Biden Niece to Cops: “You Don’t Know Who You’re Doing This To”


Caroline Biden didn’t seem to have realized that Bill de Blasio wasn’t the mayor yet. That’s the only explanation for her entitled behavior.

“I shouldn’t be handcuffed! You don’t know who you’re doing this to,” Caroline Biden barked at police, according to court documents.

Cops arrested Biden at her then luxury rental apartment in Tribeca Sept. 17 after she allegedly went berserk in a door-pounding, screaming confrontation with her roommate over unpaid rent.

After swinging at a female officer then slapping another, cops cuffed her and took her to the station house.

The unstable 26-year-old rambled for nearly two hours, snootily trying to get cops to make the connection between her name and that of her powerful uncle, court papers show.

“My name can’t be on it,” Biden bossily demanded, referring to police paperwork. “I know my rights, I studied law.”

When cops tried to search the Georgetown University grad’s purse she snapped, “I have secret service stuff in there.”

Sounds like Caroline is as smart as her uncle. And as well-behaved. Alcoholism seems to run in the family.

  • ziggy zoggy

    She won’t do a day in jail. I’ll bet she wasn’t even booked.

    • Lanna

      Swinging at a police officer and slapping another…Unbelieveable.

  • Gee

    Two counts of assaulting police – she’s lucky to be alive

  • DogmaelJones1

    “Alcoholism seems to run in the family.” Or a stupidity gene.

  • Veracious_one

    Have the police begged forgiveness and released her yet? we’ll see shortly…

  • Lanna

    Isn’t it just like the privileged class…rules, laws, and regulations are not for them, including Obamacare.

  • A Z

    What was in the purse?

    Did they search it and find drugs?