Australian Judge Finds Muslim “Cultural Differences” Valid Excuse for Rape

Bit by bit, Western nations are adopting Muslim legal standards on blasphemy and on the treatment of women.

The excuses are manifold. Racism, cultural differences, Islamophobia, relativism… but it all ends the same way, with Western writers, artists and thinkers being censored and Western women being subject to Taliban treatment.

This is how it began.

An Afghan refugee would drive from his home in Tullamarine to nightclubs in Frankston late at night searching for drunk, vulnerable young woman to prey on, a court was told today.

He would pick them up in his white 1988 Honda Civic and rape them.

The victim was sitting on the footpath behind the 21st Century Dance Club when Esmatullah Sharifi approached her and offered to give her a lift to the Bay Hotel.

She accepted but became anxious and confused when they had been driving for an hour and she saw a road sign saying Sorrento.

Sharifi then pulled over into a dark side street and raped her in the front passenger seat.

“She began to scream and cry out for help,” Ms Dalziel said.

“The accused put his left hand over her mouth and his right hand around her neck, restricting her breathing. He said to her, ‘I’ll take you home after it, I’ll give you back your phone as well’.

In the rapist’s defense, his lawyer argued that he wasn’t at all clear about this whole “Women are human beings” thing.

Mr Regan said Esmatullah Sharifi was uneducated, illiterate, inexperienced in forming relationships with women, and was confused about the nature of consent. He is in Australia on a permanent protected visa.

The judge didn’t buy it then, but the usual lefty approach is to just keep appealing until you find a bleeding heart judge who accepts the horrible notion being put forward. And that didn’t take very long.

Granting leave to appeal, Court of Appeal Justice Robert Redlich said: “The sentencing judge rejected any suggestion (Esmatullah Sharifi) didn’t have a clear concept of consent in sexual relations.”

In April last year, a psychologist told the County Court that Sharifi had “an unclear concept of what constitutes consent in sexual relationships” in Australia.

“It proves, in my view, an adequate basis for most grounds of appeal that (Sharifi) wishes to pursue,” the judge said.

We’re not just dealing with ignorance of the law. We have Western judges setting out the notion that if a Muslim settler in Europe, America or Australia does not understand the concept that women can refuse sexual contact, that this is a mitigating circumstance.

Ms Dalziel said Esmatullah Sharifi claimed he did not have a great understanding of sexual mores in Australia but Judge Mark Dean disagreed.

“These are acts of violence,” the judge said. “Serious acts of violence against women, nothing to do with sexual mores. They’re brutal acts of violence.”

But they do. In Muslim sexual mores, serious acts of violence being committed against women are not a problem because the women do not belong to themselves. They belong to their family.

Islam does not recognize the same concept of individual rights as civilized jurisprudence does. Furthermore Muslims from tribal societies like Afghanistan bring those same tribal attitudes along.

As Australian columnist Andrew Bolt says, quite rightly,

If Afghan men have a culture which leaves them more likely to rape, and our courts have a culture of being more lenient as a consequence, I suggest Australian women have an interest in stopping the boats until we get this sorted out:

And that doesn’t just go only for Australia. Stop the boats. Stop the planes. Stop the trains.

The left cannot have it both ways.

Either Esmatullah Sharifi is responsible for his own actions. Or he isn’t. Either rape is cultural or it’s individual. Either Esmatullah Sharifi should be hit with the full force of the law or the Afghan culture of rape represents a threat to non-Muslim countries.

They can only pick one.

  • mbm

    So, the violent bodily theft and objectified inhumanity of rape can be excused and tolerated in one society where it is criminal simply because another culture tolerates and excuses it in their own society where it is not? LAME….and, sexist.

  • randomslate

    I thought that ignorance of the law was not an excuse to break the law? This judge is setting a dangerous precedent.
    "When in Rome." Claiming to be unaware, avoiding learning or ignoring the law is no excuse. If it is, then every country on the planet needs to close its borders NOW.

  • max

    this article is biased. look up mr. sharifi and some other media about him, the judge gave him 14 years (on april 12th). the maximum penalty for rape is 25 years.
    the title of this article is inflammatory and has no basis in reality. the judge recognized that sharifi suffered from PTSD as a result of his being a refugee, they most certainly did not think that it was a VALID excuse for rape. in fact, i quote;

    "Your offending is of the utmost seriousness. You preyed upon a young vulnerable stranger who was alone and intoxicated at night. Your brutal conduct must be denounced by this court."

    he is serving a maximum of fourteen years, minimum of eleven, with parole in seven. he is also likely to be deported back to afghanistan after his jail-time is served.

    and, just to critique this fellows writing;

    "The left cannot have it both ways.

