Bill de Blasio’s Open Door for Terrorists

larger“I want at least 1,000 to 2,000 to die in one day,”  Shahawar Siraj told an NYPD informant.

The Pakistani illegal alien and Muslim bookstore employee was discussing his plans to kill as many New Yorkers as possible. “I’m going to f___ this country very bad.”

But before Siraj and his collaborator could bomb the 34th Street subway station, they were arrested. Their plans to bomb the subway and Macy’s came to nothing. But under Bill de Blasio, the New York Police Department would never have been allowed to lay a finger on them.

Some years later, Ahmed Ferhani was telling an NYPD undercover detective about his plan to bomb churches and synagogues.   He talked of blowing up “the biggest synagogue” in Manhattan, dressing up as a Jewish worshiper, planting a bomb and walking away.

What both cases had in common was a lack of external leads. They weren’t Al Qaeda members. Their attacks would have been as much of a shock as the Boston Marathon bombings or the Fort Hood shootings. They were the “lone wolf” Jihadists who have become today’s terrorist threat.

Under Bill de Blasio, the investigations that prevented the mass murder of New Yorkers would never have been allowed. Bill de Blasio, the left-wing candidate for Mayor of New York City, has once again reiterated that he will not allow proactive surveillance of Muslim terror suspects and terror mosques.

“The efforts of surveillance have to be based on specifically specific information,” Bill de Blasio said. The standard of “specifically specific information” would have led to the deaths of countless New Yorkers.

During the primary, Bill de Blasio tried to hide his radical pro-terrorist views by claiming that he wouldn’t interfere with the NYPD’s counter-terrorism efforts. Now that he’s the nominee and ahead in the polls, he feels comfortable enough to tell New Yorkers that he will not allow the NYPD to protect them from Muslim terrorists.

A terrorist attack has to be stopped in one of two ways. Law enforcement can hope that the terrorist will screw up his plot the way that Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square bomber, did. Or they can proactively carry out surveillance and use informants to “trip” the next lone wolf attacker into revealing himself before he kills a dozen, a hundred or a thousand New Yorkers.

If the Boston cops had followed the NYPD’s lead and maintained a steady surveillance of the terror-linked Islamic Society of Boston attended by Tamerlan Tsarnaev and then sent in an informant to probe him after some of his outbursts, the Boston Marathon bombings would never have happened.

New York City didn’t get lucky after September 11. Muslim terrorists haven’t spent the last twelve years sleeping on their prayer rugs.

The only reason a Boston Marathon bombing or London’s 7/7 attacks didn’t happen here was because the New York Police Department kept a constant vigil using informants and proactive surveillance. These are the very measures that the radical Bill de Blasio has promised his Muslim allies he will destroy.

In 2011, Muhammad Yusuf began assembling a bomb based on instructions from Al Qaeda’s Inspire Magazine. Similar instructions were used by the Tsarnaevs in their bombing of the Boston Marathon. If not for an NYPD informant, Yusuf’s bomb would have gone off killing New Yorkers.

A year later, Quazi Mohammad Nafis’ plot to detonate a 1,000 pound car bomb outside the Federal Reserve Bank was shut down by an informant working with the NYPD and the FBI.

Muslim political activists and their media allies, now cheering for Bill de Blasio, responded to every terrorist plot shut down by the NYPD by ignoring the number of New Yorkers who would have died, dismissing the terrorists as mentally ill or incompetent, accusing the NYPD of entrapping them and perversely calling for an end to the surveillance of Muslim terrorists and terror mosques.

And they would have said the same thing if the Tsarnaevs had blabbed to a police informant and been nabbed on the way to the marathon with dummy bombs in their backpacks.

Now if Bill de Blasio wins, the pro-terrorist lobby will finally get its way.

There was only a thin blue line preventing the Boston Marathon bombings from happening in New York. That thin blue line is now one election away from being cut to pieces.

Bill de Blasio vowed to shut down the NYPD’s counter-terrorism efforts while standing side by side with Linda Sarsour.

Sarsour had said that the NYPD had invented most of the terrorist plots, that Malcolm X had been assassinated by the NYPD, that the underwear bomber had been a CIA agent and that New Yorkers who celebrated Bin Laden’s death are now “no better than the slimes that Gaddafi and Osama were.”

It isn’t the first time that Bill de Blasio made a deal with the devil. Before he began his career in New York politics, he supported the Marxist FSLN terrorists of Nicaragua who had attacked a synagogue, burnt Miskito Indians alive in a church and whose leader recently hosted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Bill de Blasio has refused to apologize for supporting a terrorist organization that murdered Indians and Jews; instead defending his allegiance to the Sandinista killers as “progressive.”

