Casino Kingpin and Fake Indian Chief Targets Redskins


Ray Halbritter is suddenly everywhere, giving interviews denouncing the Washington based team, even though his own base is in New York. He’ll even meet with the NFL to begin the process of pressuring the Redskins into changing their name.

Media accounts dub Ray Halbritter a representative for the Oneida Indian Nation. The reality is a good deal more complex.

The Oneida, Mohawk, Onondaga, Cayuga, Tuscarora, and Seneca nations are autonomous members of the Six Nation Confederacy (the Haudenosaunee). The Oneida are about 1000 people (450 adults) in central New York.

And that’s with a blood quantum level requirement of 1/4 so that you only need 1/4 blood to be a member of the Oneida tribe.  Which is to say that most of the Oneidas are probably more white than Native American.

In 1985, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that the Oneidas were the rightful owners of 872 acres that they had claimed in a test case.

According to Haudenosaunee tradition, the Oneida clan mothers of the wolf, bear, and turtle clans select the chiefs who represent the Oneida nation on the Grand Council of Chiefs, which oversees the Six Nation Confederacy.

But during much of the 1970s and 1980s, the New York Oneidas were beset by leadership conflicts. In the mid-1980s, in an effort to reestablish a traditional form of government, wolf clan mother Maisie Shenandoah selected three Oneida men as temporary representatives to the Grand Council of Chiefs. By the mid-1990s, two had died, leaving only Ray Halbritter, a talented Oneida businessman trained at Harvard.

In 1993, Mr. Halbritter negotiated a gaming compact for the Oneidas with New York governor Mario Cuomo and consequently built the highly profitable Turning Stone Casino in central New York. This casino became the cornerstone of an expansive Oneida business enterprise that now includes a chain of gas stations, a textile factory, and a luxury hotel. The business is incorporated as the Oneida Indian Nation of New York, Inc. with Ray Halbritter as its CEO.

So yes, Ray Halbritter is a representative of the Oneida Indian Nation. But it’s the Oneida Indian Nation Inc. It’s a company with gas stations, a hotel and a casino.

How legitimate is Ray Halbritter’s leadership considering that he basically stepped into a leadership vacuum and cashed in on legal gambling?

Not very.

Mr. Halbritter’s initiatives have been criticized by some Oneidas, who say he has violated the Great Law of the Haudenosaunee by embracing gambling. They also fault him for selecting his own clan mothers and for creating a “men’s council,” both unheard of practices in Haudenosaunee tradition.

In 1993, the Grand Council of Chiefs removed Mr. Halbritter as the Oneida wolf clan representative and notified the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) that he no longer represented the Oneida people. The decision was accepted by the BIA, only to be reversed 24 hours later, reportedly under pressure from Sherwood Boehlert, the U.S. congressional representative for the area and a casino supporter.

Today the U.S. government but not the Grand Council of Chiefs gives official recognition to the Oneida Indian Nation with Ray Halbritter as its representative.

So Ray Halbritter is the head of a company recognized not by a tribal council, but by the United States government. This entire thing wound its way through the courts…

On February 13, 1996, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and local counsel filed suit on behalf of the Oneida Nation of New York against the U.S. Department of the Interior, charging that the government violated the Oneidas’ national sovereignty.

The suit alleged that the Department refused to recognize a legitimate decision by the Nation and the Grand Council of the Haudenosaunee, Six Nations Confederacy, to remove Arthur Raymond Halbritter from his claimed position as sole leader of the Nation and representative to the U.S. government.

The Oneida members requested an injunction ordering federal agencies to recognize the removal of Halbritter and to rescind any agreement made by Halbritter after his removal. The members also demanded an accounting of all its proceeds from 1987 to the present and an injunction that would prevent Halbritter from expending any Nation funds. Lastly, the suit asserted that the federal agency violated their civil rights guaranteed under the Indian Civil Rights Act.

That’s the same Arthur Raymond Halbritter who is now putting on a full court press against the Redskins on behalf of Oneida Indian Nation Enterprises.