    Either Esmatullah Sharifi is responsible for his own actions. Or he isn’t. Either rape is cultural or it’s individual. Either Esmatullah Sharifi should be hit with the full force of the law or the Afghan culture of rape represents a threat to non-Muslim countries.

    They can only pick one."

    that kind of polemic thinking cannot really be applied to this scenario. nothing is either "cultural" or "individual" but an accumulated artifact of both.
    also, mr. greenfield is blatantly using his view of the case (which, as i have shown, has little basis in fact) to promote his own political viewpoint. this horrific crime is used by him as an excuse to criticize the left (which in itself is a vaguary at best).

    "The excuses are manifold. Racism, cultural differences, Islamophobia, relativism… but it all ends the same way, with Western writers, artists and thinkers being censored and Western women being subject to Taliban treatment."

    relativism as an excuse? seriously? mr. greenfield does not know what he is talking about.

    • max

      and don't you dare call that ad hominem, i will open up a can of whoop-ass on your ass.

  • Abdullah

    There is a rape happening every 20 minutes in America and every 60 seconds in the world not done by a Muslim name sake,but mostly by Christian name sakes,Hindu nMe sakes and Budhists name sakes. Unfortunately one Muslim name sake commits such unpunishable act which if proven death penalty in Islam is subject to abuse the Noble religion and it's followers….by the way the writer is a right wing Zionist paid by the masters…easiest way to become wealthy write about Muslims and Islam

  • Khalid

    I am a Muslim and this is so shocking to me.
    The suit was solved under the ignorance of the judge about Muslims and Islam.
    Especially that Islam honored women in different ways, to mention 2 of them, 1. One of prophet Muhammed's final words is "Take Care of Women" and another thing, in the Quran it says Heaven is under the feet of mothers (women).

    The subject of the article was so shocking, it was also so shocking to read that it wasnt clear for the suspect that “Women are human beings”.

  • Truthsayer


    This is nothing but a pack of lies, and you're all falling for it – SUCKERS!

  • Craig

    To say they don't know that these people don't understand or know what their doing is a straight out lie. Any man or woman, boy or girl knows that forceful intercourse, murder, etc. in any culture is wrong and must be dealt with according to the law of that country. Australian government and law makers are to soft. IF THEY WANT TO COME TO AUSTRALIA THEY MUST TAKE ON AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS AND LAWS. IF THEY DON'T THEY MUST NOT BE ALLOWED IN THIS COUNTRY. THEIR CULTURE IS WRONG AND MUST NOT BE FORCED ON US IN ANYWAY.

  • Tim Ross

    These are only the woprds of a Judge granting the right to appeal, it is not the outcome of an appeal. Maybe it would be a good idea to keep your powder dry until the matter is finalised at the granted appeal!

  • trail

    I think whether he's muslim or not is beside the point. The law of the land should apply to everyone. If I'm an American and I drive on the right side of the road on my first day in Australia, that does not excuse me. The same should apply to any other law.

  • stillsane

    The very first sentence shows that he knew exactly what he was doing, looking for drunk, vulnerable women. "An Afghan refugee would drive from his home in Tullamarine to nightclubs in Frankston late at night searching for drunk, vulnerable young woman to prey on, a court was told today." Muslims aren't suppose to have anything to do with alcohol. He was and is a predator, he is a serial rapist commiting violent crimes against women and should be castrated and given a long prison sentence. He knew what he was doing was wrong. He drove an hour away and committed his crime in a dark side street. Obviously he knew it was wrong!! He must be held accountable!!

  • Moloud Shan

    This is what is wrong with societies. When law maker create different standards for people Society will fall apart. Read my Blog.

  • Cameron

    Since when is ignorance or cultural difference excuse for committing a crime? This wouldn't happen in an Islamic country if a western person did a similar thing. They'd be hung, drawn and quartered, at the very least deported before they could get a defence team together. Shame on the system.

    • Roger

      I wonder. Would they accept that as an excuse for eating bacon in Mecca?