According to the New York Times, Bill de Blasio told other members of the pro-FSLN Nicaragua Solidarity Network “of a need to understand and build alliances with Islam, predicting it would soon be a dominant force in politics.”

That much he has done.

Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers urged Bill de Blasio to “be very proud of the fact that he supported the Sandinistas.”

Ayers had participated in the 1970 bombing of the NYPD headquarters that wounded seven police officers.

In his memoir “Fugitive Days,” he writes, “We threatened to bomb a major symbol of American injustice, and when a little more than two weeks later the promised bomb exploded in the New York City Police Headquarters on Centre Street, the Weathermyth was fully launched.”

De Blasio has revealed himself to be a man who sympathizes with terrorists and who is supported by terrorists. It’s no surprise we’ve now learned he wants the NYPD to turn a blind eye to terrorism.

If Bill de Blasio wins, when the next Muslim terrorist says, “I want at least 1,000 to 2,000 to die in one day”; there will be no NYPD informant to hear him and no NYPD detectives to stop him.


Don’t miss Jamie Glazov’s video interview with Daniel Greenfield on the Unholy Alliance, the administration’s Brotherhood Romance, the Huma Abedin-Anthony Weiner saga,  and much, much more:

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  • Philip Eton-Hogg

    The Sandinistas were the lesser evil in the Central American conflicts of the ’80s. All sides were pretty tainted, and the Sandinistas certainly had much to answer for, but they didn’t commit as many atrocities as Somoza’s crowd or the US trained death squads. The US should have just stayed out of that mess completely

    • truebearing

      According to you. So, does that mean that you are making a non sequitur argument in defense of de Blasio? I fail to see a relevant point. Did you read Greenfield’s article, clearly outlining the consequences of electing a radical like de Blasio?

      We shouldn’t have elected Obama. We shouldn’t have let leftist unions ruin our schools. Troy shouldn’t have trusted the Trojans and allowed the “tribute” horse to enter their gates. Those things are too late to remedy. It isn’t too late to make sure de Blasio is defeated. That, I believe, is the issue here.

      • Philip Eton-Hogg

        Lhota’s clearly the better man but his chances of becoming mayor of NY are like Ron Paul’s chances of becoming president.

    • UCSPanther

      I’m sure the natives of Nicaragua’s northern coast would vehemently disagree with you…

      • nomoretraitors

        Oh that’s ok. They aren’t being oppressed by English-speaking Anglo-Saxon/Nordic people. We’re the only ones who can oppress people

        • UCSPanther

          And they (The Sandinistas) probably convinced themselves that it was all for the good of the Natives.

          Basically the same type of excuse that Vyacheslav Molotov used when the Soviets invaded Finland…

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “And they (The Sandinistas) probably convinced themselves that it was all for the good of the Natives.”

            It’s always for the greater good. No matter what. Any crime can be justified. Any crime.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Actually they committed far more atrocities as if typical of left-wing regimes and their obsessions with thought-crimes.

    • Drakken

      Funny how you leftist excuse any communist and their crimes because according to you leftist, a leftist and ideology is ok as long as it is not right of center and you commi’s don’t care how many bodies it takes to implement the right communism. You folks on the left deserve everything that is coming down the pike and more.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Tell it to the Miskito Indians …


      The communists are never the “lesser evil’, unless possibly when comparing them to the Islamists.


      Fidel Cuban trained death squads are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

    • Omar

      And you are an America-hating, freedom-hating, democracy-hating, Communist totalitarian-loving Stalinist/Maoist. The U.S. never created any death squads at all. The Soviet Union/Russia and Communist China trained many death squads around the world. You are an apologist for Russian and Chinese Communist imperialism

      • Philip Eton-Hogg

        The US indeed created death squads. After the war they fled to Los Angeles and became street gangs. We can not only blame Reagan for Al Qaeda but also for MS 13. Another reason we should have stayed out. Too bad we didn’t have a Libertarian president.

        • Omar

          You are wrong. You keep on repeating Communist propaganda from the Soviet Union/Russia, Communist China and Communist Cuba. In reality, Communists created some of the worst death squads in history. Cuba once had the infamous UMAP prison camps for youth and, particularly homosexuals back in the 1960s. Quit being an apologist for Communist totalitarianism and learn from facts.

          • Philip Eton-Hogg

            I’m not an apologist for Communism. I’m an apologist for Americanism. Remember what Washington said about avoiding entangling alliances.

