Boston Bomber Magistrate’s Middle Eastern Connections

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As FOX News reported and Robert Spencer noted, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev stopped talking once he was prematurely read his Miranda rights. That helps the authorities establish the lone wolf narrative. Whatever else we might have learned from him is probably lost.

Once Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was read his rights on Monday, he immediately stopped talking, according to four officials of both political parties who were briefed on the interrogation but insisted on anonymity because the briefing was private.

After roughly 16 hours of questioning, investigators were surprised when a magistrate judge and a representative from the U.S. Attorney’s office entered the hospital room and read Tsarnaev his rights, the four officials and one law enforcement official said. Investigators had planned to keep questioning him.


District Court Judge Marianne Bowler arrived at the hospital where he is being treated to preside over his initial hearing Monday, when she read him his Miranda rights.

But Fox News’ sources say there was confusion about Bowler’s timing, with some voicing concerns that investigators were not given enough time to question Dzhokhar under the “public safety exception” invoked by the Justice Department.

Two officials with knowledge of the FBI briefing on Capitol Hill said the FBI was against stopping the investigators’ questioning and was stunned that the judge, Justice Department prosecutors and public defenders showed up, feeling valuable intelligence may have been sacrificed as a result.

Judge Bowler has some interesting international connections. She is a member of the Member of the International Judicial Relations Committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States.

Apparently in that capacity, she visited and spoke on legal issues at a number of Muslim countries, becoming the first female judge to speak in Kuwait, appearing also in Egypt and in the United Arab Emirates.

Oddly enough, aside from a visit to the US embassy in Belgrade, those are the only international appearances that she lists and they all take place in Muslim countries.

While Islamic infiltration of our political system is well known, the infiltration of our legal system is less well known, but operates within similar parameters with foreign contacts being made. There is no way of knowing how much Bowler has been influenced by her connections with the legal and political systems of the Muslim world, but it is telling that her international judicial relations appear to begin and end with the Muslim world.

  • F.K. Juliano

    Does she have a bank account in the Cayman Islands?

  • Chuck

    They were only suprised they didn't get there sooner…

  • AdinaK

    Whenever I comment on the infiltration and penetration of the Brotherhood Mafia into America's political sphere, it goes without saying that they have penetrated ALL branches of gov't, including the judicial system. Other than individual interrogators who want the truth to come out, there is no doubt the Justice Dept, in tandem with all of Obama's surrogates, is desperate to push the "lone wolf" narrative. Balderdash –

    Moreover, Holder is knee deep with Brotherhood "sympathies", even to the point of this dictate –
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Ar'nun

    Bowler is like all the other officials here in Boston. She is a Liberal First, and her Americanism comes way later. She also just happens to be a former professor at the same University attended by older brother Tamerlan (aka speedbump)…. And she is a Clinton appointee.

    • Anonymous

      Figures. The perp sang like a bird before she rushed in and shut him up. Makes you wonder who paid her off.

  • Roger

    When this judge spoke in muslim countries, is there a picture of her attire while doing so?

    • charlotte

      I wonder if she's a Muslim convert?

      • Roger

        I have to wonder. In that photo up above she was showing an awful lot of ankle, probably enough to cause earthquakes.

        And it looked like some of the guys were noticing too!

        Why would any woman want to be treated like a small child that can't be trusted to even drive unless they have a certain 'loyalty' to sharia?

        • defcon 4

          The petrodollar paychecks must be large. Large enough to overcome any innate notions of morality or ethics or justice or freedom or liberty.

      • Roger

        What a silly thing to say. Do you think anyone who has merely just visited a Muslim country is a Muslim convert?

  • MRichards

    " it is telling that her international judicial relations appear to begin and end with the Muslim world"? What does it "tell" you that doesn't involve sheer speculation?

    • prydl

      "Sheer speculation"? "Sheeeer speculation"?. What do you think k you mean by "sheer speculation"? Don't you really just mean ' some reasonable degree of speculation'?

