Bloomberg’s Cigarette Taxes Helping Fund Muslim Terror


Back in January, I discussed the extent to which high taxes had turned cigarettes in the city into a terrorist payday.

New York has the highest cigarette tax rate of any state, and nearly two-thirds of the state’s cigarette market is illegal. In New York City, it’s not uncommon for smokers to pay $12 for a pack.

As a result 60% of cigarettes sold in New York are smuggled.

Large scale cigarette smuggling networks in New York State are dominated by tight knit nationality-based networks, primarily families through blood or marriage of Lebanese, Yemeni, Jordanian and Palestinian descent.

Federal and New York State law enforcement officials estimate that nearly 60 percent of all convenience retail outlets in New York City are now Arab-owned.

So now we have another bust making headlines, but it’s the same old story.

A smuggling ring that made a fortune selling more than a million cartons of untaxed cigarettes in New York may have funneled some of the illicit proceeds to terrorist groups, authorities said Thursday.

The traffickers lived modestly and had alleged links to known terrorists, including Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind cleric serving a life sentence for a conspiracy to blow up New York City landmarks. That combination has raised concerns about where the money went.

“We know they made tens of millions of dollars but so far we’ve only found a fraction of that,” state Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman said while announcing enterprise corruption and other charges against 16 people, all Palestinian immigrants.

Two reputed ringleaders, brothers Basel and Samir Ramadan, were arrested Wednesday in Maryland. Investigators found $1.5 million — some stashed in black plastic garbage bags — in the home and car of Basel Ramadan, authorities said.

In high cig tax states and cities, tobacco has become what booze was during prohibition. And the new Mafia is Muslim funding not just organized crime, but organized terror.

  • candy

    It's the same in IL.
    It used to be most large businesses had 1 or 2 thugs selling guns,computers and drugs out of the trunk of a car at lunch time .
    Now it's muslims and illegals selling drugs,liquor ,cigarettes,guns,cell phones and tablets / notebook computers out of trucks that cover several towns.

    And with the old food stamps people bought and sold them in bars.
    Now the government loans refugees,immigrants and minorities funds to buy franchise stores,so they've taken over the SNAP fraud.

    Two Gary, Ind., food marts let people use their food stamps like a debit card, giving them cash back and cigarettes in exchange.
    In return, they illegally redeemed those food stamps to the federal government for more than $5,235,850.00. The money was sent to a bank accounts then was wired outside the country
    Ola Mohammad, 31, and her brother Abdkdar Mohammad, 29, both of Chicago, and Kaled Mohammad, 27, of Cicero, Ill. face one count of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government and three counts of wire fraud.

    CHICAGO (NBC) — An Illinois grocer was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in federal prison Monday for defrauding government and nutrition programs.
    Khaled Saleh, 48, the owner of Sunset Food Market in Waukegan was charged with illegally exchanging cash with customers using food stamp cards and nutrition coupons during an undercover investigation.
    Saleh was sentenced to 30 months in prison by U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle.
    Saleh, along with his wife, Fatima Saleh, 37, acquired more than $844,000 by paying customers approximately half the value in cash for goods purchased at other stores using their benefits.
    They then re-sold the same items in their store at a substantially higher price.

    There are 23,000 people living in Chicago from Beitunia, Palestine and only 2,000 people left in Beitunia.”

  • jakespoon

    This story is absolutely true,it's happening nation wide. I know from personal experience. In my area it's mostly Yemeni families ,always switching owners about once a year. Harder to keep track. Strange,though. Some, when I met them the first time,had ten fingers, now some only have 8, some 9. Weird. It's a punishment thing. Sale of ephedrine is a big thing also.

  • kafir4life

    Bloomberg is getting a cut. There's proof of this. He needs the high taxes to fuel the underground economy, of which he's heavily invested. You ain't seen NOTHIN' yet tho'! When the morons….I mean citizens of NY elect Huma of the ummah's pervert, all the stops are pulled. You'll see his Tony D. all around town!
    I still wonder how little Jordon is going to react when he sees pictures of the "ladies" that the Weiner was thinking about as his daddy's muslima was being impregnated.

