Biden Thanks NPS Worker for “Her Service” Blocking Vets from WW2 Memorial


The few, the proud, the brave…standing watch


This is Obamerica in one sentence. We used to thank veterans for their service. Now we thank petty government functionaries (calling this woman a park ranger is a joke) who oppress veterans for their service.

Vice President Joe Biden is proud of the National Park Service ranger who stood up to Rep. Randy Neugebauer at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

On Thursday, video surfaced online of Neugebauer, a Texas Republican, angrily lecturing the ranger for setting up barricades to the memorial.

“I’m proud of you,” Biden said, according to his office’s Twitter account, revealing that the vice president had called the ranger to thank her for her service.

Neugebauer told the ranger that the Park Service should be “ashamed” for blocking access to the memorial.

“I’m not ashamed,” the ranger replied.

Shamelessness. That’s the theme of Obamerica.

  • RLande

    Just thinking. What did the WWII Nazi brownshirt uniforms look like?


    She knows that either you are with Obama or things will tough really fast. Look what was done to Dr Ben Carson after his criticism of Obamacare at the prayer breakfast. What a shame we have so many low information voters in this country.

    • Ed FDNYRetiree

      Nope, she didn’t have to reply at all. That was exactly how she felt, and she is scum for saying that.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    Hey ranger: FUCK YOU!

  • DogmaelJones1

    Of course she’s not ashamed. Just as a court lackey wasn’t ashamed to carry and clean his king’s chamber pot.

  • Biff Henderson

    My father carried Nazi flak they couldn’t dig out of his back. I’m wondering how many of these wheelchair bound veterans, if they still possessed the wherewithal of their younger days, would have loved to have slapped the words out of that scrunt’s mouth.

  • glpage

    The Brown Shirts weren’t afraid of the crap they did either.

  • The March Hare

    Government shutdown??? The memorial was always unattended and open 24/7. How is it that it has to close? Aren’t they spending money to shut down something that didn’t cost anything to keep open? Something that was paid for with private funds? This is only to cause as much pain to the public as possible and using the WWII vets to wring sympathy by inflicting pain on them. Alinsky tactics of the ends justifying the means. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt as long as they get what they want.

  • Marlin Williams

    Joe Biden is the only reason why I wouldn’t want to see Obama impeached. Could you imagine “that” taking over the duties of the president and running (ruining) this country?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      He’d be an immediate lame duck. Nobody takes him seriously.

    • Michael Tiffany

      I know your right, frying to the fire!!!! Is there anyway to take back the government/ republic and impeach them both? and we the people put it on hold untill we get another in there place? I don’t know, thats why im asking this question. does anybody know the answer.

  • hank

    Biden you really are the court Jester. (in reality- a half wit ) THINK, THINK before your foot goes in your mouth!

    • BS77

      shoe size higher than IQ…

  • John

    The Dems are turning the shutdown into the most painful situation they can.

  • ArizonaPaul

    Well, the last line says it all. The left has no shame. And also, being a “Progressive” means never saying “I’m sorry” when one of their programs hurts way more people than it helps, but the leftist feels good about themselves.

  • crowtoe

    Every tragedy needs “comic relief” to ease the tension for the audience. All hail Joe Biden, the Jester in Chief.

  • Clancie

    Democrats no longer seem to be afraid to show what despicable scum they are.

    • jamohio

      At some point the regressive demonizercrats realize they are all in, with little to lose!! It will get worse!! They are a maniacle bunch of bullies by nature, h&// bent on complete control of all Americans!!

    • Jill

      Why should they be afraid when 8/9 million Republican voters couldn’t be bothered voting Obama out?? What have they got to lose against a bunch of the population who couldn’t be bothered to drive down the road to throw out the worst, Marxist led govt America has ever had??

  • Gail

    They should both be ashamed! Biden & that woman have what they have today because of the Vets.

    • Jill

      True. And they’re able to keep what they have because the latest generation of Americans didn’t want to go to the polls to restore America.

  • Gail

    Clanice, I agree with you!

  • Rosemary Kelly

    What’s the woman’s name? Maybe some people would like to thank her in person.(snark mode ON)

    • Frank J. Austin

      Yesssssss, Yes they would…

  • JCS

    Maybe Biden could give the woman guard a shotgun to defend herself from evil WWII veterans. By the way, where is Tom Brokaw so-called chronicler of the Greatest Generation? Siding with Obama against them of course.

    • Frank J. Austin

      A shotgun would be quite ineffective against ” the greatest battle implement ever devised” ( Garand Rifle ) in the hands of “The Greatest Generation”. It is sad that these soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are now in a fragile state due to the age of their bodies, otherwise, the tables would be turned, no, THROWN very quickly !!! This “Park Ranger” would witness the wrath of the Greatest Warriors ever to grace GOD’s Earth !