    • defcon 4

      Yeah really, after all who wouldn't trust a Federal judge who associates w/islamofascist despots? They're the best of people — especially in the pocketbook.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    When does a Federal Judge go to a hospital to read a supposed criminal thier rights, is this out
    of the ordinary, does it show fear that someone wants to shut this prisoner up quickly by
    overriding the FBI Investigators. Blatant interference by the Obama operatives has been
    expected and here it is………………………What excuse will she make for his sinister actions?
    More to unfold and probably not to anyone's likeing but leftists and Islamists. Let the State
    try him and when found guilty execute him, ooops! this is Massachusetts, get time off for
    good behavior and community service, could be……………………………..William

    • Kae Mechiso

      Anyone arrested under federal law is entitled to an initial appearance before a judicial officer usually a federal magistrate who rotate on call duty on a weekly basis. The purpose of the initial appearance is to advise the defendant of the charges against them, advise the defendant of their right to remain silent, right to an attorney, etc. U.S. Supreme Court case County of Riverside v. McLaughlin (89-1817), 500 U.S. 44 (1991) even sets time limits. The hospital setting was arranged by the U.S. Attorney to comply with the law and to relieve the FBI of responsibility for prisoner security and medical bills which is turned over to the U.S. Marshals Service at the hearing. That said, I am not saying the timing and the future political aspirations of the U.S. Attorney did not play a role.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        The U.S. Attorney is a very generous person to relieve the FBI of responsibility for prisoner
        security and medical bills, the cost would be high for the taxpayers, come to think of it
        the tax payers are going to get the bill anyway. The local police could have read him his
        rights but there was opportunity to question him due to the severity of the crimes and
        prior findings concerning terrorist activities which is why the FBI was astonished at the
        intervention. We shall see when this all falls out just what and why things were done the
        way they were. I will go with political interference from the White House to shut him up.

  • Viet Vet

    Something tells me that this judge and the justice department weren't all that upset with the Boston bombing.

  • Kevin

    I wonder who give the judge her marching orders. We have to blame that person. Who is running the zoo?


    Who gave the judge her marching orders? When? What mosk does she attend?

  • Greg

    Garbage. I read Bowler’s cv and the only thing I see is a lifetime commitment to law, literature, and her hometown of Boston.

    If you want to see what cronyism and intrigue look like, take a look at NY Judge Loretta Preska.

  • JacksonPearson

    "District Court Judge Marianne Bowler arrived at the hospital where he is being treated to preside over his initial hearing Monday, when she read him his Miranda rights."

    Correct me. But isn't it the responsibility of the arresting officer[s], or prosecutors to read a presumed criminal his/her Miranda Rights. This the first I have ever heard of a federal judge going out of their way to do it? It all seems kind of unusual.

    • Roger

      I think this is the tip of the iceberg.
      Holder used to be a lawyer that handled Gitmo cases. He knows this inside and out.
      Yet he was having FBI people interrogating him without reading him his rights knowing it will end up in civilian court? They're throwing the case. This judge stepped in to salvage what was left of the case.

      This is exactly why they needed to follow the FDR example and use military tribunals.

    • @TeaPartier_Al

      Yeah, the police should have read him his rights, but since this guy may have terrorist ties, he did not have a right to remain silent under the law. The judicial branch is not allowed to read someone their rights as an officer of the law has this duty. The judicial branch is suppose to interpret the laws that the legislature has wrote and make a judgment of innocent or guilty if there is no jury and that judgment is to be based on factual evidence. Talking about judicial activism!!!

  • Anonymous

    It was back in 2008, when Muslims used Canada's so-called "human rights" tribunals to hound Maclean's magazine (among other things, demanding the magazine offer "an apology" to Muslims) that, I believe, most Canadians were shocked to discover the extent of the Islamist infiltration of Canada's legal system. The bizarre arguments proffered by the Muslim lawyers were literally shocking — it underscored their near total absence of understanding of the western concepts of "free speech", "freedom of conscience", "right of dissent", even the most basic tenets of justice. Yet, these "lawyers" are destined to become what? Our judges? (Canada faces a horrific future).

    • defcon 4

      The entire Western world faces a horrendous future, a future consisting of the imposition of Sharia law, by degrees.

