CAIR’s Islamophobia Meltdown

RNS-CAIR-REPORTTwo days after the release of a CAIR report claiming to expose the network financing “Islamophobia”, Charles C. Johnson ran his own report documenting CAIR’s convoluted financing schemes.

While the CAIR report attempted to stigmatize terrorism research by reporting on the straightforward funding of organizations and individuals such as Robert Spencer; the Johnson report showed that CAIRdescribed by the Justice Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in financing terrorism, had engaged in convoluted methods to conceal its financing sources while laundering money from abroad.

Unlike the groups it is targeting, whose language and ideas it criticizes, CAIR went well beyond words, doing everything from helping fund terrorists to obstructing government investigations of terrorism.

Despite its theatrics, CAIR’s Islamophobia report showed nothing except that American organizations researching Islamic terrorism were funded by other Americans. The Johnson report however showed that CAIR had received millions from foreign governments, including Qatar which is notorious for funding terrorist groups like Hamas, and used a shell game to hide the foreign sources of its financing.

CAIR’s attempt to smear terrorism researchers, many of whom have paid a great deal of attention to its terrorist ties, has an obvious motive. It is not reporting on bigotry as a national phenomenon. Instead its report is a clumsy attempt at silencing its critics by denouncing them as bigots.

The targets of the CAIR Islamophobia report include not only terrorism researchers, but also Muslim groups like the American Islamic Forum for Democracy that have been critical of CAIR and its Saudi backers in the past, as well as Voice of the Copts, an organization advocating for the rights of Coptic Christians persecuted by the Muslim Brotherhood.

CAIR, like Hamas, was created by the Muslim Brotherhood. Its attempt to silence liberal Muslim critics and the Coptic Christians whose churches it is burning down as “Islamophobes” is self-serving cynicism.

But the dishonesty doesn’t end there. CAIR’s critics, including Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a feminist and ex-Muslim, are smeared with out of context quotes.

CAIR’s Islamophobia report claims that Ayaan Hirsi Ali “asserted that Breivik ‘had no other choice but to use violence’ because his ‘views were censored.’” The very Think Progress source that CAIR footnotes the quote with however shows her saying, “He says, he had no other choice but to use violence.”

The omission is important. Ayaan Hirsi Ali isn’t giving her own view; she’s quoting Breivik while calling him abhorrent, but warning that silencing people is not the answer.

David Yerushalmi gets the same treatment with CAIR’s report claiming that “Yerushalmi also says he finds truth in the view that Jews destroy their host nations like a fatal parasite.” The full quote has Yerushalmi speaking of the anti-Semite who “simply professes to uncover the many and varied ways Jews destroy their host nations like a fatal parasite.”

The only possible defense for such a brand of malicious quote mangling is sheer incompetence. And the CAIR Islamophobia report is so sloppily put together, its 136 pages packed with so many errors, that it’s clear that the millions of dollars from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf oil terror sponsors did not go to fund its research department.

For example, CAIR attacks Dr. Zuhdi Jasser’s Third Jihad film by claiming that “Police Commissioner Ray Kelly called it ‘wacky’”. In fact it was Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne who said that. The report mentions him later, but manages to misspell his name as “Brown”. CAIR has spent a great deal of time attacking the NYPD, but can’t even be bothered to check its own claims against its own footnotes.

CAIR lazily revives the Breivik smear charging that “Breivik repeatedly quotes Robert Spencer, Walid Shoebat, Pamela Geller, the ‘Gates of Vienna’ blog and Daniel Pipes.” In fact, Breivik often pasted massive documents into his 1,500 page manifesto without regard for individual quotes. Most of the Spencer quotes came from a single pasted document that also quoted Tony Blair and Condoleezza Rice.

CAIR acts as if its report should be treated as a fact-based analysis and an urgent call to action by elected officials, when it is little more than a collection of dishonest attacks against its critics that relies on secondhand smears  assembled by those incapable of taking the time to get even the most basic facts right.

That’s not surprising because CAIR is clearly not in the fact business. Challenging a report on mosque radicalization from the American Freedom Law Center, it responds by quoting a Southern Poverty Law Center blog post that mocks the organization. This Mean Girls style of journalism recurs throughout the report as CAIR smears its critics with petty attacks from allied organizations instead of countering them with fact-based rebuttals.

It’s obvious why CAIR wants to silence its critics; because it is incapable of debating them.

Despite CAIR’s efforts, its latest report has been largely ignored even by the media. The Sacramento Bee ran two press releases, likely paid, from CAIR. Aside from Middle Tennessee Public Radio, the Detroit News, the Religion News Service and the Oklahoma Gazette, its report went mostly unnoticed.

It may have been a matter of bad timing.

CAIR’s report was not only released a few days before the far more damning Johnson report, but also released two days after a Justice Department report criticizing the FBI for not maintaining proper distance from CAIR “to ensure that the FBI is not supporting individuals who support extremist or terrorist ideologies.”

There’s nothing that deflates an organization’s claim that its critics are Islamophobes like a Justice Department report telling the FBI that it needs to curtail non-investigative interactions with CAIR.

And the bad timing didn’t end there. The CAIR report slammed Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s criticism of Mohamed Elibiary. Then Elibiary took to Twitter to blame Coptic Christians for promoting Islamophobia after changing his Twitter picture to include the R4BIA symbol of the Muslim Brotherhoodthugs who were murdering Coptic Christians in Egypt.

CAIR’s report attempts to silence the critics calling attention to such atrocities and to their root causes in the Islamic Supremacism of the Muslim Brotherhood.

After the Muslim Brotherhood’s carnage, some of its former members and leaders have broken with the organization. Unfortunately CAIR insists on sticking to the same ideological commitments that originally landed it a spot as an unindicted co-conspirator in the funding of a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group.

Instead of breaking with the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR has redoubled its efforts to smear terrorism researchers, Muslim liberals and Coptic Christians as Islamophobes. Even as its money laundering is exposed, as the FBI is rebuked for including it in its outreach efforts, it retreats behind the walls of a fortress of “Islamophobia” accusations.

CAIR might do well to consider the fate of its Muslim Brotherhood parent organization. All the Muslim Brotherhood’s lies couldn’t keep the Egyptian people from waking to what it truly stood for. Does CAIR really believe that what didn’t even work in Egypt will somehow work in America?


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  • truebearing

    I’m a rabid Islamophobe, and proud of it. Evil cults have always scared me. Wouldn’t a person have to be a complete moron to not be afraid of a political religion that prescribes death as the solution to every problem encountered in life?

    Why would a radical, homicidal cult try to plagiarize the gay Left movement’s linguistic trick when they think gays deserve to die? Could it be because it was effective at freezing moral clarity? The only problem is that gays are stereotyped as harmless, effeminate men who don’t pose a threat to anyone* — nothing to fear there. Muslim men, on the other hand, have sworn to kill everyone on earth, outside of their cult. Plenty to fear there, hence the stupidity of pushing the “Islamophobe” ruse.

    * Obama proved that wrong

    • sherwool

      I recently read Reza Kahlili’s A Time to Betray. Reza is the former Repubican Guard member who risked his own life and that of his family to serve his nation by becoming a double agent for the CIA. To those who consider Islam to be only a religion of nefarious intent, I will offer two snippets from the book:

      The power this religion [Islam, Khomeini style] had on its most fundamentalist followers continued to astound me. As much as I believed many of the tenets of Islam, I didn’t think I could ever accept congratulations on a death [for a martyr] rather than condolences. Iranians have been practicing Islam for many centuries. For some, it offers guidance, a light that illuminates the darkness on the path of life. To others, it is a set of written rules from God through his Prophet Mohammad, and no one should ever amend these under any circumstances. During the shah’s regime, people had the freedom to
      follow their interpretation of their religion. Not now, though. (p. 220)

      I also will relate Mr Kahlili’s quote from his grandfather, who was a formative influence on him.

      Religion is in the heart. It cannot be forced upon the people. It is a private relationship between a man and his creator. You find the love within God, and with that love, you cherish life. (p. 228)

      I think Reza’s grandfather lived his life in accordance with his understanding of Islam. I found his sentiment striking because I have
      heard Iranian Muslims sneer at the idea of love that so infuses
      Christianity. But here was a “good Muslim” who articulated a sense of
      Islam that few people here would find objectionable.

      It does seem to me that Islam is particularly well-suited to those
      inclined toward intolerance and murder. Nevertheless, I think people
      will make of a religious tradition what they wish, even as they are
      shaped by it. From all appearances, Reza Kahlili’s family embraced a
      notion of Islam that didn’t threaten anyone.

      • defcon 4

        LOL, the actions of muslimes worldwide (incl. the “tolerant” islam0fascist “republic” of Iran) invalidate your tolerant islam0fascism lie.