          • Omar

            George Washington said to avoid entangling alliances at a time when the United States was still a new country. That was 1796, only 20 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed and the creation of the United States. The U.S. was still a new country at the time of Washington’s farewell address. Today, we are a much more developed country than we were in 1796. Today, it is necessary to built alliances to secure our national interestsand to maintain democracy, peace, human rights and freedom around the world today.

  • truebearing

    Do New Yorkers have memories that go back more than a few years? The Muslims haven’t given up. They’re just waiting for us to become complacent, again. Electing de Blasio would be a form of suicide and one of the stupidest choices in the history of American elections.

    • catherineinpvb

      De Blasio knows his Constituency. Guilt-ridden; misinformed; propagandized and arrogant Liberals; whose biggest need is to prove to the world; and thus themselves; that they are NOT racist; in this case; God forbid (if they believed; of course) that they are not the worst of ‘puny-minded'; hate-filled, fear-filled. . .Islamaphobes.

      (An altogether; empty; ascription – save for the hate, so embedded by users- as ‘Islamaphobe’ defies all moral rationale; because having ‘no fear’ – given Muslim realities – is singularly; ‘irrational'; and to truth; immoral).

      Meantime; it is ‘these’ Liberals; who suffer chronic, guilt-induced – searching brain for word that worksIslamyopia . . .who will vote for DeBlasio – believing they are not only ‘clear-sighted'; but altogether; better than we the people; who believe; otherwise.

      Can only say; these people are fools, damn fools. ..almost ‘blind fools’.

      If only they would stop proving such.

      To that; there is a ‘pride'; and a blind pride. . the latter aka Liberal/Leftist Pride. And the ‘fall’ that follows this one: guaranteed ugly. Unfortunately; few of us; can escape, their consequences.

      • nomoretraitors

        I think Islamyopia should be included in the dictionary

      • truebearing

        Well said.

        • catherineinpvb

          Thanks. ..and to your point of these New Yorker’s on what might appear as a collective ‘suicide mission’. . .that might be a ‘campaign message’ that would get their attention. If only. . .


    • nomoretraitors

      “one of the stupidest choices in the history of American elections”
      We passed that marker last Nov.

      • dad1927

        Its hard when the have nots get handouts.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s not memories. It’s knowledge.

      Very few know what he stands for and the media is giving him the Obama treatment.


        The same foolish communities who voted for Obama will vote for deBlasio – in the same overwhelming percentages.

        New York can easily turn into another Detroit. That transformation was underway when Dinkins was Mayor.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          The financials are tilting Detroitward.

          The unions are waiting to cash in on new deals with De Blasio.


            If the tax base leaves NYC as it left Detroit because crime skyrockets, terrorists are coddled, streetlights are dimmed, NYC will spiral downward.

            Lhota has ZERO charisma.

          • truebearing

            Good old charisma….Obama has plenty, to hear the media tell it, but what does charisma get us? Hitler had it. Charles Manson had it, at least to the fools who followed him.

            If this country continues to vote like they are political consultants, or worse, beauty pageant judges, there is nothing that will save this nation, including charisma. Unfortunately, our trajectory is inexorably headed in that direction. Perhaps the only thing that can change that trajectory is another terrorist attack that kills enough people that the nation will be shocked out of its stupidity. The question is, how many people have to die to reignite the pilot light on America’s survival instinct?

          • Philip Eton-Hogg

            Lhota’s a good man but he doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning.

        • Philip Eton-Hogg

          It would be very difficult for NY to become Detroit, given that even when NY was at its worst it wasn’t as bad as Detroit. It would take 50 years of deep decline for NY to turn into Detroit.

    • nomoretraitors

      “They’re just waiting for us to become complacent again”
      We already have, as of Jan. ’09


      Yep – but American progressives are nothing if not stupid. They never learn. That’s why it’s a waste of time to try to convince them of anything. We just need to steamroller them one way or the other, preferably by elections but to borrow one of their own favorite phrases, “by any means necessary”.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    If I were a New Yorker, I’d sell any real-estate or business interest I have in the city, and flee. The debacle is not going to be pretty.


      Bye-Bye Mecca. Your fascist terrorist hajjis made it necessary to wipe Mecca off the face of the earth – in retaliation – for starters..

  • Hank Rearden


    In the end, the liberal mind is an impenetrable box. I had thought, for instance, that the out-of-control crime in New York was due to a misunderstanding of human nature. Then Rudy came in and turned it all around. I lived through those years. One of Rudy’s secrets was that he was not really that nice a guy. He implemented the “broken windows” philosophy of policing and the result was stunning. A total turnaround.