Which Oneidas does he actually represent? He has more employees than tribe members and he’s vocally opposed by actual members of the tribe, including the family of the woman who appointed him.

Against the wishes of the Confederacy, and without knowledge of the Oneida people, a Casino deal was struck between ex-Governor Cuomo and so-called Oneida Nation “CEO” Arthur Raymond Halbritter in 1993. The compact was never ratified by the Oneidas. Using money borrowed by Halbritter from the Key Bank of Central NY ( the CEO mortgaged Oneida land without our knowledge) “The Turning Stone Casino” was built in Oneida, NY. The Casino was built on wetlands in violation of both US and Haudenosaunee laws. Because Halbritter violated Haudenosaunee rules he was removed from his position as an Oneida spokesperson in May, 1993…

The Oneida people were completely unaware that any transactions for land, a casino, or lawsuits against 20,000 land owners would ensue. To date, the Oneida people who have opposed these decisions continue to be threatened with on-going human, civil and religious rights violations and are in present danger of losing their homes on the Oneida Indian Territory.

Under the guise of a “beautification program”, the leadership has authorized a mock tribal court system to prosecute all those who stand up for their rights as Haudenosaunee.

A 54 man, completely non-Native “Oneida Nation Police” force acting on the direct orders of Halbritter has harassed, intimidated and physically assaulted Oneida people on their own territory.

That’s the creature heading up the shakedown of the Redskins.

  • WhyBeSoMean

    Why would a sports team give itself a name if they thought it was derogatory?
    The Redskins would like to consider themselves as being proud and powerful, and I’m sure they chose this name because they felt it would connote those qualities

    • ta2t2o

      Because it might not have seemed derogatory to the people at the time. Back in 1932, this was pretty much a society of white privilege where minorities were marginalized – and not just minorities, but ethnic whites as well. Asians were referred to as coolies at one time to identify the Asian labor used to build the railroads in early America. Today it would be considered a slur. Similarly, “darkie” was used to refer to black Americans for a good part of the last century. Surely you would agree that this would be a slur today. So in fairness, they probably didn’t realize the racial undertone of the name. The Indian mascot is not being challenged here – so they Native Americans wouldn’t have an issue being classified as proud, fearless and powerful. I imagine African Americans like to be considered proud, fearless, powerful and determined as well. But I certainly wouldn’t name the team the Washington Darkies. That would be racist.
      If you actually want to find something that is a moral equivalent though – and something that somewhat offends me, use the United Negro College Fund. I’m surprised this group still uses this term in their name. They’ll deny it’s offensive (I think it’s offensive) but when you go to their literature and their website the only time they use the term Negro – is in their name. Everywhere else, it is softened down to “African American”, “black” or “minority”. They know it’s offensive, but still won’t change the name. They know it’s an uncomfortable term but won’t change it. Can you imagine if the TV Channel called itself Negro Entertainment Television (NET), or the NAACP called itself the National Association for the Advancement of Negroes (NAAN), or if folks started referring to President Obama as the first Negro President. So as offensive as I find the Washington Redskins name – I’m equally offended by the UNCF utilizing the word Negro in their name – as both are equally uncomfortable.

      • Jeff Lanthripp

        And yet the word “negro” is merely the Spanish word for “black”. Should people of African heritage living in Spain be offended every time someone describes a black person?

        I’m a person of Irish heritage from the rural southeastern United States. Should I be offended by the word “Mick”? Or should I only be offended by the word “redneck”? If either, then how come it’s so totally okay to say both of those words on prime time television, but anyone using the “n-word” in the same situation would be strung up on the 11 o’clock news?

        Language has only the power we give it. So why do we keep giving it so much negative power and stripping it of so much positive power? And at what point do we grow thicker skin (of whatever color), get over ourselves, and stop being so easily offended by everything?