    • Duke Mantee

      I prefer the term “Islamocritic.” “Islamophobia” the combined word of Islam with phobia (a fear) is not relevant, as I damn sure don’t fear Islam. They would have had better luck with “Islamohater.”

  • AdinaF

    Daylight, sunlight too, is the most potent weapon to expose treachery within. However, when the leader of the heretofore free world is in your corner there is little reason to despair. Regardless, bringing out the sharp knives is a reflexive leftist/Islamist tactic, hence – “Islamophobia” &;Their Propagandists: Western Enablers Who Shield Islamic Supremacists’.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Hass

    Gotta give these inbred Pedo worshippers some credit for keeping straight faces throughout this idiotic charade, masquerading as a charity and encouraged by the suicidal and clueless LefTesticals. Charity my arse.

    Terrorist supporting scum!

  • UIO

    What’s next? Naziphobia? At least the Nazis had the shame to not whine about being the victim while invading and murdering others.

    • No RNC

      At least the Nazi’s did not murder as many native Russians as the Bolsheviks. At least the Nazi’s did not manage to enslave the US Economy to a Criminal Central Bank run by the funders of Bolshevism aka Communism! The List is longer, at least the Nazi’s did not personally attack Diana West as ___________!

  • logdon

    ‘Does CAIR really believe that what didn’t even work in Egypt will somehow work in America’?

    Turkey and Egypt. East meets West success stories. A thriving middle class.
    Secular social structures and government. Beacons of tourism. Leaders in
    export. Cordial relations with Israel. An intellectual non Islamic
    academic class. Modern thinking and wary of wahabbi extremism. Free and
    unfettered business ties with Europe and the US.

    In the dismal world of Islamic stagnation, backwardness, poverty,
    sectarianism, misogyny, repression and extreme hair trigger violence
    they were shining lights of progress, cultural intermingling and outward
    looking attitudes.

    So what did they do? Or rather what did the Brotherhood do? Why, they
    decide that they can have all those former benefits and shariah based
    Islamism too.

    They knew full well that a dhimmi Europe fearing internal backlash,
    accusation of islamophobia and the ire of the Saudi’s will lie on their
    behalf, utter anodine bromides and go along with the idiot thinking.

    They knew that a Muslim heritage US President who will always ‘side with
    the Muslims’ will retain his bestest buddy stance with Erdogan and
    lavish praise and yet more aid and military assistance on Morsi’s
    Egyptian MB.

    And so, in this Lewis Carrol world all would go swimmingly. The infidel,
    weak and infiltrated by a right to the top fifth column will roll over
    and internal populations cowed by an increasingly repressive state or
    buoyed by false pride in the glory of a revived supremacist Islam would
    have no choice.

    Thus they were given not only their own rope but the American and European rope factories too.

    What could possibly go wrong? With this wind beneath their wings the
    world could be their’s. Ripe for the harvest, submissive, riddled by
    subversion, it would be easy, peasy.

    Those western dhimmi’s didn’t have a clue and no matter what, Islam had
    to be obeyed. The Caliphate would be reborn and this time it would take
    the lot.

    And then, bang! Out of the blue and less than two years into Mursi’s
    hubris laden reign, Egypt seeing exactly what Islamic fundamentalism was
    doing to their state decided no. Enough was enough. Twenty million of
    them poured out, the army sensing their moment rallied and Morsi was no

    In like manner thousand upon thousands of young Turks rioted and
    demonstrated. This time an emasculated army with its independent top
    brass safely locked away could not help and thus the fight back was
    quelled. For the time being.

    But, as they say, it ain’t over ’til it’s over. And in my best Yodaesque, over, this is far from being.

    It looks like whilst the always popular Turkish soaps may not be the
    froth du jour anymore in Egypt this soap opera of frantic Ali Baba
    proportions is turning into a veritable launderette.

    And as for the rope? Morsi was quite capable of kicking his own stool away. Will Erdogan follow suit?

    Then wither CAIR?

    • defcon 4

      Egypt was what? What Egypt is doing to the Copts is nothing new. Egypt followed the same playbook when it ethnically cleansed their centuries old Jewish population through islamic persecution.
      Turkey? Two synagogues were blown up on the same day, 26 people died, and the longest sentence handed out to Turkey’s native sons was SIX years (and some only got 3). Then there’s the Istanbul pogrom, the invasion, annexation and ethnic cleansing of 40% of Cyprus. ONgoing denial of the genocide of some 2.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians, the fact that church bells cannot be rung, nor the Shofar sounded, but the daily call to prayer bleats out unimpeded.