    By the standards of other parts of the country, New York has not been a hotbed of racial animosity. But that said, with the “calming down” of the city under Rudy and, it pains me to say, Bloomberg, racial harmony has also improved, just as a byproduct. 125th Street used to be a no-go area for whites, but it is now no big deal to get off the train at 125 and walk over to the subway and along the way to josh with the locals.

    Now, deBlasio, having seen all that, wants to dismantle it. EVERYBODY benefited from Rudy’s revolution – probably the poor parts of town more than the rich since Park Avenue was never a high crime area.

    I can’t understand it. If any of the Commenters here do, I would like to be educated.

    • john spielman

      Winston Churchill answered your question many years ago; “if you don’t vote liberal when your young, you have NO HEART. But if you don’t vote conservative when you’re older, it’s because you have NO BRAINS!
      De Blasio is your classic “libtard” because he has no knowledge nor wisdom.


        Winston Churchill, the Greatest Man of the 20th Century.

        • smart money

          Really ? that would be the same Winston Churchill who flip flopped between parties to obtain political office and then sold out Great Britain to the socialist FDR and the marxist Stalin

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The left is not satisfied. It’s also delusional.

      It claims that crime would have gone away if Dinkins had gotten a second term. And in any case it won’t accept any state of affairs, but its own destructive policies.

      The problem is a failure to report on what De Blasio is.


        If Dinkins were an effective Mayor, effective in reducing crime, it would have happened DURING his FIRST term.

        Dinkins ran on his accomplishments. ZERO.

        He was voted out because he was an ineffective and incompetent Mayor.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          And if Socialism had ever worked, it would have worked one of the many times it was tried.

          But that doesn’t mean the left stops.

          • defcon 4

            The socialists probably just figure they didn’t kill enough unbelievers to make it work.

      • Jack

        I have seen a story that credited the policies of Dinkins police chief with the downward trend. Of course Dinkins would get credit for “hiring” him or not firing him.

        Also Crime peaked in many English speaking societies like England, U.S. & Australia in 1990/91. So leftists will try to deny any conservative any credit even though the left may not get credit.

        Of course the Soviet Union imploded in 1990 and 1991 and had no money to fund outside activities like they once had. The American Communist Party was not the only organization they funded nor their only way to influence events in the U.S.

        Part of the downturn in crime was not any specific person but the public’s general anger and their getting politicians to jail more career criminals with 3 strike laws. that built up over a decade or so and took time for its effects to be felt.

        The youth age cohort’s size when compared to the rest of society shrank.

        but just because crime went down in general across many countries does not mean it would go down in specific locations. Local policies still matter .See Detroit. Also if cities can generate (influence their ) weather, then their specific policies can have an effect on crime and reinforce or go against regional, national or global trends.

        Regardless we about to get another laboratory experiment.

        If De Blasio wins, the left had better accept it’s responsibility.

        • Omar

          England is not a country. England is one of four internal divisions that are part of the country called the United Kingdom (or Britain). Calling the UK “England” is offensive to the people living in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (the UK’s other three internal divisions).

          • smart money

            England is a country and I happen to be English and live in it.The problem is that our political leaders don’t think it should exist and are doing their level best to swamp it with illegals and subject it to the euro superstate

          • Omar

            England hasn’t been a country since 1707 when it, along with Wales, merged with Scotland to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Those who wish to break the UK apart are either on the far-left (separatists in Scotland and Wales) or the far-right (separatists in England) You, along with all of the people who are citizens that live in UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as the Channel Islands) are all British and British first. The separatist movements in the UK are evil and want to destroy a great country. The UK is a country, not a fictional entity nor an international organization. That’s the reality.

      • Alf

        If De Blasio is elected,

        He gets rid of current police policies,

        There is a mass casualty terrorists attack,

        Will De Blasio be Forced out thru recall or resignation?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “Will De Blasio be Forced out thru recall or resignation?”

          Nope. They’ll call it a phony scandal if you try to blame him or any leftist. Deny deny deny. That’s why they’re all over the web and trying to keep the mainstream (cable and broadcast) media in line.


      I think the basic answer is that the progressive’s entire sense of moral self-worth is tied up in the conviction that we should have a powerful government acting to achieve “social justice”. Therefore, when we Conservatives challenge the assumptions behind that conviction, e.g. the idea that government has the right to redistribute incomes or that income inequality is a bad thing, the progressive feels that his moral status is being challenged as well, which in a way it is. He then reacts self-defensively, failing to see either where he has gone wrong or the great evil his ideas have always accomplished in practice. To admit that his ideas have destroyed Detroit would be to confess a lack of personal virtue, which is much harder than merely admitting to human error.

