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Bill de Blasio’s NSN: “From Palestine to Nicaragua, US Out of Everywhere”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 3, 2013 @ 9:30 am In The Point | 9 Comments

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As the New York City mayoral race heats up, more questions are being raised about Democratic nominee Bill de Blasio’s involvement with a support group for Nicaraguan terrorists.

Buzzfeed peered into part [2]of the Nicaragua Support Network archive at NYU, Bill de Blasio’s old group and found among other things, a fundraising letter signed by him as late as 1991 urging continued support for the FSLN Marxist terrorist group.

“We at the network have taken inspiration from the Sandinistas during this difficult time, learning to do more with less,” the Bill de Blasio signed fundraising letter read.

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Others like the sign above sum up the deranged left-wing politics of Bill de Blasio’s network. The reference to Tompkin Sq. places the NSN within the context of East Village radicals.

The sign dates to 1990 when Bill de Blasio was still actively participating in the terrorist group’s American support network.

The archive also shows that the NSN reprinted an entire 1990 Castro speech. That can’t help but revisit the allegations that the NSN had been set up by Cuba’s intelligence service using American fellow travelers.

Other documents show that the NSN became involved in anti-war protests on behalf of Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War, but by then Bill de Blasio may have already fully transitioned to his role in New York City politics.

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