Benghazi Cleric: “We Don’t Want Women’s Soccer! We Want More Floggings!”

Isn’t it great how Obama got into a war (and then lied about it) to make scenes like these possible. Here’s your War on Women in real life.

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by Sheik Salem Jaber, in Benghazi, Libya, which aired on Libya Al-Hurra TV on June 7, 2013:

Salem Jaber: Every day, I hope to hear on TV that from now on, anybody who drinks wine will receive 40 or 80 lashes, or that a fornicator – male or female – will receive 100 lashes, in accordance with the explicit word of the Koran.

So it came as a surprise to me to hear the news that a sports team was being established at the university. Is it for youth who are failing in their studies? Or is it for outstanding youth? No, it is for neither. Tall, young, and beautiful girls were picked for the team. Just what our country needed… A woman’s soccer team.

Is this what our country needs? What about Islamic universities? What about Islamic punishments? What about judges? What about rights and duties? What about the fear of Allah? What about implementing the punishments decreed by Allah?

Whose daughters are these? Are they the daughters of Jews, of Christians, or of Zoroastrians? Are they the daughters of heretics? Of Communists? It is written in their fathers’ ID cards that they are Muslim.

But today, these girls are exposing their heads. Is this to be allowed? In a few months’ time, they will be exposing their legs. The day they joined [the soccer team], exposing what should be hidden, these girls sold out their honor, and soiled the honor of their families with the filth of nudity and shamelessness.

The Sheikh has just built a case for honor killing women who play soccer. I’m sure all those fake angry protesters in Texas will be right on this. But of course, they won’t. You can’t criticize Islam.

  • William James Ward

    The Sheikh needs a soccer ball shoved in his big fat mouth.
    Sicko Islamists have developed a culture of pain and suffering
    for Muslim families, Fathers are to be brutes and the Mosque
    a place of torture. Until Islamism and the Koran are displaced
    these people will never know the peace and quiet of contentment.

    • OfficialPro


  • Profit

    Women’s soccer: Allah’s hellfire awaits you.
    Flogging/stoning/smashing infidel skulls: 72 virgins in paradise

  • herb benty

    Islam causes insanity, fake murderous cults are all the same. Tell all muslims to just stop the torturing, beheadings, slaughterings, floggings, cannibalism etc., etc and THINK for one minute- does Almighty God need AK-47s or semtex to fulfill HIS WILL, the answer is NO. Satan, on the other hand, ” comes but to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY, which dovetails nicely with man’s fallen nature…. and ISLAM.

  • jewdog

    I’ve got it, Sheik: You flog the female soccer players! Now that’s a win-win.

  • Kristi Winters

    I would like to see broad condemnation of ALL religious attempts to regulate women’s bodies and their private lives.