  • Jaygee53

    These 'refugees' understand their rights to our social services and how to get every free cent they can. They understand their rights because the 'snivel libertarians' who get paid by our democratic western governments tell then they are just like us. They are NOT and never will be.
    They want their religion – go to a country where it is practiced. Dont try and drag us down to their moronic, evil 6th century mentality.

  • johann

    Ignorance to the law is never an excuse. It is that simple. I got done driving 80 on a 60km zone but there was no sign. Cops said oh well now you know.

  • johann

    Ignorance to the law is never an excuse. It is that simple. I got done driving 80 on a 60km zone but there was no sign. Cops said oh well now you know.

  • Jay

    If he didn't know it was wrong why pray on drunk women?

  • Charlie

    this is discusting & if he put his hand over her mouth he knew what he was doing wrong, would they like it if their women were raped by other nationalities? i bet not & neither do we, women are to be respected not owned or raped.

  • Matt T

    As a "lefty" who is equally as appalled by this as any of you Tories, I am obliged to point out the damage that falsely correlating the left with tolerance of human evil does to your otherwise nicely written commentary. I would add that the use of tradition and religion as an excuse for acts of evil is the definition of the hard right. Remove your political disposition, it's out of place here.

  • Keith Mc Nally. UK

    Looks like Australia is starting to import the madness that we in Britain have had for over 40 years? Muslim grooming and rape of Indigenous British girls is happening in EVERY town where we have Pakistani and Afghani immigrants.The more of these people you import, the bigger your problem will be?

  • jay

    let it be said, the day an islamic man touches my (if i was married and had a daughter)daughter, wife or other family member in a violating way. regardless of their "cultural norms" i will implement this country's norms and expectations against rapists and string the bastard up like a dog and stuff him with his own holy book. rape is never justified, it is the ultimate offence against a woman who is as equal as any man in this country…

  • Jennyt

    So pleasing that no one on the right has any doubt about a woman's right to refuse intercourse…. oh, wait a minute

    6. ‘I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak’ Tony Abbott, Liberal Party Leader.

  • Tan

    This is truely sad and makes me damn angry. What is happening to western society is this could happen to myself or my fellow women? Woman not thought of as human beings, holy hell that is sick and twisted. Sounds like we have to bring on the suffrogetes again.

  • Esther

    That is f–k–g disgusting!!! It should be that you don’t violate ANYONE’S body regardless of what country they’re in, and get away with it! When in Australia, you follow Aussie law. That bastard should be locked up or get raped himself and see how that feels to be violated and penetrated!!! Ggggrrrrrrr!!!!

  • Rod

    Talk's cheep ! You will not change things unless you take to the streets !! Stand too and make your self be heard or keep quiet and whatch every thing you believe in perish .

  • doug

    Its a lie, how else wold he have got a visa if he couldn't read, and reading has nothing to do with right from wrong. If your in a different country the first thing you do is adhear to the local laws especially if your there just for work so you don't break them accidentaly witch means he is responsible for not educating himself of the law and their goverment is responsible because they let someone in that claimed to not know after the fact. I seriously dout that any man regardless of culter would think its ok to rape a women in a country he doesn't even belong to, no one is that ignorant, and I would be asking how much that judge got paid after the trial.

  • kate


    Its is an idividulals decicion to do this or that and I agree with doug. If he really was as ignorate as he claims, he should never has recived that work permit witch makes himself liable for not educating himself on the law and the goverment as well for alowing it. Even if he was raised to beleive that women are just objects, everyone knows that the rest of the civalized world doesn't operate the same and you have to know whats apropriate where your going.


    He had the opertunity to ask about whats ok and not ok when he got his work permit and the goverment should have made sure he knew.

  • tom r. white

    What’s to comment, they have no manners or upbringing, savages, ship them all back, if they can’t restrain themselves. No reason we have to be told to respect islam, they don’t respect us, go to their country, you would go to jail,or worse tortured or beheaded, that is their way, WAKE UP WORLD!!!

  • David Sims

    The left has been riding contrary horses for a long time without any serious consequences. The left isn’t bothered by anyone able to impose a consistent moral philosophy upon them. The very essence of leftism is the substitution of noisy chanting for clearly articulated principles. So don’t tell anyone that the left “can’t have it both ways,” because they have been doing just that.

    The Jews sometimes do this, also. Is a Jew white? Well, it depends. If the Jew is trying to blend in with some white group or other, he’ll say he’s white. But if the Jew is trying to take advantage of special privileges that whites just can’t get, then the Jew will say that he isn’t white, no, not at all.

