Australian Judge Finds Muslim “Cultural Differences” Valid Excuse for Rape

Bit by bit, Western nations are adopting Muslim legal standards on blasphemy and on the treatment of women.

The excuses are manifold. Racism, cultural differences, Islamophobia, relativism… but it all ends the same way, with Western writers, artists and thinkers being censored and Western women being subject to Taliban treatment.

This is how it began.

An Afghan refugee would drive from his home in Tullamarine to nightclubs in Frankston late at night searching for drunk, vulnerable young woman to prey on, a court was told today.

He would pick them up in his white 1988 Honda Civic and rape them.

The victim was sitting on the footpath behind the 21st Century Dance Club when Esmatullah Sharifi approached her and offered to give her a lift to the Bay Hotel.

She accepted but became anxious and confused when they had been driving for an hour and she saw a road sign saying Sorrento.

Sharifi then pulled over into a dark side street and raped her in the front passenger seat.

“She began to scream and cry out for help,” Ms Dalziel said.

“The accused put his left hand over her mouth and his right hand around her neck, restricting her breathing. He said to her, ‘I’ll take you home after it, I’ll give you back your phone as well’.

In the rapist’s defense, his lawyer argued that he wasn’t at all clear about this whole “Women are human beings” thing.

Mr Regan said Esmatullah Sharifi was uneducated, illiterate, inexperienced in forming relationships with women, and was confused about the nature of consent. He is in Australia on a permanent protected visa.

The judge didn’t buy it then, but the usual lefty approach is to just keep appealing until you find a bleeding heart judge who accepts the horrible notion being put forward. And that didn’t take very long.

Granting leave to appeal, Court of Appeal Justice Robert Redlich said: “The sentencing judge rejected any suggestion (Esmatullah Sharifi) didn’t have a clear concept of consent in sexual relations.”

In April last year, a psychologist told the County Court that Sharifi had “an unclear concept of what constitutes consent in sexual relationships” in Australia.

“It proves, in my view, an adequate basis for most grounds of appeal that (Sharifi) wishes to pursue,” the judge said.

We’re not just dealing with ignorance of the law. We have Western judges setting out the notion that if a Muslim settler in Europe, America or Australia does not understand the concept that women can refuse sexual contact, that this is a mitigating circumstance.

Ms Dalziel said Esmatullah Sharifi claimed he did not have a great understanding of sexual mores in Australia but Judge Mark Dean disagreed.

“These are acts of violence,” the judge said. “Serious acts of violence against women, nothing to do with sexual mores. They’re brutal acts of violence.”

But they do. In Muslim sexual mores, serious acts of violence being committed against women are not a problem because the women do not belong to themselves. They belong to their family.

Islam does not recognize the same concept of individual rights as civilized jurisprudence does. Furthermore Muslims from tribal societies like Afghanistan bring those same tribal attitudes along.

As Australian columnist Andrew Bolt says, quite rightly,

If Afghan men have a culture which leaves them more likely to rape, and our courts have a culture of being more lenient as a consequence, I suggest Australian women have an interest in stopping the boats until we get this sorted out:

And that doesn’t just go only for Australia. Stop the boats. Stop the planes. Stop the trains.

The left cannot have it both ways.

Either Esmatullah Sharifi is responsible for his own actions. Or he isn’t. Either rape is cultural or it’s individual. Either Esmatullah Sharifi should be hit with the full force of the law or the Afghan culture of rape represents a threat to non-Muslim countries.

They can only pick one.

  • RonL

    Where are the feminists?! Rape is justified if a Muslim doesn't understand Western norms?

    In order to prevent future misunderstandings, I suggest that the rapist and judge are hanged and that their preserved corpses are carted all over the country to teach people what happens to rapists and rapist enablers. And then send the corpse of the Afghan refugee to Afghanistan in a pig leather. The outrage that will cause in Afghanistan and the OIC will ensure that no one ever thinks that rape is culturally acceptable.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "In order to prevent future misunderstandings, I suggest that the rapist and judge are hanged and that their preserved corpses are carted all over the country to teach people what happens to rapists and rapist enablers. And then send the corpse of the Afghan refugee to Afghanistan in a pig leather. The outrage that will cause in Afghanistan and the OIC will ensure that no one ever thinks that rape is culturally acceptable."

      This is indeed clear proof that many lessons need to be learned urgently.

      • Lili

        First lesson: sarcasm

        • max

          second lesson: irony, cynicism and sarcasm are deadly because they create apathy. if you are apathetic why will you try and improve your opinion, take in new information? you will be frozen in time, fossilized along with your beliefs.

    • sd42jnq

      It's stunning to me how the Feminists invariably ignore what groups do that harm women like Democrats, muslims, etc.

      The entire Democrat "outreach" to women was that 1. You can kill your kids if you vote for us, and 2. We will happily bribe you for your votes with programs, grants, loans, special privilege at men's expense, and passes from obeying certain laws.

      The feminists seem happy with the idea that they can be bribed.

      • Evolved One

        And you know are blowing the same old anti-feminist rhetoric out of your arse.

      • Lili

        Your statement here is horrible. I consider myself a feminist, and I do not condone this at all. I don't know how on Earth you're bringing this back to feminism at all. It's a horrible crime committed against someone where a legal loophole was attempted to be exploited. What do you mean by "invariably ignore"? Who are you talking about?
        I'm sorry, but I really don't know how you're somehow blaming feminists for this crime.

        • Dave

          He is faulting the feminists, who normally would instantly publicly decry the smallest infraction such as a stupid statement from a Republican politician or Christian pastor, but remain silent due to political correctness and/or fear of Muslim retaliation. The feminists should be publicly all over this worldwide or eventually see this coming to a town or city near you.

    • Dave

      An Illiterate Fugitive from Afghanistan…how the hell did he get his license to drive his car in Australia? This is yet another bizarre outcome of an already politically disturbed country.
      Why not put a neon sign up saying,"welcome to Australia, bring all your archaic and illegal practices and we will assist you in finding a legal loophole to continue doing them."
      There is no excuse for rape!
      Next they will find an excuse for pedophilia. This country has gone to the dogs.

      • thatsitivehadenough

        As happens to most countries where the left has so much input and influence on the culture, norms, and laws. Expect more, as the education systems are full of these leftists, and more and more parents are already part of the indoctrinated. Unable to think clearly about what actually constitutes 'best.'

        • Evolved One

          Obviously, by virtue of your highly unoriginal and fragmented presentation it is you who seems to be unable to think clearly.

        • max

          oh seriously, do take it easy my old chum. what even is the left? there is no conglomerate left, and most people who could legitimately be classified as "left" on the political spectrum will refute ties with the popular conception of "leftism".
          and also, read a book before you blurt your ineducated opinion out to the masses

      • SickoftheBullshit

        They do excuse pedophilia …no surprise there!!

        • bfcpizon

          only if it involves a little girl…!!

          • It's about time

            True up to a point – have you seen "the dancing boys"… … that's OK as well. The prophet (my uncaps) was betrothed to a 6 year old. Thoughtfully, he didn't jump her bones until she was 9, but muslims all over islamoland see it as quite OK to jump very young children, then claim "the prophet made me do it".

            The moderates say "woe is us – that's just the uneducated fanatics" but here in oz, we have more of those than we need.

            How about trying a new path – see how they go if a few hundred of their women and girls get raped…

            as for the appeals judge – that just leaves me a bit breathless.

          • diane nolan

            Don't rape the girls rape the men. Let them know what shame is.The judgers are too removed from real life.

    • Jill

      Not that this is acceptable, but many Australians and other non Muslims find it accpetable to get women drunk and then rape them. A chsrming addition in the form of Rohypnol is also used. It's got to the stage that in Australia women have to guard their drink glasses for fear of someone spiking them.

      • Jill

        And by they way – Steubenville, anyone??

      • Michael


        While what you say is true, if a non-Muslim Australian did that, he would get "hit with the full force of the law". And all the feminist groups would be calling for his head, as well.

        • up yours

          Oh please…..why is it rightist males feel this need to decide what women will say or not?

      • bfcpizon

        difference is in a court of law the spiker would be convicted by any rational court.

        • max

          sharifi did get convicted. he got fourteen years.

      • Julia

        It's not whether or not Muslims or Aussies find it acceptable. It's that the legal system should not! And should never under any circumstances allow an excuse such as 'I thought it was pay'. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

        • max

          it isn't, and the law did not excuse mr. sharifi.

    • JimB

      Totally agree RonL. He would not have lived to trial if that had been my wife or daughter no matter WHAT excuse he used. "NO" ends the discussion and the debate. After that, it's RAPE.

    • george J

      what a brilliant idea, stick both in to one bag and beat them up before hanging, bastards

    • dgr

      Feminists and leftists are united in their hate for Christian values

      • Hugh Jass

        And what do so-called christian values have to do with this story? Oh, wait….you mean the christian values that place women beneath men in terms of importance? yeah, right….whatever.

      • Hegar

        The bible says a woman must marry her rapist. Why would a woman from todays world agree to that? Humanist values are more important than ancient Christian values and also more important than muslim values. Feminism is about equality and all that feminists hate is for women being second class humanbeings.

      • It's about time

        However did you get that in there? Where is the Xtian value being discussed.

    • tonykeywest

      this is bull$hit. they know very well that in Australia rape is a crime. and even if they didn't , ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Rapists should be given the death penalty. period.

      • max

        no they shouldn't, that is a foolish, knee-jerk reaction. people who rape do it because they think it is okay. they need to be rehabilitated.

      • diane

        I agree.

    • Kathryn

      rapist enabelers lose elections like what happened to the conservatives last November for all their pro-rape statements.

    • Patriot Twin

      "I suggest that the rapist and judge are hanged and that their preserved corpses are carted all over the country to teach people what happens to rapists and rapist enablers."

      Excellent idea! THAT is a visual aid even Muslim men will understand.

    • doreen brett

      hahaha thats the sort of things they would do and expect the westerner to bow down.

  • Jason

    This guy is illiterate,uneducated and doesn't know that women are human beings. Well then,welcome to Australia!!! Another productive member of society brought to you from the religion of peace!!

    • Lonely_Learner

      well sir you will only blame the religion of peace because know it. its the fault of this guy and according to islam whether he is illiterate or whatever the punishment of such and act is near DEATH. beacuase the punishment is so harsh that there is only a 5% chance that the victim will survive and its also one of the biggest sin. oh and if the guy is in your country then its not the fault of Islam or Afghanistan. may i remind you what west did to afghanistan. it was a great country but now…………………. there is no Islam left there so before blaming someone please analyze the situation fully.

      • Julia

        Umm Islam condones and encourages the raping of 'infidels.' You need to read your Quran.

        • Omar rao

          Ms/Mrs. Julia With Due Respect Islam Never Allowed Or Permitted Raping Of 'Infidels'. Pls Stop Misguiding, Misquoting Qur'an For Your Own Hatred And For Manoeuvring Voilence. I Humbly Suggest To You To Pls Read Qur'an And Hadith With Reference & In Full Context Before Being An Ignorant And Spreading It To Others In Society!
          Individual Acts Of Any Crime One Should Not Be Attached To The Religion In Anyway, These Kinda Acts Of Brutality Can't Be Accepted & Tolerated In Any Society In Any Form, Religiously, Socially, Morally! Hope You Got My Point, Thanks.

          • So there

            Ok, taking that on board … why, if the q'uran doesn't enable almost any vile act, right down to the punishments meted out to the wrongdoers (decapitation, stoning etc – each of which puts the muslim beneath the foot of those who try to limit the pain inherent in capital punishment), do these revolting excuses for "men" say they were moved by the prophet? Are they all liars? Misguided in some way? How would Australias immigrant muslims react, if a bunch of westies from St Mary's went out on a Saturday, drove past the mosque and see 5 girls leaving the mosque after prayers, who they drag into the car and take out past Mt Druitt, and rape them for a couple of days then drop them back at the mosque?

            My view based on my reading is that the "men" would go out and seek 50 white Australian girls as payback. Or have I missed something? You people don't understand the rule of law, and that makes all of you fairly seriously backward.

          • Omar rao

            My Dear, You really need to read not just my previous message but also what was suggested to you to further study, rather one sided ignorant suspicious with fear allegations on Islam. Remember Allah/God opens millions of flowers without forcing the buds, reminding us not to force anything AGAINST, So, you dont actually have knowledge of Islam, Gain It Pls! As you will start learning Quran & Hadith, I'm here to help you anything you dont understand, but throwing stones on others religion is not a fair act! Again Saying We Muslims Even Dont Represent Islam in its true spirit by our individual actions, Individual acts has nothing to do with Islam. False Information, Misguided Interpretations, Lies For sure lead you nowhere, get your directions pls! your perplexing approach about Islam and ground less allegated questions totally baseless! Study Dear, thanks.

        • Whatever

          Or perhaps not…..

    • Angel

      Dont do that. Dont bleed ignorance. Thanks.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "We’re not just dealing with ignorance of the law. We have Western judges setting out the notion that if a Muslim settler in Europe, America or Australia does not understand the concept that women can refuse sexual contact, that this is a mitigating circumstance."

    It sounds like we really do need to quarantine them until they can pass tests. If that's how the left wants to protect people, as distinct classes, they leave us little choice.

    • Drakken

      I am afraid the choice is clear, either deal with these savages in a more expedient manner or don't allow them into the west period.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "I am afraid the choice is clear, either deal with these savages in a more expedient manner or don't allow them into the west period."

        It's not "bigotry" or "racism" either. They're forcing us to deal harshly because it's clear that's all they will respond to.

        • Roger

          I'm sure we're not dealing more harshly with them then they are with our women.

          • I.P. Daley

            Your women? Wow…..go find a cave.

          • Roger

            Don't you feel protective about the women in your circle of friends?
            If not, then you're the one that needs a cave.

          • diane

            At last a man who gets it. Thanks. Women and men want to be loved and not be treated as objects.

        • Drakken

          Sooner rather than later a backlash will come to pass because the progressives have made it enevitable.

    • tonykeywest

      Give the creep the death peanlty and the word will get out to the rest of them.

      • Roger

        While he waits trial they ought to feed him all the pork he can keep down. And nothing else.

    • max

      my brother, you are just wrong. in this mans case we need justice but with the majority of other refugees we need compassion, mercy and understanding.

      • diane

        Well why don't you give lessons to them on Australian law.

        • Roger

          And bring his wife along while he does it.

    • mgsulli

      If that imbecile believe that logic, then he just opened the door to Sharia and honor killings. I hope he does not mind the beheddings too much.

      • mgsulli


  • objectivefactsmatter

    This case is proof that we need a global guarantee that all non-criminals can carry firearms to protect oneself from "confused" people.

    • Belinda

      Thank you for stating the obvious …they'll understand really fast and well when women shoot their balls to make them better understand the word NO

      • pagegl

        Belinda, while I appreciate the imagery of the rapist having his junk blown off, I would suggest that trying to hit a small target in an urgent situation might not be the way to go. Just go for the body shot, preferably with a large caliber hand gun loaded with hollow-points.

    • NOPE

      gun statistically do more harm than help. NOPE.

      • Roger

        Only when they're only held by criminals.

        We need to let the good guys have more guns than the bad guys and that will change.

        • mxx

          … stop thinking in binaries, they aren't helpful.

          • Roger

            Thinking in shades of sharia, you know where that will get you?

            There was another rape in another country, and guess how that ended up?

            Notice it's al jazeera and mentions she 'claims' she was raped. This woman in Australia, are you going to say she was only 'claimed' to be raped too?

    • judy

      If i travel overseas i am under the law of whatever country i am in at the the time and if i break their law ignorance is no excuse.When in australia you live under our law and the fact that you think we are second class to you and that you can get away with anything is wrong.Judges who start sympathising with any men who prey on women as this man clearly has more than once should be disbarred. They do not deserve to be in the position if they allow us to be treated in this barbaric way.Send him back where he came from we dont want people like him here.

    • doreen brett

      We need to make up a list of stuff they have to abide to, and send them paking if they dont. and if they dont like other religions being in same school as there kids, dont like us having our flag at the schools ect ect well dont come here.

  • Toni_Pereira

    The irony is that those compassionate chumps on the left don't understand that they dehumanize individuals. For them, folks like Sharifi are not full human beings with free will, but creatures with the mores of a chimpanzee that we have to put up with all their mischiefs.(Peter Singer must be rubbing his hands with glee…)

    • Tim

      Toni, the difference is, Chimpanzees are mostly contained in a cage. We are not required to be subject to their random behavior. If one was on the loose and attacking humans, it would be shot, not tollerated!

    • mxx

      … no. you are the one who is othering them, you are the one who is forcing them away. force meets force, equal and opposite. when you criticize and hate, with no basis in fact other than the mere instance of one existence, you show that you are incapable of behaving logically.

      • Roger

        Why do you think pushing away 8th century savages is a bad thing?

        This woman who was raped isn't an isolated incident. Google rape in europe and learn.

        • doreen brett

          Its happening in england every place they live. i have read about it.

