lara logan islam

lara logan islam

  • Ted Irwin

    On FB I have many Muslim friends. Previously as a fence sitter regarding all religion there was little to entice me to befriend them. However it proved a very important development in my life. All of them have guided me through the prejudiced coverage by Zionist controlled media. The level headed attitude of most Muslims is totally different to the FEW radical Muslims. Also one has to become aware that all religious movements have been infiltrated and their message perverted by a group with a vested interest in destabilisation. On Q & A an Australian TV show last week they had the heads of various religions together answering questions from the audience. The star was a Muslim cleric. He was so calm and tolerant of all religions all of the Twitter posts applauded his attitude. Two asked the valid question – why don't we see this in the media? He informed us that many many fatwahs have been issued against Muslim terrorist organisations whose attitudes fly in the face of mainstream Muslims beliefs.

  • Margi… – I agree with Ted. More coverage should be given to positive thinking Muslims

  • Margi

    New birth control pill given to under 17 year old girls: