CAIR Ex-Chairman Who Supports Blasphemy Ban Elected to Human Rights Commission

Because nothing says human rights… like denying them to non-Muslims.

Parvez Ahmed, the former Chairman of CAIR, had served on the Florida ACLU’s Board of Directors, despite being on record as opposing freedom of speech, will be serving on Jacksonville’s Human Rights Commission, with the support of the New Black Panther Party.

During his time with CAIR, Ahmed had given a speech declaring that, “I think the next steps would be to broaden the scope of anti-hate laws and even contemplate about passing blasphemy laws, because blasphemy with such sacred icons, like the Prophet Muhammad, like the Koran, or the cross, or other religious symbols … So governments, legislatures, international bodies … must contemplate about what are the ways in which an anti-blasphemy law can be passed that can protect the right to exercise freedom of religion.”

This time around, Parvez Ahmed’s bid for Jacksonville’s Human Rights Commission was backed by an actual hate group.

The meeting continued to offer spectators surprises when the Southern Regional Director for the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) Mikhail Muhammad, along with (2) uniformed Black Panther Soldiers/body guards swaggered in to speak in favor of Parvez Ahmed’s appointment.  Describing himself as a “Freedom Fighter”, the Black Panther leader spoke of his active role supporting Trayvon Martin just prior to launching into a rant about the racist white man and how he sympathized with Parvez Ahmed.

But none of this dissuaded Jacksonville City Council members from appointing an opponent of human rights backed by a hate group to their Human Rights Commission.

Interestingly, the Islamic Center of North East Florida, (where Parvez Ahmed once held a board position), sponsored a Gala to honor Former Mayors John Delaney, John Peyton, ONEJAX, and the Florida Times Union for all their work to help the Islamic Community.  All were fierce proponents of Parvez Ahmed, with the Florida Times Union taking great journalistic liberties promoting Mr. Ahmed, while at the same time attacking critics and failing to report on the mountains of evidence provided by the opposition in any substantive way.

One hand washes the other. Sometimes it’s the hands of criminals. Other it’s the hands of Jihadists.

  • JacksonPearson

    CAIR is liken to, or a wannabe ACLU, but instead, they just spin camel toes. CAIR is spending more time in court rooms, than praying five times a day to what's his name…of yeah, Allah!

    IMO, there's no difference whatsoever between Jihadists and criminals.

  • Randy McDaniels

    Daniel thank you for getting this out to a much larger audience and posting a couple paragraphs from my article in titled kangaroo council and black panther party approve of hamas supporter for human rights post. Sincerely Randy McDaniels.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Thank you for doing the research and getting it out there.

      • @JihadiHunter1

        P.s. have disturbing photo of nbpp director flanked by two of his soldier's intimidating audience while he addresses council. If you would like a copy let me know.

  • Edward Cline

    This is in the spirit of racist Louis Farrakhan suggesting that he take over Chicago and police it with street gangs, who would be armed, but the city's citizens would be disarmed.

  • oldschooltwentysix

    When your freedom of religion means coercing others into submission, then yes, it's ok to infringe on it.

    The question should be asked how an insult denies a Muslim's freedom to practice as he/she sees fit.


    parvez ahmed, You can go to Hell with your false "prophet" muhammed.

    How's that for multi-cultural?

    cair is a fifth column, arm of the fascist muslim brotherhood cult.


  • Brujo Blanco

    What is wrong with our country? This outfit colludes with terrorists. When they talk about blasphemy they are talking smack because their goal is to impose their way of life on nonbelievers.

  • defcon 4

    I smell islamofascist payola at work here. In Irvine, CA, CAIR financed a candidate for a local city council position to the tune of a million dollars. Fortunately, they and their shill still lost.

    I'd propose a website that outs all politicians, law enforcement officials and members of the judiciary who have any ties to islamofascist states or NGO's. The people need to know who the collaborators are.


    The Florida Times Union banned me from their message boards for opposing this move over a year ago. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in terrorist acts, and as the former head of CAIR, Parvez is knee deep in this terrorism. They wanted to hear NONE of this! As a first coast citizen I’m DEEPLY ashamed that Parvez has been named to our “Human Rights Council”!