    • Jason Lewis

      The Jews sometimes do this? What a load of crap. Anti semetism is cool in today’s muslim friendly world, it seems. There is only one place in the whole of the Middle East a woman could walk around without fear of being raped and that is Israel. The fact that you got 7 likes says it all. No matter what muslims do, blame the Jews. That crap doesn’t wash with me. In regards to this Judge, if a muslim were to murder a blasphemer, apostate or homosexual, would cultural differences spare him, too? This judge may as well bury the rape victim up to her neck in sand and stone her until she’s dead. Like muslims do to their rape victims. You gonna tell me Jews do that, too, nazi?

      • Adam

        Anti semetism is not just anti Jew, it is anti people from Middle East / Arab descent, which include Jews, Christians, Athiests and Muslim

      • theUglyTruth

        You’re right, she wouldn’t be raped in Israel, just spit on and assaulted like many non-jews get subjected to at random in that country.

    • jean black

      Stop talking Mince, you idiot !!!!!!!

  • Mike Bojorquez

    Ok – you can not fix stupid, liberal or Muslim, you can only eliminate them.

  • Joanna McGinn

    The judge should be raped… after all it’s OK to do so.

    • Jace Mindue

      Allow his daughter to be raped.Eldest daughter that is 18….

      • mike_in_ohio

        the muslims like them young, it would have to be his pre-teen daughter to satisfy their lust

        • letsbefair

          anyone who abuses a woman or child in this way should be kept alive until their organs can be used for transplants ,they are only good for spare parts….. It is the vilest behavior no matter what your flavor of religion,hue of skin or language or country or birth

          • LaniR

            I wouldn’t even want his spare parts!

        • rafi

          just proves that you r no different to him lol have a good think about what u said!!

          • SHOTGUN285

            you should be fed to a pig, just like the rapist

        • sheilam22

          STFU – to prove a point you say RAPE A GIRL???? You are just as bad – dirtwad

          • mike_in_ohio

            Hey dumass read the comment again. I did not say they SOULD rape his pre-teen daughter, only that in order to satisfy the muslims it would have to be a pre-teen. You should really learn to comprehend what you read before comment and look foolish.

      • Noway Jose

        Yeah, punish an innocent woman for this moron’s lack of intelligence. That’s not exactly the same kind of thing we’re fighting against at all! Idiot.

        • Jace Mindue

          Yes in order for the innocent to be safe you have to punish the innocent in order to protect them it’s called tactics the needs of the many out way the needs of the few once the judge realizes the bs he is in then he will press charges on the person even if they claim muslim it’s how life works every one thinks of unicorns and rainbows no it’s chaos and anarchy that rein’s….Welcome to my world the world of the real…

          • Toti

            Fuck off Jace.

          • Guest

            Hwy trolll you shut the fuck up

          • Noway Jose

            You’re a fucking moron. Why not stipulate that HE himself be raped instead of his innocent daughter? This is misogyny at its finest, and it’s the same kind of misogyny exhibited by many Muslims around the world. I mean, here you are pretending to be outraged at the misogyny, whilst perpetuating it yourself. It would be laughable if it weren’t so utterly pathetic. You are devoid of any intelligence whatsoever. Please don’t reproduce.

          • স্মৃতিলেখা চক্রবর্ত্তী

            You’re right! It’s like, we should punish women to stop others from punishing women! Makes no freaking sense at all!

          • sheilam22

            Then let’s rape you

          • sheilam22

            Then let’s rape you

          • jh

            …the anarchic world where punctuation is for fools and spelling and grammar are considered signs of weakness!. You SHOULD be the one making the rules. Misogynistic fool.

          • Andrew

            You are quite possibly the dumbest person I’ve ever seen.

          • josh

            Why don’t you volunteer to be raped then? You can stand up and be punished to protect the rest of us.

        • Artur Krejčík

          well thats right, but when you need to stop the war you need to fight…

          • guest

            I wouldn’t quite call allowing rape, the same thing as fighting in a war.

        • Austriker

          That was a sarcastic remark you ‘idiot’…. #derp

          • Noway Jose

            There is no sarcasm anywhere in this conversation thread.

      • Guest

        no HE should be punished, not the daughter. He is the one that did wrong, what did his daughter do wrong?

