Boston Bomber Hit Girlfriend for Not Wearing a Hijab, Wanted her to Convert to Islam, Hate America


Nadine Ascencao, 24, said Tamerlan made her wear an Islamic hijab and pray to Allah and slapped her when she wore Western clothes. But she was so blindly in love with the handsome boxer who had taken her virginity, she did her utmost to make him happy.

This is a familiar story for Western women and girls who get into relationships with Muslims. It just doesn’t always end in terrorism. Nadine Ascencao was lucky to get out when she did because from her story it’s clear that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was recruiting a collaborator in terrorism.

Nadine said: “I went to his mosque a couple of times and even looked into converting to make him happy. I thought, ‘This is crazy’ — but I still did it for him.

“Tamerlan had taken my virginity and said he loved me because I was pure and hadn’t been with any other guys. I was in love and scared he’d leave me if I didn’t do what he said. Looking back I had a lucky escape.”

Tamerlan, 26, who with 19-year-old brother Dzhokhar killed three people and injured 260 when they exploded two bombs at the Boston marathon, started dating Nadine in 2006 when she was 17.

During their three-year relationship she watched him change from a cannabis-smoking, party-loving teenager into a violent extremist.

She said: “One minute he’s this funny, normal guy who liked boxing and having fun, the next he is praying four times a day, watching Islamic videos and talking insane nonsense.

“He became extremely religious and tried to brainwash me to follow Islam. Tamerlan said I couldn’t be with him unless I became a Muslim. He wanted me to hate America like he did.”

Instead he found a girl who would join him in his mosque and in his hate.

And she was heartbroken when she learned he was secretly seeing another girl. Her rival was Katherine Russell, a student who was to become Tamerlan’s wife after converting to Islam. Crafty Tamerlan was soon playing the two women off against one another.

Nadine said: “He once made me learn a verse of an Islamic prayer and if I got it wrong he’d say, ‘Well Katherine can do it’.”

And now we learn how the domestic violence incident happened and why.

Tamerlan even attacked Nadine when he found her heading off to a friend’s pool party wearing cut-off jeans and a crop top.

She said: “He was shouting and screaming at me. He slapped me across the face really hard.”

Nadine called the police and Tamerlan was arrested and spent a night in the cells. Once out on bail he begged Nadine’s forgiveness.

But as soon as she dropped the charges Tamerlan dumped her and moved in with Katherine. Nadine’s relationship was over and within six months Katherine was pregnant with Tamerlan’s daughter.

The New York Times’ sympathetic pieces on the Muslim bombers minimized the attack and emphasized that the charges were dropped. (Yes, liberals easily learn to love the War on Women when it’s carried out by Muslims.)

Nadine’s story is another reminder that the Hijab is not empowering. It’s an abusive tool of abusive men. The idea that it’s a choice is Islamist propaganda.

And we now also know that Tamerlan was a pothead and that his switch to Islamic religiosity (not all that unusual of a transition among Muslim men in the West who turn religious after a few years of partying) was not associated with some boxing defeat, as the New York Times tried to pretend, but was inexplicable even to his girlfriend.

  • Softly Bob

    We really need to educate foolish Western women not to fall for these fork-tongued charmers. This girl learned the hard way, but fortunately not too hard, and not too late for her to have escaped the clutches of Islam.
    How many more have fallen into this trap, and have gone beyond the point of no return? Too many, I fear.

    • Chezwick

      Parents, warn your daughters. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists….ANYBODY but a Muslim.

    • SM ISAC

      I have no sympathy for these "foolish Western women" whom I would put in the same sick category of women who "fall in love" with psychopaths. It's a reflection of their own sickness, and if would not surprise me one bit when/if these women willingly submit themselves to the most heinous acts of depravity, starting with submission of their own wills (and responsibilities) as individuals.

  • Woofula

    Wearing a hijab is as much a sign of abject slavery as wearing chains.

  • DDay66

    It is sad to see how weak American men have become. To think there are so many that would allow their young daughters to date a Muslim man is shocking. It is yet another sign of how the Progressives have eroded the family unit and left men practically powerless. Yeah, some shmuck prog would call me a racist for forbiding my daughter from dating a Muslim, but her life is worth more to me than being considered a racist by a bunch of brainless, sakless Progs.