        • Da Holiday

          That would be an accurate comparison had the kidnapped Africans called themselves nigger when they came here. True the word has its origins from Spanish and Portuguese language, but I doubt very seriously that the kidnapped Africans spoke fluent Spanish or Portuguese. The context of the word on the slaves was one of a demeaning and belittling one. The name Redskins on the other hand comes from what Native Americans called themselves to distinguish themselves from other races. It was not maliciously used originally in this country (unlike nigger’s introduction in this country) contrary to the FALSE meaning that the media continues to fuel.

        • Gray Lyons

          That’s an interesting assumption. In Britain we have a football club called Liverpool which has a player from from A South American country who when playing against another team who had black player called the player a “negrito.” which means literally means “little black man.” a term of endearment in many of the South American country’s when taking about very good black football players.

          Players from many of the South American country’s use this term often as there are very good football players who are black.

          When he called it to this particular black player who is of African origin but comes from France he took it as an insult and reported the player for using racial words to him. The player got an 8 match ban and a huge fine even though his grandfather is black.

          However what is also interesting is the fact that the black football player actually racially abused the South American player as well, with everyone including the referee hearing the slur. Yet no action was taken against him.

          One can only presume that people think that only black people can be racially abused and that when they do itv themselves its quite OK.

          Oh and when the South American player called him “negrito.” which there is no doubt that he did, he was the only player to hear that word no one else did.

  • Rosalee Adams

    The Oneida are about 1000 people (450 adults) in central New York.

    Excuse me but WE are speaking of the WASHINGTON Redskins NOT the NY Jets who cares about the Oneida?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The media

    • WhyBeSoMean

      How do the Oneida like sharp cutlery being named after them, I wonder?

      • ta2t2o

        You folks are incredibly simple. There is not sharp cutlery called an Oneida. There is kitchenware that is made by Oneida and thus called Oneida Kitchenware. There are Native Americans who prefer not to be referred to as “redskins” – which the logo of the Washington team would indicate is the case here. Similarly, it would be offensive to dub the name of the Notre Dame Football Team the Fighting Micks.
        Simple test on this – if you can walk up to a group of Native Americans and feel comfortable in saying “Hey – how are all you Redskins doing.” then you safely can admit that you don’t think it’s a slur.

        • WhyBeSoMean

          You’re not the sharpest knife in the draw, ta2.
          It was a joke.

    • ta2t2o

      Well if the logo referred to Redskin potatoes there might not be an issue. However, the logo features a Native American and the team is called the Redskins. Redskin is a slur against Native Americans as similarly as “darkie” is a slur against African Americans or “Wetback” is a slur against Mexican Americans. Sad that you don’t understand that.

      • Da Holiday

        It’s not a slur. It’s origin actually comes from the Native Americans themselves. They identified themselves as redskins to distinguish themselves from other races. If it was a racial slur I doubt very seriously that there would be so many schools for Native Americans with the Redskins as their mascot. #HTTR4Life #SupportTheName

  • ziggy zoggy

    Shakedown. That makes sense with a sleazebag like Halbritter. I’d just assumed it was political correctness.

  • Sqeli’x

    Keep in mind that being a member of a federally recognized tribe of the U.S. is a political status not an ethnicity. The tribes as sovereign nations within the scope of their treaties with the U.S., have the right to determine the membership of their respective nations. I have a suspicion that this is nothing more then a hack piece of journalism meant to damage Mr. Halbritter’s reputation and question his integrity. Indirectly, you appear to be willing to question the legitimate existence of the Oneida Nation since you state ” Most are probably more white then Indian”. It sounds like you must have spent quite a bit of time on the Oneida Reservation to be so knowledgable about their membership.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They are indeed sovereign nations and Halbritter is recognized by the US government, not by the grand Council of Chiefs.

      • David Vickers

        Tribes are not sovereign. Congress has “plenary power” over tribal affairs; they vote in all elections; they can contribute to all campaigns; they are prosecuted by State and federal prosecutors (see especially 25 USC 232, 233); they pay federal income taxes. None of this would be true if they were “sovereign.” Your article is very good, but look more into tribal sovereignty and be skeptical just as you were about Ray “representing” the Oneida people.

