Bush Approval Rating Rises 10 Points Among Democrats Since Obama Win


Those ratings were pretty basement to begin with, but it does look like some Democrats are rethinking how bad Bush was after a term and change of Obama.

More Americans remember George W. Bush approvingly than negatively, according to a new survey released with Washington mired in scandals and President Obama under fire for expanding his predecessor’s surveillance of Americans.

Forty-nine percent of Americans view Bush favorably while 46 percent view him negatively, Gallup reports. Democrats developing an appreciation for Bush at a faster rate than any other group, though his numbers are up among across the political spectrum.

“Currently, 84 percent of Republicans, 46 percent of independents, and 24 percentof Democrats have a favorable view of Bush, each up more than 10 points since 2009,” Gallup notes. “However, the more recent improvement in his ratings, a five-point overall uptick since November 2010, has been more apparent among Democrats, whose rating has increased by 10 points since then.”

That gives Bush a better approval rating than Obama among voters in general. Bush’s approval ratings among independents are striking considering that Obama’s ratings in that group was down as low as 29 percent.

  • kevin metz

    at least Bush wanted the best for the United states and Americans obumme just wants to do what is best for the black caucuss and Muslims

    • EarlyBird

      Yeah! Black people!

      • OfficialPro

        The black caucus is a bunch of commies. Doesn’t matter what color they are.

        You know there’s a ton of white muslims don’t you?

  • cathy

    In other words … Bush is the more likeable of the two Islamic appeasers? Bush’s betrayal to the victims of 9/11 and their families when he refused to identify the religious/ideological enemy implied impeachment … the religious/ideological enemy that has always been h— bent on destroying the American way. Apathy will be the downfall of western civilization. Islam is laughing.


    GWB’s entire “Islam is Peace” speech
    September 17, 2001

    Palestinians Celebrate 9/11 Attacks on US


    The main difference between the two men is that Bush was a bungler with good intentions while Obama is a bungler with evil (that is, Progressive) intentions. No doubt Obama is making Bush look better – Obama makes everyone look better – but we Conservatives need to remember that Bush was Mr. Establishment, and his “compassionate” (i.e. big-government) “conservatism” is not the way forward.

  • cathy

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    What is wrong with this picture?

    Obama Finally Gets Some Love… From George W. Bush
    November 9, 2010

    George W. Bush sat out the 2008 presidential race, and the 2010 midterms.

    But now that the voting is done, we’ve got a sense of what the former president thinks about the man who replaced him.

    In his 497-page memoir, Decision Points, Bush heaps praise on Barack Obama.

    In Decision Points, Bush praises Obama’s “smart, disciplined, high-tech campaign to get his young supporters to the polls.” He writes that: “On election night, I was moved by images of black men and women crying on TV. Barack Obama had campaigned on hope, and that was what he had given many Americans.”

    Ultimately, argues Bush, Obama represented the future while McCain was the face of the past. “Like Dad in 1992 and Bob Dole in 1996, John McCain was on the wrong side of generational politics,” argues Bush. “Electing him would have meant skipping back a generation. By contrast, 47-year-old Barack Obama represented a generational step forward.”


    • EarlyBird

      You tell us. What IS wrong with George W. Bush, a classy guy who puts decency above partisanship, giving credit where credit is due in regard to Obama’s stunningly well ran first electoral campaign.

      Oh let me guess: conservatives aren’t allowed to give any credit to…The Devil!!
      Hey let me guess. Does this make W. Bush a secret Muslim leftist subversive Islamist gay terrorist too?

  • EarlyBird

    Yes, Danny, that is generally how it happens. After a handful of years away from the White House, former presidents tend to look better with time. This has easily been the case since at least Truman. Even Bill Clinton is nowhere near as hated by the right wing nutjobs as he was while he was in office.

    Nothing new here. Move along.

  • Freedom lover

    When historians look back on these two presidencies it will be widely acknowledged that the Bush and Obama presidencies were among the worst in the history of the republic. How can anyone believe Bush cared about this nation after being warned and letting 911 happen and then his administration would go on to practically invent warrantless spying. Obama just continued where Bush left off and improved it and made it more intrusive. I’ll give Bush one credit over Obama at least he went to congress to get authorization to go to war unlike what Obama did in Libya and plans to do in Syria and Iran. I thought this country could never get any lower then Nixon and Carter. Boy was I wrong.

    • johan berger

      You call yourself Freedom Lover. Boy, are you wrong or what! A little knowledge is worse than any, and insight into the near past of your country is NOT your ‘forte’!! Nixon was a great President – whatever his personal faults – and Carter was honest and hardworking though that was not enough to save him from him being judged as weak/irresolute.. Why wait to pronounce judgment on Obama – already deemed unfit/uninterested/un-American???

      • Freedom lover

        Based on your trite and nasty response I can only wonder why you offered no proof to back up your assertions about Nixon and Carter. Nixon destroyed the Bretton Woods fixed rate exchange monetary system back in August 1971. Our nation has been in a slow economic decline ever since. He and his side kick Henry Kissinger put dictators in to power in Chile and Cambodia, brokered a deal with OPEC and the financial oligarchs to quadruple world oil prices and generally dishonored the office of president. Carter was nothing more then a puppet for Oligarch David Rockefeller. He put Volcker at the fed who raised interest rates to 22% and gutted the US industrial base, his national security adviser Bzignew Brezinski helped create Al Qeida in Afganistan. I could go on but this will hopefully give you some food for thought. There have been some good presidents in my lifetime namely Jack Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhour and Ronald Reagan. All made mistakes but did far more good for the nation then bad and you could say ignored what the elite wanted and did what was best for the American people. That all we can ask for.

  • OfficialPro

    Bush: Miss me yet?

  • Andy_Lewis

    +10, huh? Not bad for a worthless piece of unelected filth.

    But I guess a “Shillman Journalism Fellow” would be too busy shilling for the RNC to have learned about Selection 2000.

  • Sherri Buxton

    The difference my friends, is the fact that media has expanded. There are more people connected to Facebook than there ever were. And more political involvement because people want to know why their candidate/presidential/congressional/senate is being called out. Whereas before you had to seek out these stories by watching news networks constantly.