s plenty of rapes by conservatives as well as liberals. To just assume that only the left doesn’t care if a rapist goes to jail, so the judge has to be liberal is not very responsible. Let’s just demonize every liberal on this planet by blaming all the rapes, murders, and everything else on them.

  • Lucjan Swiatło

    fucking idiots!!! kill this muslim pig!

  • Karen Sherry Brackett

    The comments on this stream are ridiculous. The idiot judge needs to lose his job and be barred from ever working in a legal system again. The rapist needs to be put in jail. The attorney who argued the rapist’s case needs to loose his license to practice law and be forced to pay out compensation for emotional stress to the woman who was the victim for having to sit through listening to such nonsense.

  • Adam

    The author seemed to imply that all tribal Afghanis commit such Haenous crimes. This is a bit thick.. They don’t all revert to primitivism, just as much as a white Australian doesn’t just swill beer in a bluey and do donuts in his ute. I respect te intention of the article but don’t pigeon hole an entire community

  • Eddie Brown

    Castration a definite option.I have experienced the holier than thou Muslim flagrantly breaking their sharia law and being a devout muslim.Bunch of

  • mikemoo

    Look we have to abide by the laws of any country we visit – we hear of stories a guy kissed his GF in UAE and ended up in jail both of them. So come try that here in my country you will have a new arsehole in two days. Come try it here and sit in our african jails.

  • aussies first

    what a load of crap, the article was focusing the fact that he wasn’t clear about women being human beings. If you want to stick up for that you are indeed a sad person

  • bill watson

    That judge is a fool he does not understand what he has done to Australian women

  • Ade Caparas Manilah

    the muslims are lowest grade of animal..its not religion of god its a religion of savages

  • not happy

    yeah just like Schapelle Corby had to do 10 years in Jail for a crime overseas that here she would have been out in 2 or maybe done no time at all
    Sorry Judge our Country , our Rules !!!!!

  • PC007

    This has set a very bad & dangerous bit of case Law. I hope the DDP appeal this soon and fast, it needs to be over turned.

  • chiefpontiac

    Thanks to liberals we will see this insanity here very soon…

  • WhiteRabbit

    Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites.

    Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.”

    Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE.

    That makes it genocide.

    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white

  • OfficerGallo

    Here is your proof that HITLER WAS RIGHT.

  • Ed

    so the point is ‘allow me to rape coz i am muslim’ huh? ha ha…

  • Frank Worley

    The left is very good at choosing multiple non-sensible options and then blaming everyone else for what goes wrong.

  • submandave

    This is not specifically a Muslim issue, but the liberal legal idea of expanding the definition of “incompetent to stand trial.” The original idea was that it was neither just nor right to find guilty and punish a person who is incapable of understanding what they do (e.g. Lennie in “Of Mice and Men”). This was expanded to include the insane, and then the “temporarily” insane, and, apparently, now the culturally inarticulate.

    The question then is if the individual can’t be help responsible for their actions, who should be held responsible for the individual? A person incapable of understanding and fitting into the culture should never have been admitted and left to wander free. I propose that if a society chooses not to punish the culturally illiterate, then they should hold accountable whoever approved this person’s admission to Australia and granted him refugee status.

  • Darren Cameron

    This article is a complete misrepsentation of the facts. See for youself , the grounds for the appeal( which I disagree with) had nothing to do with Islam.
    But PTSD allegedly suffered by the rapist.