      • sheilam22

        STFU – to prove a point you say RAPE A GIRL???? You are just as bad

      • Marcin

        A noble man, George Carlin said once: “Fighting for peace is like fu**ing for virginity”. Whoever thinks he is against fighting overall is not very smart too, but for Christ (oh, irony) sake, it’s not the way to behave like an animal to fight out these beasts. If you shoot, shoot the right direction.

      • Kenan Tahir


    • Craig Yates

      Judge should be lined up alongside all quisling politicians and E & D fascists and shot (after due legal process of course, but so long as a sane judge was appointed all would be convicted of treason and assisting the enemy in a state of war.

    • CRITman

      Since this Islamic Pedophile CULT is so stupid, as was their crackpot founder who is lower than Charlie Manson, David Koresh, and Jim Jones, the rapist should be allowed to sodomize the Judge then the rapist should have his organ cut off and then be slowly strangled. Then a video of the proceeding should be shown at every mosque in the western world and the Pedophiles (All muslim males) should be advise that that is what will happen if they should harm any woman or child.

      • Peter Lohan

        This type of punishment sounds very…….Islamic.

        • theUglyTruth

          Thus they would understand the message for once.

          • Peter Lohan

            Unfortunately you may be right. I just don’t think an eye for an eye has ever worked. Especially with people who are inherently stupid. And I guess I would prefer to be better than them.

          • Christian Groenheide

            No, an eye for an eye has never worked…….. What do your judges do?? Reward the criminals??? Pray for them and love them?? serve them?? God i wouldn’t want you to be the law of the land. Crime would sky rocket. In fact i believe it would be utter anarchy.

    • Linda

      Exactly. And let the judges and the lawyers wife and daughters be raped and see how they then feel about this waste of spaces cultural differences.

    • Kenan Tahir


  • mica

    Sounds like b.s. to me. He took her phone and she screamed? He knew….

    • cancanjody

      Oh yeah, he knew….he drove her to a remote spot.

      • niagara1angel

        why would any woman in her right mind get in a vehicle with someone they dont know anyways? I know it does not give him the right to rape her, but think about it.

        • anonymous.

          I thought this was going to be a crackpot article when I opened it but I am a youth worker in the frankston/bay region and can tell u right now that these men prey on teenage girls (and even a boy I’ve worked with).
          Youth that I work with actually consent to a lot of it for drugs.. the problem is they’re mostly around the age of 14 and these men are mostly in their 20′s.
          I have even read on a referral from DHS saying “this girl is a victim of the Afghani rape ring operating in Dandenong area”. yes. It specifically said Afghani (although one of the girls tells me they’re Pakistanis). Street kids are an easy target for them.

  • Rickie elliott

    So my cultural differences which tell me to castrate and feed them to animals like this would be a valid defense?

  • a girl

    If you bring drugs into some countries you can be put to death or in prison for life. The ‘Hey, but I didn’t know about your laws’ excuse doesn’t fly there. And this pigs’ excuse for rape shouldn’t fly anywhere! We have to quit bending over and letting ‘them’ continue to rape decency!

    • CaPPsiE

      This is an interesting analogy. It seems to me that drugs, weapons, anything could be used an an excuse as a cultural misunderstanding, so would drugs or weapons be accepted excuses? Food for thought.

      As ever: [Extremist] Islam is using freedom and democracy to destroy freedom and democracy.

  • Kim Dianne

    This judge needs to resign now!!!! Or be fired. Our govt should involve themselves in this and get rid of this idiot. Does this man realize what hes done.this is a door that hes opened to give these mutts free reign now. I wonder how he’d feel if it was his daughter/granddaughter or wife!!!.

    • Eerie

      hahah lol good luck with that, Prime Minister here is a backwards misogynistic bible thumper that believe it’s a wife’s job to keep a man satisfied in the bedroom at the husband’s whim.
      While he doesn’t exactly advocate rape he doesn’t exactly advocate women’s rights enough to have any viable input in a issue like this.

      • Bob

        The PM is trying to stop boats containing vile scum like this so don’t even go there!

        • jean black

          The PM is licking muslim arses, hes looking for votes, hes a disgrace

    • cancanjody

      And women have no protection there! Just gives us here in the US another argument for carrying…. Women there better get some serious defense training in a hurry.