    • doreen brett

      well said

  • john

    I have 3 sisters , take a guess where this guy would end up regardless of what the courts do – Hope australian men are men , there's still a lot of us in the U.S.A

    • Walter

      Right on!!! Fry the rapist, the psychologist, the defense lawyer, and the judge… This is madness and I can't believe anyone could accept this, least of all the Australians, who are fairly conservative to begin with and in letting certain foreigners immigrate there… We know how to take care of our own in the U.S.A., regardless of what it takes (even if we have to resort to using one of the 300 million guns we have available to our 300 million people)… Different cultures cannot justify violence… Immigrants need to find out what the local laws are and then follow them or else….. Too damn convenient to plead ignorance and then have some leftist idiot lawyer and leftist idiot judge try to prove who knows what insane point… Screw them all…

  • Mary Sue

    He's a brown person, he therefore is free to rape whomever he wants! No I'm serious, that's what the Identity Politics crowd thinks. After all, only if a white conservative man rapes a woman is it "rape-rape"!

    • Jill

      No – judges have quite happily mitigated excuses for rape in many contexts.
      Several years ago a drunk (nonMuslims) chef wended hi sway home. On the way he saw a naked woman in her own home, in her own bed. He saw this through a window with no curtains – in her own homke.
      he took the fact she was naked -IN HER OWN HOME – as an invitation to break in and rape her.
      The judge absolved him of penalties and wished him good luck in his career.

      variations on this theme are quite frequent.
      Recently an exfootball identity, high on alcohol and drugs, bashed and injured his ex-girlfriend. Penalty? 200 hours community service.

      No, my friend, objectionable as the Muslim code and behaviour is to women, it is not at all unusual in Australian non Muslims, and for that matter, in American nonMuslims.

      • defcon 4

        What a tool. In places like Pakistain and Soddy Barbaria women FREQUENTLY don't report they've been raped? Why? Because a, they don't want to arrested for committing adultery and b, they don't want to be the victim of an honor killing. Let's not forget the Australian woman who was raped in Dubai, knew her attackers, reported the rape and was arrested for committing adultery.

        • Mary Sue

          They arrest women for reporting rape because they don't want their women to get uppity, thinking they're entitled not to be raped or something.

      • Mary Sue

        Yeah, occasionally stuff like that happens. But whereas the Liberal Media will jump down the throats of such judges(and others) who excuse such rape when it's non-Muslims, they will do no such thing when it's Muslims.

    • JRivero

      Afghans are technically Caucasians.

      It really takes very short time for some people to let their racism to come out.

      Rape is rape. This idiot must be send back to Afghanistan. And yes, the western countries must establish better filters for their immigrants.

      Lets not forget the masses of "white" males going to south east Asia to have sex with children.

      It is not their ethnicity. Don't blame it for everything.

      • julie brown

        The voice of reason has prevailed…thanks jrivero! Very good point!!!!

  • Edward Cline

    So, this dhimmi judge has more or less told all the Muslim savages: Yes, go ahead. Rape all the women you want. You're ignorant barbarians who don't know any better. You're forgiven. Welcome to Australia, which used to be a nice place to live in.

    • Roger

      As long as they pretend they're so stupid that they can't understand how to read.

      What does reading have to do with rape again?

    • Uncle Rick

      "You're ignorant barbarians who don't know any better."

      Actually, this is essentially what the Koran says. The book states in so many words that men can't control their lusts. Think about that. It was no doubt generally accepted as true of tribal Arabs in the seventh century or it wouldn't have been in there; the fact that their holy book can't possibly contain anything false justifies the same barbarism today.

  • charlotte

    Time for some old fashioned women's justice. If the Govt appointed male guardians of this society can't protect women from these pigs, and If this kind of thing is happening and they get off scotfree because of "cultural differences" then I suggest women take matters into their own hands. I would.

    • Ron Munro of SA

      Get the bastard, you women, get a nice quiet place in the country and hand him his own nuts in a piggy bag.

    • Mary Sue

      too bad australia took away all the guns already :(

      • Shari

        I'm an American living in Australia, does that mean I have the right to carry a gun. I mean, it is my cultural upbringing, as I was raised in the south and we all own gun, and my constitutional right. I'm not an Aussie citizen yet so do I still follow my American laws? I don't drive on the right side of the road, because they don't here…I have to follow the rules & laws of this country I am living in, I don't get to chose which ones I want to follow and not expect consequences for not following some.

        • Jaygee53

          How stupid are you – you have the same rights as me – NONE. I was born in Australia and spent a great deal of time in the Australian Defence Forces. Just like you, I still have no rights. Our wonderful governments have made it almost impossible for law abiding citizens to own a firearm. Only the criminals do. Our wonderful legal system is screwing us big time.

    • Uncle Rick

      Go for it, sister! I taught my daughter that if someone gets too fresh with her and she can't get away, don't stop pounding him until he stops moving. Even then it's optional.

    • Mary Sue

      I suggest smearing one's cooch liberally with lard.

      • LOL

        You need to be specific dear. Lard can also be produced by cows. Tattoo on chest – "My fanny is full of pig fat"

  • gjm

    I thought that one of the conditions of entry into a country, irrespective of the circumstances of that entry, was an agreement to abide by the laws of that country.
    This man did not do that. The context of the text suggests he has repeatedly broken Australian law.
    There is no grey area here. No 'mitigating' circumstance. The perpetrator should be dealt with by whatever means are deemed appropriate, and the Judge should be struck off for allowing the further weakening of the strength of the law he is supposed to uphold.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I thought that one of the conditions of entry into a country, irrespective of the circumstances of that entry, was an agreement to abide by the laws of that country. "

      Rule of law? How cruel. You must be a right wing blood thirsty conservative.

    • Jill

      WE have a lot of Lefty judges. THey went for the law here too, as well as media, politics, religion and education.

    • Louise

      There is a loophole though… Everyone has to abide by the law… But there are some partial and complete defences to almost every offence that could be accepted. You could downgrade murder to manslaughter or even get away with it completely. Point is… The justice system isnt very set… And sadly it allows too many people to get away with these horrific crimes.

    • Rachel

      Well put, you're 100% right

    • doreen brett

      YES thats right gjm but they dont think they have to abide to them, and when they get away with stuff , well being how they are they dont think complainig about our flag flying on anzac day is wrong. allso we need not to have christian teachings in our schools they dont like it, thing is you have a choice you dont have to do religion classes so whats there problume. when is the aussie people going to stand up and kick these guys out, either abide by our laws or piss off. we need a stronge pm who will stand for us as well

  • AdinaK

    This is, plain and simple, dhimmitude and westerners are terrified to stop Islamic thrusts –

    Law enforcement, including judges, are scared out of their wits, to impose western law and order, evidenced within –

    Aside from the head chopping and threats of overall mayhem, "Islamophobia" has assured this western disaster, step by step –

    Cause and effect…1 + 1….

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • tanstaafl

    In America, a woman can carry a side arm. It helps resolve many cultural "differences". Of course, that option is not available in Australia due to its "enlightened" government..

    • Gilly

      Yes but in Australia it is generally safe to let your children go to school in the knowledge that some righteous dude with a gun wont be killing them and their classmates.
      Also, it is my understanding that rape statistics show rape per capita to be much higher in the USA than Australia.

      • Mary Sue

        yeah and guess where the rapes are more frequent? In places like Chicago, where the guns are highly restricted or banned.

        Most Americans can be reasonably assured that their kids won't get shot up. Despite media sensationalism, it's REALLY not that common.

    • NOPE

      No. DONT LIE TO THE WORLD. First, you have to clarify WHICH America (North or South?) because South Americans dont like the US assuming they are "THE Americans." Second, you statement is only true in the hick states of the US. A woman can carry pepperspray. It doesnt matter where I live and no matter how "safe" people claim it to be. There are bad people everywhere.

    • walter

      Amen… At this rate, these tolerant idiots in the various western courts will bring back mob lynchings… People will not stand for this madness… Difficult to imagine something like this happening in the U.S. without consequence… This rapist would be wiped out either way (i.e. in jail if convicted and on the outside if set free)… There's more than one way to hand out justice….

  • Ron Munro_SA

    I would support a vigulanty group to go around and "Clean up the Mess" Australian Judges fail to act on. Where do I send My Donation to?????

  • Leah Johnson

    They need the gospel because that alone is what changes things, not ensuring they have moral ethics. It's a spiritual problem and that's something no one can change except the Holy Spirit of God.

    • Mat

      That's just stupid. Christianity caused the great crusades which was the slaughter of millions just because the church said to go forth and murder in the name of Jesus. You can't tell me that those responsible went to heaven.

      • Drakken

        Hey dumbazz, if it wasn't for the Crusades you idiot, we would still be stuck in the 7th century with the rest of the effing muslims.

      • Mary Sue

        Someone doesn't understand history! The Crusades were a response to Muslim Jihad Conquest!

    • Pamela

      are you kidding!? Religion is what makes them think they can do this! The Koran has many examples of "wisdom" where woman can be raped. They honestly think that their god permits them to do this. And to convert from islam to another religion is punishable by death in their eyes.

      • Uncle Rick

        "Religion is what makes them think they can do this!"

        Leah Johnson didn't say that they needed religion. Your reply and Mat's make no distinction among religions. Those who committed atrocities in the name of Jesus were wrong and are considered wrong by virtually all Christians (and Jews) today. OTOH, Islam does not and never has rejected barbaric behavior because their holy book condones it, and their book can't be wrong. You and Mat are both over-generalizing.

    • Uncle Rick

      Yes, Leah, but we must first disarm them, render them incapable of doing any additional harm and then get their undivided attention.

    • Nick the Atheist

      Sorry Leah, but all I see is your lack of intelligence. The Bible has passages that condone rape, the Bible is a horrible book. Your views are ridiculous.

    • aspacia

      Oh, pleeeezeee; they need a bazooka shot up their a$$

    • Worried

      Replacing one unsubstantiated belief with another is non-sense.
      You, and this man are free to believe whatever it is that you like, however you are not free to act however you like as it effects other humans freedoms and rights.
      We must base our society on what is substantively true, in this case that this person caused another person to suffer. We can all agree that isn't right and it doesn't take a God or divine wisdom or any other mysticism.
      Can't write more.. too upset right now.

    • Cat

      ummm Leah, theyre MUSLIM…and they dont read a christian bible…and there is no god, or this woman wouldnt have been raped…right?

    • Patriot Twin

      Leah ~ as a Christian, I agree. They DO need Jesus.

      But that does NOT mean they should be roaming the streets, in Australia or any other Western country, for that matter. Serial rapists–and Islam DOES condone serial rape–should not be permitted to have any access to the public.

      Prison ministries are a great thing, and so is deportation.

  • kaz

    whether or not he is aware of it, the judge that declared rape of infidels to be a right of muslims was doing the infidel population the highest service. the judge is giving hes fellow citizens a taste of sharia while it is still possible to prevent it. if all judges in australia would stop punishing any crimes committed by muslims, and only punish anyone who committed any offense, real or imagined, against islam, the the people of australia would get a good look at their future, and maybe, just maybe, they would evict all muslims from their country. to do so is to save their lives. do do less is to accept slavery and genocide. if australians do not evict muslims from their country, they might as well start enforcing sharia now, and start getting accustomed to it. either way, dont blame the judge. he is only giving you a glimpse of the future.

    • Mat

      Australia is Australia and Afganistan is Afganistan. If he wanted to live by Afganistan law then he should have stayed there. Nuff said

      • Mary Sue

        Yeah, except that the guy is worse than a missionary. He wants to spread Sharia around the world and Australia's just where he picked to enforce it with his jihad.

  • James

    The hundreds of outraged feminists outside the court were as usual absoluely deafening in their protests of the courts latest decision not to punish those of the Islamic faith latest violation against a member of the sisterhood, we couldnt hear ourselves talk over their girl power protests of no means no… oh thats right.. they were all actually sipping their lattes silently and hiding in fear behind their shaking magazines as usual.

    • Jill

      Did you organise any protests JamesOr is only the women's job to do this?? Not that I'm defending the lack of protests, but I find the men who sneer at feminists not defending their sisters seldom rise to the occasion themselves.

      • defcon 4

        Nice job at excusing the inaction of feminists.

      • JoJoJams

        Jill, the way you've been talking on this thread, you sort of seem like the type of woman who, if a man actually DID come to your rescue for whatever reason – you'd chew him out and scream that you are completely capable of taking care of yourself! If you have a significant other, I'm sure he/she tiptoes around your feminine sensibilities. Especially around that time of the month…. **hugs**. ;-)

        • horny

          jojojams…………what a baby boy………jealous of women who give birth….afraid of women….hmmmmm,….r u a cave boy? women do not need to be rescued….u've seen way too much Disney…

  • mah29001

    The Aussie judge needs to be impeached. Disgusting how the Left rationalize Islamic supremcists to rape women.

  • Rachel

    Will it play out the same way when women start killing their attackers! Will judges be as sympathetic!

    • Louise

      Australia will be sending its own innocent women into cells for defending themselves all because these outsiders claim to not know better! The women will claim self-defence or provocation, and will be denied because the rapist says he did not know!

  • James

    The Leftys of Australia condone rape of women if it is a muslim doing it, such wonderful open minded intelligent and most importantly, incredible understanding of cultural differences, are the wonderful people of the Left wing of Australian politics.
    And could they perhaps slightly change their thoughtful open minded views on Islam, when one of their teenage daughters gets gang raped one night by muslim men in the back of a car?

    • max

      shut up james, read a book.

  • aliko

    No Mr. Greenfield. It is you and whole western world who must pick one of the two choices:

    1. Liberalism is a mental disorder so no Liberal can take part in a public office
    2. Liberalism is a valid and sane so Liberals can and should be prosecuted for treason

    I'll take the 1st and send Liberals to get their mental health in order, before they cause themselves, their families or their countries further damage.

    I've yet to encounter a Liberal who doesn't carry a heavy load from a tormented childhood.

    • Kathryn

      Here in Amercia, Conservatives want to take up arms against the govnerment. they don't realize that's treason.
      talk about a mental illness

    • Darth Babaganoosh

      Define "Liberal", Nancy.

    • max

      what are you talking about? what even.

  • mel freeman

    Muslim culture is so askew to Western cultures and they CLASH dramatically and this alone is reason enough to not allow them to settle in Australia. girls… Muslims are incongruous to Australians in all ways. . When you get muslims in the midst of a western culture, nothing good becomes of it…. the Australian culture is changing because of muslims being amongst us and that is to HATE them for their vile savage putrid abuse of women. Worse than muslims is the lawyers that represent them, they are just as inept too. To allow a muslim to defend his right to rape Australian women is a derelict of duty by everything that Australia stands for… it is evil and disgusting.
    Our culture is changing in its views of muslims and that view is to defend ourselves because the law of Australia is too busy defending criminal muslims, so we need to be more assertive and take action for ourselves. No man, no one should ever get away with rape and if they do then the laws of the land (Australia) have let the people down and because of that the laws have forfeited the right to demand that people abide by the law… the people of Australia need a new law and that is "the right to stand and defend themselves against hostile cultures"

    • max

      stop talking.

  • Darian

    i think the Australian legal system should stand strong and enforce Australian law. if i went to some muslim countries and kissed your partner in public you could end up in jail. why on earth is people like this getting away with rape? what next? lets kill stone someone to death in Australia we know we can get away with it if we say we didn't know better. I tell you what, the stuff muslims are getting away our country is certainly making me become resentful and i will admit im becoming racist towards them. at present i have no respect for any muslim

    • Drakken

      Your not a racist, your a realist. If the law is an azz and it fails to protect you and yours, it is time for you and yours to make sure you deal with the problem with more expedient means.

    • max

      "at present i have no respect for any muslim"
      this isn't exactly a revolutionary point of view, nor is it controversial. all of the arguments you have made have been made before, and better (and they're still wrong.)
      pick yourself up a copy of the qu'ran, read the whole thing, go to a mosque and worship, become a part of the community. humans are just humans. rape is insanely common throughout the world, and all men are capable of it regardless of race or culture. seriously, read the literature, grow a brain!

  • shankypanks

    Muslim men have an entire reference book that dictates their relationship with women. It happens to conflict with Western standards of equality and respect. If these men do not understand how we live in the West then they must not be allowed into our countries. There are enough woman from their own ideology in any one of their 52 states for them to practice their domination on.

    • Rabbitnexus

      You are completely wrong. Your ignorance of the truth of Islam is shared by this judge it seems, which is why this rapist got away with his falsehoods. He and his lawyer relied on the well cultivated misapprehensions about Islam to pull off this scam on the courts.

      As a Muslim convert and married to a lovely woman of Muslim Pakistani heritage, I know you and all Islamophobes are so far wide of the truth when you start with your ranting about us. Women in Islam have it much better off in most respects than Western women today, and they pretty much always did have. Some cultures have adopted very strict interpretations of Islam to suit their existing cultures but there are many shgades of the things you deride. As far as the respect and security of women is concerned, Muslim women feel pity for Western women and as a Westerner who has been both sides, I do too.

      Nothing looks more ridiculous to women who are proud and joyful in the womanhood, who are safe and secure in their lives and who are cherished and valued by all the men in their lives; than women who live in a society where they are sex objects on display at every turn, where they are expected to do the same things as men and be subject to the same rules and expectations and yet who insist they are the lucky ones.

