CAIR Islamist Charged With Raping 12-Year-Old Girl, Claims She Seduced Him


In Saudi Arabia that’s a standard defense. It’s not quite a defense here, but just give the Sharia a little more time to do its work.

 Currently free after posting bond, UW Senior Omar Abdelbadie is alleged to have plied the girl with marijuana, brought her back to his apartment and had sex with her hours after they met. Abdelbadie, a 22-year-old originally from Bellevue, was described by prosecutors as a threat to community safety, despite his lack of a criminal history.

“The defendant is a danger to children given the circumstances of this crime where he met a 12 year old girl on the street, exposed her to marijuana, and took her to his home, where they had sexual intercourse,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Carol Spoor said in court papers.

Abdelbadie’s friend – who met Abdelbadie when signing him up for a children’s charity — then called 911 after arguing with Abdelbadie about his conduct with a young girl. Officers responded to the area and arrested Abdelbadie.

According to charging papers, Abdelbadie told police he met the girl walking near University Avenue and claimed she was dressed “provocatively.” He is alleged to have admitted he “hooked up” with the girl, but would not say whether he knew her true age.

Abdelbadie has been charged with second-degree child rape. He likely faces 7 ½ years in prison if convicted as charged.

As Pamela Geller notes, he’s got the right background for this sort of thing. CAIR.

Omar Abdelbadie was born in Egypt, but has lived in the United States for the past eight years. He is currently studying Neurobiology at the University of Washington. In his free time, he volunteers with CAIR-Washington, promotes interfaith unity as Vice-President of Bridges (the University of Washington’s Interfaith Council), and walks the streets looking for little girls to ply with drugs and take back to his apartment.

The future will not belong to those who rape little girls because their prophet did.

  • capt_z1

    And we protect these sick individuals and their false faith.

    • Well Done

      The cure for creeping Islam is very, very simple. The problem is, we’ve left it to government. All government does is cultivate a problem and create more jobs, and collect more tax.

  • OfficialPro

    This was in Washington STATE?! Ugh! So they’re already infiltrating nearby…

    • jakespoon

      Check your convenience stores,seriously. In my area,hardly any are owned by Americans any more. It’s a good way to infiltrate the community.

      • Tom Lewis

        Yes but its also a great way to find them in case trouble occurs.

        • Buck Roeser

          Be careful, though. I foresee a run on crayolas at the local walmarts when the stuff really hits the fan. The muzzies will all try to put dots on their foreheads and claim to be hindu. “No sir, mr. homer, I am a peaceful hindu, not a bloodthirsty muslim. Please put the shotgun away, mr. homer.”

          • simplynotred

            What out Islamist are beginning to hoard crayolas, and soon there will be a run on them at Walmart, it might even be a national economic downturn if word gets out that crayola is out of Red.

  • OfficialPro

    by the way, while Feminists will roundly criticize the “she was asking for it” defense ordinarily, nary a peep will utter from them about this particular “dressed too provocatively” claim.

    • Well Done

      You are correct, OP, the so-called feminists won’t say a word about this. Like most lefties, their arguments are only arguments of convenience. Their real objection is to Western Civlization and to “capitalism”. They won’t criticize Islamists no matter how heinous the deed.

  • Softly Bob

    Do you not know by now that a Muslim is never to blame for anything? It is always the fault of someone else.
    Personally, I would like to see this bastard castrated for his own protection. This would stop him from becoming the victim of any more wicked twelve-year old vixens.

  • ytdontplay

    Following the ways of the prophet (piss be upon him).

    • bj affordable

      Or, pbuh… penis be up him.

      • Buck Roeser

        It wouldn’t surprise me if Lucifer had a “special pitchfork” waiting for the great muhammad when he was cast into the pit of fire.

  • cmtljnpkisvji1683

    All free peoples are headed for very tough times, to get an idea of it , just read the news about the Dutch ex politician, and producer , for which poor Theo Van Gogh got murdered , has converted to Islam, God what is happening ??
    Must probably this guy was scared , a coward .

