California Energy Rates May Go Up 33% Due to Green Energy

Those Green Jobs they are a-coming, just round this hill, that dell and this bankruptcy. You don’t need to be Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods to need a reason to get out of California. Not when Powermageddon is coming.

California has been a leader in renewable energy production, in part due to federal and state level policies that provide incentives for producers of renewable power. However, a new report found that California’s energy policies will raise state power rates and associated costs by nearly 33 percent.

The report by the free-market Pacific Research Institute specifically focuses on the additional costs imposed by a state mandate that requires 33 percent of its power come from renewable sources, like wind, solar and geothermal by 2020.

The mandate represents an implicit 27 percent tax on power generation in the state due to the “the forced substitution of expensive power in place of cheaper electricity, particularly in terms of transmission, backup, and generation costs.”

But it’s a small price to pay for a whole lot of windmills that generate uneven power and kill golden eagles, thereby killing the economy and eagles with one law.

Who says California is run by incompetent idiots who couldn’t get jobs sweeping out the trash bins at a Burger King? It’s run by 100 percent natural Zen Fascists who couldn’t get a job at Burger King, but can get a job running the state.

  • Mary Sue

    They couldn't get a job at Burger King because they'd cry that the deep fat fryers are too unhealthy.

    But yeah, this is like that idiocy in England, yes? Where they have to choose between food and heat? Only, in part of California they don't really have to worry about heat most of the year, but they will have to worry about charging their cellphone or Ipod. And then even Hollywood with its millions of dollars won't even be able to save them.

  • thebiggreenlie

    Ontario, Canada is exactly in the same green boat as California……………Energy Poverty forced on it's citizens by a Government "hell bent" on bankrupting their "fiefdom"!
    Jail isn't good enough for these treasonous oligarchs!

    • Mary Sue

      yeah I heard about that. You have my sympathy. Ontario can get frigging cold in the winter.

  • UCSPanther

    It would be the greatest thing to ever happen if large and flamboyant Green energy company were to share the same fate as Enron…

  • Elaine

    The only thing that will save humankind from the throes of the eco-terrorists is the success of some technology that proves to be less costly than all of the mythical save the planet scams that are merely money making schemes for those like Al Gore-the robber barron of the 21st century.

    Always follow the money.

  • rmh222

    Is it just me or is green energy a swindle?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The left wants a World population of about five hundred million which means five and a half
    billion people have to die and each and every dutiful leftie is working on killing those
    who should not share the planet. Think on it, will it be through not producing food, let them
    starve, burn the food for fuel. Could it be they will cause mass death by freezing, no
    energy for heat in a World told it is to hot………….leftists are anathema to real life………

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Every failure will be blamed on conservative intransigence directly or indirectly. "We've just got to do this and they don't understand. Maybe we should round up the deniers and prevent them from destroying mother nature and us."

    Berkeley University is generally well respected in California. What does that tell you?

    • Mary Sue

      normal people call it "Berserkley" for a reason ;)

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Um yeah. They're berserk alright and only getting worse each semester. They've made the state of being berserk almost mainstream in Nor Cal. They are the role models for delusional tree-hugging socialist communist America-hating freaks.

        But they love America, the one they plan to create after killing all of the conservatives.

  • Energy Prices

    Technology that would be less costly? who are we kidding with, inventors invent stuffs to earn money, this is the sad truth these days.

  • Isaac Jefferson

    There's just something wrong here. Renewable energy sources and facilities should be helping people, not being used as an excuse to squeeze every singe cent out of our wallets.