Black Leaders Plan DC Jobs March to Protest Illegal Alien Amnesty


Scheduled for June 15, the DC March for Jobs is both an attempt to highlight the unemployment plight of the black community and a protest against the disastrous illegal alien amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens that will crater black unemployment.

The Black American Leadership Alliance’s (BALA) letter highlights the fact that amnesty will have a high cost for the black community.

Many studies have shown that black Americans are disproportionately harmed by mass immigration and amnesty. Most policy makers who favor the legalization of nearly 11 million aliens fail to acknowledge that decades of high immigration levels has caused unemployment to rise significantly, most particularly among black Americans.

According to research conducted by University of California San Diego economics Professor Gordon H. Hanson, immigration has accounted for 40% of the 18 percentage point decline in black employment rates, and current immigration proposals are sure to substantially raise these numbers.

Some of the problems with the black community can be put down to the collapse of the manufacturing sector due to globalization and ecological regulations that increased unemployment dramatically and created ghettos. Meanwhile mass migration promoted by the Democrats cut off African-Americans from most low end jobs that weren’t government patronage jobs.

When almost one in seven blacks is unemployed, now is not the time to further saturate the labor force with increased immigration levels and amnesty. If Congress fails to stop this irresponsible legislation, the United States will continue to see more and more blacks out of jobs and unable to support their families. The disastrous effects of illegal immigration to the black community is not simply limited to jobs.

The net effect of black unemployment translates into more broken homes and crimes and more social welfare problems. And those end up hurting everyone.

The letter was signed by a number of black political figures from across the spectrum of the right and the left, including Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, president and founder of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), T. Willard Fair President and CEO, Urban League of Greater Miami, Frank Morris, Ph. D. Former Executive Director, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation  and Kevin Jackson, radio host and executive director of The Black Sphere.

The real problem is that the people who claim to be leaders for any particular group or community usually answer to the integrated agenda of the left, rather than that community.

The Black American Leadership Alliance is attempting to change that by representing the actual economic interests of African Americans.

  • AdinaK

    The fact of the matter is that the left, which claims to care about minorities, particularly the Black community, couldn't care less. In fact, keeping them down, enslaved in a way, suits them well. Having a dependent class means exerting total control is that much easier. To be sure, many minorities are willing to accept the gimme, gimme, but only until they see the goodies can't be spread too thin. Therefore, some are finally waking up.

    In the main, illegal aliens will break America, and this is the left's plan –

    Regardless, rally en mass, your lives depend on it.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Illegal immigration and amnesty has had a tiny effect on the black community compared with the effects of fatherless families, gangsta culture, drugs sold in black neighborhoods by blacks, denigration of education, violence, violence and more violence. More blacks have been murdered by other blacks in one year than all the U.S. soldiers in all the years of fighting in Afghanistan. Instead of demonstrations, how about some truth telling from the pulpit of black churches and black organizations?

    • WordTTM

      I believe most of the drugs in the black community come from South America and there are many Latino gangs in all American communities. I don't know if the crime statistics in black neighborhoods are any less than those in Latino communities in the U.S. or south of the border.
      What I do know is that the civil rights people sneak into this country to enjoy, were put in place by organized blacks. The financial aid programs for college people are Dreaming about were established through black efforts. Even the 14th Amendment's birthright that allows illegals to anchor themselves through babies was established for black American concerns.
      It's amazing how people creep across the border after you did the work to make the country livable and don't even have the common courtesy to say thank you. Instead, they mouth off stereotypical statistics and prove to be even more racist than the whites of old.
      Heck, the path to the White House for non whites has even been laid out by black Americans.

      • Close to the edge

        Hey,TTM. Your on point. Between the Cartels spreading all over the US along with Muslum terrorests in place, awaiting the word.In L.A. the largest gang is 20,000+ members.1 gang out of many,and other major cities on the edge.Obama has the authority to deploy military,Lock-down……

  • Brian Williams

    This article is so true. Blacks here in LA have had their jobs stolen and sons and daughters murdered by Mexican gangsters. 18th street, Florencia 13, MS-13 are all flourishing here in LA thanks to Bush and Obamas refusal to build a wall on our southern border and internal enforcement to stop these illegal alien leeches from getting jobs and welfare. It makes me sick to see the ethnic cleansing of Blacks here in LA; Black Americans please help and rally to STOP AMNESTY!! If there were more jobs for Black Americans, there would be stronger families, less violence, less drugs, and more HOPE! Anyone who thinks Blacks are naturally more violent needs to get rid of their white robes and hoods.

