CAIR Seeks Hate Crime Charges Over Cabbie Poking

New York City Region Hit With Heavy Rains

When Muslims kill 3,000 Americans, it’s not a hate crime. But when a Muslim cabbie gets poked in the back, then it’s a hate crime.

For the second time in as many months, a Muslim civil rights group is pursuing criminal charges on behalf of a taxicab driver who was subjected to an anti-Islamic rant caught on tape.

In the most recent case, an Ashburn, Va., woman unleashed a string of expletives and called 911 to report that she was afraid for her life because she said her cabbie, Abdikar Aden of Alexandria, was “very Muslim.”

Is it now illegal to curse at cabbies? Because if it is most of New York City will be in jail by midnight. And how can calling 911 possibly be considered a hate crime?

Aden says the woman also poked him repeatedly in the back of his shoulder, though that part of the confrontation was not captured in a recording provided to The Associated Press.

So the poking may or may not have happened and the recording may have been selective so we don’t really know for sure what preceded these events.

While being poked in the shoulder is no fun, it’s not a hate crime. Just because you hate something, doesn’t mean it’s a hate crime.

The Council on American Islamic Relations, which is representing Aden, wrote Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Raymond Morrogh on Tuesday asking his office to prosecute the case.

“(T)he assault is made even more deplorable because it was based on Mr. Aden’s faith alone,” wrote CAIR attorney Gadeir Abbas, saying Morrogh’s office “can send the message that bigoted acts of violence have no place in Fairfax County.”

Sure, let’s just drop all the murder cases and rush to soothe the bruised ego of a Muslim man poked in the shoulder by a lowly infidel woman.

But we learn later in the story that this wasn’t “based on Mr. Aden’s faith alone”, but based on a dispute over 17 dollars on the meter that was there when the passenger got in and over the road that Aden took.

If arguing with a cabbie over the cost of a fare is a hate crime, everyone would be in jail.

Aden acknowledged that he did not suffer any real physical harm from the confrontation in his cab, but said the woman’s actions should not be allowed to stand unopposed.

That’s the attitude that has made the Muslim world such a peaceful place.

Aden was shaken by the confrontation. He stopped working nights, fearful that a hateful confrontation could turn violent.

Right. He was so traumatized by being poked in the shoulder that he now suffers from PTSD. I think I’d like to buy a bridge in Brooklyn from this guy.


    The only good muslim is a dead muslim, said …..

    • Mademoiselle B.

      …said a despicable bigot (anonymously on the internetz).

  • DogmaelJones1

    Now, wait. The last time I was in New York, all cabs separated passengers and the driver with a glass or plastic partition. There was a box through which money changed hands, the passenger paying the cabbie thru it, and the cabbie putting his change in it. The partitions were meant to foil armed robberies of cabbies. Has this changed any? I doubt it. If it hasn’t, then this Muslim’s complaint about being poked by the passenger is a lie. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Raymond_in_DC

    Well, according to FBI statistics on hate crimes, those against JEWS are about seven times those against Muslims. CAIR has a clear incentive to goose the numbers, so they claim hate crimes on the flimsiest of pretexts.

  • Ishmael_137

    If hate is a crime, then most of the members of CAIR would be in prison, a few in SuperMax, and a few executed.