      • logdon

        ‘In the dismal world of Islamic stagnation, backwardness, poverty,
        sectarianism, misogyny, repression and extreme hair trigger violence ‘

        I was speaking comparatively. And I know many people who have visited both places and have enjoyed great hospitality.

        However I take your point.

        Here’s something else to ponder….Egypt enjoys greater freedom of press right now than the US…

        • defcon 4

          Hitler was kind to his dogs.

          • Gee

            Right – he poisoned them

          • logdon

            And his wife.

            That was the honeymoon bonus.

        • defcon 4

          A Korean pastor and his son, who went to Turkey to spread the gospel, have mysteriously disappeared. Gee, I wonder if they came across some of that infamous islam0nazi hospitality.

          • logdon

            I was speaking of that post Ataturk pre Erdogan period.

          • defcon 4

            Istanbul pogrom. Invasion, annexation and ethnic cleansing of 40% of Cyprus all happened BEFORE Erdogan’s reign.

          • logdon

            I know. And I was talking comparisons.

            Turkey is far worse now, which was my original premise.

  • mrsoriordan

    The “religion of error” rides again'; slashing at truth, maiming reality, killing all that is lovely – Rene

  • Julius O’Malley

    In 2006 CAIR had 1,700 members and received less than $42,000 from American donors. Those numbers haven’t changed significantly in the past seven years. Overwhelmingly the source of its funding is Arab-Muslim states. The huge question is why does the American government and American media continue to treat CAIR as if it were somehow speaking and acting on behalf of American Muslims? It should be marginalized and ignored; left to wither away as it surely would if starved of the oxygen of publicity.

    “The only possible defense for such a brand of malicious quote mangling is sheer incompetence.”

    And given the persons whose quotes they were mangling, we can be entirely confident it was done with the very conscious, deliberate and specific intention of discrediting those misquoted.

  • wildjew

    D. Greenfield wrote: “…it’s clear that the millions of dollars from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf oil TERROR SPONSORS (emphasis mine) did not go to fund a research department.”

    Wait. Didn’t former President Bush (I voted for him in 2000) say the ‘Saudis are our friends in the war against terrorism’? Didn’t President Bush refuse to release a congressional report alleging possible links between Saudi Arabian officials and the Sept. 11 hijackers? Sources told news organizations, “the redacted section lays out a money trail between Saudi Arabia and supporters of al Qaeda.” Is it true, someone in the Bush White House authorized flights out of the US for members of the Saudi Royal family and the bin Laden family only hours after the 9/11 terror attacks, at a time when the FAA prohibited all domestic flights? (FBI did not have time to interrogate these potential high-profile witnesses.) I don’t have time to go into Bush’s vision (announced only days after the jihad attacks in N.Y. and Washington) for another Muslim-enemy state in the region, this one is Israel’s heartland.

    With all this truth-telling and integrity on the right (my side) is it any wonder Barack Hussein Obama – America’s worst nightmare – is firmly ensconced in the White House, providing aid and comfort to Muslim Brotherhood front groups?

    • knowshistory

      the evil that George w “religion of peace” bush committed due to stupidity, barak h. Obama commits out of hatred for the lowly kuffir. which is worse? we did not know that bush would proclaim islam to be a great religion of peace as his most significant reaction to an act of war against our population by islam. shame on him. we did know that Obama was a muslim, or at the very least a muslim sympathizer before we elected him. shame on us.

      • wildjew

        I agree with you about Obama. Cannot say I agree with you on Bush. Conservatives are rooted in reality, not fantasy like the loony left. If I could see the 9/11 attacks were the face of authoritative Islam, why couldn’t Bush see it? If I could get up to speed on the basic tenets and teachings of Islam within weeks and months, why couldn’t Bush? I don’t think it was stupidity that caused Bush to repeatedly lie to the American people about Islam. Why did Bush make the establishment of a Muslim-enemy state at Israel’s throat a formal goal of U.S. and Republican party policy only days after the Muslim world brutally attacked us? How can Bush claim he is a born again Christians while at the same time defying God’s covenant with Israel’s patriarchs concerning the land of Israel? What kind of self-professed Christian does this?

