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Barely Half of Liberals say Obama is Better at Foreign Policy than Bush

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 10, 2013 @ 7:00 pm In The Point | 8 Comments

These are not good numbers. These are really as bad as numbers get considering that Democrats took it as an article of faith that George W. Bush had destroyed foreign policy completely and was barely more than a gibbering chimp.

As the country debates launching airstrikes on Syria, President Barack Obama’s standing on foreign policy has taken such a hit that the latest Reason-Rupe poll finds 64 percent of Americans, including 68 percent of independents and 41 percent of Democrats, believe President Obama’s handling of foreign policy is worse than, or the same as, former President George W. Bush’s handling of foreign policy.

When looking directly at the Democrats column, we find that only 56% of Dems say that Obama’s foreign policy skills are better than those of George W. Bush.

Would you say President Obama’s handling of foreign policy has been better or worse than former President George W. Bush’s handling of foreign policy, or are they about the same?

56% of Democrats say better.

13% actually say worse.

28% say about the same.

Among liberals, only 54% say that Obama’s handling of foreign policy is better than that of Bush. Among progressives, it’s at 58%. 16% of progs even seem to prefer Bush’s foreign policy.

Looks like Obama is losing even the Dems on foreign policy.

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