    • Mary Sue

      well you can't deny that when parents disapprove of a daughter dating ANYONE, for whatever reason, there is always a chance that the girl will go behind her parents' back in rebellion. So depending on the circumstances, outright forbidding it can backfire hugely. Normal parents have this problem when daughters date total crumb-bums (regular white "bad boys").

      However, warning the daughter about the dangers of any undesirable date is definitely essential.

      • DDay66

        My little girl is only 7 so I am still preparing myself for that moment. Hopefully by that point I would have taught her enough to avoid this problem all together!

        • Mary Sue

          do her a favor and don't EVER tell her (nor let anyone else tell her, or let her believe) that if a boy (particularly in elementary school) bullies her (calls her names or hits her) it's because he likes her.

          • DDay66

            LOL, at 7 she is already a Purple belt in Krav Maga. I'll let her sort that one out!!!

          • tagalog

            I agree with Mary Sue. A kick in the slats should solve the problem, and if not, she's got the wherewithal to make the kid regret any bad action for life.

    • CHIPS

      Sorry, you're swapping muslim male dominance for white trash male dominance. Your idea of control is not the answer. People can and will make choices you do not agree with. Just because you are male does not give you that extra handle on someone's sex life. All you can do is provide someone with an an education so that they can make an informed & intelligent choice.

      • DDay66

        Tell you what CHIPS, you want to tell me how to raise my daughter, I dare you to say it to my face. CHIPS and pieces would be all that's left of ya.

        • Indus Valley

          DDay66…You are right you should raise your daughter in full awareness of this Islamic menace, 'Lovejihad'…In India this was becoming a menace, so now the Hindu community & the Christian priests have alerted their respective communities to educate their daughters to stay away from the useless, jobless, merciless Muslim males. Western men shouldn't be apologetic towards the Muslims(regarding the war on terror), this kind of attitude makes them accept & tolerate Islam even at the coast of their daughter's life. We should ask ourselves, "Is it necessary to sacrifice our daughters in the alter of tolerance?" Its also better for non-Muslim boys not to date any Muslima.

  • AdinaK

    Yes, wife/girl friend/women can be beaten and it is absolutely supported by Sharia Law, and the Chechen monster did more than beat her, he also slit 3 Jewish throats on the 10 yr anniversary of 9/11/01! –

    Sach ha'kol, at the end of it all, his wife got hitched to him, so she bears responsibility for staying with such a monster.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Mary Sue

      I don't know about what anybody else has observed, but I've noticed that a lot of women that end up in/staying in abusive relationships tend to be of the soft-hearted (and maybe even soft-headed) liberal variety. The kind that wears their emotions on their sleeve. The kind that don't recognize classic abuser behavior for what it is. (Like this Katherine chick that married Tamerlan).

    • @kerri59

      Yes he did he murder three Jewish men that used to be close friends of his. He was an animal entrenched in his hateful religion.

  • Mary Sue

    She should never have dropped the charges!

    • Drakken

      Shoulda, coulda woulda, I can honestly say that if that was my daughter, there would be a missing muslim on a milkcarton.

  • NYgal

    Those girls who date Muslims and convert do not live in a vacuum. They live in a society where unconditional tolerance is a most prized virtue and any criticism of the "other" is an unforgivable sin, even if such a criticism is well deserved.

    We have our educators and our media to thank for the fact that the young people no longer understand that tolerance towards evil always ends in hurting the innocent. Yes, we are allowed to judge others; as a matter of fact we should judge the behavior or others if that behavior stands opposes our most cherished moral values.

    Unfortunately, American girls are not the only targets of determined Muslim predators, it is a problem in all Western countries.

    • Mr. Burma

      Not only in Western countries. It has became a problem in Myanmar as well. We have influx of Muslims from neighboring Bangladesh. They marry many poor Burmese women and their population growth rate is sky high.

      Now they are claiming the land is theirs and starting the violence, rape. etc

      • Mary Sue

        Gotta love the taquiyya coming from the Muslims regarding this Myanmar thing. They've claimed that the Evil Intolerant Buddhists™ (lol) just suddenly started persecuting the Poor Innocent Muslims™! (yeah right!)

