California Dems Try to Ban Lead Poisoning by Lead Bullets

Assemblyman Anthony Rendon

Did you know that eating lead bullets isn’t safe? California Democrats know it too and that’s why they’re fighting to protect you from lead poisoning. It just shows how much politicians care about the little lead-eating people.

Any gun control effects resulting from this measure are completely unintended and accidental.

Now health-care advocates are taking a different tack, arguing that lead bullet fragments in game such as venison are neurotoxins that can harm children and developing fetuses.

“There is no safe level of lead for human consumption,” said state Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, whose closely watched lead bullet ban bill was passed this month by the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.

Rendon, a Democrat, knows this first hand because qualifying to run on the Democratic line in California requires consuming your own weight in lead paint chips and medical marijuana. That’s what made Governor Brown and Nancy Pelosi the wise and insightful leaders they are today.

The National Rifle Association and other gun advocates strongly oppose banning lead bullets throughout California, saying it is a slippery slope that would lead to gun controls and end hunting in the Golden State.

They argue that hunters who abandon lead and turn to harder bullets such as copper or tungsten could technically be in violation of federal regulations barring armor piercing ammunition.

“We have regulatory uncertainty,” said Ryan Bronson of the National Shooting Sports Foundation in Minnesota, who opposes the bill and notes that 95 percent of bullets use lead slugs. “The potential exists for a de facto ammunition ban.”

No need to worry about that. It’s not like the Democrats have been pushing gun control ever since they fell in love with criminals. And they wouldn’t pull a Catch 22 gimmick like that because they just have too much integrity?

By a complete coincidence, Anthony Rendon has gotten 150 thousand dollars in contributions from the gun control lobby.

Those in favor of a ban say meat that contains lead fragments simply is not safe. “This isn’t just about the health of the wildlife population,” said Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield, D-Woodland Hills, who voted for the measure. “It’s about the health of the human population and the health of the environment.”

Is anyone being forced to eat meat that was hunted? Is Burger King outsourcing its meat production to hunters? Is Taco Bell coming out with a new line of venison tacos?

Lead is by far the leading cause of death for the remaining 234 California condors in the wild, which live in California, Baja California, Arizona and Utah. U.S. Fish and Wildlife records show the mature male that died in November was found inland from Big Sur on a ranch near Pinnacles National Park in southern San Benito County. Eight others are in wildlife hospitals, three with confirmed lead poisoning, federal officials say.

Is this an issue that concerns anyone except opponents of the 2nd Amendment concern trolling their way from another angle? But I can’t wait for Obama’s angry tearful press conference with the condor’s husband insisting that she deserves a vote and a rash of media stories on how condors are now flying around wearing bulletproof backpacks.

  • Toni_Pereira

    Can anyone tell these morons that "bite the bullet" is just a figure of speech?

    • JMG

      Actually it's not….before or lack of anasthesia (sp), battlefield doctors would have wounded bite a bullet (lead) keep from clinching their jaws from pain and either biting their toungue off or breaking what teeth they did have.

  • wolfeatworld

    I don’t think this is working..?

  • Spikey1

    I've been eating game that I've shot for years and I'm not having any side effects from the lead. I've been eating game that I've shot for years and I'm not having any side effects from the lead. I've been eating game that I've shot for years and I'm not having any side….
    Just kidding and now on a more serious note: They should ban light bulbs that contain mercury.

    • chamuiel

      Better idea would be to ban liberals.

  • wolfeatworld

    “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’”

    – President Ronald Reagan

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busy bodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”—C.S. Lewis

    I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and sh•t out a smarter statement than that.


    • UCSPanther

      The three most terrifying words after some disaster, killing spree or some dubious "scientific" environmental report:

      "Something must be done!"

    • Greggie

      Now that’s funny! I don’t care who you are!

  • MeSoHornish

    Lead bullets don't kill animals, the bullets being aimed in their direction and energy transference does.

    Besides, many minerals, including lead, are found naturally in soil and water throughout the world. As a result, virtually all foods grown in nature, including fruit — whether fresh or packaged — contain trace levels of such naturally occurring minerals.

    • DeeDee

      Is there anyone in CA with any common sense??????

      • UCSPanther

        California: Proof that too much decadence CAN make people stupid…

      • chamuiel

        Nope! they all left in the seventies.

  • J. P. Day

    They're worried about the health of fetuses? Really?

  • k9base

    Lead poisoning can come in two forms-slow &very fast..

  • Slicerdicer

    The two political metals. Lead bad, mercury good. Have any CFL bulbs in your home?

    • UCSPanther

      And Hg poisoning has more immediate and severe effects than Pb poisoning.

  • Mary Sue

    Lead pellets from shotguns can actually be a problem, because game birds such as swans, ducks, and geese have been known to swallow spent shot pellets, believing them to be perfect for gizzard stones, and then they get lead poisoning. There was a move to bismuth-based shot because of this. (There is also steel shot but it's considered inferior because it's not as heavy)

    However I know of no such problem with actual bullets. They are so barking up the wrong tree.

    • SNW

      Steel shot tears up the barrel of a shot gun, causes more cripples (ducks/geese) and tend to ricochet easier than lead. What about the lead weights on your tires used for weights to balance the wheel? I'm sure lead is used for other things that get into the environment as well…..

    • Guest

      That study about the lead shot is how old now? 20, 30+ yrs? There was never a follow up on it either! Just tree huggers spewing fiction without fact! How many children or adults for that matter have been impaired by lead poisoning from the fallen shot? I have never seen an answer to that question, and I've been hunting since I was 14 yrs. old and am now 61, and like "Black Oak Arkansas" sang in "Uncle Isiah, He's 101 and he's still cooking!" The amount of lead humans consume from game birds is so miniscule it is pathetic that it has arisen again, but W.T.F. so has Moon Beam Brown!! Go figure!
      They are not the "Golden State," they are the "Laughing State of Affairs," as they drive deeper into insolvency through liberalism!

  • Moliminous

    "lead bullet fragments in game such as venison are neurotoxins that can harm children and developing fetuses." Since when do these folks care a lick about "developing fetuses?" I'd be more concerned about the legal stainless steel forceps used to tear them limb from limb in utero, or maybe the stainless steel scissors used to sever their spinal column by educated Eichmans called "doctors."

  • belle13A

    Where is the concern for Condors and Golden Eagles that are killed each year by industrial wind turbines. California government doesn't give a hoot about wildlife. They just want to control every aspect of everyones life.

  • Guest

    If you don't get in the way of a business bound lead bullet, you will have no fear of death by acute lead poisoning! Now chronic is another matter totally, it means that you didn't learn from the first bullet., so the sequential ones coming from a concerned, armed, lawfull citizen protecting his life, family, and property, will most likely have a long lasting detrimental affect on the idiot that tries to invade my house! Yes. I will give you lead poisoning! It will be both acute, and chronic, as it will last for an eternity in hell for you!