      • Harry

        ? ur logic is wrong…sex rocks…women are not whores or sex objects because they like sex….western women also have amazing husbands who love and respect them….perhaps if u did not watch porn so often you would not have such a lopsided view of the west…I presume u r a man….the use of religion to dominate women. under the guise of "protecting them" is a hoot…from what I understand most Muslim women have had their clitoris mutilated…this is sick….sick sick sick. anyone who uses religion to control another human is not acting out of love….Christian or Muslim…

      • frontlinesoldier

        Tell that to Malala who got shot in the head for trying to go to school. Save your line of bull for someone who will actually believe it. The only truth is that ALL women, Muslim and non-Muslim, are treated as second-class citizens and until we are literally willing to put our lives on the line (as in any revolution) nothing will change. I, personally, would die to advance the cause of women's rights… not many would say the same. To each his own, but it's going to take some drastic measures to turn this around for all women

  • Jill

    If he was illterate, how did he know to read road signs??

    • max

      beside the point, this whole article is flawed.

  • Michael Copeland

    Who got paid?

  • Mat

    I want this man's head on a stick. Where is he?

    • Simon

      He will be standing for the post of Prime Minister soon! Seriously what is wrong with the LAW!!!

  • Ronald Jones

    Ignorance of the law is NO defence. Try this arguement in an Islamic country and see where it gets you.

    • ninjaduck


  • Trace ace

    We must abide by their laws in their country or risk being shot. They should be expected to abide by ours or feel the full brunt of the law. We are now not safe in our own country and don't even have the law on our side.

  • Mum From Australia

    In Australia we are plagued with useless politicians on both sides, the worst Prime Minister in history. Some days we get 2-3 boatloads arriving after they've flown by plane to Indonesia and then hopped on an expensive boat. They throw their ID & passports into the ocean on the way, hoping to fool our inept Govt. from finding out their identities.

    THEN, they run around rioting, abusing, raping, molesting, commiting female genitalia mutiliation on their girl children, entering into about 1,000 illegal forced marriages p.a., joining outlaw bikie gangs, dealing drugs, doing drive-by shootings and the whole gambit of things that are completely foreign to our way of life.

    We, the honest people have no guns with which to defend ourselves, pepper spray & stun guns would see us convicted as criminals, and vigilantes would see themselves jailed. We are not allowed to speak out against them, we are constantly labelled as racist if we even suggest enough is enough.

    • Drakken

      Well my dear, it is time to import guns to protect yourselves, if they can smuggle drugs, you can get weapons.

    • Mary Sue

      is said useless PM the transgender one?

  • Mum of Australia

    Part II by Mum of Australia

    Our Govt. screwed around with Geert Wilders visa, and yet they let in droves of hate mongering Islamist holy men to address their own kind – there's an event coming up where they expect 20,000 of them at $50 a head – to listen to hate speech about the country who's taken them in.

    This country's heart & soul are dead, our war veterens turning in their graves, the people's spirit crushed and I KNOW that my kids, and theirs will be living under sharia law, there is no doubt about it, as will the rest of the civilised world when these neanderthals breed up to the point of take-over.

  • Ar'nun

    So the Cultist is excused because he wasn't familiar with being a civilized human being. But the victim, who was unfamiliar with the culture barbarism and animals that will hump anything it wants to, loses? Time for the closest male relative of the victim to bash his ignorant skull in and claim he wasn't familiar with the fact that Afghans had anything above the neck that could be damaged.

    • Drakken

      I prefer the shoot, shovel and shut up method myself. Say doesn't Australia have a large number of huge crocidiles? Put them to good use.

      • Mary Sue

        yeah, salties will eat em for breakfast!

    • Mary Sue

      ohyeah but calling a brown person "uncivilized" is racist [/sarcasm]

  • LibertarianToo

    Yeah, I've noticed this is a real pressing problem. And yet you Masculists do NOTHING!

  • Deerknocker

    This animal was not so confused about what he was doing that he did not take the precaution of finding a dark street on which to do his deed. I don't know which is worse: the dumb "Rape is wrong –who knew?" defense or the dufus judge that bought that defense and ruled for a rapist.

  • ninjaduck

    I'm pretty sure going to a foreign country, committing a crime and then claiming you didn't know what you were doing was wrong is total bs. If I go to Singapore, where spitting gum on the ground is illegal, and spit gum on the ground, I would get arrested or fined regardless of whether or not I knew it was wrong. "I didn't know it was wrong" is never an excuse.

    PLUS!! I am not personally Islamic, but treating women as objects and less than human is not actually a practice related to Islam, it completely contradicts what the Qur'an ACTUALLY says. Before the Taliban took over, women were to be VALUED and respected as important parts of the Islamic community. After the Taliban took over they were diminished to mere objects to be used and mistreated.

    Many of the Islamic practices have been corrupted by violent extremists for person gain and to spread acts of terror. This man that did this does not practice actual Islam, but rather corrupted filth.

    • Drakken

      Well muslim get your house in order in due haste, otherwise we are going to do it for you in spades, and we won't give a rats azz how peaceful you say you are, because at that point nobody of the infidel persuasion is going to care.

    • Mary Sue

      It's mainly the Hadith, which are usually taken as equivalent to the Quran, that say such things. Such as the testimony of a woman is practically worthless, and that women are mentally deficient.

    • Mary Sue

      Most muslims are ignorant of what their holy book actually teaches, as many of them memorize it by rote and don't comprehend it because they were never taught Arabic.

  • Drakken

    When the law fails to protect you and yours, you had better make it a priorty to do it yourself, Say doesn't Australia have huge numbers of crocs? I am sure they would be happy to help you accomidate the muslim savages in your midst.

  • Mary Sue

    it's ignored because the Feminists are in charge now and they want the men to feel "trapped" like they believe women have been feeling for the past x thousands/millions of years.

    • max

      stop talking and pick yourself up a copy of the scum manifesto. idk, i don't want to add fuel to the fire, but, as a male, i can agree with pretty much everything it says in it. it is not a case of "men will be men" and "women will be women" these are culturally nominated norms.
      whatever, stop being dumb.

  • Dabo

    Whatever happened to ignorance of the law is no excuse?

  • afghan

    afghan · less than 1 minute ago
    This comment has been deleted by the administrator.

  • Fasool

    In cases like this, when the system doesn't deliver justice, it is incumbent upon the men of Australia to see it through.

  • Nitdiver5

    There is something bigger happening here. This is part of the spiritual warfare being played out to weaken Western civilization, which used to be predominantly Christian. The world is being prepared for the antichrist. The new Pope chosen on 3/13/13 is most likely the false prophet (Rev 13:11, Rev 20:10). The AC will not be far behind. The "two-state solution" is the covenant in Daniel 9:27 that triggers the last 7 years. We are at the tail end of the last generation.

    • aspacia

      Get Real! Deal with practical methods of stopping this barbarity instead of attacking the Pope.

      A Deist.

  • Margi

    Please watch the movie the Middle Men by Paramount Studios. It is based on a true story. The founders of Internet billing branched out into making porn. They made $100 millions. 2 of the original parnters then branched out into making kiddie porn. Until they were arrested. The US FBI used one of the porn stars to further entrap Muslim terrorists who were watching her solo performances on the porn network. If the US and others pump out pornography – how can you not say that Muslims who are inexperienced with Western attitudes – don't think that this is possibly acceptable. Have you ever watched serious porn – I have. The footnote is that the Muslim terrorists who were watching were tracked, targeted and taken out in covert military operations. Thanks to men being men all over the world.

  • guest

    So…nobody's going to mention how Islam is a religion not a culture (it spans many cultures) and how everything this Sharifi guy did is totally against Islamic teachings?

  • JRA

    A small, but not insignificant, point which is worth noting is that the Justice Redlich simply allowed leave to appeal against the sentence which was imposed – that is not the same as Daniel Greenfield's headline would have you believe (although, admittedly, "Rapist to appeal against sentence" is a far less hysterical and reactionary headline – but is substantially more accurate).

    So, the problem with the headline 'Australian Judge Finds Muslim "Cultural Differences" Valid Excuse for Rape' is that it is simply not correct: even if the offender succeeds on his substantive appeal, he will still be guilty of rape.

    As a general comment, you people need to calm down.

  • SickofTheBullshit

    I know I'm gonna get flogged for this but I'll say it nevertheless. I completely agree with comments stating that this guy is fully responsible for what he did regardless of his culture. He MUST abide by the laws of the host country (which is what Islam commands Muslims to do by the way). And he should be punished for what he did. I also wanted to say how disgusted I feel when I see women drunk like skunks on the road!! Why can't they drink a couple of drinks and then STOP!! Being drunk to the point where they can't even stand makes them vulnerable to being raped, hit, murdered, kidnapped, etc …In a perfect world, everyone would just see a drunk woman and drive her home safely and tuck her nicely in bed. The truth is: That's never gonna happen. We need to get some old-fashioned morals back in our society and demand the justice system to deal effectively with rapists and pedophiles (death sentence)

  • CCWgirl

    And they are not allowed guns to protect themselves either. Gotta love "progress"

  • billy tyler

    kill all t6he fuggers

  • Nicole

    This article is misleading. Although I disagree with the appellate judge's ruling, it was merely a ruling that said that there is still an issue as to "consent" under Australian law and it was remanded to a lower court. Also, my understanding is that this guy has been convicted and will be serving a significant amount of time. Legal procedure is complex and I think it is irresponsible to publish this information without understanding what actually happened. I guess sensationalist reporting is more interesting though.

    • William

      Thank you.

  • Virginia

    This is disgusting!!!! Rape by all accounts is a violent crime. So if I decided that I don't have a concept of a Jew being a human, can I kill a Jew ?????

    I cannot believe this can happen in Australia!!!

  • James

    This man should be put to justice. Muslims men are not allowed to rape any women. Muslims are even not allowed to have sex with anyone except their husband/wife. These are clearly stated in the Quran. What's with all these labeling that Islam allows this and that when Islam clearly does'nt?!?!

  • William

    to be more subtil

    and no i'm not a muslim.

  • oron
    • William


  • non muslim

    LOL…Why don't they do away with sex altogether.

  • Ozarkat

    Shouldn't it be the responsibility of the person entering that country to learn the laws of the land? What ever happened to ignorance is no excuse?

  • simon

    How many of you support the Arab violence in the Middle East?
    then you get it your home

  • Georgina

    There's a massive epidemic of rape in Sweden. All the perpetrators are Muslims.

    Funny how these things don't happen in Saudi Arabia.

    The barbarians aren't just at the gates, they are well and truly within them.

  • Dan

    Maybe I don't understand this Muslims need to exist at all. Nothing a baseball bat wouldn't cure I suppose

  • David Nightingale

    He has enough intelligence to drive a car, he understands the concept of taking the victim into seclusion. He is smart enough to be guilty.

  • A.C.

    Religions are nothing but a mass neurological disorder. Beliefs and "culture" is now becoming an excuse not only for wars, but for crime, violence and disregard for life. Funny thing is if that dude would drink a beer in his own country he would probably go to jail for life at best. Cultures and religions are what they are, and you cannot change that on people, but an act of violence is an act of violence

    • Phil

      hear hear!

  • Treavor

    It doesn't matter if he knew the law, you must fallow the law as a judge. His ignorance is his problem not the law. I live in the states we have a no texting while driving law in California. If you come visit and get a ticket, well thats your problem. They are going to say, you should have study the law before you got in your car.

    • Phil

      same here Trev

  • rmc5050

    I realize every country has their own laws, but there has to be some sort of appeal process at a Supreme Court level wherein several judges, rather than one, form the opinion on a case. Wouldn't that remove the influences of cultural bias and (hopefully) stupidity?

  • A.D.

    This article seems to misreport the facts, as most racist often do. There was a sentence of 9 years inprisonment ordered. The judge recognized that the accused suffered PTSD, and that's about it.

    Misreporting fuels division in the community, men of all ethnicities have raped women.

    Why not look it up on a proper news service:

    • Glea D.

      I think Rape fuels division in a community LONG before misreporting the facts does.

      The epidemic of rape by muslim men in the West is a fact that Relativists run around trying to make excuses for.

      You're either a muslim yourself, or a moral relativist. Either way, you're not going to get away with minimizing the rape of women by cheaply recriminating and calling people bigots. All you have to do is look at the statistics to see the horror of rape piling off the boats in the form of muslim men.

      Of course, all manner of men rape.
      But only Islam regards rape as a right of men.

    • blue

      The judge in the linked article is the trial court judge, who did not accept "confusion about consent" as a defense; the appellate judge (not mentioned in the linked article) was the one who said that the trial judge should have considered the defendant's confusion about consent, hence why permission was granted for defendant to appeal. While some things may have been sensationalized, the article provided does NOT actually cover the holding/events to which this writer is responding.

  • wickeddog

    Good thing the guy didn't have a righty lawyer, or his own lawyer would have given him the death penalty. Remember if you want to hire a winning lawyer always hire a lefty.

  • Lilac

    This piece of filth is only alive because he didn't choose me. I would have torn off his genitals and choked him with them. Then my family would have gone after him as well.

  • Andy

    Surely this means that the brother or father of the victim can kill Sharifi to regain the families honour as it is acceptable in context of their religion.

    • Phil

      another reason why he needs to be in gaol for a long time………

  • Brian

    "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." It's a basic principle.
    The only thing I can think of is that the judge was evaluating if the defendant has an argument to make for an appeal, not wether or not it is valid.

  • mjk

    This article or whatever you want to call it, is based on misinformation. Here is a link to an article with the correct information. If it gets deleted, just do an internet search on Esmatullah Sharifi to find accurate info.


    In Islamic law for a rapist is stone him till death. It does not matter what is your back ground or which country your from you don't have the right to rape any women and Islam teaches you to respect and look after a women. I am study law in England and law is different if a person rapes anyone then they will be in prison for long time and also be on the sex offender list all they life. I think this person should get the maximum punishment for the crime he has done. One last thing the Muslim men who think that every women is they slave and they can do anything at anytime, they are the men who are uneducated, because they don't know the true meaning of Islam. I feel sorry for the victim and you do have my full support.

  • Donnie Montague

    This is why conservatives should do research. Judge Redlich is a former prosecutor and a known conservative (well, by our standards.) In your own country it is you conservatives who tried to qualify rape and make it less illegal. As I recall, it didn't do any of you any good on your last elections. Pretty much all the conservatives defending rape were removed from public office.

    As much as conservatives hate Muslims for preaching a conflicting nonsense religion, this judge found common found with them in trying to keep the females subject to the males.

    You conservatives should learn a little something called responsibility. Don't whine about getting an education. Calling knowledge "liberal," is just an excuse and it's time for you to grow up. Take the personal responsibility and effort to go get an education so you can keep up and unmask the lies your conservative leaders are telling you to keep you in line.

  • Rusty

    If the judicial branch not a country refuses to follow it's own laws, then it seems to me that the judges are not legitimate, and should be forcibly subject to a trial by citizens, in lieu of a non-functioning or hostile legal authority.
    The same could be said for many of the rulings in the US
    When citizens demand that the rule of law be observed, and are willing to follow through with whatever corrective actions are necessary, I think you'll find that these would-be tyrants are cowards who can and should be easily dealt with.
    It doesn't matter what force they have behind them…there are more than enough of us to prevail…..if we think saving our freedoms is worth the price some will have to pay.

  • it's me

    Well It's quite simple …. any male visiting here from the offending countries has to read and sign a form that states what and what isn't acceptable behaviour while visiting any Western country, and have it written in their language. Then try and watch them claim they didn't know.

    How they can claim they didn't know it was wrong when they drove for an hour and hid in an ally way to do it is beyond me. If he really thought it was acceptable then why go to all that trouble? Also, I know it doesn't excuse the crime, but no matter how drunk I am I would never get in a car with a guy I don't know to take me home.

  • noor

    you can not blame a religion for one sick person and you can not justify rape and violence against women is a crime in the Islamic culture , a crime like that is a punishable offence according to the Islamic law , it can even be punished with the death penalty ,
    I think the lawyer is a sick person without any morals , people like Esmatullah Sharifi should not roam the world freely .

  • Peeka

    This man is a disgrace. All he had to use was his brain. If you wouldn't like to be raped you don't do it to anyone else, regardless of what your culture says. No where does it say that women are not their own person. Using the holy book in this way is a sin and wrong! He should be jailed and that is coming from a moderate Muslim.

  • Angel

    You writing this article are considered educated, unfortunately. There is no "Afghan culture of rape" nor is there “priest culture of molesting children.” Your word choices are unfortunate and misleading, and judging by the comments following your article, you fans follow suit. There are mentally challenged and bad people all over the world. The responses of the people on here are no better than the "uneducated" guy. Rape happens EVERYWHERE. It's not right. To blame an ENTIRE religion, nation or culture is ridiculous. If your book is filled with the information above, I whole-heartedly hope it fails to reach the masses. The youth of the world do not need to be influenced by the ignorant ideas on this page.

  • Gabriel

    I think that it is time for another Crusade. We must set aside our difference whether we be protestant, catholic, jewish or atheist and join forces against this crap culture and its horrid ideals.

    • Phil

      sorry Gabriel, leave the atheists out of it…….we'd prefer the abrahamaic religions to mutually self destruct

  • grainofsense

    This is horrific, no doubt! But I'm wondering where Islam found itself to blame for this. This article is about an Afghani refugee who is an individual: not a representative of an entire country and it's diverse culture OR Muslims. If that was the case, we'll all be to blame for every crime a "Westerner" engages in. Australians, Canadians and Americans have our system to blame because it requires "intent" and "reasonable doubt" to convict somebody. We also have lawyers that do all the tricks under the sun to argue that there was no "intent" by diminished capacity to appreciate the consequence of their action. That's to blame for the unfortunate result of this case. An obvious offense is not enough to find someone criminally responsible. Canada is definitely doing something about it by educating immigrants and refugees on legal issues. SO this ignorant rant about Muslims is unnecessary and stereotypical. I don't see anyone blaming Christians for all the crimes done out here and most importantly in the US….Keep religion out of it. ALSO for whoever said "We shouldn't allow them in our countries" somewhere above….I'd like to remind you that there are lots of Muslims in the West who are born and raised and citizens of these countries that do not fit your stereotypical description and are very interested in Public Safety. So alongside recognizing the issues in the Criminal system, please recognize your ignorance.