  • conan_drum

    It is well known that these daughters of eve are wicked temptresses. Men are helpless against them, that is why they must be kept under control, hidden from sight and their clitorises amputated

    • Tom Lewis

      What absolute nonsense!

  • conan_drum

    He should have his cojones ripped off with a claw hammer

  • Blake hitler

    im still trying to figure out how Canada/America benefits from having these terrorists in our country, living off welfare and plotting to kill us.

    • Lauren

      that’s a mystery

      • Blake hitler

        any suggestions as how it benefits us having them here? more diverse workforce?(don’t see how that’s a benefit) or is it all negative

        • Lauren

          It doesn’t benefit us at all. However, I guess it would be considered “racist” and “islamophibic” to try to ban them from entering and deny them their attempt at “divide and conquer”

          • Blake hitler

            they’re not a race so it’s not racist. an “islamophobe” is someone who knows the truth about islam and muslims call them that word to try and deflect the issue away from the facts, very pathetic tactic indeed. lets just kill every muslim already!! clean up the scum

          • Lauren

            I agree. They’re already trying to kill us. We just have to get them first.

        • Tom Lewis

          The ones from Afghanistan are great at manufacturing guns, so in case the government takes all out guns one day, it might be a good thing to find an Afghan gunsmith and make him your best friend. Just hope hes not one of the fanatical ones.

          • ben

            your thinking of the little town in the tribal areas of pakistan called “Darra Adam Khel”. Its world famous and they make ak47’s and perfect berretta and glock replica pistols with their bare hands!

    • John

      Reminding you Blake, White people came to non-white America to kill, enslave, torture, and rob natives of everything they own… now we protest when other people come to rape people?

      don’t get me wrong, this man is sick and I would be lying if I said I was shocked, I mean Muslims do it all the time, only reason he hasn’t been convicted sadly is because no one has reported him, unlike his friend who reported this case.

      • Blake hitler

        so their main goal of coming to the new world was to rape and murder whoever they found?

      • Buck Roeser

        That may be true in the case of the Spaniards, but it certainly wasn’t true of the Pilgrims. That the natives were eventually robbed of nearly everything they owned is sadly true, but I don’t think that was the intention of the original colonists. They tried to turn the Indians into slaves and they just laughed and ran away.

  • Shelby

    It saddens me to realize how much prejudice is still present in the US. This was one man who is obviously messed up and I am by no means condoning his behavior, it does make me sick. However, Islam by no means condones his behavior either. As a Christian, I think it is important to understand our neighbors better. After all, Christ called us to love them. Just because Omar is a Muslim does not mean that these actions had anything to do with that faith, and blaming the rape on Islam is counterproductive and only works to produce more hatred and misunderstanding.

    I just want to encourage all of you to educate yourselves a bit more on Islam and what it actually teaches. It is a religion of peace, and this one man should not at all be a template for how you perceive other Muslims.

    • Tom Lewis

      Have you ever hear of the Crusades? Do you really understand what the Muslim religion does in spreading its faith. It Kills. So reach out to someone who wants to kill you, but first take a 45 caliper semi-automatic with you as you make peace with the Muslims who want to convert you to their religion, to denounce Jesus Christ and if you don’t be prepared to use that pistol. In case you are not aware, there has been over 18,000 Muslim Terrorist Attacks on other religious peoples over the past 10 years outside of the United States. Even the new Pope has commented that more Christians have been murdered (or martyred) in the last 100 years than in all of Christian history.

  • Tom Lewis

    Nothing more positive than a religion that Rapes women and children, Kills Christians and Jews, terrorizes Nations and is 100 per cent supported by the current president of the United States.

  • Tom Lewis

    Maybe we could turn Planned Parenthood into Planned Castration for Muslims who can’t control themselves.

  • Rocky Mountain

    What also bothers me about this story is that he is studying at a prestigious university and its got to be that an American student was displaced to make room for him.

  • John

    Ew, not surprised