  • AdinaK

    When I started investigating Islamic terror I noticed a pattern, and it almost always included smuggling as a source of raising funds. In tandem, their activities tied into a relationship with gangs, some of whom acted as mules when the goods originated outside the border, particularly helpful are MS 13. Moreover, I-95 serves as a gateway for much of their action, and aside from NYC/NJ being rife with activity, the Carolinas, VA and elsewhere are hubs.

    Further, PA Arabs (with assorted other groupings) work in conjunction with Hezbollah. In this regard, the following may be enlightening for the readers –

    Be afraid. Very afraid. BTW, many local convenience stores and gas stations owned by Arabs are similarly "mobbed" up.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Looking4Sanity

      "I-95 serves as a gateway for much of their action"

      As someone who travels that corridor regularly, I can attest to the fact that there are vast stretches of that artery that have virtually no police presence. It is as if government has already conceded their loss and is too besieged to even keep up the pretense of enforcing the law.

      "many local convenience stores and gas stations owned by Arabs are similarly "mobbed" up."

      Tell me about it. It is literally everywhere. They are keeping their heads down for now in the rural areas, but I look for even that to change in the next year or so.

  • S.Smith

    Wherever there are opportunities for every form of crime, Muslims are in the fore-front following their adored Maffia leader, the greatest criminal and fraud the world has ever known.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Apparently, MooHamMad (p!ss be upon him) thought that crime is a natural outgrowth of "peace" and piety.

      • Anthony

        You jus discuss me with what your saying everything your talking about people need to understand that the way our government is treating the Muslims/Arabs is the same way the black man was once treated ……crime will always be around …..calling Arabs thugs and mafia is just showing how much you put effort in thinking about them on a daily basis……. I hope you find peace brother in your heart …. Just because the Arabs own lots of stores doesn’t mean anything but there great business men……. If anything we should be talking about people who accept food stamps and really don’t need it or ppl who collect unemployment or what about ppl who accept disability and in reality cam work

        • S.Smith

          Read the Quran and Hadiths before you criticise. The jizya tax on unbelievers is a form of protection money, thus Maffia. Originated with them, histprical fact . Muslims are treated the way the are because of what they DO , all the special demands they make that no other religion does i.e. in piblic schools…you deny this, then get back nto the real world is my advice., NOT because of the colour of their skin and considering Islam is not a race, that does not apply.
          Muslims are the ones who advocate violence from their own scriptures following their war-Lord Mohammad the raping murdeing pedofile. Muslims do not want to integrate, often they will not even shake hands with infidels.
          Do some research especially into history.
          A good place to start is an educational site :

  • Edward Cline

    The solution to the problem is to abolish the taxes. It's so simple, yet the Federal, State, and city governments won't do it because they're addicted to the taxes. They need the taxes for revenue purposes, even though these taxes don't help them balance their spendthrift budgets. Think about it. A welfare state "budget" is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Statists budget nothing. The same solution would be to abolish all prohibitions on "entertainment" drugs; overnight the murdering drug cartels would collapse and there'd be a plummeting drop in drug usage. There's no mystery to why prohibited yet taxed goods foster the growth of criminal gangs. It's the law of cause and effect. But statists and regulators and Bloomberg mentalities want to change that law. It isn't going to happen.

  • Looking4Sanity

    "Bloomberg’s Cigarette Taxes Helping Fund Muslim Terror"

    Can we even classify this as an "unintended" consequence? I believe the case can be made that Nanny Doomberg knew this would happen.

  • Will

    My wife and I have saved over $1940/year by just buying from AAA Tobacco because of how crazy cigarette taxes have gotten, and the money stays in the hands of small business owners in the US and out of terrorists hands.