        Anyone who knows anything about buddhists knows they are the epitome of Tolerance, yet even they have their limits…

      • Indus Valley

        Atleast the Burmese are fighting back & I'm so happy for that…..But the west is chained by stupid pc politicians. These Bangladeshi immigrants didn't allow their girls to get married with the Burmese boys but at the same time had no qualm in marrying Buddhist Burmese girls….Hypocritical scumbags….This is also one of the ways of conducting their Jihad, marrying non-Muslim girls by hook or crook…..

      • Drakken

        Well Mr. Burma, keep up the great work at eliminating the muslim scrouge in your country.

  • Lan Astaslem

    Non muslim girls and women should know by now that most muslim men are savage, abusive, angry thugs. I have no pity for these low self esteem jerks who are so desperate for a guy.

    • CHIPS

      not really, Islam is being marketed as the great misunderstood, the religion of 'peace'…

  • lola

    UGH! MAKES ME sick?! when WOMAN choose to be treated LIKE CRAP! and they talk about LOVE and such! Love isnt going to conquer anything! SERIOUSLY!! I belive she deserved to be treated the way she did Because she made that choice but then again I just dont understand why? woman like here would stand to be beaten!

    • Mary Sue

      It stems from the standard female (well common, anyway, if nothing else, which often stems from LIBERALISM!) rejoinder of "I can FIX him!"

    • Indus Valley

      This multiculturalism made western women(especially a woman dating a Muslim)) to have double-standards. If an American male beats his girl friend, he will be grilled by her using the law, at the same time if a Muslim guy whom she dates beat her, she tolerates that as his cultural upbringing. No wonder none of the western feminists protest against the ill treatment of women in Muslim lands. These women who call the western men control freaks if he insists on anything, will tolerate the Muslim male in the name of his cultural upbringing even if he shoves his pagan death cult Islam on her throat. I could see in Germany people criticizing Christianity so much but dare not say anything against Islam. Double standards everywhere. So when young people hear their own elders criticizing Christianity but never Islam, they feel that Islam is way better than Christianity & have a soft corner on Islam & have no qualms in dating a Muslim guy & converting for the sake of love. Later when they realize the danger of Islam, they will definitely blame their elders for not educating & warning them.

  • Coco

    Anyone can help me pls. Is there any Human Rights personnel here? here's my email add pls.

    • Mary Sue

      what sort of help do you need?

    • Gabriel Rosa

      I think you're in the wrong place if you're looking for human rights. I suggest you try the State Good luck!

  • Isahiah62

    liberals easily learn to love the War on Women when it’s carried out by Muslims.)

    thanks for another excellent analysis of the stupid that is the new norm

  • pauline

    Please dont put every Muslims men in the same mould their good bad in every nationality

    • sel

      you are right. we are not like them.

    • Drakken

      If your stupid and ignorant to date a muslim, your going to hopefully live long enough to regret it. Stick with our own western types and leave the savages to their own devices.

  • tagalog

    Tamerlan, a religious Muslim, smoked pot, had promiscuous sex outside of marriage, slapped women around (what gallantry!), and played them off against one another…

    What makes his religion superior, pray tell? I hear about Muslims doing this kind of stuff. It's not just the one guy. The 9/11 bombers went to a strip joint the night before their famous exploit.

    Religious Christians are expected to do better than that, and if they don't they are exposed to public shame and accusations of hypocrisy. Muslim men appear to fare better (of course, the women take it in the shorts). Could this be one of the draws of Islam for converts?

    • ron

      What's so great about being "gallant"? Last I checked, all that gets you is a suckers deal to nowhere.

      What you should notice is that it is precisely his strong behavior that got the attraction of his women. Only now she looks at it as an escape, back then when he dumped her, she probably felt awful.

      Anyway, nothing makes his religion superior, except that in a superficial way it empowers men and keeps women in a radically subservient role. Which is horrible. But in the enlightened west, we empower women and keep men in a radically subservient role. Which is probably even worse.

      • tagalog

        Worse for you, maybe. For myself, I yield to no woman's power or social cachet. I also don't abuse women. I believe in the masculine virtues, although there are women (and men) who falsely tell you that such a thing is a "sucker's deal." They do that to keep you in thrall.

