Brennan Involved in Manufacturing Rice’s Fake Benghazi Talking Points

Reason #41 why John Brennan should be the next CIA Director. He’s already expert at cover-ups. Okay, make that not very expert at cover-ups.

Obama’s pick to head the CIA was involved in crafting controversial talking points about last year’s attack in Benghazi, Republicans said Tuesday after viewing intelligence documents.

Lawmakers had vowed to block John Brennan’s nomination unless they got to see internal communications about how to describe the attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Several said the email chain of several pages, which they’d been seeking for months, doesn’t change how they plan to vote either way.

“Brennan was involved,” Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) said after the briefing. “It’s pretty obvious what happened.”

So Brennan isn’t actually any good at cover-ups.  So maybe he isn’t qualified to be CIA Director after all. Good thing no one actually died in Benghazi or this would be a really serious issue.

The Senate intelligence committee on Wednesday postponed until next week a vote on the confirmation of White House aide John Brennan to be CIA director, dashing hopes of Democratic leaders who had hoped to have a vote on Thursday.

I’ll give you a confirmation vote tomorrow for some Benghazi talking points next Tuesday.

  • JacksonPearson

    LMAO….John Brennan has a full skeleton closet, with a two hundred bone rattling member symphony orchestra playing "Allahu Akbar", and "Death to America"!

    But, it'll be deja vu Lew, and Hagel, whereas, he'll tip toe, or waltz into the position!

    • furtiveadmirer

      Brennan is a low life mobbed up new jersey trouble maker. he had the motive, means and opportunity to scam petreaus by having him keep the CIA seat warm until term #2.

  • JCS

    Probably his mandate is to dismantle what's left of the CIA.

    • Mary Sue

      and pass whatever secrets it holds to the Mujahideen

  • furtiveadmirer

    brennan also created the fake video, the innocence of muslims, and has imprisoned the "producer" so he is silent. it is Brennan who should be imprisoned: he broke into the Passport Office to steal Obama's records in '08 so no one would discover OBAMA IS INELIGIBLE BY THE STRINGENT CONSTITUTIONAL CRITERIA TO BE POTUS + Obama is using a dead man's social security # -Harrison J Bounel, born in 1890, a Russian Jew. Moochelle is married to Harrison and Obama has failed e-Verify — so much for the phony Trey Gowdy hearings on Wednesday.

    Brennan is a sociopath and a danger to humanity —every citizen of every country. He should be charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.


    • furtiveadmirer

      Obama has produced a fake selective service card using 2 digits instead of 4 and inverting (20)08 to make it appear he registered in 1980; trouble is he cut the 19 off which is a forgery.

      Brennan has converted to Islam besides.