  • Eric

    lol most black and Latinos dont even work they both are on welfare because thier lazy.

  • ElizabethMC

    Black marchers have at least one thing in their favor…they won't be called "racist" , because liberals have a clear sense of what each racial group is allowed to do, because liberals see life through the prism of race, because liberals are the worst racists on the planet.

    • Edward Cline

      Quite the contrary, Elizabeth. I'm betting that these black marchers will in turn be called anti-Mexican bigots. That's how liberals smear anyone who protests their agenda or opposes the de-Americanization of America. And you can bet that Obama will be one of the first to call these black marchers "racist."

      • ElizabethMC

        Let's make a bet…:-)…
        It's different when it's just individuals stepping out of line. Liberals happily descend upon them like a swarm of killer bees…..But a significantly large group of blacks is "Untouchable"
        Liberals know better than to offend a voting block.

  • joeb

    Dare they step off the Democrat plantation in such a manner? Do I hear "uncle tom" and "house negro" yet?

    This is something of a dichotomy for leftists…

  • Close to the edge

    12 yrs and the border is still open. That we can't defend ourselves,( AG Holder,F&F,etc) is,so let's forget it. older news than Benghaz along with Fort Hood Terror attack.They won't close the MX line cuz soon it's the North American Union. Can you see the 8 lane highways rolling around the US? Rt.35 from TX/MX to Canada NAFTA. See UN Agenda 21. Unemployment is really @24% so what are they all to do to survive? Hug n kiss your famlies and tell'em you love em' Traitors in the W.H.

  • Deerknocker

    Republicans, jump on this opportunity. Let the black community know that the Democrats are pushing amnesty to get votes and really don't care about the effect on black employment. Amnesty is good for Washington Democrats but it will not be good for the country, and it will be terrible for many blacks.

  • mlcblog

    These are some courageous leaders. I wish them every success.

  • Andy Anderson


    What an excellent opportunity to pit people of color against one another. The article here unfortunately simplifies a problem which has been created by many social and economic trends and policies. The easiest thing though is to blame somebody. The strategic thing, is to divide a voting population which is already threatening the status quo.

    If you sent all undocumented citizens back today, it would not solve the unemployment problem when many corporations are asking our education systems to be more responsive to their demands and when the big box stores' pricing scenarios send our jobs to sweat shops in other countries to keep wages down and prices low.

    Please, brothers and sisters, don't get caught in this game. Think for yourselves. Your enemy is not the persons struggling with you but the one who continues to exploit those who have little voice.

    Thomas Todd of Operation Push once told me: "If you need one, send one to get one." Let's not turn on one another but turn to one another to demand that this nation afford all an equal opportunity. Please don't be commandeered to do the discrimination for others who see their traditional strongholds slipping into darkness. Be wary of those who vote for deportation yet have undocumented citizens cleaning their houses or raising their children.

    Wake up and understand. If we decided to work in unsafe environments with no benefits and low wages, textiles would return and save the fuel it takes to import the goods back here.

    I'm not saying don't march. Let's march. Let's march into our children's bedrooms and and classrooms and demand better students and better schools. Let's march. Let's march to the brothers with felonies and find a way to get those youthful mistakes off their records and invite them back to a productive society. Let's march. Let's march to take the corruptive financing out of our political campaigns so that we might see a return to statesmanship and leadership that does not depend on big money influence. Let's march. Let's demand that your neighbor love thy neighbor as he loves himself. Let's march and say we don't need a semi-automatic rifle in every household. Let's march and renew the precepts of America, a land of diversity and a land of dreams. A land that was taken from its native culture by violence in the name of discovery. A nation that was built on the back of slavery, indentured servitude, and cheap labor. But not just that. A nation of vision, collective ingenuity, creativity, courage, sacrifice and religious freedom. All these engines propelled this nation into its existence.

    Let's march. Let's march toward a future that was envisioned by all our forefathers and what all mother's want for their children: brown, white and black. Let's march toward a greater nation, better together than we can ever be divided. If we would remember that we l dream in black and white, hope in colors and bleed in red, we can do this.