        But I agree with letting them open their own damn doors. They bi***ed about it so much, they can have what they claimed to want.

    • SM ISAC

      An act of Jihad and Islam defined Martyrdom which is being killed in the process of waging armed jihad against infidels wipes out any and all of the past transgressions. That is why the number of hijackers on 9/11 broke Islamic prohibitions against alcohol and whatever other taboos they fancies on the night before their "mission."

  • @kerri59

    Ok we get it. He was a radicalized Muslim. He hated America and abused the women in his life. Why is there such an emphasis on Pot smoking?. Did he drink? I am sick of people trying to make the connection with smoking pot and now radical, murdering Muslim. The constant mention lately of Pot smoking and violence is nauseating. Most people who smoke pot don't become violent, bomb people, murder and abuse their wives. The blame lies solely on his religion of violence, his mother being a thief who was blaming America for all her woes in life and the fact the guy was no good. He was trained and mentored by his religion of violence. Stop straying away from the real issue. Muslims and their utter need to convert or kill people and nothing more than that. Pot is not heroin. He did not get locked up in jail and convert to Islam. He already was Islamic and belonged to a radical Mosque. Why not deport and shut down every Mosque in this country? Do you think the governor smoked Pot too. He is the one who pushed to have this radical Mosque in Boston. Maybe Obama smokes Pot too. Get off the Pot.

    • ron

      LOL, "abuse"? They loved him BECAUSE he was "abusive".

  • sel

    A muslim can not be a terorist, and a terorist can not be a muslim. thats what islam teaches us..
    we dont call those people who kills innocent people muslims. they can not be muslims. You shold learn more about Islam. Thnx. From Turkey

    • Atikva

      Oh boy, do we know enough already about islam!

      We know what it does, we have seen sharia law in action, the rapes, the torture, the floggings, the hangings, the beheadings, the crucifixions, the stonings. We have also seen the mass murders ending with the killers’ victory cries of allah akbar:

      Munich, 1972,
      New York, 1993 and 2001,
      Madrid, 2004,
      London, 2005,
      Mumbai, 2008,
      Achiles Lauro,
      Daniel Pearl,
      the Fogel children,
      Boston 2013,
      just to mention a few. .

      So your coran, your hadiths and commentaries, your takya and all your paraphernalia, you may shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

      If you were honest, you would have protested with us long ago against these atrocities.

    • @kerri59

      Hey I have a good idea. If that is really true. Instead of explaining this to me Sel. I want you to go organize all your true Muslim brothers and start educating all those suicide bombers, murderers, Jihadist Radicals, rapest extreme Muslims in what a true Muslim is. While your at it maybe you can even teach true Islam. It really wasn't something I just made up. Everytime they commit a crime they do it in the name of Allah. Is that who you worship? There must be some really bad communication in the Muslim world that a lot of these Muslims think they are serving Allah. Now I am really confused and waiting to hear of your progress in reteaching those thousands of Muslims that have some other idea of your religion.

    • Lan Astaslem

      sel – I learned all I need to know about your 'religion' on 9/11 – the massacre in Boston was just another lesson for the slow learners

    • Indus Valley

      "A muslim can not be a terorist, and a terorist can not be a muslim. thats what islam teaches us" – Really? then whats this, Qur'an 33:26 "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who reject Me"…
      "we dont call those people who kills innocent people muslims. they can not be muslims" – The problem hear lies with the word 'innocent" according to Islam only Muslims are innocent rest all are the people who rejected Mohamed & his sock puppet allah & they were legitimate targets for Mohamed to kill, rape & loot.
      You seem to be a good person at heart just leave this death cult Islam don't try to imagine Islam according to your wish..Islam is Islam…If not you must be the usual taqqiya Muslim & we are not fools..

  • Atikva

    “Tamerlan had taken my virginity and said he loved me because I was pure and hadn’t been with any other guys. I was in love and scared he’d leave me if I didn’t do what he said. Looking back I had a lucky escape.”

    Eh, Women Lib, look what your movement has produced after fifty years of indoctrination: one of these ignorant women totally dependent on men, with no religion, no self-respect, no mind of their own, no financial stability, no honor, nothing. Typical. You can see lots of them every day, e.g. on Judge Judy show. It’s either the pathetic kind or the ridiculous kind (the ones who hate men and burn their bras).