      You can see why so few men of the Left had the courage to make the transition to political sanity as David Horowitz and Peter Collier did. It’s like cutting yourself open with a scalpel to perform surgery – necessary, but extremely painful.

    • Waiting

      Isaiah 5:20 speaks of the woe that will come to those who say that ‘good is bad and bad is good” and prefer darkness to light. In this difficult time in which we live, those who seek to establish their own rules of morality in order to control the actions of everyone else are doing just as Isaiah said. They will have “woe” and in the meantime, bring “woe” to others by closing their eyes and minds to the truth.
      Often wondering “why” people do stupid, bad, illegal, immoral, or evil things, and coming to the realization that understanding the mindset of those who make these choices requires of me, the impossible. Therefore, I leave it to The One higher than all.

    • Beth

      My first thought was….
      I wonder how much Saudi Arabia is paying him. It’s just a thought.

      • smart money

        Why do they need to pay him as well – they already have the Mankenyan Candidate on their payroll

  • The March Hare

    Yesterday, I found an article about the demolition of the Sandy Hook school and the way it is being dismantled in secret with sworn agreements, melting down of any metal to avoid people grabbing souvenirs or hawking parts on eBay. I was amazed at the number of people wrapped up in conspiracy theories about the incident never happening, all were actors, the school was vacant prior to that, etc.
    I tried to enter into discussion with them and it blew me away how many there were and the stupidity of their arguments. I just don’t remember that many stupid and gullible people around until recent years. We have really become dumbed down. I fear for this country and when it comes to NY, that is a BIG bellwether of what is to come in the U.S.
    The fact that an obvious liberal with a democrat background can just change over to be republican and get elected mayor is astounding enough, and then to buck the system for a third term and institute all these liberal, socialist Marxist bans on fats, soda, sugar, et al. and to top it all off, De Blasio is ahead in polls? Astounding.
    Saying this whole thing is an uphill battle is putting it mildly. I was aghast that Obama was elected in the first place. Then blown away that he was re-elected. Watching what has been going on in NY over the past several years and now De Blasio is making me think it is all over. Maybe the preppers aren’t so paranoid after all. Third world, here we come.
    Have I just grown too cynical or am I just coming to grips with the grim reality? New York is our doorway to the world and this idiot would take away the guards and kick it wide open.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      People often just repeat media talking points. They’ve lost the ability to think.

      • defcon 4

        They think inside the box, a box that gets smaller all the time.

        • Gary Rumain

          Soon, they’ll have no room to think.


      No, you haven’t grown cynical. Things really are that bad – we’re close to despotism now. In Democratic strongholds like NY and CA, it’s becoming nightmarish, with gun confiscation already beginning to take place. Watch for new assaults on Freedom of Speech in both places, which logic suggests must follow shortly.

  • Elizabeth capecod

    Ideologues can’t separate fact from wishful thinking.

    He’s a typical liberal who will have to learn things the hard way at the expense of others.

  • nhtom

    At the rate we’re going we’re getting ready to swing from the far left to the far right. I dread the prospect, but we seem to be paving the way for another Adolf to “come to our rescue.”

    • The March Hare

      Hitler was a socialist. A nationalist socialist to be exact. Forget the BS the media has been putting out for years. He was a leftist and his competition was communism. He hated communists because he wanted his brand of socialism to rule.

    • defcon 4

      Um, Hitler admired islam0fascism and it doesn’t take but two brain cells to figure out why.

  • steve b


    • nomoretraitors

      and City Hall

    • figment

      unfortunately violent acts from our enemies result in a loss of more of OUR freedoms. not theirs.

      as if they needed another excuse. and i’m not sure we have any freedom left anyway.

  • Sharps Rifle

    I’ve often said that if New York elects this lowlife to the mayor’s office, they deserve everything they get. Honestly, if you look back through history, New York has been this country’s weak link…corrupt, self-important for no good reason, parochial, and just plain dense. New York has been hit with terrorism, we know who commits it, but the people of New York keep electing (with the exception of Rudy Giuliani) leftist ideologues who make more terrorism and more crime possible.
    New York is proof that you just can’t fix stupid. The best hope for the rest of us is to expel New York City from the United States and let them wallow in their own self-important, brain dead feces. They created it, and there’s no reason the rest of us should have to deal with it, too.

    • nomoretraitors

      “there’s no reason the rest of us should have to deal with it, too”
      But that’s the liberal way — screw up and let the rest of society take care of you

    • nomoretraitors

      “self-important for no good reason”
      Fits them perfectly

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Actually New York didn’t have much of a history of electing ideologues. De Blasio would be the first in a long time, even if you count Lindsay.