      • JJ

        yes, because there are never any women raped in the USA! You guys have an impeccable record for defending women… I mean look how extreme the sentences for the Steubenville High School rapists were 1 year and 2 years jail for the young men. The man you are describing in Australia got a sentence of 14 years in jail, reduced to 12 years on appeal. If you read the actual article it says the appeal was on the grounds of the original sentence being manifestly excessive based on the opinion of the judge that his potential for rehabilitation was poor. He did not appeal on the basis that he didn’t know it was wrong to rape women. read an unbiased article and you might get a better understanding of what really happened before you make your rash judgements.

        I’m not sure why you are even bringing up the issue of guns as the man
        in question didn’t use a gun during his assaults, the vast majority of
        people in Australia don’t own guns and never did. In Australia the vast majority of any gun violence is perpetrated by the police who are all armed.

        • cancanjody

          I was responding to the article. It wasn’t about the US. Of course women are raped in the US; they also have the option to defend themselves~~physically OR with a weapon. You can defend urself from rape with a gun.

    • theUglyTruth

      No, he needs to hang.

  • Greg the infidel

    This is the kind of garbage that the greens and the bleeding heart lefties want us to feel sorry for. Well I am sorry, sorry for the girl that got raped, sorry for the taxpayer that funded his defence and sorry for the women he’ll rape because he now knows he can get away with it useing his so called religion and culture as an excuse.

    • Judy G

      I think he can only use that defence once, after all now he knows doesnt he

      • Steve Croft

        It sets a cultural precedent for people to use in court, a very dangerous thing.

        • Boris

          I’m a bleeding heart leftie and i don’t agree with this judge’s decision. I’d lock the perp up.

          • Steve Croft

            I would too, unfortunately this idiot judge has now given them an excuse…

      • Eerie

        uhhh the fact that he knew enough to cover her mouth and restrict her breathing to stop her from screaming should be enough to say he knew exactly what he was doing was wrong.

        • theUglyTruth

          Not really, the argument isn’t that he didn’t know she was resisting, but that he didn’t know that mattered. Its kinda hard to think like them, but yeah thats the argument this judge went for.

      • Anthony

        Judy, would you like to be the victim for the sake of teaching a grown man a lesson? “Oh, sorry I raped you, Judy, but thanks for teaching me an important life lesson that wasn’t taught by my insanely flawed religion. I promise I won’t do it again but please excuse all of my Muslim friends who are also ‘first timers’ because they ‘didn’t know better’.” And whoever referred to these people as Islamic extremists needs a reality check. Let’s not mix words. Islam is a cancer creeping into our society and political correctness is a convenient distraction.

    • Mickovich

      He cannot claim any religious or cultural ‘excuse’ as a Muslim. It is not lawful for a Muslim to have sex with anyone who is not his wife. It is sheer nonsense that any human can be unaware of another’s discomfort when struggling and screaming to get away. The judge should be disbarred and the man should be given the longest possible sentence given the pre-meditated and predatory nature of his crime.

    • JJ

      why don’t you start your crusade against rape with the football stars
      all over the USA that rape women instead of trying to demonise refugees.
      Also, try reading an article that explains the truth of the actual case
      whereby the man’s sentence was reduced from 14 years to 12 years and
      it had nothing to do with his islamic morality.

  • Lorraine
  • Edward_Teach

    From what I understand king browns love to ride in white 1988 Honda Civics.

  • Edward_Teach
  • Tim Meadows

    The article was good until you made the “lefty” comment. That’s fuckin’ weird to imply people on the left support rapists

    • Aaron A

      Except they do. Feminists actually defend Islam. Why? Because while their crusade to end rape of women is important to them, being called a racist or an islamaphobe is even worse.

  • Eric Hord

    He is living in a Western style life, he is reaping the rewards and a plush life style compared to the life style he came from. DO NOT ALLOW these immigrants to walk all over your court and your culture. Where is that Down-Under mentality make him take a long walk on a short pier throw him into the mouths of the great white sharks — This man is a vial predator using his evil Islamic tongue to convince you that RAPE is okay in his country. I agree if rape is okay in Islamic countries then there is no ROOM for this vial evil religion in Australian, European, Canadian, or American Cultures. Do not allow them to revert our Cultures back hundreds of years because they can not live better life styles. Australia don’t look your identity just because of single Muslim Islamist dumb ass is playing your court system. Feed him to the Sharks, and stop the Boats, the planes, and the trains and send the ignorant bloody bastards back to the sand box they came from.