    To all my brothers and sisters in America.

    Respectfully submitted, Andy Anderson

  • candy

    Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, president and founder of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), T. Willard Fair President and CEO, Urban League of Greater Miami, Frank Morris, Ph. D. Former Executive Director, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and Kevin Jackson, radio host and executive director of The Black Sphere.

    *Standing ovation to these gentlemen * Thank You !

  • Dave Francis



    It seems like a paralysis has set in to the Senate,
    with much of Americans survival determined by the G8 when it comes to illegal
    immigration. All I know is they are playing with fire and they are not only
    going to get burned, but incinerated by the majority of ordinary Americans.
    Next week the Gang of Eight and their surrounding group of other legislators
    may have already decided on the fate of this country’s future, but the overall
    consequences of rejecting the major enforcement TRIGGERS will not be forgotten
    in any election to come. Americans have
    already been played as simpletons once as with (The Patient Protection and Affordable
    Care Act (PPACA) commonly known as Obamacare, because we now know the costs are
    so far out of whack, that even Leftist unions are having second thoughts and
    deciding against it.

    But just like the Senate bill.477 on immigration
    they equally stink of an infestation of Special Interests and the lobbyists who
    plague the politician’s chambers like vermin. One has to wonder which Senators
    got paid off to reduce enforcement at the border by not reintroducing the 2006
    Secure Fence Act. This double layer fencing coupled with700 miles of concertina
    barbed razor wire, which would have been a serious deterrent to stop the
    onslaught of welfare illegal aliens, terrorist, drug cartels becoming more
    prominent within the border region then cattle ranchers. Without the maximum
    enforcement at the border, nothing really has changed from the 1986 Amnesty.
    The American Border Patrol has stated so, and the American people have demanded
    the fence be secured tight. They have already informed Politicians that there
    is a 13 percent increase of people slipping across the border. This is an
    obvious event when the word of Amnesty rang out across the borders and other
    countries. The media always show the steel reinforced fencing, but once outside
    the city limits there is mostly nothing but a few strands of barbed wire, that
    even a blind man could crawl through.

    WALL. Instead under the Senate bill we can expect 100.000 more work visas for
    agriculture and the mega businesses, with little consideration for these
    countries unemployed or those who have dropped out all together. And immensely
    challenging is the fact that a larger proportion of African Americans jobless
    see no light at the end of the tunnel. BLACK AMERICANS ARE VERY VULNERABLE AND

    The last thing we need when 20 million Americans are
    unable to find full-time jobs at every level of occupation is for Congress to
    flood the country with more foreign job-seekers. This new amnesty is just another pitfall for
    the unemployed, especially new graduates from college or even teens who seek
    jobs during the summer season. S. 744 promises to give work permits to at least
    11 million illegal border crossers and visa overstayers. It also would continue
    the recent elevated flow of 11 million new immigrants a decade. And it would
    add at least another 11 million the first decade through new immigration
    categories and increases in existing categories.

    It is irrational and cruel to give out 33 million
    more work permits when millions of Americans who ARE employed are suffering
    long-term wage depression due to the persistent shortage of jobs and excess of

    This bill would give out about half the number of
    green cards in a single decade as all the immigrants who have ever arrived in
    our entire history since the founding of Jamestown in 1607.

    No matter what you may think about legalizing most
    of the current illegal population in this country, you can’t possibly justify
    adding 33 million potential foreign job seekers as competitors for scarce U.S.

    Furthermore, this bill would be a pathway to higher
    chain migration and massive new social service expenditures in a time of budget
    deficit and debt crisis. And it would lead to more illegal immigration because
    it gives the legalization and work permits first with only promises of future
    enforcement, just like the previous seven amnesties between 1986 and 2000 which
    had no hard enforcement triggers and served only to entice 11 million new
    illegal immigrants who now demand their own amnesty.