      • Michael Tiffany

        Your post just brought tears to my eye’s. you are absolutly right on. Can you imagine or even picture in your mind like a mental movie? makes my hair stand up, we need more brave worrriors in this country by we the people, remmember the old adage (forgot from who, plz help) “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE DEATH” yeah that’ me. Amen. Brother!!!! tmikelee.

  • jamohio

    Biden is a chickens#!t little man. Go face these Heros of America and tell them they can’t go to They’re Monument!! You and your master are are a joke and it’s time to take the Trash out of the District of Communism!! Keep the shutdown untill they are gone!! How’s that for a compromise obama?? The American taxpayers with Real Jobs are saving millions of dollars by the minute!!

  • Gunny

    Go ahead you pansey, try to shut down the WWII memorial. Our vets didn’t stop on Nomandy, Iwo Jima, etc. They didn’t stop here when faced with socialism on America’s door. They got in!

    • Frank J. Austin

      And, Gunny, The younger Generations of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines will get in with them !

      • Gunny


    • Peter

      Well, they did shut it down and I don’t see these guys trying to get in. Seriously, if the park service tried to arrest them all for bypassing the barricades I’d like to think there would be some sort of revolt. We are letting these people win because we’re all “scared”. Think I’m wrong? Go jump the barricade then.

      • Gunny

        I agree Peter, America is now made up of sheep. OUR forefathers certainly wouldn’t of taken any of this! It is time Americans took back OUR country.

        • Peter

          Absolutely. I include myself in the sheeple category too. I have 9 years until retirement, work in government, am a minority white male and if I openly revealed my beliefs I would be fired and my family would suffer. My only solace is always trying to do the right thing, be an example and educate those who will listen.

          I seek out the like minded but it seems we are outnumbered. I tell my wife, when I retire they won’t be able to shut me up but I wonder if it’ll be too late.

          • Gunny

            Unfortunately when I rose to the rank of Gunny in the Marine Corps compacency was removed from my brain and speak my mind entered. I have always voice my opinion when that opinion was of constructive means. This country was built on the originality of original thought in that by applying different views united collectively we are better.

          • Peter

            Much respect. Thanks for your service.

  • Gene

    Put this one in the same category as the wheel chair bound man whom Veepy Joe told to stand up. And, by the bye, did Joe or the ranger ever serve in the military?

  • doloreseilerts

    notice everything fir the people of the people and paid for by the people was shut down. and the worthless scab parasites are getting paid vacations all going the way the. obamaotollah regime planned except he thought we would scream loud. keep it shut down the jihad agaibst anerica will not happen dems are now terrorists

  • Willman47

    Now they are talking about paying the federal employees for their time off work. The government is supposed to work for us but they seem to think of American citizens as a cash cow to fund any stupid project they can come up with. This kind of liberal crap will continue until we force it to stop. We need to clean house of the “progressives”, and the “rinos” in congress.

  • MollyPitcher28

    My only question is, with all of obama’s acts of high treason against this Republic, why hasn’t he been impeached yet?

    Our nation cannot survive 3 more years of his “Reign of Terror.”

    • The March Hare

      Biden is his impeachment insurance. I’m not sure if that is worse or not.

  • Joseph23006

    hen I visited the Memorial I did not see one Park Ranger guarding it, so how can a government who claims it has no money afford to pay to keep the citizens who paid for it out? Joe Biden (I’m ashamed to that name) has proven time and time again he is an idiot, and he serves the most incompetent president ever elected!

  • gunnygene

    Of course she’s not ashamed. She’s “just following orders”. Seems I heard that before. Oh, yeah –Nuremberg. As for Biden, he’s as much an embarrassment as Obama.

    I pray that we can find men like these:

    “GOD, give us men! A time like this demands
    Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands;
    Men whom the lust of office does not kill;
    Men whom the spoils of office can not buy;
    Men who possess opinions and a will;
    Men who have honor; men who will not lie;
    Men who can stand before a demagogue
    And damn his treacherous flatteries without winking!
    Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog
    In public duty, and in private thinking;
    For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn creeds,
    Their large professions and their little deeds,
    Mingle in selfish strife, lo! Freedom weeps,
    Wrong rules the land and waiting Justice sleeps.”

    Josiah Gilbert Holland

  • Michael Tiffany

    I know you didn’t mean scrunt, but for all decency I do know what word you had in mind, and I agree and applaud you. STAND UP AMERICA. Let’s fight the good fight AND WIN, don’t allow government to turn us into subjects as to a king, we are UNITED STATES CITIZENS, AND BLESS GOD HER. AMEN. To all brothers and sister know matter what or who you are. tmikelee.

    • Biff Henderson

      My daughter, who works with the dare I say it, the mentally disenfranchised, informed me that in today’s climate they should be referred to as “exceptional people.” Each person has their own idea for a given euphemism. It can be relatively innocuous or a vulgarian’s hammer. Given today’s PC bent on everything under the sun one expression should remain blurry and safe for all to use as they see fit. Regards, Biff