Burma and Turkey: Obama’s Muslim Human Rights Double Standard


When Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, the leader of an Islamist regime that openly supports terrorism and locks up the opposition, came to America, he got the red carpet treatment, including a United States Marine holding an umbrella over the murderous thug’s head.

During their joint remarks, Obama made no mention of the tens of thousands of political prisoners in Turkish jails, the habitual repression or the violations of the rule of law. No mention was made of allegations that Turkey had used chemical weapons in Iraq against the Kurds. Instead Obama lavished praise on one of the country’s worst enemies and pledged his support for Erdogan’s proxy war against Syria.

Obama praised Turkey’s “progress” under Erdogan, who has locked up reporters and done his best to make Turkey a one-party state, “I want to take this opportunity to commend you and the Turkish people for your courage in seeking an historic and peaceful resolution of the PKK violence that has plagued Turkey for so long.  And just as the United States has stood with you in your long search for security, we will support efforts in Turkey to uphold the rule of law and good governance and human rights for all. ”

There was no mention of legitimate Kurdish grievances, such as the ruthless prosecution of Kurds for singing a song or speaking their own language.

Meanwhile when President Thein Sein of Myanmar, formerly Burma, came to town, Obama blasted him, not over the usual human rights violations in the country, but over the only thing in the world that Obama appears to genuinely care about. Muslims, expressing his “deep concern about communal violence that has been directed at Muslim communities inside of Myanmar.  The displacement of people, the violence directed towards them needs to stop, and we are prepared to work in any ways that we can with both the government of Myanmar and the international community to assure that people are getting the help that they need but, more importantly, that their rights and their dignity is recognized over the long term.”

No such concern was offered for the Kurds, who are also Muslims, but who are not one of the dominant Islamist powers in the region.

Obama’s Muslims First foreign policy is really an Islamism First foreign policy. It defines the American relationship to countries such as Burma purely in terms of the Islamist obsessions with extending their Volksmuslimer settlers into every country and then waging war on those countries in the name of their “human rights”.

This distortion of American foreign policy is isolating the United States and destroying its national interests. It is preventing the United States from engaging with non-Muslim countries on any terms other than the war and grievance industries of Islam.

  • Passer by

    IMO America is an experiment, a blueprint on how a world government should work. It is a place to test centralized control over various ethnic and religious groups. Therefore it must be as diverse as possible. Apparently it was decided that Islam and Muslims must be part of the experiment. It doesn't matter if this ends badly for America. Large islamic presence in America is necessary in order to obtain good observations on how multicultural society would work. If succesful, the model could one day be used for global governance.

    Therefore the US Government (although it knows muslims are dangerous) will not allow anyone to attack Islam and Muslims and will try to present them as just another helpless minority, let's say black people, who must be a necessary part of America. US Embassies around the world are already comparing other countries muslim minorities to american blacks. This says something about their future plans on muslim integration.

    So it appears that these days american foreign policy towards muslims is subordinated to american internal policy towards muslims and not the other way around. If you plan to have a large islamic presence into the country, it is necessary to have good relations with the rest of the islamic world, or this presence could backfire into insurgency, separatism, etc.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "IMO America is an experiment, a blueprint on how a world government should work."

      Not really. Other nations can model themselves after us by emulating and following a constitution like ours but there can be no single world government without worse tyranny than the world has ever experienced.

    • rich

      Backfire? It is already a insurgency. These muslim extremist hate christians and jewish to the point that they want all of them dead. Within the next 2 years obama will be trying to put syria law courts in this country. That will happen over alot of dead bodies. this country is not an experiment. These people are in the process of creating a new world order. That is why the sudden increase in immigrants is happenning. These elites are making it easy for them to get into this country using this administration. If people cannot see the desperation of this administration to get all Americans to submit to their tolatarian style government through intimadation and, scare tactics they are blind. It is very obvious to me that they want a revolution in this country and, they are pressuring the American people to start it. They are very arrogant and, that is their mistake. They actually believe they can win.

    • ziggy zoggy

      America is not an experiment and has never been meant as a model for world governance, regardless of you opinion. It isn't really your opinion, though. You were indoctrinated with that fantasy in college.

  • livingengine

    ". . . extending their Volksmuslimer settlers into every country and then waging war on those countries in the name of their “human rights”." – Great language!

  • Drakken

    Got to hand it to the buddist of Burma, they know how to deal with the muslims.

    • Doug


  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    It goes hand in hand that an Islamist-in-Chief would heart with like-minded ideologues, and this is not a light matter, a distinction without a difference. In fact, it is due to his close nexus with Muslim Mafia regimes that the US is incapable of defending itself from the foxes implanted in the White House. And while Bibi was relegated to the service entrance, Erdogan got the royal treatment.

    Is it any wonder, considering where his green roots lie? – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/11/the-islamist-

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Drakken

    Well at leat the buddist in Burma know how to deal with the muslim savages in their midst, Go Burma!

    • Doug

      Redneck swine!

  • Matt

    Hey Burma is a win, the MOP was put on the fast track by US Pacific Command. It was a win for everyone Burma, the US, China. The nuclear program. The Burmese military need assistance and training to deal with the ethnic strife. I told them I am going to hit those nuclear sites and I told the PRC that it is very easy to start a sectarian insurgency in Burma, given the fact they had the only commercial interest, they would be drawn in. If there was war in the future their supply of logistics were vulnerable, as they are via Pakistan. That could have been another Iran or DPRK.

  • Matt

    Set up a chapter in Fiji, we are moving.

  • ziggy zoggy

    you should be blogging at LSD Pundit. Either that, ot stop commenting from your meth lab.

    • Matt

      I should add you are casting the aspersion in relation to substance abuse. I am just nuts clean but crazy. You know what the cost of 38 hits in Afghanistan, by name a list. A lot of money. They may have glaucoma, wear sandles, but handlers, shooters, third parties, posse. That is millions of dollars. So excuse me if I cannot be bothered walking out into the heat and sand to look at some meth lab. You whack a couple collateral you give them $20,000, I have to give them $100,000 each. It is 15 to 20 million.

  • Denham

    And this guy is a journalist?

  • david

    America supports dictators when it suits the,Hosni mubarak had american support for decades,double speak is some thing american diplomacy specialises in ,that is why many people around the world hates america.


    I opened the books $710,000 per hit 20 million.

  • Mosta

    Can't believe the amount of hatred in your comments, seriously get a life guys