California Governor Hopes China Will Bail Out “Train to Nowhere” Project

It’s not like Governor Moonbeam had much of a choice. Obama Inc. wasn’t going to sink any more billions into the train to nowhere project unless the train came out as a gay transsexual illegal alien and the ghost of Jim Jones wasn’t answering his Ouija board.

And so Governor Moonbeam saddled up his unicorn and headed to the land of dreams whose vast wealth is the answer to any progressive’s dream. Unfortunately China is run by ruthless plutocrats who won’t be giving anything away for free and who have never heard of the term “Quality Control”. But then neither has Jerry Brown.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s trade mission to China this week is intersecting with one of the most controversial issues of his governorship: California’s $68-billion bullet train.

The governor has staked part of his legacy on the rail network, a centerpiece of his vision for California. He is hoping that China, which is enjoying an economic boom and spent $77.6 billion on overseas investments last year, according to official figures, will pump some of its cash into the troubled project.

Since the vast majority of the train to nowhere is unfunded, China would have to invest an amount nearly equal to the entire cost of the project to get it off the ground. And while China will be happy to sell all the bad copies of German, Japanese and American parts that California can buy, it isn’t about to sink into debt to create jobs for California leftists.

On Thursday evening, Brown, Richard and representatives of California-based railroad companies rode China’s sleek bullet train to this bustling port city from Beijing, a five-hour trip that covered about 750 miles, roughly the distance from San Diego to the Oregon border. Strolling the aisles, shaking hands with Chinese passengers, Brown extolled the nation’s 5,000-mile complex of high-speed rail, built in the last seven years.

“People here do stuff,” the governor said. “They don’t sit around and mope and process and navel-gaze. The rest of the world is moving at Mach speed.”

We used to do stuff too, but then people like Jerry Brown took over. If Brown ran China, there wouldn’t be a train or anything else there besides gay youth centers, midnight basketball and legal aid clinics for illegal aliens.

Brown doesn’t seem to understand that China works because it works. Obama misses that same basic point.

The Chinese interest in California’s project is a welcome boost for Brown. Although state voters approved $10 billion in bonds for a high-speed railway in 2008, they have soured on it as cost estimates have ballooned by tens of billions of dollars. The governor, who has vowed repeatedly to see the train system built, needs at least an additional $55 billion to make it happen.

Maybe he needs to try Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

“We are very interested in California,” said rail car designer and engineer Jiang Lay, as the train to Shanghai zoomed along Thursday, without the jerky stops familiar to Amtrak riders. His company, Tangshan Vehicle Co., built the model Brown was riding. “We are very confident that our Chinese technology can be successful in America,” he said.

Here’s how Chinese technology works in China.

A bullet train crash which killed 40 people in China in July was caused by design flaws and sloppy management, the Chinese government says.

The accident occurred after one train stalled following a lightning strike, and then a second high-speed train ran into it. Four carriages were thrown off a viaduct.

The report found that serious design flaws in control equipment and improper handling of the lightning strike led to the crash.

Mr Luo, who is director of the State Administration of Work Safety, was quoted in state media as saying there were “serious flaws in the system design that led to an equipment failure”.

So… perfect for California.


  • Edward Cline

    The Chinese bullet train seems to be a knock-off of the Japanese bullet train. And China is governed by "plutocrats" who are also registered Communists with their avaricious fingers in anything that moves and turns at least a nickel profit, thus making mainland China a fascist state, not a Communist one. Western firms going into China must "partner" with the government, thus underscoring the fascist nature of the government and state. There's no opening up car or Ipad factories in China without the Party hounds getting a cut of the profits or, as the Mafioso in Godfather II put it to young Don Corleone, "dipping his beak for a few dollars" of pay-off. There's no opening anything in China without the Party dipping its beak.

  • MeSoHornish

    My only question is,

    Will they name the train the "Brown Bullett" ?

    • gee59

      I remember when they renamed the Med Fly to the Brown Fly. I still can't figure out how he was ever elected in two times and is now governor again

  • mikeh420

    The new Bay Bridge in the SF Bay area was built in China and assembled on-site. They are already having problems with large bolts shearing off.

    • gee59

      Only the first 3,000 that they have found.

      The US needs to end any imports from China – they're junk and their entire economy is financed by American imports