Austria Kisses the Islamist Crocodile

ukraine_anti_semiticIn late 1970s Vienna, a father bought his little girl a baby crocodile for her birthday. The child had become enchanted with the reptile after seeing a picture of it in a storybook and when all the other presents were opened, her new pet was presented to her.

The little girl was delighted with the present. She tried to kiss the crocodile. The croc bit her on the nose. The little girl began to cry and had to be taken to the hospital. And the angry father went off to dispose of the nasty little beast.

On the next day, the police responded to reports of a strange creature floating in the Danube canal. The crocodile was rescued from the canal and the father was reprimanded for nearly causing the creature, used to the warmer climes of the east, to catch a cold in the chilly waters.

Animal lovers complained that the crocodile had been misunderstood. They urged readers to empathize with it. Imagine, they said, that a giant creature a hundred times your size brings you close to its parted mouth. Could they not see that the crocodile was only defending itself?

Not long after the crocodile controversy, two Muslim terrorists armed with machine guns and grenades attacked a synagogue where a Bar Mitzvah celebration for children was taking place. Hesham Mohammed Rajeh, a mathematics student, had been living in Austria for two years. When he was later put on trial, he tried to kick the judge and shouted, “When I am out of here, I will spit on you.”

Hesham Mohammed Rajeh and Marwan Hasan shouted “PLO, PLO” and began to shoot and throw their grenades.

Ulrike Kohut, 25, rolled in front of a grenade to protect another woman’s child. She died of her injuries on the way to the hospital. Lotan “Nathan” Fried, 68, died of shrapnel wounds on the same route. Many more were wounded including a pregnant woman and a 12-year-old girl.

A month earlier, two terrorists had been stopped at the airport after Kalashnikov rifles and hundreds of grenades were found in their luggage. The terrorists had been deported and the authorities had lodged a formal protest with Ghazi Hussein, the PLO representative in Vienna, who had been there to meet them at the airport, and eventually kicked him out of the country. Four years later, that airport was the scene of a famous grenade attack in which 39 people were wounded.

Austria’s Socialist Chancellor, Bruno Kreisky, despite being of Jewish ancestry, was fond of Muslim terrorists and Nazis. He had a habit of filling his cabinet with former Nazis while comparing Zionism to Nazism. His political success rested on a welfare state built with Soviet money funneled through commercial orders and turning a blind eye to terrorist attacks carried out with Soviet and Polish machine guns was part of the price.

Even though the two terrorists had shouted, “PLO”, Kreisky announced, “I am firmly convinced that the attackers had nothing to do with the PLO,” Instead he suggested that they had been out to sabotage “Palestinian interests.” During an interview, he offered that “the bad, unqualified treatment of Palestinians in Israel is one of the causes for these extreme actions.”

Kreisky, the first Western leader to officially receive Arafat, refused calls from the Jewish community to end ties with the PLO and rejected criticism from the conservative opposition that his courting of the terrorist group had brought terrorism to Austria. Instead he counseled understanding the point of view of the crocodile. The crocodile felt mistreated. It bit.

Some decades later, Yusuf Ocak was sitting in a Vienna prison. Yusuf had made a Christmas video in which he announced, “Today is the 25th. Yesterday the kuffar unpacked their dirty presents on their dirty holiday. Now they will get something from us!” The video made for (DTM) Deutschen Taliban Mujahidin was one of the reasons why he was in custody.

Vienna had become a hub for the German Taliban, the way that it had once been a hub for the PLO. Two years later another German Taliban member was arrested in Vienna for plotting to fly an airliner into the Reichstag. Both men had been born in Europe. The crocodiles had learned to swim in the cold waters of the Danube and like it.

Yusuf and Thomas were not the first Islamist terrorists to be arrested in Vienna. Asim Cejanovic was caught trying to get to the American embassy with a backpack full of explosives and nails. But the judge decided that because he had formerly been treated for PTSD that he was innocent of plotting a terrorist attack and instead sentenced him only for illegal possession of explosives.

Chancellor Kreisky had turned over Vienna to the PLO and terrorist attacks had boomed in the seventies. The targets of the PLO and its various splinter and rival groups had been fairly narrow. Naturally the Jews were first on the list. Then came their own leaders, like Egypt’s Sadat or the OPEC ministers. But the Islamists were far less narrow-minded.