  • echojuliet

    If we, as a nation with its own established cultural norms, are going to allow peoples from different cultural backgrounds to reside here, they need to adapt to that established culture and undergo a individual cultural revolution as part and parcel of their integration into the nation to which the have chosen to come with a vie to leading a better life. During past phases of immigration, we, as a society, have demonstrated on numerous occasions our willingness to adapt to and adopt the positive cultural habits of newcomers: those habits that do not cause harm, but serve only to enrich the society. In turn, the newcomers need to adapt to and adopt the establish cultural norms. That's the deal.

  • Anita

    He did this in the dark, with force. he knew he was doing something wrong. He knows the difference. We have plenty of stupid men in America, I'm sure, but no one rapes and pleads stupidity.If she insulted him and he had her behaved, is that OK too? Countries have a legal right to place any limits on who immigrates there and how they behave.Perhaps Australia needs some decent standards.

  • fame

    well clearly you guys are not educated at all on islam this seems like a fake story
    in islam there is a severe punishment of rape, they would have punished him in afganistan as well
    i dont know who is more illiterate him or the judge

  • fame

    all the women rights and west is based on islam you guys stole everything from us and called it yours
    and for some reason you guys love to ruin to islams name instead of being able to differentiate with culture

    • Phil

      islam is a bronze age delusion just like christianity, but it has more violent rules about killing infidels……man's inhumanity to women stems mostly from religious indoctrination…..when that happens to children it's psychological child abuse…..

  • Dr Dreadful

    …And your evidence that the appeals judge is a "lefty" is…?


  • Phil

    Religion treats women as second class citizens, some more than others. This is not a political left/right argument, it's about power issues which also exist in Australia but in a less obvious manner than in many other countries. This will not stop until we educate all young boys about respect for women. Stopping the brainwashing of children with religious indoctrination would be a good start. I don't have statistics to hand but I'd hazard a guess that a mjority of the mean convicted of rape in this country were raised "christian". Religion poisons everything.

  • Phil

    sorry, majority of the men….an edit function would help in here

  • Anonymous

    wtf – Muslim culture have nothing to do with it. Rape has penalty of death in Islamic Law

  • Betonit

    I'm an american and I don't understand the comments about this being caused by "leftist" policies. Maybe the left is different in Australia than it is here. I'm a lefty and I don't know anyone who would condone or excuse rape by anyone for any reason. If anything, we want crimes against women taken more seriously.

  • Neuroscientist

    Do you all seriously believe liberals want the rapist to go free? The writer is taking a legal process meant to protect women out of context and reversing it's meaning to try an vilify the "left." This is a legal procedure whereby a ridiculous defense is sent to a higher court so that it can be nullified permanently. The only reason they are letting the case through is so they never have to waste time on such a crazy argument again. This is how a stratified court system works. Don't believe the hype. The writer has an agenda.

  • pigmitten

    The rhetoric here is blaming this on the fact that he is a Muslim, which is an unnecessarily damaging and polarizing view. There are plenty Muslim non-rapists, plenty Afghan non-rapists, and plenty non-Muslim, non-Afghan rapists. This man is not a "Muslim Rapist", he's a Rapist who happens to be Muslim. plain and simple. The patriarchal standards of Muslim culture may have played into that, but let's not forget that in varying degrees every other society and country is also sprouting rapists left and right. Rape culture is a worldwide problem, not one that's coming only out of or caused by Afghanistan. Rape is rape. Rapists are Rapists. This man should be in jail, but let's not be racist about it.

  • yousjay

    I'm a Muslim Pakistani girl . The area i belong to close to Afghanistan. I don't see any man would totally not know that a woman's consent is necessary . Even Islam has a clear law of punishing for rape . NO culture no matter how primitive it is , would stop men or women from understanding pain and dislike. If she is pushing him back and screaming , any illiterate and uncultured man would know he is actually forcing him . If he's set free it means he can carry this excuse and rape more women.

  • Tracey

    Ok so apparently this guy is uneducated and illiterate….so how the hell did he get a licence then…don't you have to sit a written test for a licence…last time I checked you did. Absolutely ludicrous…..send the bloody judge to jail…disgraceful….won't be long now folks and we will be a Muslim bloody state…we will have their wars over here trying to keep our country free….the powers that be have been slowing leading us into communism any way so what's new….disgusting and disgraceful….touch my daughter and see if some Muslim loving judge has a say in what happens to you.

  • Fred Flintstone

    This is a load of bollocks. If you live in a country you're subject to its laws, and it's not the country's job to tell you what the laws are, it's your job to find out.

  • adam

    why is it being presented as a left vs right debate? i'm left, and i have no sympathy for him, he should be in jail.

  • Elif

    This man's act is by no way justifiable but I don't like how you generalize it to a whole religion. In Muslim countries gender inequality is an issue for sure, yet I believe this is mostly related to economic underdevelopment and lack of education. Afghanistan is a "failed state" where the rule of law is weak, this might explain the number of rape cases. Coming from a majorly Muslim country I know there is no such thing as "you can rape as many women as you want to" in Islam.
    These kind of generalizing articles simply lead to further polarization and miss the point. Please stop twisting minds.

  • Najeeb Mujahid-Odom

    What responsible journalist would publish this garbage???? 1st this has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. 2nd the notion that in Islam women belong to their family is a outright lie – It is extremely clear in Islam that we ALL belong to Allah and to Allah alone…. I won't speculate as to the motives of this article nor that of those this is written about, but this is ridiculous.

  • Liadan

    This story is slanted and not true. The guy got 14 years. This writer and this page are Islamaphobes.

  • Liadan

    Read the true story. The one above is lying crap.

  • mother of four

    I am disgusted that this muslin man got away with this, enough of these minority groups getting away with things. So sick of it. All the hard luck stories of bad childhood etc, and taking into account race, religion and making excuse for behaviour, are white people the only morally stable people living in Australia. Well that seems to be what is reflected by the courts and even the centrelink handouts. And god forbid, if you are a white male living in Australia, you will receive the least amount of handouts and see the full force of the law and no excuses will be listened to about your childhood etc -you will just have to suck it up! What about one law for everyone, and if you do the crime then you do the time. Such a reflection of our society nowdays….. your behaviour is not your responsibility, you can blame everyone else for it, and not take responsibility for it. Such a cop out!

  • R.A.Jacobson

    Get our military out of the middle east, return all muslims and let them kill each other off until only the civilized are left

  • Samer

    I am a muslim thanks to the creator of the heavans and earth God (Allah)

    Islam condemns this animal behavior.

    This is against Islamic teachings!
    Islam is the only religion that creates peace and harmony across the board weather its between yourself and family,colleagues,neighbors,friends and especially partners of marriage.

    The minority of Muslims in all countries believe they can twist the religion to favor or save them from there self inflicted implications lets get something clear hear.

    In Islam and  in the Holy Quaran clearly states and defines that a man must not @ anytime come in contact with a lady other than work or neutral circumstances to enhance a ladies worth and preserve integrity.

    It also clearly states that a Muslim
    Entering any foreign countries must abide by all there rules laws and regulations and if they feel that they are unable to either to leave or not enter at all!

    So as for this afghan "pig" he might of slipped away from the law but that same God he believes in will condemn him to the depth of hell as promised!

    Islam is black and white and just for those that look indepth not what they read about "propaganda" etc no grey areas or room for negotiations as we serve a purpose and believe there is heaven and earth and each person Is accountable for there own actions and will be dealt with accordingly…

    We do not distinguish nor favour moses over Mohammad or Mohammad over Jesus but believe in all equally! nor do we believe that any of them would  wash away every ones sins or actions away?
    would this defeat our purpose or as to why there is a hell??! 
    Anyone who has come to contact with earth is Impure for the simple fact that if one has a digestive system one needs to release bowls nothing Holy…therefore one should not be confused in saying any human is  affiliated directly deriving from God rather God has given certain prophets and messengers peace be upon them…all a task to carry out only.
    As God stands alone the "creator" off all who was there long before mankind and any existence and will remain long after.

    I would like to take the initiative to apologies to the victim on behalf of the true followers of islam and true Australian citizenz and not that lame so called Muslim, this is an act of violence and should be dealt with accordingly and one should not to stereo type race color or religion, it's the act in itself.

    And rest assure you will get even on judgement day and he will pay dearly and I am happy to have my Islamic people protest against the decision to have justice here before the after life.

    In the majority of Islamic countries engaging in any sexual contact outside marriage will result in serious repercussions with the Shariah Law where it could cost that person there life, so if any one who wants to be a pig do it in your own country and don't pollute other countries with your personal or mental abnormalities.

    Peace be with all those that seek it.

  • Rabbitnexus

    This is not an Islamic thing, it is a scumbag bullsh*tting a stupid reactionary judge. NOTHING in the conduct of this scumbag would be allowed in Islam, no part of his actions at all. It is possible, even likely he comes from a backwards area of Afghanistan (or Pakistan) where tribal customs tend to be confused somewhat with Islam which has basically been superimposed on many cultures over time, adopting and modifying aspects of it but usually the blending is more or less complete, on a paqrochial level.

    The rapist here has applied a false argument and been awarded victory due to a judge who is apparantly as ill informed as most people in the West when it comes to Islam. I am an Aussie, a Muslim convert and married to a Pakistani woman, so I also have an idea of what I am talking about, in contrast to most people who will be commenting here.

  • Jamie Ferguson

    As an Australian I am disgusted but not shocked if this is legitimate. Our Police do their jobs and the judiciary just slap people on the wrist and let them go. This though is proof of the deterioration of society….when so called educated lawmen who allow these defences to be upheld and there are no consequences for them and no protection for victims….sue their arses, make them responsible for their decisions…take it to the highest court where I hope common sense and decency should prevail….stupidity and ignorance is no defence to the law…..

  • Aabid Hussain Ahan

    Its ridiculous. He should have been punished according to the law of the land.It was the lame excuse of the rapist to fool the australian judge. Had he been tried in saudi arabia he wold have got a capital punishment. Fornication, rapes are strictly prohibited in islam even a muslim child knows this . No sort of violance can be accepted against the builders of nation, the women..

  • mbm

    So, the violent bodily theft and objectified inhumanity of rape can be excused and tolerated in one society where it is criminal simply because another culture tolerates and excuses it in their own society where it is not? LAME….and, sexist.

  • randomslate

    I thought that ignorance of the law was not an excuse to break the law? This judge is setting a dangerous precedent.
    "When in Rome." Claiming to be unaware, avoiding learning or ignoring the law is no excuse. If it is, then every country on the planet needs to close its borders NOW.

  • max

    this article is biased. look up mr. sharifi and some other media about him, the judge gave him 14 years (on april 12th). the maximum penalty for rape is 25 years.
    the title of this article is inflammatory and has no basis in reality. the judge recognized that sharifi suffered from PTSD as a result of his being a refugee, they most certainly did not think that it was a VALID excuse for rape. in fact, i quote;

    "Your offending is of the utmost seriousness. You preyed upon a young vulnerable stranger who was alone and intoxicated at night. Your brutal conduct must be denounced by this court."

    he is serving a maximum of fourteen years, minimum of eleven, with parole in seven. he is also likely to be deported back to afghanistan after his jail-time is served.

    and, just to critique this fellows writing;

    "The left cannot have it both ways.

    Either Esmatullah Sharifi is responsible for his own actions. Or he isn’t. Either rape is cultural or it’s individual. Either Esmatullah Sharifi should be hit with the full force of the law or the Afghan culture of rape represents a threat to non-Muslim countries.

    They can only pick one."

    that kind of polemic thinking cannot really be applied to this scenario. nothing is either "cultural" or "individual" but an accumulated artifact of both.
    also, mr. greenfield is blatantly using his view of the case (which, as i have shown, has little basis in fact) to promote his own political viewpoint. this horrific crime is used by him as an excuse to criticize the left (which in itself is a vaguary at best).

    "The excuses are manifold. Racism, cultural differences, Islamophobia, relativism… but it all ends the same way, with Western writers, artists and thinkers being censored and Western women being subject to Taliban treatment."

    relativism as an excuse? seriously? mr. greenfield does not know what he is talking about.

    • max

      and don't you dare call that ad hominem, i will open up a can of whoop-ass on your ass.

  • Abdullah

    There is a rape happening every 20 minutes in America and every 60 seconds in the world not done by a Muslim name sake,but mostly by Christian name sakes,Hindu nMe sakes and Budhists name sakes. Unfortunately one Muslim name sake commits such unpunishable act which if proven death penalty in Islam is subject to abuse the Noble religion and it's followers….by the way the writer is a right wing Zionist paid by the masters…easiest way to become wealthy write about Muslims and Islam

  • Khalid

    I am a Muslim and this is so shocking to me.
    The suit was solved under the ignorance of the judge about Muslims and Islam.
    Especially that Islam honored women in different ways, to mention 2 of them, 1. One of prophet Muhammed's final words is "Take Care of Women" and another thing, in the Quran it says Heaven is under the feet of mothers (women).

    The subject of the article was so shocking, it was also so shocking to read that it wasnt clear for the suspect that “Women are human beings”.

  • Truthsayer


    This is nothing but a pack of lies, and you're all falling for it – SUCKERS!

  • Craig

    To say they don't know that these people don't understand or know what their doing is a straight out lie. Any man or woman, boy or girl knows that forceful intercourse, murder, etc. in any culture is wrong and must be dealt with according to the law of that country. Australian government and law makers are to soft. IF THEY WANT TO COME TO AUSTRALIA THEY MUST TAKE ON AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS AND LAWS. IF THEY DON'T THEY MUST NOT BE ALLOWED IN THIS COUNTRY. THEIR CULTURE IS WRONG AND MUST NOT BE FORCED ON US IN ANYWAY.

  • Tim Ross

    These are only the woprds of a Judge granting the right to appeal, it is not the outcome of an appeal. Maybe it would be a good idea to keep your powder dry until the matter is finalised at the granted appeal!

  • trail

    I think whether he's muslim or not is beside the point. The law of the land should apply to everyone. If I'm an American and I drive on the right side of the road on my first day in Australia, that does not excuse me. The same should apply to any other law.

  • stillsane

    The very first sentence shows that he knew exactly what he was doing, looking for drunk, vulnerable women. "An Afghan refugee would drive from his home in Tullamarine to nightclubs in Frankston late at night searching for drunk, vulnerable young woman to prey on, a court was told today." Muslims aren't suppose to have anything to do with alcohol. He was and is a predator, he is a serial rapist commiting violent crimes against women and should be castrated and given a long prison sentence. He knew what he was doing was wrong. He drove an hour away and committed his crime in a dark side street. Obviously he knew it was wrong!! He must be held accountable!!

  • Moloud Shan

    This is what is wrong with societies. When law maker create different standards for people Society will fall apart. Read my Blog.

  • Cameron

    Since when is ignorance or cultural difference excuse for committing a crime? This wouldn't happen in an Islamic country if a western person did a similar thing. They'd be hung, drawn and quartered, at the very least deported before they could get a defence team together. Shame on the system.

    • Roger

      I wonder. Would they accept that as an excuse for eating bacon in Mecca?

  • Jaygee53

    These 'refugees' understand their rights to our social services and how to get every free cent they can. They understand their rights because the 'snivel libertarians' who get paid by our democratic western governments tell then they are just like us. They are NOT and never will be.
    They want their religion – go to a country where it is practiced. Dont try and drag us down to their moronic, evil 6th century mentality.

  • johann

    Ignorance to the law is never an excuse. It is that simple. I got done driving 80 on a 60km zone but there was no sign. Cops said oh well now you know.

  • johann

    Ignorance to the law is never an excuse. It is that simple. I got done driving 80 on a 60km zone but there was no sign. Cops said oh well now you know.

  • Jay

    If he didn't know it was wrong why pray on drunk women?

  • Charlie

    this is discusting & if he put his hand over her mouth he knew what he was doing wrong, would they like it if their women were raped by other nationalities? i bet not & neither do we, women are to be respected not owned or raped.

  • Matt T

    As a "lefty" who is equally as appalled by this as any of you Tories, I am obliged to point out the damage that falsely correlating the left with tolerance of human evil does to your otherwise nicely written commentary. I would add that the use of tradition and religion as an excuse for acts of evil is the definition of the hard right. Remove your political disposition, it's out of place here.

  • Keith Mc Nally. UK

    Looks like Australia is starting to import the madness that we in Britain have had for over 40 years? Muslim grooming and rape of Indigenous British girls is happening in EVERY town where we have Pakistani and Afghani immigrants.The more of these people you import, the bigger your problem will be?

  • jay

    let it be said, the day an islamic man touches my (if i was married and had a daughter)daughter, wife or other family member in a violating way. regardless of their "cultural norms" i will implement this country's norms and expectations against rapists and string the bastard up like a dog and stuff him with his own holy book. rape is never justified, it is the ultimate offence against a woman who is as equal as any man in this country…

  • Jennyt

    So pleasing that no one on the right has any doubt about a woman's right to refuse intercourse…. oh, wait a minute

    6. ‘I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak’ Tony Abbott, Liberal Party Leader.