      • Sharps Rifle

        Good point…but how about idiots? Seems they’ve had more than a few of those.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Mostly political hacks from a political machine. De Blasio might be the first full Red mayor.

          • Sharps Rifle

            I’ll buy that. In any case, De Blasio seems like someone I’d rather not have in any office in any part of this country!

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Even as dogcatcher

      • Sharps Rifle

        And perhaps instead of leftist ideologues, I should have just said leftist dimwits…might have been more accurate.


      Sharps Rifle, Where are you from? Jersey?

      • Sharps Rifle

        New Mexico, but I’ve been to both NYC and Jersey…and was less than impressed with both.


          Try California. I think you’ll find California more infuriating than NYC.

          • Sharps Rifle

            Those freaks in Santa Fe are bad enough…bunch of dope-smoking lunatics there. Damned artist’s colony that’s almost as bad as Taos.


            Point is that don’t blame NYC. You have socialists in the West which are loonier than anything in NYC.

            I’ve read that Arizona is a home for Islamists too. The weather there reminds them of their home.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Fiorello LaGuardia was a pretty good mayor, too–back in the 1940’s. He kicked all the burlesque houses out of town. And he was a Republican when that meant something.

  • nomoretraitors

    “The Pakistani illegal alien and Muslim bookstore employee was discussing his plans to kill as many New Yorkers as possible”
    Quick! Get him a voter registration form and in-state tuition rates


      pakistanis openly threaten the UK with 9/11 scale attacks, have already bombed London transport system on 7/7/05, have murdered 180+ people in Mumbai India, provided a safe haven to osama bin laden….

      It’s time to kick out all pakistanis – everywhere – because they are a threa to civilization..

  • nomoretraitors

    “If Bill de Blasio wins, when the next Muslim terrorist says, “I want at least 1,000 to 2,000 to die in one day”; there will be no NYPD informant to hear him and no NYPD detectives to stop him”
    That’s ok. Liberals like being victims.It makes them feel noble

  • Jake-a-runi

    Sorry, Bill, they don’t get the benefit of any doubt. Gratuitous violence accompanies Islam as night accompanies day.

    • nomoretraitors

      It isn’t gratuitous. It has a very specific purpose — to fulfill the Quran’s mandate to kill unbelievers wherever they may be found and subjugate the entire world to Sharia


        BAN the KORAN because is is the inspiration of hate, murder, terrorism, misogyny, bombing…

      • dad1927

        Find a muslim that read the koran. They are told what it says by some imam.

        • defcon 4

          If you read the holey trinity of islam you’ll find it’s a psychopathic, totalitarian, Jew hating treatise of hatred and xenophobia that is second to none.

  • LindaRivera

    American-hater, EVIL de Blasio WANTS Muslim terror attacks to succeed.

    We will NEVER forget our cherished 3,000 slaughtered without mercy by Muslims OBEYING commands in the Quran and mosques to wage jihad against non-Muslims.

    INHUMAN Muslims in America and countries around the world CELEBRATED the cruel murder of our people. Thousands of Palestinian Authority Muslims CELEBRATED with great joy and DELIGHT the murder of innocents. Dancing in the streets, passing out candies and firing into the air. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

    Palestinians Celebrating 9/11 Attack

    • nomoretraitors

      The Palestinian flag should have been burning from every street corner in this country


        The flag of Saudi Arabia, home of 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 infamy should have been trampled on and burned on every street corner in the US.

        AND the vile flag of pakistan, safe haven for osama bin laden should ALSO be trashed and burned.

        Fair is Fair. Right hafi?

        • Philip Eton-Hogg

          That’s why we need to cut off all aid to EVERY Middle Eastern country. Including Israel.

          • defcon 4

            As far as Israel, I’d only agree because the US is in such dire financial straits.

      • LindaRivera

        It is a crime against humanity that Americans and other non-Muslims are FORCED to finance Palestinian Authority Muslims. Not one more dollar, euro, pound or shekel to the haters!


          Just give the islamofascists lots of Nakba.

          ETERNAL NAKBA.

    • knowshistory

      I too want terrorists to succeed. we are so stupid that the only thing that will save us from surrendering to islam is a good wake up call from our friends, the violent jihadis. bring it on. we can end the terrorism any time we are willing to stop listening to toxic liberals and boot all muslims out of our country. as long as we are suicidal enough to import and succor toxic muslims, we deserve the violent jihad that they bring with them.

  • Ide-Clair

    Bill De Blasé might be more concerned after the first couple of terrorist attacks.