    • JJ

      why don’t you start your crusade against rape with the football stars all over the USA that rape women instead of trying to demonise refugees. Also, try reading an article that explains the truth of the actual case whereby the man’s sentence was reduced from 14 years to 12 years to and it had nothing to do with his islamic morality.

  • Dzamil Izetbegovic

    This incident will increase day by day, Its a disgrace to Ausy Culture

  • Left Field

    Apparently I have left opinions but in this point I also feel that where ever you are from you need to learn the rules of the land and abide by them. That is expected by us in Muslim countries too. Also I believe that in his own culture he would be assaulting the name of the family by assaulting the woman and that is not acceptable to his culture either, so really, there is no excuse. We need to be fair and just, excusing this behaviour is not a helpful message to anyone.

    • Jason Lewis

      And you would be dead wrong on that score. This is a culture that teaches it is okay to murder your pwn children for matters of honour, so their whole perception of honour is skewered. It is the rape victims family who would be dishonoured in that culture, not the rapist. This is the same culture that fined a wealthy Arab the paltry sum of fifty grand for the rape, torture and murder of his own five year old daughter. You call yourself a liberal? I suppose I am a liberal, in the true sense of the word. Nobody seems to know what liberal means anymore. It is impossible to be liberal AND pro Islam, so whatever these moronic lefties are, it sure isn’t liberals

      • theUglyTruth

        They are “progressives” AKA “Cultural Marxists”

  • Michael J Freeman
  • J Simson

    A muslim man may rape his wife:

    Quran 2:223:

    Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.

    • Haj-Sogand Kasumovic

      this is to tell men they can only sleep with their wives not women they are not married to . stop translating stuff in your bias way
      this man who raped this girl is actually going against his religion by sleeping with someone his not married to, also rape is a huge sin in Islam, some Muslim countries go as far as execute men who have been guilty of rape. so his defense was a load of crap that you all bought into

    • Learn History. It repeats

      and again for effect…All religious texts, nay, ALL TEXT is easy to interprate in many ways. As Haj as described, the purpose is to keep men to their wives. If you were to read about the crusades, a period similar to this description of war; where middle eastern people were raped and murdered by CHRISTIANS. Christians who were called upon by the 11th century pope to slay their enemies in the middle east you would begin to question whether it is people or a religion that are the problem.

      We need to start to look in each and every one of ourselves and lose the hate. Find compassion and responsibility.

  • J Simson

    Islam sanctions rape of infidel women:

    Muhomad sent a military expedition to the battle of Hunain at Awtas. They fought with their enemy, defeated them and took them captives. Some of the Companions of Muhomad were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So Allah sent down the Qur’anic verse: (Sura 4:24) “And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right hands possess.” (Abu Dawud 2150, also Muslim 3433)

    • Learn History

      All religious texts, nay, ALL TEXT is easy to interprate in many ways. If you were to read about the crusades, a period of similar war; where middle eastern people were raped and murdered by CHRISTIANS, you would begin to question whether it is people or a religion that are the problem.

      We need to start to look in each and every one of ourselves and lose the hate. Find compassion and responsibility.

      • theUglyTruth

        If you actually read about the crusades, you would know it was an offensive defense in response to centuries of Muslim aggression and expansion into European territories, which only happened in the middle east because of how far we pushed them out of their foothold (muslim occupied Spain for example)

    • Lizbet

      They hate us white people. Didnt you see the signs in the riot in Melbourne. “Behead the infidel”. Guess what, thats us. They will take what they can from the country that welcomed them, but doent mean they respect Australia or Australians. They leave their countries behind because life is so bad, but come to other countries and want those countries to change to what they left.

  • J Simson

    Sahih Bukhari: Volume 7, Book 62, Number 135:

    Narrated Jabir:

    We used to practice coitus interruptus with captured women during the lifetime of Allah’s Apostle.

  • chetan

    he is not fit to be a judge as he has lost his mental balance and rational thinking.

  • Georg Kongo-Otto Parastatidis

    Kneecap that bastard!

  • INFJ

    Every human is born with a sense of right and wrong. Don’t give me this BS that he just didn’t know. This is ******** stupid and extremely wrong. Racism of lower expectations has just hit an all time new low. ENOUGH!!!

    • INFJ

      And fyi I share the same ethnic background as the rapist.

  • atheist

    I’m converting to Islam so I can rape to my hearts content.
    First the judges wife and daughter.