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    Can CAIR please release a convenient list of names, addresses and phone numbers for there islamophobic groups please? I’m feeling mighty generous today…

  • Clare Spark

    See Pluralism is neither “cultural pluralism” or “multiculturalism.” Those who refuse to abide by the rule of law and Constitutionalism are enemies to democracy.

  • Texas Patriot

    Great work, Daniel.

  • ReyR

    The R4BIA symbol is spelled with “4”, and it’s not a coincidence.
    4 is “arba‘a'” in Arabic. If you read the symbol aloud, it sounds like this: R-rabi’a. This means: Arabia (in Arabic). Combined with the words around it (“All the world – Everywhere”), it’s a perfect symbol for Arabic ethnocentric fascism: “Arabia all over the world – everywhere”.

    • Aenenesus

      Islamic multiculturalism is a farce which is proven simply by looking at history… You have dozens of nations, cultures, religions and languages obliterated and replaced with the Arab-Muslim identity. The past 1400 years have been the slow destruction of Berbers, Copts, Vandals, Aramaens, Assyrians, Greeks, Jews, Armenians, Kurds and countless other nations. It basically Naziism with a different ethnic group serving as its idol.

      • Simon

        Islam is the Borg, a soulless, evil collective that seeks to assimilate all other cultures.

        • defcon 4

          It’s always hilarious how muslimes claim islam is a religion of peace while making death threats and killing people who disagree w/their pre-packaged narrative/lie.

          • Drakken

            The tide will soon turn and we will tire of these bloody savages and give them our undivided attention and those that support and defend them with extreme prejudice.

  • popseal

    People believe CAIR, CNN, and PBS because they are intellectually lazy and cowards. The truth about Islam and Mohammed are so contrary to the 21st Century mind set, its mind can not get a firm hold un such barbarism. A coward is also often a parasite. Refusing to resist Islamic salafists, they will enjoy the sacrifice and good results of those who do resist.

    • defcon 4

      Alternatively, they’ll enjoy islam0fascism and it’s concomitant persecution or women and the najjis kaffir firsthand.

  • Gee

    CAIR is not registered with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938. Since they are in fact getting money from foreign sources, they are required to register as for such. Making their actions illegal in the United States.

    Why has nobody gone after these agents of a foreign government as required by law?

    • defcon 4

      Perhaps because the US federal government is corrupted by islam0nazi petrodollars?

  • garyfouse

    According to reports the US Attorney’s Office in Dallas, which led the Holy Lnd Foundation prosecution was prepared to issue new indictments on CAIr and associates, but has been prevented from doing so by the Holder Justice Dept. Hopefully a new administration in 2017 will turn them loose.

    CAIR is a corrupt and subversive organization and should be treated as such.

    • knowshistory

      don’t depend on it. our voting population is every bit as corrupt and subversive as cair.

      • defcon 4

        Would that be the voting population that legally votes? Or the part that doesn’t?

        • knowshistory

          it would be the portion of the population that placed a self confessed Islamic agent in the white house.

  • alihusaini

    Oooooo, smell that fear! CAIR, the bogeyman organization of the bogeyman religion.And those subhuman mooslums coming to take over! Read much Der Stuermer lately, scared little kids?

    • Simon

      Oh, the irony of a Muslim daring to accuse non-Muslims of viewing Muslims as sub-humans! The reason we detest Islam is because it is a supremacist ideology that prescribes Kuffars are treated as sub-humans.

      • alihusaini

        Not accusing all non-Muslims, just the vast majority of the people who post here.

        • defcon 4

          WE all know Allahtard just exactly what happens to the critics of your death cult in any of your islam0fascist hellholes and it isn’t open-ended tolerance, debate and mutual understanding.

        • Gee

          Funny – but the Muslims act more like the Nazis than the Nazis ever did.

          You are a fascist and I can only hope that you get exactly what you deserve

        • N. Wasse

          Another Arab wannabe from the failed state of Pakistan right? and this is as low as they get and speaking of Paki-phobia your Arab masters do not even like you

    • defcon 4

      Tell it to the Christians who live in the Mid-East and N. Africa. Tell it to the Jews who used to live in Soddy Barbaria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq.
      Tell it to the Jews, Bahai, Christians and Zoroastrians of Iran. Tell it to the Christians, Hindus and SIkhs of Pakistain. Tell it to the Hindus and Buddhists of Bangladesh. Then sit down and have yourself a nice, tall mug of steaming, healthy camel urine. Prophet recommended, prophet approved.