    There are just too many amendments that have been
    thrown into the trash by the GANG OF EIGHT, which would have got bipartisan
    recommendations; instead the whole atmosphere is full of anger, frustration and
    giving into the pressure of the special interests that will sink any chance of
    compromise. Then those who voted for this deception will learn the hard way,
    not to cross the American People as the lawmakers did in 1986. Even today, NOW!
    Taxpayer’s pockets are still being picked for the expense of the original
    amnesty some 27 years ago, in furnishing immense amounts of cash to support the
    family chain migration that followed enactment of that law.

    the phones in Washington. “NO AMNESTY! DROP THIS IMMIGRATION BILL IN TO
    THE POTOMAC!” Send scathing faxes into the in-boxes of every member of the
    U.S. House and Senate using the mailing system at Even
    contact your faxes to 435 Representatives in Congress. Give them no excuse to
    escape your anger. It’s free or you can
    help out with a donation? Let lawmakers distinguish that, “A vote for Amnesty
    can jam their phones at toll-free — 1-888-978-3094–. Set up your message on Twitter or Facebook as
    the Left is doing the same with their counterproductive ambiguous information.
    You can reach millions of people on these Social networks, so we can hammer
    away at these slick politicians who many become rich by bowing to lobbyists.
    Read even more facts about illegal immigration at American Patrol website.

    Unless all the previous generations of Americans/
    legal residents come together on this urgent matter nothing will change. The
    wealthy purveyors of cash and favors in the pockets of the G8 will prevail, and
    the rest of us will be startled by the corrupt IRS institution wanting more
    taxes. As for the IRS after this fiasco, the whole institution should be
    abolished and let us enter the realm of a flat tax. A simple consumption tax on goods or a
    single, small rate of tax on income to fund each administration and the
    services provided. That is where taxable income and corporate profits don’t
    escape payment for living in this great country. A fair and equal tax that
    everybody will pay, without any exemptions, including, mega corporations who
    hide their ill-gotten gains overseas and even the poor must pay a small amount,
    instead of living of the taxpayer. IN
    AND AS A SAFEGUARD AGAINST CREDIT CARD FRAUD. If every citizen possessed a
    federal ID card there would be no more severe issues over identification in

    • kG

      Couldn’t have said it better! I mean really! We need to print out and hand a copy of your comment to every one we see!

    • Jane Smith

      During the bus strike ,people walked in the rain in the cold in the heat of summer.They came together so they would be heard. During Martin Luther Kings day ,they were beaten ,spit on and murdered .They came together so they would be heard.It’s our time now ,.We must come together in great numbers ,so they will hear us. We must be prepared to pull our votes for any one that votes for this. Reach out to everyone you know ,so they will raise their voices too. It’s now or never!

      • Danny Higbee

        it all starts with someone to lead that people can follow.

  • Marc Chamot

    They KNOW; the number one KILLER of African American JOBS are job thieving illegal aliens. Unfortunately, their sad-sack leaderships like Barack Hussein Obama, care more about future Latino voters than the well being of America’s black folks….

  • AngelicaUNC1

    Love, Love, Love BALA– finally a minority group TELLING THE TRUTH!

  • kG

    I work in the hospitality industry where the vast majority of the jobs used to be done by African Americans. They have been completely replaced by non English speaking illegals who refuse to learn the English language,not even a few words. We have a cook who claims to have been living in this country for ten years and yet can’t read “no bacon” or tomatoes on a ticket. We have to either learn to say it in Spanish or have some one who speaks Spanish present all the time. What is worst is most of these illegals refuse to work with African Americans will force native workers out by refusing to work or communicate with them. We have to turn away qualified native workers because illegals’s unwillingness to work with them!

  • Isaura

    Finally!!! you people are doing something to STOP this idiotic amnesty bill. I am a naturalized U.S. Citizen and a couple of nephews would benefit if this disastrous suicidal bill would pass, but guess what? I learned to LOVE this country and I know that if this bill passes it will be the end of the U.S.A. which then will become the United State of Mexico and you, African American people, will be obligated to learn Spanish and listen to “Cantina” music.

    Please do something about it!!! You are taking this Country for granted, this is your Country, the only one that you have, unless you want to go back to Kenya and Somalia.
    Please unite! Republican or Democrat, and FIGHT for this your COUNTRY.

    • williswinning

      You tell ‘em lsaura, I’m glad these people are finally stop worrying about being black, and doing what’s good for the country!

    • Rhonda Clark

      Let me add there is a Black race war with Mexicans Latino WHY?

    • cesareljalisciense

      Wow Isaura, you genius. There are parts of the United States that have plenty of illegals from other parts of the world such as Africa, Asia, and even Europe. But somehow when Russians and other Europeans come here they have a right to be here because the original people of the Americas were white (sarcasm). No one ever calls them illegal aliens and no one ever mentions their mafias and other criminal activity they bring with them.

