BBC Claims “Antisemitism” Too Long a Word, “Islamophobia” Just Right


Finding the right words can be tasking. Even when you’re the BBC and your grotesquely inflated salaries are paid by a mandatory fee just so you can spew out programming that no one in their right mind watches anymore, it’s still a trial to find the find the right way of telling the people what they should think.

The BBC recently reported the story of the Labour Lord who was suspended for claiming that Jews were responsible for his imprisonment after driving offences.

The Labour peer was jailed for sending a text message shortly before his car was involved in a fatal crash. He later said that Jewish owners of “newspapers and TV channels” had put pressure on the court.

Many queried the BBC’s reporting of the incident at the time. In fact, the odd headline, “Labour peer Lord Ahmed suspended after ‘Jewish claims'” is still currently live. Instead of using “anti-Semitism”, the Beeb opted for “Jewish claims”, making the story seem like there were claims by Jewish people leading to Lord Ahmed’s suspension.

But the BBC had a good excuse. A perfectly reasonable explanation.

BBC: Thanks for your email and please accept our apologies for the delay in replying. We try and stick as closely as possible to the words used, so, in this case we  used ‘Jewish claims’ in the short space available for headlines to summarise his comments.

READER: Thanks for your reply, but with all due respect that is utter nonsense. ‘Jewish claims’ 13 characters. ‘Antisemitism’ 12 characters. Plus one look at the space available in the headline within the URL will tell you that there is/was PLENTY of space to report factually

Even more oddly, Islamophobia is also 12 characters yet the BBC has no trouble fitting it into every conceivable manner of headline including, “Islamophobia ‘explosion’ in UK”, “‘Islamophobia’ rises after 11 September”, “UK press ‘fuels Islamophobia”, “Islamophobia ‘just getting worse'”, “Terror jury Islamophobia warning” and finally “Islamophobia since Islam began”.

The word magicians at the BBC appear to have contrived ways to fit Islamophobia’s 12 character bulk into a headline, but can’t figure out how to get anti-Semitism in there.

  • William James Ward

    So here it is BBC a failed news outlet and a full time propaganda rag
    of the British leftist elite spewing lies and distorting language as to bend
    the minds of any of it’s hapless victims. Why England has fallen into
    truth decay and lost it’s identity to multiculturalism is probably happening
    here in America to a lesser extent but living lies is here but I hope not
    to stay. Look at our POTUS a serial liar and fraud. England is due for a
    violent revolution, we should watch and pay heed to what happens when
    truth is destroyed which it has to be to foist Islam on free people.

  • TeamInfidel

    Come on people…It isn’t “Islamophobia” when these “good” muslims really ARE trying to kill us.

    BTW – – I do not fear being labeled an ‘Islamophobe.’ Winston Churchill was once accused of being a ‘Naziphobe.’ How did work out??

  • DogmaelJones1

    “Islamophobia since Islam began” was a BBC head line? Did it mean “ever since Islam began”? And where did it begin? In Medina, when Mohammad and his Merry Men returned to convert the pagans there. Those pagans were the first “Islamophobes” and weren’t laughing at Mo anymore when he brandished his sword of peace.

  • Carlos SpicyWeener

    Nothing puts the Crescent in the BBC like crony anti-semitism.

  • ErikKC

    True. Fear of lions. Leophobia.

  • Samuel

    You purposely misreprented the BBC’s response to you. They said very clearly “…stick as closely as possible to the words used” (i.e. the words used by Ahmed). The reference to the short headline space means that they can’t put the whole story in the headline. In fact, if you read the article, you will find the word “Antisemitism”. As far as them overusing “Islamophobia”, a simple Google search will show that there are many more BBC articles with “Antisemitism” in the headline.

  • Go Jira

    The western media is being Sharia-ised. The politicians are dhimmis. The police are the protectors of the invader scum. Us brits have our hands tied.