      • alihusaini

        Genocide is genocide, any way you want to slice it.And the rabid comments that you and people like you make against Muslims and Islam is soooooooooo reminiscent of the filth that the Nazis spewed against Jews and Judaism. Hence, my frequent references to Der Stuermer.FrontPagMag is a modern Der Stuermer with a modern scapegoat.It’s actually very simple and very understandable.Unless of course, one is a complete moron.

        • Simon

          Except the people committing the genocides are Muslims. Its no coincidence that Mein Kampf is a bestseller across the Arab world and that the chief proponents of anti-semitism today are Muslims. Given that, its disgusting of you to try and compare criticism of Muslim behaviour today, to the persecution and extermination of Jews in the 1930’s and 1940’s. A bad case of persecution envy you suffer from.

          The hatred that many feel for Islam is not akin to anti-semitism but its converse. It is directly related to what they feel for Nazism, both of them are vicious supremacist ideologies.

          • alihusaini

            Not all genocide being committed today is being done by Muslims.If it is Muslims on the receiving end of a genocide, like in Myanmar, people here explain it away as self defence. Is there any justification for genocide? As far as the modern antisemitism in the Muslim world today, that hate was planted by the Europeans and the founding of the modern state of Israel.As for myself, I find any kind of racial, religious, etc., hatred abhorrent. But it would never be taken as such from me as I am a Muslim.Therefore, I must be lying, you know all yoh Islam experts out there, practicing “taqqiya”, or I really don’t practice my religion correctly, as if anyone here would have the slightest clue about that.You see, you can’t lump all of a people into a neat little category and say that they “all” believe and act the same.If one does, that is simply ignorant and backwards.

          • Simon

            Once again you act as if Muslims don’t have moral agency or autonomy. Anti-semitism has a long history in Islam going back to Mohammeds genocide and expulsion from Arabia of the Jewish tribes there, not to mention the pogroms and massacres that were all to frequent in medieval Islam.

            Modern Islam I will grant has borrowed anti-semitic cultural tropes from Europe such as the blood libel, but it borrowed those of its free will, it was not forced to do so. Arabs also expelled Jews from their own countries of their free will, they were not forced to do so by the Israelis. Muslims like everyone else are responsible for their actions. It says much about the Islamic world that of all the different aspects of European culture they could have borrowed from, the part that sank the deepest roots was the most negative and pernicious of them all.

          • alihusaini

            For the most part, I agree with what you have said, but the Jewish tribes being massacred and expelled by Muhammad.It was one tribe and it was for treason, not religious reasons.As far as history has shown us, Jews have had much better treatment under Muslims than Christians.Until of course modern history, ie., after the founding of Israel.

          • Gee

            Their ‘treason’ was not converting to your pagan religion.

            The Muslims have been just as nasty and racist as the Christians – there is no difference

          • defcon 4

            I’ve met more Christians who support the Jewish state of Israel than are against it or antisemitic and I’ve convinced two Christians that Israel is the only state worth supporting in the entire Mid-East and N. Africa.

          • alihusaini

            That’s where you are messed up in the head and have absolutely no clue of what you are talking about.Which is no surprise here in this thread.

          • defcon 4

            Yes he’s “messed up in the head” because his opinion of your death cult would result in him being imprisoned or dead in any of your various islamofascist hellholes.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “…the Jewish tribes being massacred and expelled by Muhammad.It was one tribe and it was for treason, not religious reasons.”

            Sure. Islamic treason has nothing to do with religious justice.

            “As far as history has shown us, Jews have had much better treatment under Muslims than Christians.Until of course modern history, ie., after the founding of Israel.”

            Amazing. And don’t forget about all the poor innocent Muslim victims of those crazy imperialist crusaders.

          • Drakken

            The Buddist’s in Burma are showing the way on how to deal with the savage muslims in our midst, what is being done in Burma will spread here as well.

          • alihusaini

            Gawddawnnit Drakken, you keep it up noooow.Did’ya sign up fer der new Gestapo? Hot dawg, yere just what they bin looking fer!

          • Drakken

            Yo inbred, speaka a English much? Stay in da the hood.

          • alihusaini

            Sorry boy, never lived in the hood.

          • N. Wasse

            Pakistan may be?

          • alihusaini

            Never been to Pakistan and am not of Pakistani descent. I was born in the good ol’US of A of Lebanese, Italian, Jewish, German and Welsh descent. So keep trying to put me into your little make-believe box.