  • HDThoreau

    I thought this was a joke, so I looked up her CV. They aren't kidding. Besides her award from the Ukraine, she was a guest lecturer here:

    Government of Kuwait, Kuwait City (1997‐first US woman judge to speak in

    Government of Egypt (2012)‐presentation on enforcement of foreign court
    orders in cross border financial investigations, presentations before
    the Court of Cassation and Cairo University Law School

    Judicial Institute of the United Arab Emirates(UAE) at Sharjah (2011)‐presentation
    on copyright and trademark law

    She gave a talk to the government of Egypt in 2012? The Muslim Brotherhood?

  • bobh

    The fix is in!

  • charlotte


  • E Holder

    …….how often has she visited thr White House?

  • bunkerville

    The terrorist needed to be shut up quickly before he talked about the other participants involved. There, I said it.

  • @Obama_Ointment


  • @woweegoodstuff

    Over here in the UK we're shaking our heads with disbelief.

  • @AtThyWord777

    ".. Let all things be done decently and in order…". — 1 Corinthians 14:40

    ".. 1.0 No Public Official may act in an UNLAWFUL MANNER To IMPEDE or SUBVERT a Lawful Investigation & UNDERMINE such Lawful Investigation that is undertaken to PRESERVE The Peace & Security of The Nation.

    2.0 State Machinery is held in Public Trust by Public Officials on behalf of The Nation To protect The Peace & Security of The Nation.

    3.0 Those who BETRAY The Trust of The Nation by ABUSING Their Public Office are not ABOVE The Law and may be INVESTIGATED for ABUSE of OFFICE.

    4.0 Any Public Official who BETRAYS The Trust of The Nation by ABUSING Their Public Office Forfeits their Legal Right to hold such Public Office

    4.1 No Public Official should BETRAY The Trust of The Nation by ABUSING Their Public Office to IMPEDE or SUBVERT a Legal & Lawful Investigation.

    5.0 The Peace & Security of The Nation should be of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE to all persons occupying all Legal & Lawful Offices of The Nation.

    6.0 A LAWFUL Investigation To Protect The Peace & Security of The Nation that is IMPEDED or SUBVERTED by any person cannot be FAIR & TRANSPARENT

    7.0 To Remain TRANSPARENT A LAWFUL Investigation To Protect The Peace & Security of The Nation should not be IMPEDED or SUBVERTED by any person

    8.0 State Machinery is ABUSED when it is "USED" To provide PROTECTION against PROSECUTION to THOSE who have committed senseless acts of violence

    8.1 State Machinery is ABUSED when it is "USED" To IMPEDE or STOP or SUBVERT a Lawful Investigation To Protect The Peace & Security of a Nation.

    9.0 No person, No Judge, No Prosecutor, No Politician, No Priest, No Bishop, No Citizen, No enemy, No Friend etc is Above The law of The Land.

    9.1 No one is Above The Recognised Law of The Land. Those who BREAK The Law must suffer The Full PENALTY of Breaking The Laws of The Land.

    10.0 The Peace & Security of The Nation is More Important Than any person that behaves as if the Law cannot touch them :There are No UNTOUCHABLES

    10.1 Those who INTERFERE with a Lawful Investigation to Protect The Peace & Security of The Nation are NOT above The Law & may be Investigated.

    10.2 Any person who INTERFERES with a Lawful Investigation to Protect The Peace & Security of The Nation is GUILTY of an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

    11.0 State Machinery is there to Serve & Protect The Greater Good of all Peace Loving Citizens who have the Right To Live in Peace & Security.

    12.0 State Machinery should never be USED or ABUSED for Selfish Purposes by those who TEMPORARILY OCCUPY a Position of High Trust or High Office…".

  • tigerlille

    The judge's intervention took integrity, guts and a committment to the principals expressed in the constitution and the rule of law. She probably saved the case, but feel free to go on slurring her as being on the Muslim payroll, blah blah blah.

  • elva

    Why would any judge want to stop short questioning of a terrorist that, that could reveal more information as to the training, accomplises; and iniation of this terrorist and his brother? Unless they were told to do so by someone in the Obamma administration. This sounds so fishey, it stinks of Bengazzia!