  • Tan

    This is truely sad and makes me damn angry. What is happening to western society is this could happen to myself or my fellow women? Woman not thought of as human beings, holy hell that is sick and twisted. Sounds like we have to bring on the suffrogetes again.

  • Esther

    That is f–k–g disgusting!!! It should be that you don’t violate ANYONE’S body regardless of what country they’re in, and get away with it! When in Australia, you follow Aussie law. That bastard should be locked up or get raped himself and see how that feels to be violated and penetrated!!! Ggggrrrrrrr!!!!

  • Rod

    Talk's cheep ! You will not change things unless you take to the streets !! Stand too and make your self be heard or keep quiet and whatch every thing you believe in perish .

  • doug

    Its a lie, how else wold he have got a visa if he couldn't read, and reading has nothing to do with right from wrong. If your in a different country the first thing you do is adhear to the local laws especially if your there just for work so you don't break them accidentaly witch means he is responsible for not educating himself of the law and their goverment is responsible because they let someone in that claimed to not know after the fact. I seriously dout that any man regardless of culter would think its ok to rape a women in a country he doesn't even belong to, no one is that ignorant, and I would be asking how much that judge got paid after the trial.

  • kate


    Its is an idividulals decicion to do this or that and I agree with doug. If he really was as ignorate as he claims, he should never has recived that work permit witch makes himself liable for not educating himself on the law and the goverment as well for alowing it. Even if he was raised to beleive that women are just objects, everyone knows that the rest of the civalized world doesn't operate the same and you have to know whats apropriate where your going.


    He had the opertunity to ask about whats ok and not ok when he got his work permit and the goverment should have made sure he knew.

  • tom r. white

    What’s to comment, they have no manners or upbringing, savages, ship them all back, if they can’t restrain themselves. No reason we have to be told to respect islam, they don’t respect us, go to their country, you would go to jail,or worse tortured or beheaded, that is their way, WAKE UP WORLD!!!

  • David Sims

    The left has been riding contrary horses for a long time without any serious consequences. The left isn’t bothered by anyone able to impose a consistent moral philosophy upon them. The very essence of leftism is the substitution of noisy chanting for clearly articulated principles. So don’t tell anyone that the left “can’t have it both ways,” because they have been doing just that.

    The Jews sometimes do this, also. Is a Jew white? Well, it depends. If the Jew is trying to blend in with some white group or other, he’ll say he’s white. But if the Jew is trying to take advantage of special privileges that whites just can’t get, then the Jew will say that he isn’t white, no, not at all.

    • Jason Lewis

      The Jews sometimes do this? What a load of crap. Anti semetism is cool in today’s muslim friendly world, it seems. There is only one place in the whole of the Middle East a woman could walk around without fear of being raped and that is Israel. The fact that you got 7 likes says it all. No matter what muslims do, blame the Jews. That crap doesn’t wash with me. In regards to this Judge, if a muslim were to murder a blasphemer, apostate or homosexual, would cultural differences spare him, too? This judge may as well bury the rape victim up to her neck in sand and stone her until she’s dead. Like muslims do to their rape victims. You gonna tell me Jews do that, too, nazi?

      • Adam

        Anti semetism is not just anti Jew, it is anti people from Middle East / Arab descent, which include Jews, Christians, Athiests and Muslim

        • Jools Ferguson

          Adam, I and most other people would disagree with your version of anti-Smitism. This following quote is from Encyclopaedia Britannica “anti-Semitism, hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group. The term anti-Semitism was coined in 1879 by the German agitator Wilhelm Marr to designate the anti-Jewish campaigns underway in central Europe
          at that time. Although this term now has wide currency, it is a
          misnomer, since it implies a discrimination against all Semites. Arabs
          and other peoples are also Semites, and yet they are not the targets of
          anti-Semitism as it is usually understood. The term is especially
          inappropriate as a label for the anti-Jewish prejudices, statements, or
          actions of Arabs or other Semites. Nazi anti-Semitism, which culminated in the Holocaust,
          had a racist dimension in that it targeted Jews because of their
          supposed biological characteristics—even those who had themselves
          converted to other religions or whose parents were converts. This
          variety of anti-Jewish racism dates only to the emergence of so-called “scientific racism” in the 19th century and is different in nature from earlier anti-Jewish prejudices.”

      • theUglyTruth

        You’re right, she wouldn’t be raped in Israel, just spit on and assaulted like many non-jews get subjected to at random in that country.

    • louise

      OMG what a load of shite…. what is it about YOU lot that when ever anything NASTY occurs your mentality drags the JEWS into it and as for the colour of JEWS I was born a JEWISH Female in London and I can assure you that i am definatly whiter than you by a couple of shades at least. and by the way living in a Jewish area Ive never heard of a Jewish rapist

    • jean black

      Stop talking Mince, you idiot !!!!!!!

  • Mike Bojorquez

    Ok – you can not fix stupid, liberal or Muslim, you can only eliminate them.

  • Joanna McGinn

    The judge should be raped… after all it’s OK to do so.

    • Jace Mindue

      Allow his daughter to be raped.Eldest daughter that is 18….

      • mike_in_ohio

        the muslims like them young, it would have to be his pre-teen daughter to satisfy their lust

        • letsbefair

          anyone who abuses a woman or child in this way should be kept alive until their organs can be used for transplants ,they are only good for spare parts….. It is the vilest behavior no matter what your flavor of religion,hue of skin or language or country or birth

          • LaniR

            I wouldn’t even want his spare parts!

        • rafi

          just proves that you r no different to him lol have a good think about what u said!!

          • SHOTGUN285

            you should be fed to a pig, just like the rapist

        • sheilam22

          STFU – to prove a point you say RAPE A GIRL???? You are just as bad – dirtwad

          • mike_in_ohio

            Hey dumass read the comment again. I did not say they SOULD rape his pre-teen daughter, only that in order to satisfy the muslims it would have to be a pre-teen. You should really learn to comprehend what you read before comment and look foolish.

      • Noway Jose

        Yeah, punish an innocent woman for this moron’s lack of intelligence. That’s not exactly the same kind of thing we’re fighting against at all! Idiot.

        • Jace Mindue

          Yes in order for the innocent to be safe you have to punish the innocent in order to protect them it’s called tactics the needs of the many out way the needs of the few once the judge realizes the bs he is in then he will press charges on the person even if they claim muslim it’s how life works every one thinks of unicorns and rainbows no it’s chaos and anarchy that rein’s….Welcome to my world the world of the real…

          • Toti

            Fuck off Jace.

          • Guest

            Hwy trolll you shut the fuck up

          • Noway Jose

            You’re a fucking moron. Why not stipulate that HE himself be raped instead of his innocent daughter? This is misogyny at its finest, and it’s the same kind of misogyny exhibited by many Muslims around the world. I mean, here you are pretending to be outraged at the misogyny, whilst perpetuating it yourself. It would be laughable if it weren’t so utterly pathetic. You are devoid of any intelligence whatsoever. Please don’t reproduce.

          • Gaz

            Yes, throw him in a prison full of rapists

          • স্মৃতিলেখা চক্রবর্ত্তী

            You’re right! It’s like, we should punish women to stop others from punishing women! Makes no freaking sense at all!

          • sheilam22

            Then let’s rape you

          • sheilam22

            Then let’s rape you

          • jh

            …the anarchic world where punctuation is for fools and spelling and grammar are considered signs of weakness!. You SHOULD be the one making the rules. Misogynistic fool.

          • Andrew

            You are quite possibly the dumbest person I’ve ever seen.

          • josh

            Why don’t you volunteer to be raped then? You can stand up and be punished to protect the rest of us.

        • Artur Krejčík

          well thats right, but when you need to stop the war you need to fight…

          • guest

            I wouldn’t quite call allowing rape, the same thing as fighting in a war.

        • Austriker

          That was a sarcastic remark you ‘idiot’…. #derp

          • Noway Jose

            There is no sarcasm anywhere in this conversation thread.

          • Jace Mindue

            That was complete sarcasm…

      • Guest

        no HE should be punished, not the daughter. He is the one that did wrong, what did his daughter do wrong?

      • sheilam22

        STFU – to prove a point you say RAPE A GIRL???? You are just as bad

      • Marcin

        A noble man, George Carlin said once: “Fighting for peace is like fu**ing for virginity”. Whoever thinks he is against fighting overall is not very smart too, but for Christ (oh, irony) sake, it’s not the way to behave like an animal to fight out these beasts. If you shoot, shoot the right direction.

      • Kenan Tahir


    • Craig Yates

      Judge should be lined up alongside all quisling politicians and E & D fascists and shot (after due legal process of course, but so long as a sane judge was appointed all would be convicted of treason and assisting the enemy in a state of war.

    • CRITman

      Since this Islamic Pedophile CULT is so stupid, as was their crackpot founder who is lower than Charlie Manson, David Koresh, and Jim Jones, the rapist should be allowed to sodomize the Judge then the rapist should have his organ cut off and then be slowly strangled. Then a video of the proceeding should be shown at every mosque in the western world and the Pedophiles (All muslim males) should be advise that that is what will happen if they should harm any woman or child.

      • Peter Lohan

        This type of punishment sounds very…….Islamic.

        • theUglyTruth

          Thus they would understand the message for once.

          • Peter Lohan

            Unfortunately you may be right. I just don’t think an eye for an eye has ever worked. Especially with people who are inherently stupid. And I guess I would prefer to be better than them.

          • Christian Groenheide

            No, an eye for an eye has never worked…….. What do your judges do?? Reward the criminals??? Pray for them and love them?? serve them?? God i wouldn’t want you to be the law of the land. Crime would sky rocket. In fact i believe it would be utter anarchy.

          • Peter Lohan

            So Christian, you agree with me, then hammer the Legal system, then insult me. Thank God you’re not the law of the land either. Nobody would know what the hell we stand for. Or are you just really bad at getting your point across? I can’t even respond because I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to say. Yes an eye for an eye has never worked. Just like I said. Judges ARE pathetically out of touch with community sentiment & along with defense lawyers have turned the entire legal system into nothing more than a business. Were I the law of the land I would start by removing the bullshit loopholes that lawyers exploit by making common sense 9/10’s of the Law. Remove judges & set up trial & sentencing by a jury of peers. Real people from the real world. The suburbs, factories, offices, tenement flats, luxury mansions.
            As for CRITman’s solution, subjecting anyone to a torturous death will only strengthen their cause & incite them. Muslims are basically stupid. The very foundation of their beliefs along with the other “Abrahamic” religions proves it. You can’t argue or reason with stupid people. Hell, history has proven that you can’t even outlaw religion. Human beings will tenaciously defend their right to be stupid, no matter the cost.
            A good way to weaken the Islamic structure would be to pull down the mosques. Taking away their place to congregate & feed their hate would be a good start.

    • Linda

      Exactly. And let the judges and the lawyers wife and daughters be raped and see how they then feel about this waste of spaces cultural differences.

    • JJ

      this is what actually happened people….


      He appealed because the original sentence was extremely harsh and partially based on the judges opinion that he had a poor chance or rehabilitation. It had nothing to do with the fact that the australian legal system is allowing Islamic Morallity or lack of knowledge of the law to be a valid excuse for rape. He didn’t have his conviction overturned. He only had his sentence reduced from 14 years in jail to 12 years in jail. Still a far bigger sentence than most rapists in the USA ever get. And no-one tried to hush it up like they did with the Steubenville Rapists just because they happened to be good at sport.

      As an Aussie , I’ve had Aussie guys try to sexually assault me when I
      was younger, offering me a lift and trying to manipulate me or force me
      into sex. None succeeded cos I’m assertive, I know how to defend myself and I don’t let people mess with me. The desire to trick, coerce, or force a woman into sex is not confined to a particular race….a proportion of men from all races, religions and nationalities try this every single day! Rape culture transcends geographical
      boundaries. This article was clearly trying to focus on the fact that
      he was an (legal) immigrant and trying to twist the story to fit its own
      anti-islamic anti-immigration agenda.

    • Kenan Tahir


  • mica

    Sounds like b.s. to me. He took her phone and she screamed? He knew….

    • cancanjody

      Oh yeah, he knew….he drove her to a remote spot.

      • niagara1angel

        why would any woman in her right mind get in a vehicle with someone they dont know anyways? I know it does not give him the right to rape her, but think about it.

        • anonymous.

          I thought this was going to be a crackpot article when I opened it but I am a youth worker in the frankston/bay region and can tell u right now that these men prey on teenage girls (and even a boy I’ve worked with).
          Youth that I work with actually consent to a lot of it for drugs.. the problem is they’re mostly around the age of 14 and these men are mostly in their 20’s.
          I have even read on a referral from DHS saying “this girl is a victim of the Afghani rape ring operating in Dandenong area”. yes. It specifically said Afghani (although one of the girls tells me they’re Pakistanis). Street kids are an easy target for them.

  • Rickie elliott

    So my cultural differences which tell me to castrate and feed them to animals like this would be a valid defense?

  • a girl

    If you bring drugs into some countries you can be put to death or in prison for life. The ‘Hey, but I didn’t know about your laws’ excuse doesn’t fly there. And this pigs’ excuse for rape shouldn’t fly anywhere! We have to quit bending over and letting ‘them’ continue to rape decency!

    • CaPPsiE

      This is an interesting analogy. It seems to me that drugs, weapons, anything could be used an an excuse as a cultural misunderstanding, so would drugs or weapons be accepted excuses? Food for thought.

      As ever: [Extremist] Islam is using freedom and democracy to destroy freedom and democracy.

  • Kim Dianne

    This judge needs to resign now!!!! Or be fired. Our govt should involve themselves in this and get rid of this idiot. Does this man realize what hes done.this is a door that hes opened to give these mutts free reign now. I wonder how he’d feel if it was his daughter/granddaughter or wife!!!.

    • Eerie

      hahah lol good luck with that, Prime Minister here is a backwards misogynistic bible thumper that believe it’s a wife’s job to keep a man satisfied in the bedroom at the husband’s whim.
      While he doesn’t exactly advocate rape he doesn’t exactly advocate women’s rights enough to have any viable input in a issue like this.

      • Bob

        The PM is trying to stop boats containing vile scum like this so don’t even go there!

        • jean black

          The PM is licking muslim arses, hes looking for votes, hes a disgrace

    • cancanjody

      And women have no protection there! Just gives us here in the US another argument for carrying…. Women there better get some serious defense training in a hurry.

      • JJ

        yes, because there are never any women raped in the USA! You guys have an impeccable record for defending women… I mean look how extreme the sentences for the Steubenville High School rapists were 1 year and 2 years jail for the young men. The man you are describing in Australia got a sentence of 14 years in jail, reduced to 12 years on appeal. If you read the actual article it says the appeal was on the grounds of the original sentence being manifestly excessive based on the opinion of the judge that his potential for rehabilitation was poor. He did not appeal on the basis that he didn’t know it was wrong to rape women. read an unbiased article and you might get a better understanding of what really happened before you make your rash judgements.

        I’m not sure why you are even bringing up the issue of guns as the man
        in question didn’t use a gun during his assaults, the vast majority of
        people in Australia don’t own guns and never did. In Australia the vast majority of any gun violence is perpetrated by the police who are all armed.

        • cancanjody

          I was responding to the article. It wasn’t about the US. Of course women are raped in the US; they also have the option to defend themselves~~physically OR with a weapon. You can defend urself from rape with a gun.

    • theUglyTruth

      No, he needs to hang.

  • Greg the infidel

    This is the kind of garbage that the greens and the bleeding heart lefties want us to feel sorry for. Well I am sorry, sorry for the girl that got raped, sorry for the taxpayer that funded his defence and sorry for the women he’ll rape because he now knows he can get away with it useing his so called religion and culture as an excuse.

    • Judy G

      I think he can only use that defence once, after all now he knows doesnt he

      • Steve Croft

        It sets a cultural precedent for people to use in court, a very dangerous thing.

        • Boris

          I’m a bleeding heart leftie and i don’t agree with this judge’s decision. I’d lock the perp up.

          • Steve Croft

            I would too, unfortunately this idiot judge has now given them an excuse…

      • Eerie

        uhhh the fact that he knew enough to cover her mouth and restrict her breathing to stop her from screaming should be enough to say he knew exactly what he was doing was wrong.

        • $50127121

          Exactly~~~intent. He drove her somewhere too….this judge has an agenda.

        • theUglyTruth

          Not really, the argument isn’t that he didn’t know she was resisting, but that he didn’t know that mattered. Its kinda hard to think like them, but yeah thats the argument this judge went for.

      • Anthony

        Judy, would you like to be the victim for the sake of teaching a grown man a lesson? “Oh, sorry I raped you, Judy, but thanks for teaching me an important life lesson that wasn’t taught by my insanely flawed religion. I promise I won’t do it again but please excuse all of my Muslim friends who are also ‘first timers’ because they ‘didn’t know better’.” And whoever referred to these people as Islamic extremists needs a reality check. Let’s not mix words. Islam is a cancer creeping into our society and political correctness is a convenient distraction.