          • N. Wasse

            Sure sure sure Mr Arab Wannabe albeit via Pakistan right? Why the delusions? You tell me

          • alihusaini

            Whatever dude.

          • N. Wasse

            Really? then you proved my point that you are an Arab wannabe after all your so called Allah says that Islam is really the religions of the Hijazi Arabs only and you as you have indicated have no Hijazi ancestors
            But you know what? Ask me why I knew that you are Pakistani?

          • alihusaini

            Dude, I told you , I am not from Pakistan and am not of Pakistani or any other South Asian descent for that matter.

          • N. Wasse

            Sure and I’m not really mother Teresa either
            Why the delusions?

          • alihusaini

            Like I wrote earlier, whatever dude.

          • N. Wasse

            You live in a strange world but after all anyone who believes that an Arabian warlord and caravan raider spoke to an Arabian deity via an angel has a serious problem with reality
            I feel sorry for you

          • Drakken

            So your a convert? Obviously a weak minded, brain dead individual with no backbone or sense of where he belongs. Cults like islam love useful idiots like you, nothing more than cannon fodder. Priceless

          • alihusaini

            Nope , not a convert.just blew your stupid theory out of the dad was from Lebanon.

          • defcon 4

            THe Buddhists of Myanmar are defending themselves from islam0nazis such as yourself. You see, they’ve noticed the fate of Buddhists in Afghanistan and Bangladesh at the hands of your fellow islam0nazis as well as the 2000 year old statues of Buddha that stood in Afghanistan before your death cult was even born.

          • Gee

            Muslims have routinely engaged in genocide for the last 1,400 years now. In fact you fascists brag about it.

            The only way there will ever be peace is when the world is a Muslim free zone

          • N. Wasse

            So can you tell me how many Hindus your ancestors Mr Arab wannabe were killed by your Muslim and Arab masters you tell me

          • defcon 4

            Exactly, well said Simon.

        • Drakken

          We haven’t committed genocide against you muslims yet, but you savages are going to push us into playing a new game called cowboys and muslims soon enough. Islam and the west are incompatible with each other and push is going to come to shove, and when it does you can call us all the names you want, in the end your welcome here will be worn out and there will be a purge of you and yours coming. The Balkans will seem like a walk in the park in comparison to what is coming.

          • alihusaini

            You got me scared there cowboy.Does a white-trash accent go with all you just wrote!?!

          • Drakken

            What’s the matter Hadji? Don’t like it when the infidel steps out of line? So keep up the great work. It shows the rest of us your true jihadist colors.

          • alihusaini

            I’m an American, so I believe that you can say whatever you want to say.Yipppeeeeeee! And so will I!!

          • Gee

            And a frigging racist moron that doesn’t know a damn thing about history

          • alihusaini

            Racist against whom?


            You are NOT an American because you put your gutter religion (got an issue with that? Tell it to Louie Garbageklan) above being an American – like the pig nidal hasan who murdered 13 Americans in Fort Hood.

          • alihusaini

            I AM an American, ha ha ha! You can say I’m not all you want but that won’t change the fact.I know, you just hate that, don’t you moron?

          • defcon 4

            Just like you hate the fact the filthy kuffar can still criticise your death cult in the US.


            You are as much of an American as the Islamist savage hasan who murdered 13 Americans.

            ali, there is a cell for bums like you in Guantanamo.

            P.S. May your false prophet, muhammed, BURN in H E L L for all time.

          • alihusaini

            Hey, thanks for the kind words and AWESOME pic!

          • defcon 4

            No one owes you or your death cult any respect whatsoever Ahmed Al Taqiyya. It’s an aspect of something called freedom, something you don’t have in any of your various islam0fascist hellholes.

          • alihusaini

            GOT BRAIN?

          • defcon 4

            I’ve met fence posts that have better comebacks than that.

        • N. Wasse

          60-80 millions of your Hindu ancestors were killed by your Arab masters right?

    • Drakken

      Soon muslim, soon. We infidels are getting rather tired of your sub human culture and the resentment of you savages in our midst, that used to be below the surface is now coming out in the open. The one thing I can depend upon is that you savages will continue to push us infidels because so far we have allowed it, those days are going to come to a screeching halt and the backlash you fear, will arrive with a vengeance not seen since the Crusades. So enjoy the fun and games while you can, soon you will be fleeing our lands in absolute fear and horror.

