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Bill de Blasio Attends Columbus Day Parade, Attacks Columbus

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 19, 2013 @ 8:27 pm In The Point | 1 Comment

"If Bill de Blasio doesn't like my work, maybe he should try moving to Russia." [1]

“If Bill de Blasio doesn’t like my work, maybe he should try moving to North Korea.”

And by attack, I mean Bill de Blasio deflects the question in the usual dishonest [2]way he has while making it clear that he’s in the Anti-Columbus camp. And that’s about what you expect from a guy whose favorite color is red.

“The historical figure of Columbus is complicated to say the least,” Mr. de Blasio, the front-running candidate for mayor, said today at a press conference right before he marched in Manhattan’s Columbus Day parade.

Mr. de Blasio was responding a question asking whether he thought Mr. Columbus, famous for discovering the Americas while sailing for Spain and later attacking the native populations, was worthy of national recognition.

Complicated, like controversial, is how liberals call something bad when they don’t have the guts to come right out and say it.

Mr. de Blasio argued the holiday in its current form was simply a celebration of Italian pride, not the explorer.

“That’s not what this day is about, it’s not about the individual. It’s about the people that are represented on Columbus Day,” he argued. “When I’m out here marching on Columbus Day I’m thinking about the pride in my Italian heritage.”

Columbus Day has nothing to do with Columbus… according to Bill de Blasio.

When he marches in the Columbus Day, he’s thinking about Sacco and Vanzetti. Or Antonio Gramsci.

Maybe if De Blasio wins and begins his red reign of terror, right in between giving SEIU the city treasury and giving Al Qaeda the key to the city, he’ll find the time to rename the Columbus Day parade, the Gramsci Day Parade.

Then he won’t find it “complicated” anymore.

But if Bill de Blasio really finds the whole “Discovering America” thing so complicated and controversial. He can leave. Any time. I hear the weather is much nicer in Pyongyang.

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