Mohamed Mahmoud, one of the leaders of the Global Islamic Media Forum, declared, “I was born as a Muslim, from two Muslim parents. I have nothing at all in common with the Austrian culture and mentality. To the contrary, there is enmity and hate between me and those in Austria, Germany, the EU and the USA.”

There may be as many as 500,000 Muslims in Austria; a country with a population of only 8.4 million. Nearly 8 percent of Vienna is Muslim. The Muslim population of Austria doubled in two decades. It will take less time for it to double again. Half of the Muslims in Austria are under 25; twice the number for the general population.

By 2050, the majority of children and teenagers in Austria could be Muslim. The Vienna of the seventies was a place with more dogs and senior citizens than children, but four decades from now it will have few dogs and many children. Its primary languages will be Arabic and Turkish. And if global warming ever kicks in, perhaps crocodiles will even be able to swim in the Danube.

The doting father who brought his daughter a crocodile because she was taken by an exotic picture in a storybook did not mean for the blood and screams to follow; but it is the role of adults to keep children from kissing crocodiles even if the storybooks say they should.

Europe tried to kiss the Islamist crocodile only to be bitten for its trouble. The poisonous gift of multiculturalism that it brought to its children has ended in blood and tears. Those who want the nations of the continent to keep on kissing the crocodile urge them to empathize with the reasons why he mistakes love for hate and bites, but no matter how much they try to understand him, he refuses to stop biting them.

If the fathers of Europe would like to see a future for their children, then they must stop bringing crocodiles home to their birthday parties.

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  • Chezwick

    Civilizational suicide. Europe is self-euthanizing.

    And though there is much blame to go around regarding root causes (multiculturalism, immigration, etc), the ultimate culprit is the collapse of fertility. Europeans (and white Americans) stopped having babies, at least in numbers sufficient to perpetuate the culture. We got rich, we got soft, we became enamored with the pursuit of pleasure….and we lost our reason for being.


      SCREW eurabia!

    • AtergGwanyik

      Europe as we have known it and the Western couture is dead. Onlybvery strong measures could help to bring is back, Everyone should go to their own country og origin..Multiculturslusm was once a good ideanowvit is the death of Eoropean traditions, and chritianity. Atavismus at its best.

  • Nanis

    I see now what the letter of Fatima meant when it said that a powerful fleet was going to travel through Europe.

  • harrylies

    Most Americans come from people who left Europe. Last century, Europe was home to idiots, bloodthirsty idiots, who went to war at a drop of a hat. No "primative" tribe was so brutal. The sooner America washes its' hands of Europe, the better. Enough blood and money.

    • Christian West

      Dear Harry, what in the world are you talking about? Please see a gynecologist. Or a plumber. Tell him to remove your wisdom teeth. Do something, anything, but for goodness sake do stay away from keyboard. But if you absolutely must then make sure that the computer is turned off.

    • Roger Cole

      You get my award for the silliest posting of the day. Well done!

    • defcon 4

      I suppose Europe did feature buckets of blood in the 20th century and the Holocaust as well. But WW2 was all about stopping Nazism and the Holocaust so how it that "war at the drop of a hat". WW1 also resulted in the dissolution of the totalitarian, islamofascist Ottoman Empire and how is that not a good thing?

    • Drakken

      If Europe falls, we will fall next, western civilization sooner or later will rise again to throw the muslim out of Europe.

  • Deep Space

    Another ant-Semite crawls out of his hole.

  • Mary Sue

    what a joke. Jewish Supremacist? You sir are as batfeces nuts as the guy who mailed ricin to Obama.

  • Mark

    You sir are an idiot.

  • Lan Astaslem

    still seething with envy about Jews and the strong country of Israel, huh – you inbred nobody.

  • Texas Patriot

    It's not that Mr. Greenfield is mistaken about the nature of the threat. Rather, he is mistaken about the nature of the required solution.

    • Drakken

      The solution is coming soon enough, the muslim in the west is about to become an endangered species.

  • Rostislav

    Seems, the creators of musicals about Austria have to change nice old titles like "The Sound of Music" to the scary new ones like "The Sound of Islam". Well – and not about Austria only, unfortunately… Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • Cassandra

    A great article as always Mr. Greenfield.

    • Defcon 4

      Yes thank you Mr. Greenfield.

