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Black Leaders Plan DC Jobs March to Protest Illegal Alien Amnesty

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 3, 2013 @ 10:28 pm In The Point | 81 Comments

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Scheduled for June 15, the DC March for Jobs is both [2] an attempt to highlight the unemployment plight of the black community and a protest against the disastrous illegal alien amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens that will crater black unemployment.

The Black American Leadership Alliance’s (BALA) letter highlights the fact that amnesty will have a high cost for the black community.

Many studies have shown that black Americans are disproportionately harmed by mass immigration and amnesty. Most policy makers who favor the legalization of nearly 11 million aliens fail to acknowledge that decades of high immigration levels has caused unemployment to rise significantly, most particularly among black Americans.

According to research conducted by University of California San Diego economics Professor Gordon H. Hanson, immigration has accounted for 40% of the 18 percentage point decline in black employment rates, and current immigration proposals are sure to substantially raise these numbers.

Some of the problems with the black community can be put down to the collapse of the manufacturing sector due to globalization and ecological regulations that increased unemployment dramatically and created ghettos. Meanwhile mass migration promoted by the Democrats cut off African-Americans from most low end jobs that weren’t government patronage jobs.

When almost one in seven blacks is unemployed, now is not the time to further saturate the labor force with increased immigration levels and amnesty. If Congress fails to stop this irresponsible legislation, the United States will continue to see more and more blacks out of jobs and unable to support their families. The disastrous effects of illegal immigration to the black community is not simply limited to jobs.

The net effect of black unemployment translates into more broken homes and crimes and more social welfare problems. And those end up hurting everyone.

The letter was signed by a number of black political figures from across the spectrum of the right and the left, including Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, president and founder of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), T. Willard Fair President and CEO, Urban League of Greater Miami, Frank Morris, Ph. D. Former Executive Director, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation  and Kevin Jackson, radio host and executive director of The Black Sphere.

The real problem is that the people who claim to be leaders for any particular group or community usually answer to the integrated agenda of the left, rather than that community.

The Black American Leadership Alliance is attempting to change that by representing the actual economic interests of African Americans.

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