    • cesareljalisciense

      Also, if you’re going to call out the wrongs of amnesty, with which I DO happen to agree, you should call out all illegals from all over the world. Don’t target just one group because you are fomenting hate and unrest. And while you’re egging the blacks to hate Mexicans, you should also remind them that Mexico lost Texas standing up to Southern whites who violated Mexico’s anti-slavery laws. That was the reason the whites wanted an independent Texas so that they could continue to have slaves which the new Mexican Constitution did not allow. Look it up!

  • SalMoanella


  • Forums4Justice

    Employment still hasn’t regained the number reached in January, 2008 .. 138.056 million employed;
    this despite a population increase of more than 12 million.

    ..Total NonFarm
    ….Employment .. Pop ……..(millions)
    2008 Jan. 138.056 303.8 HIGH
    2010 Feb. 129.320 308.8 LOW
    2013 May 135.637 316.0 NOW

    Black Unemployment 13.5%; Hispanic Unemployment 9.1%

    Do we really want 33 million poverty-level illegal immigrants to become legalized?

  • Forums4Justice

    If illegal immigrants couldn’t get a job, or collect entitlements, they wouldn’t cross our border, except to visit.

    Mandating, and ENFORCING, E-Verify for all jobs, and any entitlement, with harsh prosecutions of any offending employer, as well as the offending illegal immigrants, will do more to stop illegal immigration, than any futile attempt to secure the border, and also do it much faster, and at far less expense. At the same time, a mandatory, and ENFORCED, E-Verify could immediately provide jobs for millions of Americans

    Eight million illegal immigrants, are continuing to break our laws, by using false, or stolen, SS numbers, to work in, non-agriculture, on-the-books, American jobs. Only 6% of employers are presently using E-Verify. … E-Verify has a 99.71% accuracy rate (per recent Congressional testimony) … For every illegal immigrant working, an American isn’t…

    Simply put, E-Verify is, by far, the single most-effective tool we, the people have, to prevent illegal immigration.


    • Danny Higbee

      we use this the program works great

  • Carolyn VanZorge

    about time

  • Joe Mosley

    Obama should put Americans before illegal aliens.I don’t blame Black Americans for being upset.We had Mexicans cleaning our house.We found out about a Black lady.She was a little more expensive,but well worth it.Does a much better job,and we really appreciate her.

    • williswinning

      You’re such a good guy inviting her into your home.

    • Jane Smith

      Obama does not care about African Americans,he does not care! He has pandered shamelessly to illegal immigrants.Democrats are stabbing us right in the back because they know we are going to turn the other cheek just so they can smack us in it,

      • Rhonda Clark

        Once illegals are legal they will get free welfare

  • Forums4Justice

    Along the 1,951 mile Southwest border ….

    351 miles of varying types of pedestrian fence; exception 36.3 miles of double, and triple-layered fence at key points (i.e. San Luis, AZ, and Smugglers Gulch, CA).
    300 miles of vehicle barriers

    129 miles of border under full control
    873 miles under operational control

    18,516 Border Patrol agents

    Everything I have heard, or read, over the past five years indicates that the Southwest Border Patrol agents’ consensus, is that they now apprehend an estimated 1, out of every 3, illegal immigrant border crossers.

    Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions
    as of April 2, 2013, Rio Grande Valley arrests were up 53% to 59,147
    RGV apprehensions through May, are over 90,000
    FY2013 projected 149,576 +53%
    FY2012……97,762 +65%

    Border Patrol Nationwide Monthly Apprehensions (Source: DHS/CPB)
    FY2013 projected –415,678 +14.0%
    FY2012–364,768 +7.2%

    Bryan Roberts, who used to evaluate border and immigration programs for the Department of Homeland Security, “To catch 90 percent of all illegal crossers — which is what the Senate bill demands — the Border Patrol would have to triple the number of agents on the ground from 20,000 to 60,000.”

    Critics say the government often is too fixated on high-technology solutions. C. Stewart Verdery Jr., a former Homeland Security official who now runs a lobbying firm, said federal officials should instead focus their limited resources on making it harder for illegal immigrants to work in the United States, an approach that would serve as an effective deterrent.