  • CaptTurbo

    This is absurd. Give him a jar of firewater, some shiny beads, and send him on his way. ;)

  • Clayton Walsh

    i live not two miles from turning stone. ive worked there my mother works there, and my grandmother has worked there. they employ something like 4-5000 ppl so with that being said the area would suffer considerably without the casino BUT.. ray has since day one sued ny for a land claim witch would have covered most of the county. They have had contiunous battles with the county over water and electric, they dont like to pay their bills. Not to mention the employies are some of the lowest paid casino employies in the country. his own ppl cant stand him. the guys a gangster using sovernty to control the area, yet he cant even keep his own kids outta jail. this issue with the redskins is gonna be rays claim to fame. hes a shovenist plain and simple if hes not in the news somehow he’ll find a reason. love/hate relationship dosn’t even begin to decribe how the are feals about good old ray

  • tuschkahouma

    there are so many silly comments in this story where do I start? The Haudenosaunee Confederacy was used by Ben Franklin as an influence
    when he authored the US Constitution. He got his ideas when he heard
    the Onandaga leader Ganestota speak in 1754 in Philadelphia. Tribes
    have the right to determine their own membership requirements due
    to the Martinez V. Santa Clara SCOTUS case of 1978. This confederacy
    is strict about maternal lineage being a criteria for tribal enrollment.
    Who are you White guy to question a governing body that existed before
    your country did on stolen land? Blood quantum is a white thing White guy.
    If it wasn’t for gaming money there would be no money to fight the white
    thieves in their white courts. You are a perfect example of the damage
    of mascots. If not for mascots and their demeaning images would
    you take Indian Country seriously? stop attacking the person willing
    to confront your ignorance and realize you’re the problem.

    • Jeff Lanthripp

      Franklin didn’t author the Constitution. He didn’t even approve of many of its provisions. James Madison’s blueprint, called the Virginia Plan, became the basis for what was eventually ratified. The Iroquois tribes, of which the Oneida are a part, were historically an expansionist, imperialist tribe who made war on the neighboring Algonquian peoples and stole *their* land. Likewise, England is now inhabited primarily by the descendants of Norman conquerors, the Anglo-Saxons that the Normans conquered, the Jutes that the Anglo-Saxons conquered, and the Britons (now the Welsh) that the Jutes conquered. Everywhere else that people have existed for more than a thousand years is the same way. It’s the way of people ever since the concept of ownership has come about, and you’ll get no sympathy from me on that account. Somebody came along with more people, better weapons, and/or better tactics.

  • John M Kane

    Expressing racist views about Native pedigree as if we are dogs or exposing the fraud and sellout that is Halbritter (I can’t believe you left out the part about how he screwed up the Oneida land claims or sold out to Andrew Cuomo to protect his precious casino) does not change the fact that “Redskins” is the Native equivalent of “Niggers”. It is offensive and all Native people have a right to express that. It is amazing that the privileged white are more offended by being called out as racist than we are by their racism. This issue is so far down the list for the average Native person but it is perfectly emblematic of how we are viewed and treated by the dominant culture around us. The name won’t change until white people are offended. The photo below suggests we are a long way from that.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s a confusing message. Washington was a slaveowner so they should be called the Washington Slaves.

  • bd1988

    E-mail by the Reservation Rats:

    Mainstream Indians on reservations support mascots and names like Redskins. A UPenn-Annenberg survey shows that 91% of Indians support mascots. Our reasons for supporting mascots are briefly included below –

    When white Indians offend sports fans or insult a little child who loves Indians and puts on feathers, they alienate the rest of America against brown Indians. Note that the white Indians blend in beautifully into the white society. No one even realizes they are Indian. But when an angered sports fan who is upset about losing his mascot screams “Fuck you sandnigger” or throws a beer can at us from a passing car screaming “MOTHERFUCKER, GO BACK TO YOUR FUCKING RESERVATION!!” they scream such obscenities at my father, my cousin, my brother and my family members who look Indian.

