“Bill de Blasio is Better for my Union, But I Think He’s a Communist.”

bill di blasio

This may well be what the election comes down to. Union Reagan Democrats who ought to know better and do.

John Jackson, 35, was heading home to Marine Park. He planned on stopping by his local polling place to vote on his way.

“But I’m torn about this election,” he said.

“I think Bill de Blasio is better for my union, but I think he’s a communist. De Blasio’s better for my work, but Lhota’s better for the city.”

Welcome to Brooklyn, folks.

Turnout has been light due to the polling showing leftist candidate Bill de Blasio far ahead. Exit polls are showing the predictable idiocy.

Overall crime is not high on voters’ agendas today. Only 15 percent chose it as the most important issue, compared to 38 percent who chose jobs and unemployment.

When choosing which quality in a candidate mattered the most to them, 34 percent of city voters said they wanted a candidate who shared their values, and 30 percent said they wanted change. Experience ranked last on voters’ priority lists.

The economy may be important, but there’s only so much that the Mayor of New York City can do about that. Bloomberg has already done a pretty good job of attracting business to the city. Lhota might be able to do a better job. Bill de Blasio obviously won’t be doing that.

So what exactly is this “jobs and the economy” nonsense. If you’re voting for someone whose platform is free stuff to be paid for by someone else, good luck finding those people and their jobs.

And if you want someone who shares your values of supporting Communist church burners and synagogue bombers, no experience necessary, take a good look at Detroit.

The union members partying at The Armory and licking their lips at all the money they’re going to ripoff when Bill de Blasio gives them everything, should look at Detroit too where the unions sucked their share of blood and now are having their retirees dumping into ObamaCare and their pensions put on the chopping block.

When a parasite kills the host, the parasite dies too.

  • Drakken

    Do you hear that big huge sucking sound? That is the sound of business moving out of New York and taking their tax revenue with them.

    • Veracious_one

      the other sucking sound you hear would be the new government free loaders moving in…

      • Drakken

        Let them rot.

  • Omar

    I’m disappointed, but not surprised, that Warren Wilhelm, Jr. won the election for mayor of New York City. Even after his radical past (visiting the Soviet Union, supporting and funding the Sandinistas and honeymooning in Castrogonia [aka Communist Cuba]) was revealed, that did not stop New Yorkers from voting for the extremist Wilhelm. Even to this day, he is unrepentant about supporting the pro-Communist totalitarian Sandinistas. Wilhelm’s politics are so extreme that he gets support from loons like Harry Belafonte. Speaking of Belafonte, just this past weekend, while campaigning for Wilhelm at a Harlem rally, Belafonte compared the Koch brothers and the Tea Party to the KKK. Wilhelm’s response? He only gave a slight critique of Belafonte’s “choice of words”, but still praised the leftist loon for his “energetic activism”. In addition, Wilhelm also smeared the Tea Party movement as “greedy” and “extremist”. After 20 years, Democrats control NYC’s City Hall again. However, there is reason for New Yorkers to fear the election results, as Wilhelm’s victory will certaintly bring back the old days of the Koch/Dinkins administration. While Bloomberg wasn’t perfect (and let’s get real here: Bloomberg is not a Republican. He was a Democrat turned Republican turned independent. Most of Bloomberg’s policies as mayor coincided with those of the Democrats, including Wilhelm. He is definitely more of a Democrat than a GOP member and that is undeniable), he supports good police tactics which have kept the city (and especially minority communities) safe from dangerous and violent crime. With Wilhelm in City Hall, he will reverse some of the good policies of the GOP/independent years (GOP from 1994 to 2007 and independent from 2007 until the end of this year). I really hope that the GOP can make a comeback win in the 2017 election like they did back in the 1993 election, which brought in major reforms. Today is a very sad day, as the interests of Sandinista despot Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua (Ortega is Wilhelm’s puppeteer) prevailed over the interests of New Yorkers. The best thing to hope now for the next four years is for New Yorkers to engage in non-cooperation with the incoming Wilhelm administration in City Hall. At least with non-cooperation, New Yorkers at least retain some dignity of individual thought.

  • truebearing

    Here in the United States of Myopia we don’t worry about silly things like long term consequences, or even not-so-long term consequences.

    A fool and his freedom will soon part.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    As usual, notice the double standards. De Blasio’s campaign constantly ran ads saying Lhota was associated with the Tea Party. But Lhota couldn’t run ads explaining that de Blasio was a communist who worked for the Sandinistas and went on his honeymoon in Cuba. That would be “red baiting.”

    With these double standards Republicans lose. If you can’t expose your opponent’s principles and their logically consequences, you have to accept your opponents terms in the debate. Obama’s radical past was off limits. Same problem.

  • jakespoon

    They deserve what they get,then.

  • Nobama

    De Blasio is just like Obama…hard left and totally incompetent