Boston Marathon Bomber Had Copy of Hamas Jihadist Text


Considering that Obama officials are reportedly meeting with Hamas officials, here’s something else for them to chat about.

Other material that was found on Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s computer, according to the indictment, were several jihadist books, including “The Slicing Sword, Against the One Who Forms Allegiances With the Disbelievers and Takes Them as Supporters Instead of Allah, His Messenger and The Believers.”

Tsarnaev also downloaded a publication written by one of the founders of Hamas, Abdullah Azzam, called, “Defense of the Muslim Lands, the First Obligation After Imam.”

Azzam is known as “the Father of Global Jihad.” Azzam actively promoted jihad against all occupiers of Muslim lands.  In terrorism expert Steven Emerson‘s 1994 television documentary Terrorists Among Us: Jihad in America, Abdullah Azzam is shown urging a New York audience to wage jihad in America, and Azzam explains that jihad “means fighting only, fighting with the sword.”

So much for that internal spiritual struggle.


  • BS61

    It’s disgusting that the MA police had to beg for tips, when they overlooked the obvious! NSA’s database must be full of Tea Party people instead of Islamists!

  • jackdiamond

    Azzam had a Phd in Sharia law from Al-Azhar University, which Obama called a “beacon of Islamic learning” in his address to the Muslim world. ” It was Islam — at places like Al-Azhar — that carried the light of
    learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe’s
    Renaissance and Enlightenment” he said. An historically absurd statement, nevertheless Al-Azhar has continued to be a beacon of sorts through the work of alumni like Azzam (who founded Al Qaeda as well); Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood; Sheik Yassin, that other founder of Hamas; and Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, professor of Qur’anic studies at Al Azhar and spiritual guide of the worst Jihadist groups on earth, The Blind Sheikh, that foremost authority on the Qur’an, who said “Jihad and killing are the head of Islam. If you take them out, you cut off the head of Islam.” (and pious Muslims know a thing or two about cutting off heads, don’t they?) Azzam, the Islamic scholar, said: “Jihad and the rifle alone: no negotiations, no conferences and no dialogues.” and “one hour in the path of jihad is worth more than 70 years of praying at home” (He also wrote something called “Lovers of the Paradise Maidens” about Mujahideen who died fighting the Soviets and their rewards). Some Moderate Muslim (TM) please explain how scholars like Azzam & the Blind Sheikh (and diligent students like the Tsarnaevs’) so badly misunderstand that Qur’an and your guy Muhammad?