    The obsession with protesting mascots and names like Redskins is an obsession of white Indians. They protest mascots, children dressing up on Halloween and other silly things because it makes them feel Indian. It lets them scream racism. They know no other way of feeling Indian. They are totally disconnected from the real issues that affect mainstream Indians on reservations. They are fully Americanized. They have lost their language, culture, religion and even their skin color.

    Unfortunately the white Indians have the loudest voices. If we go against them, they hurt us in our careers and lives because they control our media, academia, government jobs, medical clinics, finances, who gets denied federal recognition, even our tribes – everything. They have the money and the power. We have the Indian-ness.

    Brown Indians on reservations have more important issues to worry about. Like diabetes, how we get our next meal, crime on reservations, lack of electricity, lack of toilets, lack of running water, no heat when there’s snow outside, getting a relative to a dialysis clinic when there is no transport, finding a job when there’s near 100% unemployment, near 100% consideration of suicide among our youth, alcoholism, drug abuse, elder abuse, spouse abuse, land loss, culture loss, language loss, etc. Mascots are a NON-ISSUE to us.

    The Indian media should be screaming about the real issues. Instead their main focus is on mascots. The focus on mascots and meaningless debates about redskins detract attention from the REAL issues facing brown Indians.

    Indians should do an A-B-C analysis and focus on the A-items. Mascots and names like redskin, or debates about whether the right word is Native American and not Indian, are not even C items. They are Z items. Unfortunately the white Indians obsess over these Z-items because that is the ONLY way they know how to feel Indian. If we twist America’s arm and get America to concede on the trivial items, the country will lose patience with us when we negotiate important A-items.

    We are offending our fan base. That little child who insists on dressing up in a costume and putting on some feathers loves Indians, but when white Indians insult his mom and dad by calling them racists, he grows up to resent those of us who look Indian. Indians were unflappable. Now even a silly word like “costume” that I used above instead of “regalia” raises hackles? Don’t forget, it’s the white Indians who come down and tell the rest of us to be offended.

    When these white Indians object to mascots, their vocalizations unite Indian opposition – the opposition finds forums and avenues to kindle hatred against Indians and rehash and reiterate hateful sentiments about Indians. They find a common ground under which those who resent and oppose Indians can unify together and gather in strength.

    White Indians who oppose mascots point to the Halloween “blackface” and ask, “Don’t you find that offensive???” And the answer is yes, some Halloween costumes are expressly intended to mock and degrade. Sometimes it is Mother Mary dressed up voluptuously in revealing breasts, sometimes stupid people dress up as a rabbi with a hooked nose eating a bagel and counting money. Sometimes people put on a black face that portrays African Americans with exaggerated noses and large pink lips. Yes, these are no doubt offensive. But mascots usually portray teams that their fans are proud of. The Washington Redskins are proud of their mascots and will surely never run down their mascot this way.

    The American sports lovers are our brothers and sisters. We love them and respect them and also understand they mean us no disrespect for the most part. Mascots represent their teams and sports fans love their teams. The clueless, identity-less white Indians drive a wedge between the mainstream Indians and sports loving fans causing mainstream America to hate us.

    In the same vein, it is only the white Indians who obsess about identity politics and play Identity Police. This is because such Indians are mistaken for Caucasian throughout the world. One way they can reiterate their sense of identity is by pointing out that “he is not Indian” or “she is not Indian” or “they are wannabes.” Indians have been through a holocaust and accusing someone of not being Indian is a very serious charge and something to be frowned upon, as is discriminating against Indians from tribes that have no federal recognition (the PC term is unrepresented tribes). What is noteworthy is that it is always the white Indians who play identity cops. Look at anyone who is accusing someone of not being Indian. With the possible exception of XXXXX XXXX (an identity cop who is a Black guy), almost all the other identity police are WHITE themselves. Such whites with Indian status get their sense of identity by accusing others of not being Indian.

    (The above e-mail was sent to me and many others by Lisa Begay of the Reservation Rats, a group that works on Indian reservations).