  • Texas Patriot

    It's not that Mr. Greenfield is mistaken about the nature of the threat. RatherIt will be interesting to see how the Jewish community reacts to the idea of forced expulsion of Islamic radicals from non-Muslim majority countries. My guess is that they may initially be against it for two reasons. First, it is reminiscent of Hitler's idea of forced expulsion of the Jews from Germany in WWII, and secondly, it would mean more Islamic radicals returning to the middle east to cause problems for Israel. Both of these arguments, in my opinion, are misplaced and should be dismissed.

    In the first instance, Hitler was nothing if not a neo-Islamist. His hatred of the Jews was rooted directly in the Koran, and his infamous autobiography might as well have been entitled "My Jihad" instead of "mein kampf" or my struggle, the meanings being virtually the same, and the object, the destruction of the Jews, being also very much the same. It is a historical fact that Hitler wanted to send European Jews to Israel, but Hitler's close ally, the Islamic Mufti of Jerusalem, would not permit it. The result was Hitler's infamous Final Solution. The idea of forced expulsion of Islamists from Europe today is radically different from the idea of HItler's desire to expel the Jews. In fact, it is the exact opposite in intent and purpose. Hitler WAS an Islamo-Fascist. Expelling the unrepentant jihadists from Europe today would be essentially a continuation of ridding Europe of the Nazi scourge. Militant Islamic jihad for the purpose of world conquest and the forced imposition of sharia law is completely inconsistent with Western values and simply cannot be tolerated.

    Secondly, it should not be a particular concern to Jews that massive numbers of radical Islamists would return to the middle east. There is no longer any chance of peace between Israel and her Islamic neighbors, and the only sensible strategy going forward is to meet each attack with a superior counterattack that results in the forfeiture of all lands and the forced expulsion of the aggressor. In this way, Israel could gradually acquire all lands originally promised to her by God, i.e. all lands between the Nile and the Euphrates, and thus be in a position act as a permanent buffer between the warlike Shia to the north and the warlike Sunni to the South, until the scourge of Islamic world conquest subsides.

    Over time perhaps Muslims will see that the Koran is not the word of God and Muhammad was not his prophet, but until then, there is no chance that there will be anything but war.

    • JayD

      Well sir, with you on most all but, you said; "It is a historical fact that Hitler wanted to send European Jews to Israel." That is not a fact at all. I suspect you read it somewhere and it fit your thinking. First, there was no Israel in his time. There was no apparent antisemitism on his part that was noticeable, until after the first war and then only in late 20's. Most likely he read and believed the Protocols forgery as very many did at the time. Some still do and I can't understand why in light of all the evidence that the book was a fraud. The close ally you describe only became that later in the war, when things got very bad for Germany. It's highly doubtful Hitler read the Koran and had he wanted to, Hitler could have sent Jews just about anywhere he wanted to at a time when he had the power to do so. His hatred of Jews had nothing to do with the Koran or muslims. He really did believe the things he said.

      • Texas Patriot

        Maybe you're right. I just think there are a lot of parallels between Islam and Naziism that need to be explored. The Islamic Caliphate was allied with Germany and the young Adolf Hitler in WWI, Hitler had extensive ties with the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, in WWII, and the common theme of hatred of Jews by both Islam and Naziism is almost too much for coincidence. They both seem like murder cults to me, and they probably both need to be eliminated from the face of the earth. I didn't always think that way, but I do now. Growing up in America, I saw many outstanding Americans convert to Islam and be the better for it in terms of self-discipline and cleaner lifestyles, e.g. Macolm X, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Ahmad Rashad, and the list goes on. However after more than forty years of senseless Islamic terror beginning with the Munich Olympics in 1972 and culminating with the utterly despicable Boston Marathon bombing, there is no longer any room for imagining that members of this cult have any place in Western Civilization.


          Texas Pinhead,

          You left out 9/11, 1993 bombing of the WTC, assassination of JFKs brother RFK, 70,000+ dead in Syria, 2005 London bombings, Pan Am 103,Fort Hood massacre…

          • Texas Patriot

            Thanks, but I knew better than to try to list all of them.

  • Texas Patriot

    Just getting used to this website. The first part of that post "It's not that Mr. Greenfield is mistaken about the nature of the threat. Rather" is an unintended repost of a prior post that somehow appeared again in the new post. Sorry about that.


      Texas Pinhead,

      Websites are really hard to learn how to navigate.


