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Blaming Israel for Palestinian Authority Tyranny

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On May 6, 2013 @ 10:25 am In The Point | 7 Comments

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Palestinian Authority President Abbas is currently serving out Year 8 of a four year term. Nice work if the international community of suckers can get it for you.

Abbas’ term ended in 2009 but he decided that he was doing such a great job of running a terrorist group/country that he gave himself another four year term without wasting time on elections.

When asked to explain this impressive confidence in his own popularity, Abbas would invariably blame Israel for putting up a lot of checkpoints to stop terrorist attacks… and making it impossible to hold elections.

The real reason is that Hamas had won the last election and is likely to win another one. Since no one wants Hamas running things, especially the people who keep chanting that peace is coming soon, everyone pretends that President-for-Life Abbas is the legitimate representative of the people he won’t allow to vote.

At Gatestone, Khaled Abu Toameh takes apart the Israeli checkpoin [2]t myth.

In the past, despite Israeli security measures and checkpoints, Palestinians did have free and democratic elections for the presidency and parliament.

Israeli “occupation” did not prevent Hamas from winning the January 2006 parliamentary election.

Not only did Israel freely allow Arab residents of Jerusalem to run and vote in that election, but for the first time ever, Israel opened its post offices in Jerusalem so that Arab voters could cast their ballots in the 2006 election, and permitted a number of Hamas candidates from Jerusalem to contest the vote.

Since then, Palestinians have held different elections for various bodies in the West Bank, including municipalities, university campuses and professional unions.

Needless to say, these elections were all held despite the presence of Israeli checkpoints.

Israel has never stopped Palestinians from holding free elections or implementing administrative and financial reforms, and there have never been any complaints from Palestinians about Israeli attempts to obstruct these elections or prevent them.

But Israeli checkpoints are a good excuse for anything and everything. And as long as Western leaders continue buying these excuses, the tyranny they subsidize will continue postponing elections and blaming Israel.

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