    • ta2t2o

      Lisa sounds like a racist. I don’t think anyone thinks that you have to be white only to be a racist. I’m sure there are plenty of racist Native Americans as well. Lisa seems to fit that bill.
      Personally – almost every reference she made in the article is about racial stereotypes and if any kid or person wore any of those types of costumes she outlined – they would be considered equally as racist. Why would she think any of that is acceptable. When Ted Danson did it – even though Whoopi Goldberg was fine with it – the rest of us weren’t.
      To say that “American sports lovers are our brothers and sisters” is just ignorant. First, it assumes there is an ethnic purity among sports lovers. What about the Native American sport lovers – not sure why they would be segregated. I’m also not sure she realizes that just because you love sports doesn’t mean you can’t still be a racist. The ignorance of this article is astounding.

  • bd1988

    Quoting an e-mail sent to me – “Almost 20 years ago, grandpa met a little White boy dressed up as an

    Indian on Halloween. The boy gave a squeal of delight when he spotted

    grandpa and asked, “Are you a real Native American??!!!??”

    “Yes,” smiled grandpa, a former Medicine Man, “just like you are one

    today! But I don’t look half as handsome as you do!”

    “Well, what can you teach me about being Indian?” asked the little boy


    “This,” said grandpa. Then he took his pack of cigarettes from this

    pocket and threw it in the trash can. “These are very bad for your

    health. As an Indian, you have to keep your word, so promise me you

    will never smoke in your life.”

    “I promise!!!” said the little boy, as his parents mouthed thank you to grandpa.

    About 20 years later, I meet this blondie at the Ivy League Yale

    University who called herself Native American and waved her card at my

    face to prove it, even though I never asked her to show me any card or

    to prove her Indian status. The blondie recounted her own experience

    when she came across a little boy who was dressed up as an Indian on

    Halloween. She said, “I went up to him, ripped up the feathers he was

    wearing. Then I told his mom – I may look White but I am Native

    American and I am NOT a costume! You should be ashamed of yourself for

    being such a RACIST!! Then I marched away leaving behind a shocked

    mother and her equally shocked son who will hopefully never play

    Indian again. They learned their lesson well!”

    If the moral of the story isn’t already apparent to someone, it’s

    this: Our protesting mascots or Halloween is making the rest of

    America hate Indians, especially those who love sports, and it is also

    portraying us as super-super-super-sensitive. When we are the exact

    opposite: Indians are extremely loving, very tolerant, highly

    accepting and have the most amazing sense of humor.” End quote

    • ta2t2o

      Your moral is stupid. They’re not protesting the Mascot. They’re protesting the derogatory name used to refer to the mascot. The Cleveland Indians don’t have the same issue because they call themselves the Cleveland Indians – not the Cleveland Redskins. The St.Johns Red Storm had a similar issue because their previous mascot was called the Redmen. Again a derogatory slur.
      If this criticizing of racial slurs makes you or America hate Native Americans – then the problem of racism runs a lot deeper than you’re admitting. The fact that they don’t like being called Redskins actually should make you respect them more. Sadly for you, you’re bent out of shape because they don’t appreciate the racial slur you use to identify them. Not to mention, I don’t think you have any idea how ignorant the statement “making the rest of America hate Indians” is – seeing as they’re the only TRUE Americans here – the rest of us are immigrants. If anyone should be using a slur – it should be them using one against us. The ignorance on here is incredible.

      • Brandon

        I know this is 5 months old, but your a douche. We all originated somewhere around Africa many, many, many years ago. So even your beloved Native Americans are immigrants. Stop the stupidity

        • ta2t2o

          First, it’s “you’re” and not “your”. Also, at one time, when early man was believed to exist,there were no countries. As such, it wouldn’t have been possible to be an immigrant. You could be a nomad though.