  • Trent

    The chances of Austria becoming an entirely Muslim country by 2050 are slim. Even if all the Muslim immigrants go to the mosque every day and think that democracy is evil, there is no promise that their children or their grandchildren will grow up to be as narrow-minded. The Western, liberal culture of Europe is still strong enough to appeal to teenagers from Muslim families seeking freedom, and many of them will become assimilated. They will face threats from their familes doing so, but if Sabatina James could do it and survive, then others can to.

    • defcon 4

      Is this what Germans said about the nazis in the 1930's?


        defcon 4 AKBAR!

    • Drakken

      Wrong! The effing savages are more devote to islam than the parents, democracy and islam never mix and always ends up with bloodshed. Make no mistake, A Balkans on steroids is coming, the Europeans will only take so much before the enevitable backlash begins.

  • NYgal

    Trent, the experience demonstrates that the children of Muslim immigrants tend to be more prone to embrace The most radical forms of Islam than their immigrant parents.
    At this point it is no longer just a theory but an empirically verifyable reality.

    • arishsahani

      As they read the book more often then their parents.


      Same applies to the Muslim yoof in Britain – hence the 7/7/05 bombing of London transport.

  • defcon 4

    I never knew about the muslim terrorist attack on the synagogue in Austria and all the way back in the 1970's. And the US federal government wants to take away my guns? Yeah, from my dying hands…


      I prefer people like you with STRONG hands.

  • arishsahani

    WW1, WW2 are over but a another silent ww3 is on since 1400 yrs and will not end unless our leaders and intellectual get to its bottom. Saudi arebia has found abetter way to destroy and in slave a nation.Just convert local poor, criminals and uneducated to their following by giving them a book not costing even $1 and make people believe That can have a better life if they kill and destroy for their God. Poor and foolish are made to believe so much and it is working well. 1.3 billions converts 55 islamic nation all are ready to die and destroy for them while they are enjoying life on earth.

  • JayD

    The west, held in check by bleeding heart, weepy eyed, hand wringing liberals of the left, is lost.
    It's lost because it hasn't demonstrated that it's willing to defend itself or it's traditions. And one must be careful about saying bad things about protected minority groups as diversity and multiculture have become a new religion. Yes, there are troops fighting a bloody war but what about the war being waged by 5th columnists at home behind the lines? The civil and human rights industry that makes the worst appear to be the better cause. The same sort of people who stabbed our troops in the back during the Viet Nam war are still hard at it.
    I've read Death of the West by Pat Buchanan. While I don't agree with all of it, and am not religious, I've already seen the truth of it by what I see here in the UK. As an American living here, I think the only thing that's kept us from going quite this far is the size and population of the USA. The only question is, how much longer might it take for things to go the same way. Much already has from I read and hear. Referring now to the dictatorship of political correctness. Which btw rules Europe.
    Want an example? Back some years ago when the Labour Party was in power, it was decided by whoever the official was at the time, to let staff go at national park and close it. Why?
    Because it was determined that and I now quote. "Too many white, middles class, middle aged people use the park." The inference was that somehow there was Raaaaaaaacism involved.
    Another plan that was scrapped, was one in which it was decided that there didn't seem to be many women enjoying England's fishing rivers. Especially they said, there were no muslim women out there and so it was decided to encourage them to do so. You could never make this sort of stuff up. It just springs from the loony liberal left over here. Last year, four black muslim girls had a few too many and happen to see a girl and her boy friend waiting for a taxi. So they attacked them. They sent the girl to the hospital and it was all caught on camera. Here's how the assault was treated by the judge when it came to trial. He said that as muslims, the girls were not used to drink and so were not responsible for their actions. He let them off with a warning. Anything else might have offended and we can not allow that.
    Oh by the, the leader of the pack was screaming, kill the white bitch, over and over again. But no hate crime or race/hate crime was brought. You can bet had the white girl said kill the muslim bitches, she'd be in jail even now.

  • Hermes

    Turkish president warns of Holocaust if europeans do not kiss the crocodile the way they should:


      The end of mecca and the hajj nakba?

  • surfcitysocal

    Wow. Thanks for the startling history lesson. Will America learn from history? I doubt it.

    "…he was innocent of plotting a terrorist attack and instead sentenced him only for illegal possession of explosives." I fully expect Dzohkhar will be found to be merely a poor, innocent victim of his older brother's brainwashing, never mind the dead 8-year old, two young people just starting out with their lives, the cop, and the numerous people with their limbs blown off and their lives changed forever.

  • C.R.