    In the meantime, we hear not a peep from you when girls and women are the victims of so called “honor killings” by men without honor, of genital mutilation, of rape, or of forced so-called “marriage” – not only in the muslim world where these barbaric customs have become endemic, but also in America and Europe.

    What a record!

    • SM ISAC

      Women's lib has NOTHING to do with this sick woman's and plenty of others like her, behaviour and lack of self respect which cannot be given, but must be earned, by everyone, man or woman.

      It just means women can be just as stupid as men, and does not prove the point you seem to want to prove. Sorry!

      • Atikva

        Objection, your Honor. The new generations of clueless women are largely due to Women Lib propaganda – which itself is but one of the tentacles of the leftist movement.

  • @kerri59

    One more thing. My comment was really directed to Daniel Greenfield the author of this article and the comment about Tammerlan being a pothead. I am sure it goes this. I just a smoke some pot, I feel this sudden need to become a Muslim. Does anyone have directions to the nearest Mosque? LOL…How ridiculous.

    • Lan Astaslem

      no wonder you're such an imbecile

      • @kerri59

        Why? Because I am sick of hearing what Potheads they are or were? The author commented that muslims who party for a couple of years end up turning to religion. He sounds like he is talking about AA or something. Pot has nothing to do with it. If it did there would be people blowing up in the street every day. Drugs has nothing to do with this. Why would you look for excuses other than what it really is. HATE. You are the imbecile Lan Astalem.

      • @kerri59

        And I guess you didn't think it was very funny either. Sorry.

  • Pulsar182

    So while I understand that most Muslims are not at war with us, they’ve proven in their silence and inaction against jihad that they’re not on our side either, and there’s nothing we can say or do to change that. We just have to finally accept it and stop expecting them to come around, while doing our best to kill those who are trying to kill us.

    Another problem with Muslims who aren’t very Muslim is that they lead some among us to conclude that they must be practicing a more enlightened form of Islam. They’re not. They’re “practicing” life in non-Muslim countries, where they are free to live as they choose. But their “Islam” is not the Islam. There’s no separate ideology apart from Islam that’s being practiced by these Muslims in name only, there’s no such thing as “Western Islam”.

    • tagalog

      Most Muslims are not at war with us NOW. They're keeping mum until they can see where things are going to go, then (like almost everyone except the radicals) they'll bet on the winning horse.

  • Anonymous

    Another influence on Tamerlan may have been a Canadian boxer (according to a Russian paper). Allegedly met at some WAMY (world assembly of Muslim youth) conference.

    • Guest

      Honestly, who cares about ANY influence – he was muslime – end of story.

      No soft liberal sympathy vote of any sort to be attributed to this slime.

    • @kerri59

      Why are you questioning his influence? It is what a true Muslim does. He is doing Allah's work. I feel sorry for "western Muslims" as much as they don't exist. It must be so hard to realize that you could have lived a life of "Peace" and freedom in this country. Now you are destroying the peaceand freedom that thiscountry strives for, and our military fights for.

  • submitter

    there's nothing wrong when one embrace a faith that request to cover up their body. What she did reflects her beliefs in one true God.

  • Muslimah

    Umm…it's wrong in Islam to even have a girlfriend or boyfriend. So that tells you that Tamerlan knew nothing about Islam's true teachings. You can't force religion upon anyone else. Muslim men are allowed to marry Christian and Jewish women and their wives are allowed to practice their separate faiths. Please understand Islam. The true one. Not one you hear about from an alleged "bomber."

  • Alice

    I am from Holland and my husband is muslim! he is verry religious but he never made me waer muslim clothes of hijab,he sayed islam come from the hart,if you want to were it ok,if not is no problem…we have 7years marrige and i can say i have a verry good happy life and 2 beautiful kids…not every moslim is the same…like everywere in the world are good people and bad people…

  • yulius

    Islam god Allah is not the same with Christian God named Yahweh or Father….That’s why their teaching is contradiction to each other… That’s some thing I came to understand know…after 35 years wondering and bilnd

  • Ichinawa

    he can say he is a muslims, but actually he is not,
    he even not follow what Qu’ran says.