      Concerned that New Yorkers aren’t submitting fast enough to islamofascism.

      Would deblasio have a role for Huma Weiner?



  • LindaRivera

    de Blasio, EVERY Muslim terrorist on the planet is CELEBRATING your hoped for win as Mayor of New York City. Muslim terrorists LOVE you. The blood of thousands of innocents will be on YOUR hands if the terrorists succeed.

    Palestinians Celebrating 9/11 Attack

  • Alan

    I agree with everything said except I do have a nit to pick. Hyperbole never strengthens a position. To call Mr. De Blasio a ” pro-terrorist ” is quite a stretch. it would have been more accurate and more neutral to label him as a naïve terrorist enabler.


      deblasio is a “pro-socialist”. Who in their progressive minds honeymoons in Cuba?????

      And who backs terrorists, islamists, islamofascists more than “socialists”?

      Does deblasio know Billy Ayers too?


    Daniel Greenfield AKBARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    “Muslim political activists and their media allies, now cheering for Bill
    de Blasio, responded to every terrorist plot shut down by the NYPD by
    ignoring the number of New Yorkers who would have died, dismissing the
    terrorists as mentally ill or incompetent,”

    There seems to be an epidemic of mental illness among Muslims. Maybe its brain damage from all the head banging on the concrete floor?

    • catherineinpvb

      Do think there is a correlation. . .because we have little else to explain it.
      Even the brain washing Allah education; cannot explain it entirely. Can only imagine; that Allah did give great thought; to a ‘Faith’ (albeit the best he could conjure was the dozen virgins – or whatever number – promise) and likewise a carefully consructed guarantee; ‘NO EXIT; or rather; No Escape’.


    “Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers urged Bill de Blasio to “be very proud of the fact that he supported the Sandinistas.”

    Bill Ayers wrote a book called “Prairie Fire” which was DEDICATED, in part, to the ASSASSIN of US Senator and US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy.

    • catherineinpvb

      Beyond their common guru; Marx; Saul Alynsky. dedicated HIS book, Rules for Radicals (MO’s that dominate Obama, Inc.) to Lucifer.

      Can you get an ‘authentic’ Good; even authentically ‘nice’. . .from Lucifer?) Alynsky, clearly knows to whom his efforts/appeals are directed.

      By same; these people cannot recognize the difference, between’ natural light. .or flourescent. . .

      These people cannot escape;who they are. Only hope; is that ‘WE’ can find the Will to escape ‘these so inauthentic'; before ours is simply usurped by this ‘collective'; whereby; our ‘Will’ is rendered both null and void .


    It is the socialist plan to take over what is successful, and destroy it.

    Let deblasio become mayor of Detroit. Let’s see how well socialism does in restoring Detroit to its former glory. But don’t destroy success with the failure of socialism.

    Examples of the failure of socialism:
    – Spain
    – Portugal
    – Greece
    – the failing EU

    • vulgar_imposter




        Happy Eternal Nakba!

  • Paul Marks

    Free migration for terrorists – the Red-Green alliance continues.

    • physicsnut

      ah – watermelons !

  • physicsnut

    here we go again – nobody paid attention to Obama’s wacko left wing
    and nobody is paying attention to DeBlasio’s either.
    The media always says – that was a long time ago. as if that explains anything.
    History is not just rhyming – it actually IS repeating itself.

  • Omar

    We need to make sure that Bill de Blasio (aka Warren Wilheim Jr.) does not get elected mayor next month. Every New Yorker, regardless of characteristics, should vote for Joe Lhota. He will keep New York safe from the crime that de Blasio/Wilheim will not prevent.

  • herb benty

    Reading the article, I was wondering how anyone can describe de Blasio as an American. If this sad excuse wins, go ahead, tell me why America isn’t suicidal. I’ll be listening.

  • glennd1

    I am so glad I left New York. When the next attack happens, I hope it begins at Gracie Mansion with de Blasio being blown to bits. Sadly, it will probably be innocent schlubbs who trying to make a living and provide for their families like those who died on 9/11.

    Saddest? The morons in NYC are going to vote this guy in. Leftism is truly rampant in our society now. I don’t want to share a country with such people any more.

  • dad1927

    New Yorke will get the government it deserves, one way or another. We will see how many liberals are there that have not seen the streets blocked by this isolated and growing group.

    If Bill de Blastio gets in then people will die. I suppose he is a muslim or muslim supporter.


    WE can only hope and pray that GOD allows these terrorists to nuke NYC and Washington DC….