      • alihusaini

        Step right up Drakken, you’re next in line to join the new and improved Gestapo. Fear, little boy, belongs to you.I can’t fear idiots.I just laugh at them as I’m laughing at you!

        • Drakken

          I don’t fear you savages, not in the least. You laugh now, but soon muslim, you won’t be. I am sure that you would be more happy in the Islamic paradise of your choice, so why live amongst us nasty infidels? When you can go live amongst your own.

          • alihusaini

            I’d rather stay here, where I was born and bred to play with people like you.I’m luv’in it! Your soooooooo easy to get all bent out of shape.Nope, think I’ll stay put to piss you off.

          • Drakken

            Your inbred that is for sure, make sure to say to uncle dad and aunty mom for me will you? Pss me off? Not bloody likely boy, your nothing more than an irritating little thing, easily dismissed.

          • alihusaini

            Good, at least I’m irritating. Done my job.But it appears I’m not so easily dismissed since you reply to just about everything I write.

          • iluvisrael

            it doesn’t take much to irritate a muzzy – islam, the ‘religion’ of the perpetually outraged


            Savages like you are going to trigger the biggest Nakba Islam ever had.

            Think of it. All the people you hate will defeat you and liberate your women and give them sticks to beat.

            Payback baby for 1,400 years of savage treatment of females.

          • alihusaini

            Oooooo, calling me names! I’m soooooooooo hurt! You are so easy to get going.


            ali, Here are some sketches of your false prophet muhammed (Pestilence Be Upon Him).


            Keep a copy in your wallet to show your pals at the mosque. You’ll be a big hit.

          • defcon 4

            I notice that site had dozens of emails from appreciative moslem fans. An appreciation that takes the form of death threats against the creator of the website and his family.

          • defcon 4

            Isn’t it time for a refreshing, healthy, camel urine break from afternoon head banging?

        • defcon 4

          Who is killing and persecuting whom in the 21st century allahtard?

      • laura

        see recent photos of new york? sick & tired? think again: welcome to newyorkstan. see the new muslim police force. last week on atlas shrugged site. right behind london.

  • Judy Reinhardt

    The report did smear the truth and defame the other authors. I feel that we should not ignore the other purpose of the article which is to indoctrinate the readers. They are at it 24/7. I just read at their annual festival in Michigan a few days ago, they actually tried to stone a Christian who was attending. Is Bruce Springsteen even right any longer? Are we ‘home in the USA’?

  • N. Wasse

    How many times do I have to say that Islamophobia is a crock of sh*t and CAIR = Hamas = The Muslim Brotherhood = Terrorism

    But let us have a deal I ask Muslims to delete all the hate in the Qur’an against the rest of humanity be it Christian-phobia, Jewish-phobia, Buddhist-phobia, Hindu-phobia, polytheist-phobia, women-phobia and we kuffar will stop going after Islam and the god of Islam Deal?

  • Donald J DaCosta

    “The only possible defense for such a brand of malicious quote mangling is sheer incompetence.” Remember, orthodox Muslims consider themselves to be far superior to sub human infidels in every way. This “malicious quote mangling” may be more due to their low opinion of the “infidel.” No need to be meticulous when the targets are stupid, infidel dolts. Unfortunately they have good reason to be convinced of this.

  • defcon 4

    Another great article by Mr. Greenfield. Writing the ugly truth in a world full of amoral lies.

  • Sam West

    CAIR is right. There is Islamophobia in America – but that’s a good thing. Islamophobia, i.e., fear and hatred of Islam is a perfectly rational reaction to the proponents of the religion of murder, to the countless atrocities that scream from the news almost every day, atrocities carried out by the Muslim terrorists trying to achieve Muslim perfection.

  • herb benty

    Okay, Okay!! Enough with the “Islamophobic”. “Islamophobe”, “homophobic” BS! “You will know them by their fruits” applies here. We are not in a “phobic” state about Islam or homosexuals. Being disgusted with the plainly ungodly practices of Islam, Islams desire for world domination, etc., does not make a person mentally unbalanced. Islam saw how well that misnomer worked for the “gay” community and copied them. Those are invented terms meant to shame honest dissent, we should not allow ourselves to be framed that way.

  • popseal

    CAIR, CNN, and PBS make up an unholy triune bastardization of the truth about the dangerous superstition started 1400 years ago by a known killer.