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Bloomberg’s Successor Wants to Force Restaurants to Use Federal School Meal Standards

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On July 3, 2013 @ 9:19 am In The Point | 1 Comment

quinn-w-flier [1]

Also known as the “Turn Ronald McDonald’s Meals into Something as Appetizing as your School’s Lunch Lady Will Whip Up [2]” proposal.

The takeaway here is that Christine Quinn has finally decided to embrace her identity as Bloomberg’s Mini-Me instead of running away from it as she has throughout the campaign. Quinn probably figures that Bloomberg won a few elections, so clearly some voters liked him. But she’s forgetting that Bloomberg plowed his own fortune into the campaign and unless Quinn made a deal with him to keep the city running the way he would want it to in exchange for cash, then it’s not a smart move.

But Quinn has been Bloomberg’s Mini-Me for a reason. It’s her nature.

The Happy Meal may not be smiling for long.  City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced yesterday that she’d impose strict nutritional standards for kids meals at McDonald’s and other chain restaurants if she becomes mayor next year.

“You’ll still be able to order whatever you think is right for your children. But we’re saying that companies can’t spend millions of dollars on marketing or include items on children’s menus if those foods clearly are going to lead to obesity,” Quinn declared at the Union Square green market.

Out-nannying Mayor Bloomberg, Quinn demanded that children’s meals meet the same federal standards as lunches served in elementary schools: no more than 650 calories, 7 grams of saturated fat and 740 milligrams of sodium.

That could sound the death knell for McDonald’s cheeseburger Happy Meal, which packs 875 milligrams of sodium.

Another quick casualty would be Applebee’s grilled cheese kid’s meal with fries, which Quinn said has 1,210 calories, 2,340 milligrams of sodium and 21 grams of saturated fat.

This isn’t Quinn’s first run in with McDonald [3]‘s. She was handing out boycott fliers outside a McDonald’s last year. But just to remind everyone that there are worse alternatives out there, Di Blasio just endorsed taking away parking spaces to be used as bike lanes. And both of them supporting forcing New Yorkers to compost.

LaGuardia, where have you gone. A weary city turns its eyes, etc…

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