Bloomberg Claims He Has No Right to Block Anti-Israel Event, Does Have Right to Ban Styrofoam Cups

Mayor Bloomberg is a big supporter of freedom. Like the freedom to build a Megamosque near Ground Zero or the freedom to use a city college as a platform for promoting the destruction of Israel. He is however a fierce opponent of irresponsible forms of freedom like overly large soda cups or Styrofoam cups or being able to drive to work without running into a planter, a bus lane, a bike lane or four hundred paid picketers screaming that they want more money.

Bloomberg blasted opponents of Brooklyn College’s Boycott Israel event, saying, “If you want to go to a university where the government decides what kind of subjects are fit for discussion, I suggest you apply to a school in North Korea.”

That line might have a little more credibility if Bloomberg’s administration of the city didn’t have a suspicious resemblance to North Korea. And Brooklyn College is funded by the city and does decide what subjects can be discussed there. Placing a few degrees of separation and empowering its administrators to make those decisions does not change that.

Brooklyn College has been getting steadily uglier and in terms of its hatred toward Jews and Israel and is beginning to resemble some of the worst California colleges.

Furthermore if Brooklyn College had a forum calling for a boycott of Muslim countries and Muslim businesses, it is very doubtful that Bloomberg would have defended it and compared critics to Kim Jong Il.

But freedom is subjective. It’s used to defend some ideas, but not others. Drop a Koran in a toilet in a New York City academic institution and you’ll be arrested and charged with a hate crime. Call for the destruction of the Jewish State, with the accompanying murder of millions, and that’s academic free speech. What’s worse, dropping a Koran in a toilet or genocide?

Where does one draw the line? Apparently always in favor of Muslims.

Meanwhile the freedom-loving mayor continues on his crusade to make life freer for all by banning Styrofoam cups.


First he dictated the size of our cups — now he wants to ban what they’re made of.

The Bloomberg administration is considering banning Styrofoam cups and containers — popular at thousands of delis and food carts across the city— as it prepares to roll out a major recycling announcement in the coming weeks, a Sanitation Department official said yesterday.

That idea comes from Bloomberg’s Recycling Czar (isn’t it great that we now have one of those) as Bloomberg continues his campaign to ban absolutely everything in the city except Megamosques and boycott Israel events.

What will people drink hot tea out of if they want it to keep more than five minutes?  I don’t know, but it had better not be made in Israel.

  • BS77

    Bloomberg is the KING of Hypocrisy in New York's Theater of the Absurd…..Billionaire liberal worries about 16 ounce sodas but shrugs over Terrorist Mosques and Demonstrations…..Read Pam Geller Mr. Bloomberg.

    • BS77

      Sorry for getting huffy…..I should expect this sort of thing by now!!!!! Pam Geller knows what's happening….read Brigitte Gabriel too…


        After 9/11, 1993 bombing of the WTC, bombing Pan Am 103, Fort Hood massacre, Mumbai India massacre, 7/7/05 London transport bombing,…,

        NEVER apologize for being Islamofascist-phobic,

  • sid weiner

    Bloomberg is a new world order bankster (fancy word for Wall Street embezzler).Israel & Jews stand in the way of these statists.Bloomberg is a self hating Jew like Kissinger & Soros & as such is disgrace

  • MacGregor

    It's called civilization jihad and we are deep in is throws and most Americans are ignorant of it. If its against Jews or Christians, then it must be a good thing in their opinion.

    • MacGregor

      That should be deep in its throes!!!

  • Ar'nun

    What a good obedient lil' Dhimmi Mikey Bloomberg is.

  • AdinaK

    Nanny Bloomberg is a die-hard leftist in RINO garb. In fact, he continually sides with leftist power grabs and no one calls him out. He interferes in anything and everything which is NOT his business, yet he pretends this is not his purview. Poppycock.

    Moreover, wherever Muslim/Islamic sensitivities are involved, Bloomie is front and center. After all, his financial holdings are deeply embedded with Sharia Finance instruments!

    In any case, blowing smoke that academic freedom is at stake is just that – a smokescreen. No one is stopping students from having hate fests off the campus. But for a poli sci dept to be intertwined with it; with no opposing speakers allowed; and with the repeated calls to destroy Israel (from those who are its leaders), pretending that there is no mandate to stop it, is to be mendacious in the extreme.

    Leftist dogma IS a cancer –

    Bloomie, hang your head, you are shameless!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Silverio Facundo

    How strange. The very same person that declared that government should decide what size sodas can anyone buy or how much salt to include in your dinner, now suddendly is pro-individual freedoms and sustains that government shouldn't decide on the subjects to be discussed at a meeting. If this conference was on the danger and threat of islam on the modern world, would he be so ready to endorse it, being the dhimmi he is? Bloomberg is both a shame and the quintessential anti-Jewish Jew.

  • JacksonPearson

    Mayor Michale Bloomberg is the epitome of a spoiled brat, that grew into manhood, still with a pacifier stuck in his mouth. He may still be wearing diapers under his thousand dollar suits. /*Sarkmark

  • Mary Sue

    most coffee places here use paper cups. From tim hortons, to starbucks. We've had to do without styrofoam cups for years. Because the paper ones get so hot, they invented a little cardboard ring to hold the cup by so you don't burn your fingers.

  • cathy

    Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel possesses a double standard when it comes to Islam. The following is a good read in its entirety.

    Nation of Islam can open a restaurant in Chicago, but not Chick-fil-A?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Furthermore if Brooklyn College had a forum calling for a boycott of Muslim countries and Muslim businesses, it is very doubtful that Bloomberg would have defended it and compared critics to Kim Jong Il."

    That is what is so blatantly outrageous. Let's call all of these fools "West-o-phobes" or something. Antisemitism is seen as acceptable by too many people and it's more than antisemitism.

  • SIlver Gonzalez

    Another Western devil on a muslim payroll; be it now or in the past or full time or part time. For more info see Carter, Hagle, Hillary, Powell, Brennan, Obama, Celente, ,,,

  • Jay

    This event got a glowing write up in The Daily Beast by Gail Sheehy as a first amendment breakthrough…for Jews. Yes an event that depicts Israel as an apartheid state as a first amendment breakthrough for JEWS.

    • Jay

      Well the article has moved, so the link no longer works.

      For now the article is here at this link

      If that in the future also does not work well on TDB site you can search for Gail Sheehy and look at her article named “‘The Gatekeepers,’ Brooklyn College BDS Forum: Week of Israel Debate”

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  • Dolores

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