    • Mickovich

      He cannot claim any religious or cultural ‘excuse’ as a Muslim. It is not lawful for a Muslim to have sex with anyone who is not his wife. It is sheer nonsense that any human can be unaware of another’s discomfort when struggling and screaming to get away. The judge should be disbarred and the man should be given the longest possible sentence given the pre-meditated and predatory nature of his crime.

    • JJ

      why don’t you start your crusade against rape with the football stars
      all over the USA that rape women instead of trying to demonise refugees.
      Also, try reading an article that explains the truth of the actual case
      whereby the man’s sentence was reduced from 14 years to 12 years and
      it had nothing to do with his islamic morality.

  • Lorraine
  • Edward_Teach

    From what I understand king browns love to ride in white 1988 Honda Civics.

  • Edward_Teach
  • Tim Meadows

    The article was good until you made the “lefty” comment. That’s fuckin’ weird to imply people on the left support rapists

    • Aaron A

      Except they do. Feminists actually defend Islam. Why? Because while their crusade to end rape of women is important to them, being called a racist or an islamaphobe is even worse.

  • Eric Hord

    He is living in a Western style life, he is reaping the rewards and a plush life style compared to the life style he came from. DO NOT ALLOW these immigrants to walk all over your court and your culture. Where is that Down-Under mentality make him take a long walk on a short pier throw him into the mouths of the great white sharks — This man is a vial predator using his evil Islamic tongue to convince you that RAPE is okay in his country. I agree if rape is okay in Islamic countries then there is no ROOM for this vial evil religion in Australian, European, Canadian, or American Cultures. Do not allow them to revert our Cultures back hundreds of years because they can not live better life styles. Australia don’t look your identity just because of single Muslim Islamist dumb ass is playing your court system. Feed him to the Sharks, and stop the Boats, the planes, and the trains and send the ignorant bloody bastards back to the sand box they came from.

    • JJ

      why don’t you start your crusade against rape with the football stars all over the USA that rape women instead of trying to demonise refugees. Also, try reading an article that explains the truth of the actual case whereby the man’s sentence was reduced from 14 years to 12 years to and it had nothing to do with his islamic morality.

  • Dzamil Izetbegovic

    This incident will increase day by day, Its a disgrace to Ausy Culture

  • Left Field

    Apparently I have left opinions but in this point I also feel that where ever you are from you need to learn the rules of the land and abide by them. That is expected by us in Muslim countries too. Also I believe that in his own culture he would be assaulting the name of the family by assaulting the woman and that is not acceptable to his culture either, so really, there is no excuse. We need to be fair and just, excusing this behaviour is not a helpful message to anyone.

    • Jason Lewis

      And you would be dead wrong on that score. This is a culture that teaches it is okay to murder your pwn children for matters of honour, so their whole perception of honour is skewered. It is the rape victims family who would be dishonoured in that culture, not the rapist. This is the same culture that fined a wealthy Arab the paltry sum of fifty grand for the rape, torture and murder of his own five year old daughter. You call yourself a liberal? I suppose I am a liberal, in the true sense of the word. Nobody seems to know what liberal means anymore. It is impossible to be liberal AND pro Islam, so whatever these moronic lefties are, it sure isn’t liberals

      • theUglyTruth

        They are “progressives” AKA “Cultural Marxists”

  • Michael J Freeman
  • J Simson

    A muslim man may rape his wife:

    Quran 2:223:

    Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.

    • Haj-Sogand Kasumovic

      this is to tell men they can only sleep with their wives not women they are not married to . stop translating stuff in your bias way
      this man who raped this girl is actually going against his religion by sleeping with someone his not married to, also rape is a huge sin in Islam, some Muslim countries go as far as execute men who have been guilty of rape. so his defense was a load of crap that you all bought into

    • Learn History. It repeats

      and again for effect…All religious texts, nay, ALL TEXT is easy to interprate in many ways. As Haj as described, the purpose is to keep men to their wives. If you were to read about the crusades, a period similar to this description of war; where middle eastern people were raped and murdered by CHRISTIANS. Christians who were called upon by the 11th century pope to slay their enemies in the middle east you would begin to question whether it is people or a religion that are the problem.

      We need to start to look in each and every one of ourselves and lose the hate. Find compassion and responsibility.

  • J Simson

    Islam sanctions rape of infidel women:

    Muhomad sent a military expedition to the battle of Hunain at Awtas. They fought with their enemy, defeated them and took them captives. Some of the Companions of Muhomad were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So Allah sent down the Qur’anic verse: (Sura 4:24) “And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right hands possess.” (Abu Dawud 2150, also Muslim 3433)

    • Learn History

      All religious texts, nay, ALL TEXT is easy to interprate in many ways. If you were to read about the crusades, a period of similar war; where middle eastern people were raped and murdered by CHRISTIANS, you would begin to question whether it is people or a religion that are the problem.

      We need to start to look in each and every one of ourselves and lose the hate. Find compassion and responsibility.

      • theUglyTruth

        If you actually read about the crusades, you would know it was an offensive defense in response to centuries of Muslim aggression and expansion into European territories, which only happened in the middle east because of how far we pushed them out of their foothold (muslim occupied Spain for example)

    • Lizbet

      They hate us white people. Didnt you see the signs in the riot in Melbourne. “Behead the infidel”. Guess what, thats us. They will take what they can from the country that welcomed them, but doent mean they respect Australia or Australians. They leave their countries behind because life is so bad, but come to other countries and want those countries to change to what they left.

  • J Simson

    Sahih Bukhari: Volume 7, Book 62, Number 135:

    Narrated Jabir:

    We used to practice coitus interruptus with captured women during the lifetime of Allah’s Apostle.

  • chetan

    he is not fit to be a judge as he has lost his mental balance and rational thinking.

  • Georg Kongo-Otto Parastatidis

    Kneecap that bastard!

  • INFJ

    Every human is born with a sense of right and wrong. Don’t give me this BS that he just didn’t know. This is ******** stupid and extremely wrong. Racism of lower expectations has just hit an all time new low. ENOUGH!!!

    • INFJ

      And fyi I share the same ethnic background as the rapist.

  • atheist

    I’m converting to Islam so I can rape to my hearts content.
    First the judges wife and daughter.

  • Jukka Ketonen

    So if I would go and rape a muslim woman it would not be a crime, but favoring muslim culture ? I could say, that I just wanted to show her I agree with their culture ? Is that so ???

  • greatattractor

    This afghan man, and any future rapist, should be dealt with, swiftly and harshly, way beyond the confines of the “law” (a concept that has now been rendered impotent and useless) by vigilantes. Provided that this story is true.

  • aenn

    so , is ignorance of the law an excuse now or….what?

    also. now that it was explained to him that what he did is illegal will he be prosecuted if he does it afain?
    so since we are allowing culture to dictate law, my culture says I must kill all muslims…does that make murder ok now?

    • theUglyTruth

      Nope, because you are, I assume from your words, white, and leftists hate white people. They are extremely racist towards whites.

  • Adrian
  • Vasta

    Yeah vent all you want folks. No one is ever going to do anything about this. You won’t even be able to recognise Australia in 10-20 years. Sorry but thats reality.

  • RIchard S. Kazimer

    Don’t be fooled by the headline. The judge’s decision has nothing to do with ‘Muslim Cultural Differences’ and everything to do with Australia’s accepted misogynistic culture of violence against women.

  • B.

    Definitely not a valid excuse. Especially the following are not correct;

    ‘In Muslim sexual mores, serious acts of violence being committed against women are not a problem because the women do not belong to themselves. They belong to their family.’ BULLSHIT :’)

    ‘Islam does not recognize the same concept of individual rights as civilized jurisprudence does.’ BULLSHIT :’)

    ‘In the area of economic rights, we have to remember that in Europe until the 19th century, women did not have the right to own their own property. When they were married, either it would transfer to the husband or she would not be able to dispense of it without permission of her husband. In Britain, perhaps the first country to give women some property rights, laws were passed in the 1860’s known as “Married Women Property Act.” More than 1300 years earlier, that right was clearly established in Islamic law’ > Individualism right there :’)?

    Lool, I love how ridiculously the media can sound. Yet at times find it a great way to help people question Islam, because there is a lot of converts due to this. I’m glad they’ve published it as ‘cultural differences’, yet hate the fact that islam is once again not known as it should be known?

    Of course not only blaming the media, I’d personally blame the ‘‘muslim’ people as well who have a lack of commitment, lack of application, or misapplication of islamic teachings resulting them to behave in the disregard of those noble teachings.’ Humans :’)

    I guess at times its easier to believe the media, rather than questioning? Its easier to approve than reject? :)

    • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

      This is not “bullshit” in Afghanistan and fuck Islamic law…..!!! We don’t care about it.

  • Teresa Jones

    bet it would be a different verdict if it was that judges daughter this is disgusting and it a feeble excuse !!!!! there is no excuse for rape…. they know what no means ffs so angry !

  • Joshua Mckenna

    I can’t even believe this happened. what has this world come to.

  • jenni

    speechless .. stupid people are multiplying ugh

    • guest

      the system often fails to protect the innocent victims, and when people are tortured and the perpetrator is allowed to continue to torture victims they are ruining every life they do such terrible things to. And with no help these victims become lost and can’t recover easily from such a horrible event. And not only are the original perpetrators allowed to ravage people, but they teach terrible ways to others. so yes, I would say multiplying. sadly. :(

  • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

    I would comment that a lot of these looney Leftist judges are homosexuals…..but I would be howled down as a “homophobe” So I won’t make the comment.

  • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

    Please post evidence of your statement that “The Jews sometimes do this” I have never heard such bigoted claptrap…..

    • David Sims

      Okay. What do most of the early feminist leaders have in common? Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Susan Brownmiller, Andrea Dworkin, etc. They are Jewish women who, for political reasons, chosen to obscure their ethnicity. The purpose of feminism never was to liberate women, but to destroy the traditional family structure of white people by taking women out of the home. Since it wouldn’t do for whites to catch on that the Jews were behind this nefarious scheme, the Jewish women in charge of it de-emphasize their Jewishness and present themselves as white women with a “righteous” mission.

      On the other hand, where a Jew stands to gain benefits from Holocaust sympathies, he’ll be just as much of a Jew as he can be, and, no, he’ll not be white at all.

      Another example. The African slave trade was run by Jewish merchants in Amsterdam, London, Charleston, and New England. Although about 2% of white people in America owned slaves, 100% of the shipping companies that brought the slaves from Africa to America were owned by Jews. Slavery was a Jewish business, run for Jewish profit. You don’t hear much about that fact today, but the information can still be found with a little research on your part. But most people won’t make the effort to learn the truth, so those slave-traders are assumed to have been white people, by default.

      • Jools Ferguson

        Geez , David Sims, I don’t know where you get
        your information, but you are WRONG ON JUST ABOUT EVERY POINT! As early as 1526, the Portuguese and subsequently other European kingdoms, were stealing Africans from the west coast of
        Africa. However, by the mid-17th century the European demand for captives, particularly for the sugar plantations in the Americas, became so great that
        they could only be acquired through raiding and warfare, so millions of Africans were transported to the Caribbean, North and South America, as well as
        Europe and elsewhere. The slave trade was generally the business of African rulers or wealthy and powerful merchants who were able to demand a variety of consumer articles in exchange for slaves. The Arab
        slave trade was the practice of slavery in the Arab world,
        mainly in Western Asia, North Africa, Southeast
        Africa, the Horn of Africa and certain parts of Europe such as Iberia and Sicily) during their period of domination by Arab leaders. The trade was focused on the slave markets of the Middle East, North Africa and the Horn of Africa. People traded were not limited
        to a certain race, ethnicity, or religion. From about 650 until around the 1960s, the Arab slave trade continued in one form or another. Historical accounts and references to slave-owning nobility in Arabia, Yemen and elsewhere are frequent into the early 1920s. In 1953, sheikhs from Qatar attending the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II included slaves in their retinues, and they did so again on another visit five years later. In the
        middle ages, Jews were minimally involved in slave trade. Jews had NO majorNOR continuing impact on the history of New World slavery. They possessed FAR FEWER slaves than non-Jews in every British territory in NorthAmerica and the Caribbean, and in NO period did they play a leading role as financiers, shipowners, or factors in the transatlantic or Caribbean slave trades.

  • David Sims

    Well, it is true that the Muslims have their own array of faults. Their culture is essentially a rape-culture with women 100% submissive if they don’t want to be hurt or killed by the men. The Muslim culture really is what feminists wrongly accused the western patriarchy of being.

    Incidentally, feminism is a Jewish-led movement too, whose leading figures were and are Jewesses who pretend to be white. Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Susan Brownmiller, Andrea Dworkin… more than 80% of the feminist leaders are Jewish. But because their purpose is to undermine the white family structure – and certainly NOT the Jewish family structure – they de-emphasize their Jewishness and, by default, present themselves as white women with a “righteous” mission.

    • Judy G

      You do realise Jewish society is a Matriachal society dont you

    • Steve Croft

      I find your statistics highly dubious.

    • Haj-Sogand Kasumovic

      I dont know how to put this to you nicely, but your stats and what your saying is a load of crap, lool

    • Jools Ferguson

      David Sims – What a load of twaddle! The women’s movement began in the late 1800s in Finland, Russia, Norway etc and was known then as “Women’s suffrage”. It has been evolving ever since in its various forms and in all countries of the globe. It may not always have been called “feminism”, but it sure as hell means that! And you are one big anti-Semite yourself, aren’t you??? (if your second paragraph is anything to go by. And no, I am Scottish/Irish Christian, by heritage, but my heart belongs to Israel!

    • jean black

      Still talking Mince, you halfwit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isolde

    He is in Australia now, judge him with your own laws, not under theirs, AND INSIDE JAIL, TEACH HIM HOW TO BEHAVE IN THAT COUNTRY!

    • Loulou ♊

      Supreme law prevails! damn he forgot bout his law book of Australia! fink he is getting Izeimer!

  • John in Brum

    Strange how it is never muslim women that are raped, but then again I am not keen on women that have to shave more often than me either.

  • enigmaxtreme

    As an Australian. this is embarrassing and humiliating, Andrew Bolt is a god damn nut case bought and paid for by Gina Reinhart who is basically what would happen if one of the Koch Brothers ate the other one and after ward was so
    ashamed that he had a sex change and aborted it half way through.

    Not “knowing any better” is no excuse to have a reduced sentence, it isn’t
    an excuse for killing 5 people in a drunk hit and run and it certainly
    isn’t an excuse for raping two women…

  • Redders Red

    This is so inaccurate its not funny, taken out of context and doctored to suit a religion hating agenda. Please follow up on the story and find out the actual truth! Not just what you wish to believe.

  • Shane S

    If that was my court room, both the lawyers, judges, the perpetrator and the psychologist would be dragged behind a building and swiftly executed with a single gunshot to the back of the head.

  • Guest

    You know it is sad when people are so “tolerant” they want to turn a blind eye to things. Several years ago I got into an argument with a Russian Jew about Palestine. Because I felt they deserved their land back. I was labeled an anti-Semite by him. He did so to insulate any criticism of his actions or views.

    It pisses me off that liberals have no issue with calling out Christianity for its numerous crimes both past and modern. Yet, many do give a hands off view on Islam. And I think it is because they are afraid of calling it out for its issues both ancient and present due to a fear of being labeled Islamaphobic. Being a liberal means inherently you believe in freedom of thought! And you are not being open minded by giving a pass to a religion out of fear of being labeled a bigot! Those with truly fundamentalist mentalities insulate themselves with cries of religious oppression when they have their actions questioned. You see it among Christian fundamentalist and you can see it with Muslim fundamentalist. Your right to practicing your faith in no way excludes my right to question it!

  • Lookingfortruth

    Ok, I’m not seeing a judge letting someone off from this. Justice Robert Redlich made it clear that the court did not accept the defendant’s lawyer’s claim that the defendent didn’t understand the situation. Justice Redlich granted the right to appeal, but that’s standard under Australian law, no nothing there. Judge Mark Dean confirmed that the defendant had no excuse. It’s the defendant’s lawyers who are making the outrageous claims, which is what they are being paid to do, and while unethical is pretty standard, especially in rape cases.
    So what exactly is the Australian Legal system supposed to have screwed up on here? I’d really appreciate links to more detail, because I want to know more before I make my mind up.
    And, while I don’t like it, in Australia at least, conservative judges are far more likely to let a rapist off than liberal ones, regardless of their beliefs.

  • lcuvillier

    Tell me again why these animals should be allowed in our country?

  • sharyn

    What is this bull crap about the left condoning this sort of treatment of women? I am a proud lefty and am appalled at such a decision. Funny that a misogynist like Bolt would suddenly be concerned about women’s rights. Also as I recall it is extreme right wing conservatives that condone rape and oppression of women’s rights….(legitimate rape?)…..please!

  • Graeme Brown

    This entire story is incorrect, but I still believe he should have received the full penalty as ordered by the judge. The reduced sentence was in no way due to his religious beliefs but due to him having a traumatic upbringing and suffering PTSD there was no mention of his muslim beliefs at all.

  • Ry

    Terrible. But – it’s one bad judge. This won’t stand and the decision will be appealed; this won’t set precedent. Taken in that light, the article is a sensationalist and alarmist. One bad judge’s view. It’s not the new trend in Australian law.

  • bobbah

    The Judge has forgotten one simple rule. This is AUSTRALIA our Laws should be upheld, not foreign countries culture. Otherwise what is the point of having ANY law?