      IF that were to happen,

      the following would happen

      reatliatory nucolear annihialtion of
      – mecca
      – medina,
      – tehran
      – qom
      – cairo
      – gaza
      – islamisbad
      – london AKA west pakistan and glasgow

      – moscow for supporting world wide terrorism

      for starters.

      • Michael__Durham

        You’re dreaming.


        Win, win situation….

      • James

        I can just about understand your antipathy towards London but why Glasgow?

  • topperj

    New Yorkers deserve all the bad that will happen to them.

  • Ramparts

    Bill de Blasio told other[s] … “of a need to understand and build alliances with Islam, predicting it would soon be a dominant force in politics.”

    With fellow citizens like him in our midsts we cannot win. We must exile him to those with whom he would ally.

    Marionette, quisling, puppet ruler, coward, opportunistic, situational ethics .. all these words desribe de Blasio.


    This guy is a nightmare. He was “community organized” at a very young age, being quite vulnerable from a traumatic family background.

  • Fernando

    Its a great post, so he have reason… the door is open for terrorists ! we need more security and u know Musica download

  • Hard Little Machine

    And the upscale Jews who support all the liberal JCC’s will be cheering the loudest when they themselves are attacked. There’s really nothing to be done about it.

  • Dallas25305

    This is just typical of the Liberal Socialist left they don’t care about the country. They don’t care about the people because they don’t believe in anything except enriching and taking care of themselves. He doesn’t care if a woman is raped next door or an old man is murdered by hood rats down the street. It’s about him. He has the same ideas as the supreme ruler of the U.S.A Barack Hussein Obozo, the racist emperor Nero of our times. Only watching the destruction he is creating makes him happy.

  • justanaverageguy

    Like many Americans I’ve become cynical of our two Party system that represents a false choice for Americans. The terrorism bogey man has harmed America badly and sent us into costly decade long wars with nothing gained and with too many lost. We need an open dialogue and debate with all parties to arrive at solutions instead of having more of our rights lost and those like scanner man Chertoff made rich.

    The Ds and Rs have a primary platform and it is to keep only two Parties in control and with both beholden to the 1% or to outside USA interests instead of Americans. The liberal-conservative divide is played out as a false choice. It’s about money for the few, while Americans sent off to costly wars that have nothing to do with America’s security.

  • knowshistory

    you are wrong, Daniel. bill deblasio is an unintentional hero. if we continue to thwart violent jihad while intentionally, willfully, treasonously importing, protecting, succoring, and lauding muslim “refugees”, we are doomed. the fate our government has planned for us is for our nation to be overwhelmed by peaceful muslims , forcefully converted to the religion of peace, and anyone who wont convert brutally murdered. see 14 centuries of Islamic standard procedure. due to our officially mandated suicidal stupidity, the only thing that can possibly save us from the peaceful jihadis treacherously invited by our treasonous government is extreme violence on the part of those muslims decent enough to expose their hand. please do not oppose deblasio. if he is successful in enabling peaceful islam to murder several score thousands of new Yorkers, we will be offered again a sufficient excuse to deport all muslims from our beleaguered country. in response to a previous sufficient excuse to do the right thing, the great fool George w bush declared islam a great religion of peace. it is time for the American people to decide how peaceful is the religion of peace.

  • wyatt01

    The few good people in NY need to pay attention and do everything in their power to rid NY of that POS!

  • Jakareh

    Linda “the Cockroach” Sarsour will dictate the NYPD’s policy. And New York schools will close for the Muslim holidays under de Blasio. In fact, 13 percent of students are already Muslims. I don’t know what that figure was on September 11, 2001, but it was almost certainly lower, which speaks to this country’s insane immigration policy. Well, I guess things have to get worse before they get better.

  • steve b


  • badenguru

    Send deBlasio to Syria as a peace envoy.

  • jeff BROWN

    Has New York forgotten? They must be needing some excitement awfully bad to consider this guy for Mayor. Do the Feds. not call the shots here. Who are you going to blame for the next terrorist attack? Someone else; i’m sure. Why don’t people get some sense about them selves??

    • laura

      bloomburg is the same. he made NYC a santuary for illegals yrs ago.

  • roccolore

    Bill deBlasio will probably have Hamas-CAIR on speed dial.

  • ConcernedforAmerica

    Get used to this man! He was blessed by Killary Clinton last night in NYC. The TAKERS and the uneducated young, indoctrinated in our schools by radical liberals, will vote for this Socialist. Too bad there wasn’t a better candidate than this community agitator!

  • david selvers

    Everything America is experiencing and they still elect an idiot like blasio…oh well I guess it doesn’t matter whether there’s an idiot in the white house or in the mayor’s office of New York.