    “Where are you going to get the biggest bang for the buck?” Mr. Verdery said.
    “Enforcement of the workplace is probably the best area to invest more dollars.”

    • Rhonda Clark

      Flesh eating drug in US , And thanks to blacks and illegals they kill thousands of Americans each year.

  • Lisa Renee’ Jones

    This hits right to the core. We need to make sure people who are Citizens don’t get pushed back. It’s not right for anyone to get a job stolen by an illegal immigrant!!!

    • nw berry

      read jewish-latino caucus of 2011 setup in u.s. congress with secret meetings for mass immigration from latin America with jewish support

  • Borissgal

    What about representation for white citizens? I’m out of work too!

    • Jane Smith

      The join us,This is not about black ,white latino ,asian or native american .This is about illegal.Illegal is in every race.

      • Borissgal

        , the DC March for Jobs is both an attempt to highlight the unemployment plight of the black community and a protest against the disastrous illegal alien amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens that will crater black unemployment.

        Seems pretty one sided to me.

      • Rhonda Clark


    • Rhonda Clark

      Were out of work too Mexican and illegals are working and were NOT!!

  • rhonda_relative

    I support this!!! As a national Advocate for the unemployed 99ers. WE will join you in this message!!!!!!!

  • cathy

    Sen. Ted Cruz also supports temporary legalization status in the immigration bill.
    June 12, 2013

  • williswinning

    I love seeing the large collection of Uncle Toms. Don’t worry boy’s, as long as you stay away from the white women you’re OK with me. Well tell we get rid of the wetbacks, then you’re next.

    • Rhonda Clark

      Give your house car your job, your kids job, your great grand kids jobs to illegals NOT OURS

  • Greg hill

    I attended the ground breaking of one of the major Clark
    Construction projects in town and heard the mayor talk about 2,400 new jobs
    from the project and you addressed the disparity of the talk VS the reality in
    your story last year and the local residents in their protest marches. I can
    tell you for a fact that there are now illegal aliens taking jobs that were
    promised to local citizens. On one job alone at LEAST 15 persons that I
    personally know about. These are jobs that are supposed to pay prevailing wage
    rates, I am talking about $34-$50 per hour jobs, not the so-called “jobs
    Americans won’t do” for minimum wage. (BTY, there is no such thing as a job an
    American won’t do)

    Furthermore, their employer is NOT paying the prevailing wage
    even though he signs documents to the federal government each week swearing and
    affirming that he has. See, when you hire people that are in this country illegally
    you can do what you want to them including stealing a third of their paycheck
    per week each and every week. What are they going to say? Speak up and get
    deported? Has anyone in your office looked at the local workers displaced by undocumented

    People getting rich by cheating on their agreements and
    exploiting others, good ole’ “inside the beltway” bullshit? I am glad to be
    leaving this area.

    I refused to go along with the above described actions and eventually
    lost my job over it. I would do it again, I think of it as having integrity, a foreign
    concept in Washington DC, something to be derided and laughed at.

    By the way, I have sponsored 3 immigrants into this country
    we love. I did it by myself and I did it legally. Does immigration need a tune
    up? I can tell you from experience yes, just like every governmental office you
    have ever interfaced with. What we need to do is enforce the laws on the books
    now, do you think you can find 15 DC residents that would appreciate a $34 per
    hour job right now?

  • Carry

    Obama knew the controlled black American group will vote for him no matter what..but now he has the new illegal vote to get and control

    The numbers are in his favor to get control over the USA and rip the Constitution right from under us.

    He is using the Trayvon Martin case to force the black community to overturn Stand your Ground law when he is stock piling guns in federal places like social security, irs, and homeland security plus training the military to contain American citizens for any reason.

    He was not kidding when he stated it was going to be a new world order which included the USA.

    • Rhonda Clark

      There will be no jobs for Real Americans they went to Free college here trillions only go to Minority programs WHY every race will go into a Civil war because well all go hungry , lose our homes , cars and our family college AND ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS RAISE UP THERE RACE CARD blacks need jobs and every race

  • kee

    Black people just want something to whine about, they know even if the jobs we’re there, they wouldn’t take Most of them are too damn lazy to keep a job. Employers would rather hire anyone else except black, cause they dont work and always whining. You blacks need to quit blaming illegals, they are picking up black peoples slack.