    • LaniR


  • Angel Rodriguez

    I don’t know how much weight this site carries, but, if this is true, then I propose that guys like this become target practice for our women. Sick bastards.

  • Lou

    Rape is rape. No means No. There is no excuse for this behaviour. This vicious criminal knew, what he was doing was wrong and did it anyway. Shame on this judge, shame on our judicial system for allowing this verdict and shame on a culture that condones this behaviour. If an Australian behaved this badly in his home country the outcome would have been a lot different. Wake up Australia we do not have to condone this type of behaviour kick these criminals out, they don’t deserve to be here and we don’t want them.

  • kelli

    Horrific! Jus another example of how our justice system fails us!! I am appauled by reading this! They shld not be let in to this country if they do not want to abide by the legal system evryone else has to! This is absolutely NOT an excuse for vile violent behaviour towards ANY ONE PERSON! as a women i ave to say i am feeling a little let down by this and i may be takin it too personally, however the fort of someone doin that to me or anybody that way makes me physically sick let alone it happening to this women! I really hope that this is NOT the attitude that the rest of the australian nation adopts we AlL ave a rite to feel safe!

  • SickAndTired

    Should have made an example of him instead of letting him off, punishment is due and I can see that there will be either world war 3, a civil war or revolution by the people against this “culture is an excuse” bullshit. “Sorry judge, it’s part of my culture to break the skulls of every aggressively religious person or culture that I see as disgusting and 9/10 of people not driven by religion see too, I’m sorry i killed 86 people for raping women, children, stealing, killing and murdering, people who didn’t deserve it” “Oh yes as it is your culture, you are now free to walk, let that be a lesson to you” I mean really, what the actual fuck?

  • SickAndTired

    Should have made an example of him instead of letting him off, punishment is due and I can see that there will be either world war 3, a civil war or revolution by the people against this “culture is an excuse” bullshit. “Sorry judge, it’s part of my culture to break the skulls of every aggressively religious person or culture that I see as disgusting and 9/10 of people not driven by religion see too, I’m sorry i killed 86 people for raping women, children, stealing, killing and murdering, people who didn’t deserve it” “Oh yes as it is your culture, you are now free to walk, let that be a lesson to you” I mean really, what the actual fuck?

  • Peter R Jackson

    The war with Islam is heating up. We are only just now realising how serious it is, and what we as Australians have to lose. Why did anyone ever think these bastards could be assimilated into this country?

  • Renjoh

    Lets not forget that Australiand born and bred rape people too! We just hear about it more when controversy is involved

  • Maree Moore

    Judge is his boyfriend.

  • Maree Moore

    This is Australia and if Muslim raped my children and grandchildren they would have this granny to deal with and I would make world news…

  • wendy

    Good Grief!! And I was just remarking in a conversation recently “what I really like about the Aussies down under is.that they just don’t tolerate muslims and all their fanaticism etc”. !!!

  • Iranian77

    The motto of politicians and judges in the west that side with the Muslims is: “Take one for the team”. Whether it be rape, murder or theft. They basically want you to continue getting raped and murdered until the Muslims integrate, if and ever that would happen, which of course it won’t. What they don’t want you to do is to ever report these crimes, and if you do they will never reveal the identity of the perpetrators unless it’s already been revealed. Daily life here in Sweden.

  • topher

    Dear yelly crazies. Here’s a link to the real decision. The article is largely made up.

  • Alan Power

    Strange that Islam ‘values’ must be accepted in the Western world, but Christians are not accepted in Islamic countries. I think the Western world has become too soft and as a result are prepared to compromise our own moral values for those of barbaric nations. Abide by the rules of the country you live in, if you don’ know them, learn them, otherwise go home to where you came from – JUST SAYING

    • Eerie

      it’s fear, pure and simple. They know that western society fears Muslims, and that we know nothing of their religion or culture and they are milking that.

  • James Anderson

    in Germany a similar thing happened, a woman was raped by about 7 muslim men who whom brought up their cultural differences and it was in a heavy populated muslim area, that she went to jail for seducing the men. They brought up that she was drinking coffee on her porch with a male other than a relative and she sunbathed on her porch with a bikini, but she was no muslim and she was a geman citizen, but she went to jail anyway and the men went free.

  • Sagan Fanboy

    This is utterly disgusting. The judge should be fired. What I don’t like is how you are attacking the left. The left has done more for women’s rights than the right could dream of. I am a liberal and I am as opposed to giving religious privileges as any person you could find. In fact one of the definitions of liberal is “regarding many traditional beliefs as dispensable, invalidated by modern thought, or liable to change.” This would imply that liberals do not respect using Islam traditions as defences (certainly not in a court of law).

    Sorry to make it political but you lot started it. Just because there are a few stupid Muslim sympathisers from the left doesn’t mean Islam has anything place in liberal ideology. It quite clearly doesn’t.

    Anyway, the judge is a complete disgrace.

  • Steve Johnson

    well looks like you girls need some guns if the court wont stop them smith and Wesson will.

  • Dan Nowotarski

    Will this hit America? You have to wonder is the Judge a coward or was he paid off, it’s one or the other. When this conduct is found to be acceptable behavior in the court system, it’s time (past time) to rise up against this corruption.

  • Edmund B

    Sweet in my culture we bash those that approve rape against inocent women. Based on this precedence that has been set I will be fine to continue my plan of finding those that approve rape so i can lay down the law my people believe in.

  • Phil

    He was sentenced to 14 years. The appeal reduced it to 8 based on his upbringing … Not all to do with religion. Perhaps worth mentioning in your little story.. As for the comments, you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Leamac

    if immigrants or asylum seekers do not understand what our laws are then maybe the government should give out a little handbook explaining it to them! As for our judicial system…………how disappointing it has become, and not only in this area – across the board!

  • jimbo

    Glad idi amin didnt get exiled to australia ,this judge would have made cannibliasm alright on cultural grounds,the judge should be sacked.

  • Vaughn Thompson

    Hang on , the judge didn’t buy this bastards excuse but I don’t know what his sentence was , I sincerely hope he got it tough .

  • svensk

    Thanks that I left Islam and now I am one of the defender of army of My Lord Jesus Christ. If I would be in Australia, I will make a new crusade and believe you me the crusade will wipe this false religion like no one has ever done this before

  • Sean

    Disgraceful decision. If I go to Thailand and got caught with drugs, that is immediate firing squad without question. Yet perfectly legal in all states of australia excluding QLD. ABIDE BY THE LAWS OF THE COUNTRY YOU ARE IN. Even more so if on a viss or become resident. There is no excuse for this. Maybe the muzzi prick should be sent to the cells and have a criminal rape him…

  • bullshit

    just put a bullet in his head fucken dirty dogs we dont need them

  • rafi

    its upsetting when that whole Muslim,afghan and taliban thing comes into it. because just recently when Adrian Bayley raped and murdered Jill Meagher, nobody said he was WHITE,CHRISTAIN OR Australian??? and for your Information the amount of rape that happens in the west is no where near to the rest of the world. According to Islamic law this guy should be hanged!!! my point is that lets not be hypocrites and blowing smoke without any knowledge and information, any rapist should be punished a death penalty……. reading what the lawyer said is sickening!!!!

  • Haj-Sogand Kasumovic

    I dont understand how this has anything to do with Muslim religion at all! When in Islam one of the biggest sins is to have sex with someone without being married to them. and rape is a even huger sin. this is to do with this guy trying to find an excuse for his disgusting actions and for you ppl actually believing his bullshit. wow

  • scapread

    this should be a no brainer and the fact that the courts allow an appeal is a serious problem of where Australia is headed. women have been fighting for their rights for years and still going. we should not be going backwards. if they want to live here then learn and accept australian culture, if you don’t understand something then ask. if our own fellow australians are turning a blind eye to such a vicious act of violence this is only the beginning of these type of people expecting more of their culture here and less of ours.

  • Oliver

    He was sentenced in 2012……and got 14 years jail reduced to 8 years because of a “traumatic” upbringing. I don’t don’t think that’s right still for what he did but this story is making things seem worse than what actually happened.

  • Michelle Gorry

    Let’s bow down to a minority shall we – what cowardice – this is an outrage and the Judge should be sacked and the rapist go before a FEMALE Australian Judge!

  • Luke

    Its an individuals responsibility to educate themselves on the laws of another country when entering it. Its utter stupidity to let this mans crime slide due to negligence.

    But this doesn’t only apply to individuals from Afghanistan. I’m tired of hearing about Australians being arrested or tortured in other countries due to their own negligence, and then our government has to try and “step in” to save them.

    Take responsibility for your actions.

  • Ian

    Hey, Ladies: Find a rapist, murder a rapist! Your personal defence is a mitigating circumstance – if it’s a Muslim, let him get real close and then kill him! Just, leave the garlic-stinking rag-headed vermin dead at the roadside and go on your way, singing! I, a People’s Jury, find you NOT GUILTY OF MURDER, due to those mitigating circumstances!

  • Tell the truth

    It’s a bullshit story. He still got sentenced. Read from a reputable news source, not propaganda.

  • Just saying!

    We have become as gutless as the british legal system in dealing with these backward beleifs.

  • Afghan Refugee

    I am an Afghan refugee, having fled the Taliban and lived in refugee camps over 8 years and been in Australia since 2000. I am a law abiding, successful professional living my dream in Sydney, with brothers servicing in the Australian defence. We are very thankful and forever indebted to the Country. Now the whole notion of using this guys cultural or religious background as defence is abhorrent. He did the crime, so treat him the same as everyone else. This guy’s acts are criminal and nothing to do with the fact that he is from Afghanistan, and that should be the basis of the case. There are hundreds of thousands of very thankful hard working successful Afghans in Australia and this his not who we are, and neither is Taliban. This is a minority, that has slipped through the cracks that needs to be locked away and faced with the full force of law.

  • Smokiee Portlock

    if it was this judges kids raped, would it be the same, mmm. double standards

  • Narelle

    he should be immediately deported because his ‘culture’ is not consistent withours and he clearly wont fit in…..perhaps he should take the idiot judge with him.

  • Michael McEachern

    If anyone from the western world goes to the middle east we have to learn and follow their laws and rules, But if anyone from the middle east goes to the western world they dont have to learn and follow our laws and rules? Instead they think that their laws should follow them and we should just accept it. Doesnt make sense to me.

  • Anthone Ward

    when did religion over rule the law of the land

  • JulzMusic

    I have some muslim friends that are absolutely beautiful people… They pay full respects and follow their muslim heritage however they live an outwardly Australian lifestyle, which i think is what the actual issue is….
    Australia thinks it is multicultural, but it’s actually not – in allowing for different raced/religiously inclined individuals to get away with different things we continue to ostracise each race…..

    I believe that muslims should be given full opportunity to live out their lives respecting and abiding by their religious requirements (as I do with all religious people) HOWEVER that should not excuse them from assimilating to an ‘Australian lifestyle’ (I say as a general term for Western) . This includes, living by our laws, following our rules, paying taxes, respecting different cultures (No more forcing hospitals to take religious crosses down or trying to eradicate the notion of Christmas in schools).

    So long as the government and ‘left-wing’ individuals continue to treat them differently, and make EXTREME cultural changes purely based on their (more notably) extreme cultural demands the problem will continue…. I wouldn’t blame muslims as individuals because I know to many that I love and respect, so I think it’s very wrong to do so. I’d blame ‘Muslim Extremists’ and ‘The government’ for this entire saga.

    MUST BE (- Insert High Percentage here – %) CULTURALLY ASSIMILATED BEFORE ENTERING THE COUNTRY! For all future ‘Australians’…

    No more excuses.

  • Susan

    This is a terrible tale, and a news worthy story. However, the authors reasoning around ‘The Left’ is incredibly flawed. Furthermore, the simplicity of the argument of ‘Islamic Law’ not including rape is false. First of all, their is no singular ‘Islamic Law’. The uluma, or judicial scholars, on whom Islamic law is largely based, have varied views on a range of legal issues. In a large number of countries with Islamic law, rape is illegal. The key issue with rape under Islamic law relates to issues of evidence, not it’s basic existence. Often a woman only counts as half a witness and it is likely to be very difficult (for obvious reasons) for a woman to have other witnesses come forward to support her story.

    I see one of the main issues to be the fact a judge considered cultural norm a mitigating factor. Australian law does not rely on awareness/knowledge to be valid. In Australia rape is illegal and consent is specifically defined.

  • Ignorant

    The Lawyer of this asshole guy is an idiot for pursuing the lack of knowledge of this rapist.Why you let this kind of people come to your country if they’re not aware of your culture and to think that rape is not a crime… I guess it’s time to blame your immigration law..

  • usafsam

    I think they should let the victims decide the punishment of this low life scum muzzie! If it were me I would cut of his gonnads and shove them in his mouth and tape it shut, then take bets on whether he would choke to death or bleed to death first.

  • Geoff

    WTF is this shit so how much was this judge paid off ????. This judge and the rest of the tree hugging fuck wits that make decisions should have to go live in a muslim country and see exactly what goes on. I have worked OS and experienced first hand what a typical muslim country is like I so hope the Australian government wakes up soon or we are all doomed.

  • Lizbet

    Shame on the judges that are supposed to protect the Australian people. More fool Australians for letting the muslims do whatever they want in our country. Shame on the politicians for letting people of such a different culture flood here and change our way of life. They wonder why racism grows. This is a good example. Are we, as Australians allowed to stone them to death as in their culture? No doubt the bleeding hearts will scream we are racist and should feel sorry for this man.

  • Kylee

    This is disgusting , the law should be the same for everyone, that piece of scum shouldn’t be able to get away with this. I hope that judge sleeps well at night, knowing that man is probably out there doing repeating is crime ( and others that now know they can get away with it).

  • Lee

    I come from a culture where it is not considered acceptable for a man that rapes women to be allowed to live their life without having the absolute **** kicked out of them and anyone who finds their behaviour acceptable. Surely that is acceptable because that’s my culture

  • RavenDjinn

    How are these pigs getting into Australia??!?

  • Les Hilet

    Robert Redlich Should be immediately removed from the bench, Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Rape is Rape no matter who commits it.

  • YOLO

    But hang the author is an Israeli born extremist, identified in many reputable publications as a propaganda machine and an anitislamist. This is just politics… Don’t pay attention to this guy.

  • Tania Baird

    the rapist was a Muslim…yet he had travelled to and possibly moved to a western country where the majority of the people in that society weren’t Muslim-people are regarded as racists for not accepting other peoples cultures-wasn’t this also racism in its purest form? If this had occurred in a Muslim country that poor girl may possibly have been dead. This is appalling. WHEN will it stop

  • Zoe_Brain

    He got his sentence reduced from the unusually high one of 14 years to 12 years 6 months on appeal. Still higher than average.

    That was based on psychiatric evidence of PTSD. Looking at his history, it would be enough to drive anyone crazy.

    10 The appellant is 32 years’ old. He was born in Afghanistan. The appellant’s family are Shia Muslims of Hazara ethnicity, who are at odds with the Taliban, who are Sunni Muslims of Pashtun ethnicity.

    11 When he was a child, the appellant saw soldiers take away his father. He never saw his father again. His father’s brother also disappeared. Later on, the appellant’s older brother was killed by the Taliban, apparently to facilitate a petty theft.
    The appellant was an eye-witness to this killing. He also witnessed other killings and atrocities by the Taliban. Hazaras were targeted. On four occasions, he appellant was beaten with cables by the Taliban, twice losing consciousness. On two of these four occasions the beatings were administered in a government district office. In 2007, when living in Australia, he learnt that one of his younger brothers had been murdered by the Taliban.

    12 The appellant left Afghanistan and travelled to Pakistan, Indonesia and then to Australia. In 2005, he gained a permanent protection visa and lived with other refugees from Afghanistan in Melbourne.

    13 The appellant has never received an education.
    He began working at the age of about nine with his older brother – the
    brother whom the Taliban later killed in his presence – in an automobile
    mechanical workshop. After being released from the detention centre in
    Australia, the appellant obtained work in a plastics factory and then as a welder. He lost jobs because of his illiteracy. He applied for other jobs, but
    his illiteracy and very limited spoken English worked against him. In 2008,
    however, he obtained work as a mechanic. He remained in that employment at time of offending, working long hours, but becoming increasingly isolated from
    other members of the Afghan community in Melbourne.

    14 Shortly before fleeing from Afghanistan, the appellant became engaged. It was an arranged engagement, but the appellant was apparently not unhappy about it on that account. In accordance with custom, he and his fiancée did not have sexual relations. Indeed, on his account, he had no relationships with girls in his adolescence and no sexual experiences.

    15 After arriving in Australia, the appellant kept in contact with his fiancée and his mother. It was his intention to bring them to Australia once he had permanent residency. But after he gained that status, lack of money stood in the way. Nonetheless, once he obtained the mechanic’s job, he repatriated a substantial part of his income to his mother and fiancée.

    He;s not a bad person. Dangerously warped and crazy as a loon, yes. But possibly salvageable.

  • Patriotic

    Why? Send him home the fucking grub

  • Angry Aussie

    The guy knew what he was doing. If we did this in another country, we’d be shot or sent to jail. I am absolutely digusted.

  • moroz

    the thing that is absolute shit is he gets away with it rape is rape no matter witch country your from this guy should be deported immediately we do not need this kind of trash in this country. This judge should be spoken to harshly about his stupid decision.

    Either Esmatullah Sharifi is responsible for his own actions.