      • Da Holiday

        Actually the name Redskins is not derogatory. It’s origin comes from what the Native Americans called themselves to distinguish themselves from other races. The Cleveland Indians still have offensive apparel being sold. Chief Wahoo is a caricature of Native Americans. The Redskins logo was proudly designed by a Native American. #HTTR4Life #SupportTheName #TrueMeaningOfRedskins

        • ta2t2o

          So then go call a Native American a Redskin. See if he thinks it’s a slur.

  • William Bontrager

    Man..did you even read the article above? He did mention the land claims and the casinos? Furthermore, read the comment two spaces above this and stop jumping to erratic and hasty conclusions. Read something, or at least watch a video. The first cases of the term “redskins” being used in history was not derogatory, it was identifying a minority of people. The farms during early American history were often burned by the red skinned.” There is a great short story written from a female( so if you are liberal you would appreciate that) about the Indians attacking her home. It is called A Narrative of the Captivity,Sufferings, and Removes, of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson. If you read it then you will see that there are evil people on both sides, and it wasn’t just the white man pillaging and stealing.

    Finally concerning the mascot situation here is a video, of a real member of a tribe, that has a nine to five job, and hasn’t had his head inflated by the snakes at Harvard. Enjoy.

    • ta2t2o

      “The first cases of the term “redskins” being used in history was not derogatory, it was identifying a minority of people.” Yeah that’s typically how racist terms start. I’m pretty sure the Africans that were brought over as slaves didn’t call each other “Negro” – but that’s the kind word that white folks referred to this minority group as. Amazing that you don’t understand that the use of a physical characteristics to stereotype the entire minority group is exactly what made this a racist term from the start. Just because the folks at the time didn’t view it as racist – doesn’t mean it wasn’t racist.
      An your need to draw an equivalency with evil Native Americans doesn’t really do a lot to bolster your argument that this isn’t somehow racist. In fact, that’s usually the defense utilized by people who don’t realize they’re racist.

      • William Bontrager

        I notice you are eager, panting, and salivating to jump to one responder to the other to shout “racist”. This will be my last response to you because I provided the links in my last response, an eyewitness testimony of how some blue collar working people who happen to be native american feel about the word and how history supports it. You can read it for yourself.
        Now,calling me a racist will not elicit the response you think you’ll get from me. It doesn’t matter what you, or any other person that hides under that term, think of me. I don’t walk on egg shells to call someone African American when they are black,have never been to Africa, and don’t even prefer the term themselves. I use common sense.
        So I won’t speak for the native american culture either, only being white, or maybe you would prefer the term, English-Scottish-Irish-German-American. Thanks for supporting the stereotype that anyone having an opposing view from the stifling, politically correct atmosphere is automatically a racist in your narrow little world.

  • Ruffin

    Calling me white is just as racist.

    • ta2t2o

      Fortunately for you, white privilege helps to ease the pain of that racism. White has never been used in a derogatory fashion. Perhaps if they called you a “white skin” – or “pale face” which would be more derogatory.

  • Ryan Sargent

    Red-Skin, White-Skin, Black-skin, and brown-skin are all, surprise surprise, skin colors! Negro, darkies, wetbacks, etc. are all examples of slang. The term Redskin is refering to just that….the skin color of a particular race of people. If you find this offensive you have your head shoved so far up your ass you are incapable of distinguishing between a true offense and a TEAM NAME

  • Albert

    This is insane

    kroon casino

  • Penallen

    I think there’s been a certain amount of history lost or forgotten about the cultures of native north americans. Why don’t they celebrate it instead of believing it’s an insult?
    An important aspect of Beothuk life was their use of red ochre – extracted from iron deposits – to coat their implements, bodies and the remains of the dead. The colour red played a role in Beothuk tribal identity; disgraced band members might be ordered to remove the colouring as a form of punishment. It is very likely that the red hues also had spiritual overtones for the people. This extensive use of ochre led Europeans to name the Beothuk the “Red Indians.”

  • CJ

    As a real native I hate people who use native blood to gain power, fame, and money (Elizabeth Warren, ect….).