    Either Esmatullah Sharifi should be hit with the full force of the law
    or the Afghan culture of rape represents a threat to non-Muslim

  • Sean Carville

    How is that a lefty approach? Stalin embraced and enforced atheism alongside communism (extreme left) whereas Hitler used Christianity as one of his vehicles during the Nazi era as a fascist (extreme right)….

  • hadenough

    omg. i have no words.

  • Michelle Wilson

    If the women belong to her family, wouldn’t the rapist , by his own belief, need their permission to rape her? Or better yet! If this idiot can’t understand NO then speak internationally: with a legal loaded firearm! Bet his little pea brain will get that message!

  • horrified

    As disgusted as I am with this story, I’m just as disgusted with the idea commented here that to punish the judges, his daughters should be raped. That anyone would ever even suggest violent sex as a type of punishment, is to show the exact same attitude you claim to abhor. Moreover, to punish not the one who has done the wrong thing but another, and not just another but a female, is exactly the same ideas as the ones you rail against. Should I then, in disagreeing with you, call down such a curse on the women in your lives? When does it end? How many women get raped before we realise we need to deal with the hearts and actions of men?

  • Anon

    Australia amazes me again, the majority choose to neglect the so called “outsiders”, the refugees, Australian’s do not treat them like fellow Australians, so how could they be prosecuted as such?,

  • thushjz

    “What difference does it make?” Hillary

  • NO MORE politcally correct BS

    all this bullsh!t talking hang the dirtbag…. this has nothing to do with being aware… go remove that judge by force if you have to hes been bribed.

  • cancanjody

    Total BS here. He knew he was wrong; that’s why he drove to a safe, remote spot for his crime. He needs punishment; others will learn from it. He knows enough to hide his action. PERIOD. Keep in mind also~~~ he covered her mouth when she screamed…

  • John Houlgate

    What was the appellate judge’s verdict? I think that’s an important, but missing part of this story. He could give is opinion that considers ‘mitigating’ circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that’s how he ruled.

  • Lillypad

    That was a silly mistake the
    Appeals judge made. Was there intent, yes he prepared for this act and went out to find a vulnerable female. His culture shouldn’t protect him he does know the boundaries he just thinks because we live more ‘loosely’ women are fair game. If he had done this in his country he would have to marry her, or be punished by genitals dismembered. No more excuses. Equal rights for all including our Muslim brothers.

  • Sean h

    It doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe, nobody has that right to do that to another person and blaming it on stupidity and religion Is just going to make another (cronulla riots) happen. Which im more than happy to teach this scum bag a lesson in!
    You should be ashamed and dis bar’d judge redlich!

  • Robert Paine

    I hope she has some brothers and they have big bats. Smash every bone in his body and feed him to the pigs.

  • jean black

    Absolutely Disgusting,,In some of these backward countries if a woman has been raped she needs 4 male witnesses or forget it, If a couple commit adultery the woman is stoned to death,, I read a true story about a young woman who became friendly with a man of her own religion, they only talked, never touched,, Her father found out and stabbed her 10 times then waited till she died before calling an ambulance, he was told by police, Well done,Her friend knew of the friendship and was told by the dead girls father that if he found out she knew he would stab her as well, her father said Nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Enrico Zumbo

    I wonder where or if that judge ever had any moral education? I wonder if that “judge” was raped he would look upon it as a cultural experience?. What next? will the victim receive 200 lashes and labeled a whore just as in Saudi Arabia?. Was he “judging” Australians under Sharia “law”? Jesus will be the ultimate Judge and He will judge righteously. I pity that halfwit “Judge”

  • Tanya Bee

    Disgusted…. :-(

  • Flynn

    Congratulations on copy and pasting most of The Age’s article on this and morphing it to be disgustingly and presumptuously racist. This is possibly the worst piece of journalism I have ever encountered. If anyone cares to look at the real article in the Age you’ll see the defence given was severe anxiety and depression caused by his upbringing under the Taliban who beat him and killed his siblings in front of him. His Islamism was in no way used as a defence, you idiot.

    • John Joseph Michael Barry

      Does not matter what happened in his past he is a pig who raped a women you idiot!

  • matt

    When they enter australia they should answer question about women and sex if they dont answer correctly then send them back and banned for life from entry to australia

  • liam

    The girls father should find the rapist and beat him to death with his bare hands, then hire the same appeals lawyer to claim cultural differences as a defense.

    What kind of law school did the judge and the respondent lawyer go to? They clearly don’t know the law. The law is pretty clear, consent was not given so its rape! He should be convicted and sentenced for the crime of rape! They proved that consent was not given and that the acts were valiant and premeditated. The law does not state that if they accused is a scum bag and doesn’t respect women because of a disgusting, putrid culture he was raised in, then laws don’t apply to him.

    At best the only actual legally viable appeal would be claiming criminal insanity due to being exposed to such a culture. And in that case put him in an institute until he learns how to treat women and recovers from the insanity brain washed upon him from his culture.

    If the Muslims don’t like that then they can leave, this is our country and our laws! We can’t bend the laws we have to follow them right regardless of our origin right? If not then I have a few laws I wouldn’t mind breaking in the name of my Australian culture, top of that list would be kicking the shit out of the rapist!

    Alternatively don’t let people raised in a culture so vile in our, once, beautiful country!

  • Someone

    This sounds like propaganda to me. If you read the article the judge did not say that it was o.k to rape woman at all in any way shape or form. He basically said legally in his opinion the guy has grounds for appeal which is the law. His opinion on the guys actions was this:

    “These are acts of violence,” the judge said. “Serious acts of violence
    against women, nothing to do with sexual mores. They’re brutal acts of

    I find it scary how easily people are influenced by the media and don’t seem to think for themselves at all. Judging by the comments I’m surprised you haven’t all gone and stoned the guy in the street :/

    And what is this Shillman Journalism? lol.. What’s a Shill btw: “”Shill” typically refers to someone who purposely gives onlookers the
    impression that they are an enthusiastic independent customer of a
    seller or marketer of ideas for whom they are secretly working. The
    person or group who hires the shill is using crowd psychology to encourage other onlookers or audience members to purchase the goods or services or to accept the ideas being marketed. Yeah propaganda journalism it is. Now, i bet you really want to be rid of those pesky immigrants eh? make you want to become a racist and start a riot? as if white people never do such things.

  • Kate Bettison

    This is a ridiculous sentence – for any rapist. But, on further research into sentences for rapists in Australia, the average sentence is 4 years (it disgusts me!). And some rapists just get probation…this needs to change…

  • French_Swede

    Are the men in India who are gang-raping female tourists Muslim? Is this an excuse they are giving for their actions?

  • Hahaha

    I totally missed the bit where the Judge excused this behaviour, as the title suggests. Dishonest fear-mongering bullshit. I see most of the commenters here didn’t actually read the article, so I’ll add lazy to that as well.

  • Truth
  • FACT

    Sharifi was jailed in 2009 for 9½ years with a minimum of seven years for the Christmas Eve rape. In April, he was given a total sentence of 14 years.

  • AustralianAmy

    The judge didn’t decide that cultural differences are a valid excuse for rape. He merely decided that the rapist had grounds to appeal – which means that the case will be heard again. That’s not quite the same thing as the headline states.

  • SunflowerSurfer

    Send the SOB to me and I will take care of his appeals and. educate him to reality. If we (western nations) do not wake up fast we are truly doomed.

  • stavros from tassie

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Punish this predator as anyone else is punished. I do however take offence at the writers linking of the decision of one Judge to “the usual lefty approach”. What does one thing have to do with the other. It is moronic and has as much credibility as saying that people and politicians of “the right” are all in favour of fascism, death squads and concentration camps.

  • mike r

    make the muslim eat some pork, tell him we did not realize he could not have pork, no concept of such a thing.

  • dolkensp

    In that case, lets allow him to be prosecuted like he would be under Islam law…

    I’m sure their punishments are much less lenient than Australian law for this kind of thing…

  • reve888

    If I wasn’t a Christian, I’d be inclined to suggest that she look into her own brand of honor killings. Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to do so. The law is supposed to give recompense to those who are violated, which I think should be the death penalty for her attacker. Unfortunately, the judges don’t punish or protect anyone anymore, and therefore people are left to their own devices to protect themselves.

  • Tracey

    Cancel his visa and send him back, he does not deserve to live in this country

  • Disillusioned Aust Tax Payer

    What an absolute disgrace to the women, and eventually all Australian citizens. It won’t end here! We work hard, pay taxes, etc. They come here and use their ‘beliefs’ to escape our Laws and way of life!!…….Which apparently they came here to enjoy and escape the shit going on over there….yet they are absolute parasitic hypocrites, bleeding our welfare system and flaunting our laws and eventually…wait for it to happen..our way of life!! WHAT A FUCKING SLAP IN THE FACE FOR THIS YOUNG LADY!! AND the rest of us. Aust Navy would only have to shoot a couple out of the water, and they’d think twice……try going over there and doing the same, what would happen? You’d be shot, no questions, no second thought, no appeal, no welfare, no FUCKALL. Australian Govt is more interested in keeping the ‘peace’, than protecting their own citizens who PAY their wages, lurks, and, perks. This can only go on for so long before people will say ‘enough is enough’!!!

  • PG

    Based on the information I’ve looked at from various news and court documents the offender in question has been given a custodial sentence of 8 years reduced from a minimum sentence of 11 years. While both decisions I find inadequate, I wonder if some peoples opinions of the sentence would differ if it was an Australian citizen or a resident from another religious or ethnic background.

  • Lord Clive Ballantyne

    The prosacuter must apeal we do not want to set a precadance. The Judge should be sacked and set aside. This outrages if this is true. Something or someone should do something about it…

  • MARK

    I’m not sure why people are so surprised by this?

    Most judges are paedophiles anyway so so them this is completely acceptable.

  • ChandraAlchemista

    so…in a muslim country you are expected to know the laws and abide by them… by that standard he would have been relieved of the offending appendage!!

  • Keiv Spare

    What does this have to do with “the left”? Liberal people oppose rape too.

    • Constitution101

      If you look at the “Discover the Networks” at the top of this site you’ll see a selection of groups, individuals, etc. Most of these groups are classified as on the left. There is a difference between a classical liberal and those on the left. Your use of the world liberal needs to be defined first before you can have everyone on the same sheet of understanding. It is the hard left that is opening the doors world-wide to this sewer of islam.

  • Constitution101

    So before a muslim steps foot in Australia and before a month goes by all muslims in Australia must be given a piece of paper stating what the laws are regarding rape, etc. and they are to sign and date it.

  • natsta

    How about Christians go over to Muslim countries and start practicing Christian belief’s as we don’t know there culture. So it should be ok for us to do what we don’t know. If every Muslim can think they can come here do what they want and blame there own culture for not knowing better than let every Christian on earth go to there countries and practice the word of Christ ad we don’t know any better. Bet u I know what will happen

  • Reevaw

    If people want to emigrate to Australia they need to be taught the basics of our legal system and our customs… They need to understand that Australia is a democracy and men and woman have equal rights that rape is a criminal offence and the marriage of children to old and decrepit men is not practiced here and is classed as peadophollia… Which is also a crime… My daughter and I have rights to live and breath without fear of being raped or preyed upon …I don’t care what religion you practice or where you came from…. But if they can’t crash this seemingly no brainer concept then sorry but access denied!

  • natsta

    Seeing that our government is our public servants like the police. Why don’t we all band together and get a partition together to stop all boats and Muslims and Islamic people into our country. When Rome does as the Romans do or go home. We all have the power to over throw any government or especially a judge. Just think what if it was your sister, girlfriend, fiancé or mother. We can all talk the talk but no one has the balls to stand up for justice and our own culture. The choice is urs stand up make a difference or shut up as ur as bad as them

  • natsta

    Sorry typo “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

  • Kathy

    Whatever happened to “ignorance of the law is no excuse”? A traffic offence is more or less immutable, but rape is not?

  • Arthur Shaw

    When in Rome do as the Romans do…now what’s left after this…..a total mess.So next time you visit these muslim countries or go into a cathedral don’t cover up respectfully and see what happens to you.Tell them you don’t!

  • Evan Vernon Giles

    Everyone has miss construed what was said and yes I think this particular judge needs a serious attitude adjustment, he has only been granted the right to appeal his sentence, however I doubt that the high court justices will agree with their brother judge.
    And I am a labour lefty as well but no one with half a brain would agree with the judge

  • Evan Vernon Giles

    After reading the actual article it would appear it was reduced

  • Aus87

    So can I go to afghan and just rape woman as they have no right to say NO, if so send all our rapest there and we can have a rape country !!!

  • Gwyneth Price Brown

    Any one no matter who it is, should know, understand and abide by the laws of that land before being allowed entry

  • James

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. This judge should be shot.

  • Alex Nidetch

    What is the punishment for rape in Afghanistan??? Is it not the death penalty??

  • Ted Castor

    They can’t carry a gun to protect them selves over there, but I don’t know of any law that says they can’t carry a knife or straight razor. That is the best way to educate a muzzzie (if it’s even possible to educate one of them) to the realities of the western culture.

  • Marty

    It’s very simple, if an Australian breaks the law overseas, you are tried by their law and suffer the consequences. If ignorance is no excuse for an Australian it is definitely no excuse for a foreigner. We have to set an example to all law breakers.

  • Saf81

    Wow you people are talking about lack of intelligence but you took this articles word about rape. In Islam if a person is found guilty of rape they are punishable by death!

  • bill

    Nice hyperbole, you guys. At first I thought this was satirical, but then I realised you just hate anyone who isn’t white.

  • George K

    Since when does the left encourage rapes? Most afghans are very conservative and I never met a left/liberal that agrees with the notion that rapists should not go to jail. The author of this article does not have a very objective notion of what the left stands for.

  • George K

    Where in this article does it say that the judge is a left leaning judge. He could be a conservative that doesn’t care if women are raped. There’s plenty of rapes by conservatives as well as liberals. To just assume that only the left doesn’t care if a rapist goes to jail, so the judge has to be liberal is not very responsible. Let’s just demonize every liberal on this planet by blaming all the rapes, murders, and everything else on them.

  • Lucjan Swiatło

    fucking idiots!!! kill this muslim pig!

  • Karen Sherry Brackett

    The comments on this stream are ridiculous. The idiot judge needs to lose his job and be barred from ever working in a legal system again. The rapist needs to be put in jail. The attorney who argued the rapist’s case needs to loose his license to practice law and be forced to pay out compensation for emotional stress to the woman who was the victim for having to sit through listening to such nonsense.

  • Adam

    The author seemed to imply that all tribal Afghanis commit such Haenous crimes. This is a bit thick.. They don’t all revert to primitivism, just as much as a white Australian doesn’t just swill beer in a bluey and do donuts in his ute. I respect te intention of the article but don’t pigeon hole an entire community

  • Eddie Brown

    Castration a definite option.I have experienced the holier than thou Muslim flagrantly breaking their sharia law and being a devout muslim.Bunch of

  • mikemoo

    Look we have to abide by the laws of any country we visit – we hear of stories a guy kissed his GF in UAE and ended up in jail both of them. So come try that here in my country you will have a new arsehole in two days. Come try it here and sit in our african jails.

  • aussies first

    what a load of crap, the article was focusing the fact that he wasn’t clear about women being human beings. If you want to stick up for that you are indeed a sad person

  • bill watson

    That judge is a fool he does not understand what he has done to Australian women

  • Ade Caparas Manilah

    the muslims are lowest grade of animal..its not religion of god its a religion of savages

  • not happy

    yeah just like Schapelle Corby had to do 10 years in Jail for a crime overseas that here she would have been out in 2 or maybe done no time at all
    Sorry Judge our Country , our Rules !!!!!

  • PC007

    This has set a very bad & dangerous bit of case Law. I hope the DDP appeal this soon and fast, it needs to be over turned.

  • chiefpontiac

    Thanks to liberals we will see this insanity here very soon…

  • WhiteRabbit

    Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites.

    Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.”

    Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE.

    That makes it genocide.

    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white

  • OfficerGallo

    Here is your proof that HITLER WAS RIGHT.

  • Ed

    so the point is ‘allow me to rape coz i am muslim’ huh? ha ha…

  • Frank Worley

    The left is very good at choosing multiple non-sensible options and then blaming everyone else for what goes wrong.

  • AreZee

    The judge should have his own balls cut off.

  • submandave

    This is not specifically a Muslim issue, but the liberal legal idea of expanding the definition of “incompetent to stand trial.” The original idea was that it was neither just nor right to find guilty and punish a person who is incapable of understanding what they do (e.g. Lennie in “Of Mice and Men”). This was expanded to include the insane, and then the “temporarily” insane, and, apparently, now the culturally inarticulate.

    The question then is if the individual can’t be help responsible for their actions, who should be held responsible for the individual? A person incapable of understanding and fitting into the culture should never have been admitted and left to wander free. I propose that if a society chooses not to punish the culturally illiterate, then they should hold accountable whoever approved this person’s admission to Australia and granted him refugee status.

  • Darren Cameron

    This article is a complete misrepsentation of the facts. See for youself , the grounds for the appeal( which I disagree with) had nothing to do with Islam.
    But PTSD allegedly suffered by the rapist.

  • Dave

    If a judge says that his culture is a valid excuse to drive across town to rape western women, then it’s on record Islamic culture is not compatible with western values. Ban Islam in Australia. Simple.