  • Indian Nation

    Halbritter just went to the United Nations to attempt them to get involved in the anti-Redskins situation. Now, the UN? As I read here possible humane rights violations against his people and the UN visit made me think that Halbritter may be arrested and charged under the International Criminal Court at the Hague in the Netherlands. I also predict that someone manipulated Halbritter for he has lost his sense of thought and is now ruthless therefore easily manipulated.

    I think Halbritter will talk, hang those who helped him reach this level via manipulation of his need for money and power thus anyone involved will go down with him. He has had that Cuomo Dynasty behind him and he dolled out millions of dollars to Obama. Now, is he using his casino, which is really not his to funnel dollars into the local mafia to continue a situation that never ends? How about those free room coupons to a person who has NOT one a damn thing in a very long time, not even enough to keep on playing.

    The nation is now considered ‘wop’ not Indian run. If these allegations are true that he is not an Oneida Indian those Indians too gutless to stand up for themselves do not deserve help and at the same time that casino should be seized, closed down and reopened by the real Indians with new laws demanding that Indians want to be sovereign nation, they cannot be involved in American politics and American culture of risk losing all Indian benefits, PLUS mandatory proof of how much is made daily and how much is given to the Indians of his nation.

  • Blahblahblah

    Wake me up when these whiny Injuns take issue with the name of Oklahoma.

  • imd mandingo

    THIS MOVEMENT TO CHANGE THE NAME IS A COMPLETE POLITCAL PUBLIC RELATIONS PLOY. The term “redskin” was created by native americans to describe themselves as written about by Smithsonian historian Ives Goddard. It has been documented in many negotiations as early as the mid 1700’s as describing themselves. It has also said to been used by Beothuk Tribe to describe themselves because they painted their bodies red. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that it was used as a derogatory term. It is reprehensible that media like Esquire Magazine and Kansas City Star want to twist it to say it means the scalps of the native americans bought and paid for during the expansion across the west. Though no one can deny it was, for many years, used in a derogatory manner, you must now admit it hasn’t been used to defame any race/tribe/person for many more years than that!

  • a friend…

    Justick for Tammy Mahoney…brutally gang raped and murdered in a trailer on Oneida Indian nation in 1981 and the murders are living their self-righteous lives…gibe Tammy justice …..

    • John Lee

      Justice will prevail !!!

  • Mike Grello

    Ray, Just maybe the Nation should care more about Tammy Mahoney, Tammy was brutally murdered on the evening of Friday, May 8, 1981 at the age of 19, Tammy was picked up while hitchhiking in the City of Oneida, Madison County, NY and taken to a party on the Oneida
    Indian Territory, Route #46 in the City of Oneida. The events of the evening of May 8, 1981 resulted in the rape and eventual brutal death of the teenager. The young men responsible for Tammy’s senseless and untimely death remain in the central NY area today. She was never seen again after that night, and her body has never been found. On May 11, 1981, a missing person report was filed with the Oneida City Police. Originally from Long Island, Mahoney moved to Oneida, where she was studying husbandry at SUNY Morrisville. Investigators If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Oneida Police department Inv. William Clark (315) 363-9111

    • Pocahontas Sister

      Tammy Mahoney was gang raped by “young men“ on the Oneida Indian Reservation, murdered and her body was hid so they could escape justice…there was a cover-up…who did this to Tammy?????wouldn’t`t be surprised…the truth always comes what is more important? Being PC or having justice of the land prevail? That land in Oneida needs some more digging…

  • Mike Grello
  • Mike Grello

    Ray Halbritter maybe the Nation should care more about TAMMY, Tammy was brutally murdered on the evening of Friday, May 8, 1981 at the age of 19, Tammy was picked up while hitchhiking in the City of Oneida, Madison County, NY and taken to a party on the Oneida
    Indian Territory, Route #46 in the City of Oneida. The events of the evening of May 8, 1981 resulted in the rape and eventual brutal death of the teenager. The young men responsible for Tammy’s senseless and untimely death remain in the central NY area today. She was never seen again after that night, and her body has never been found. On May 11, 1981, a missing person report was filed with the Oneida City Police. Originally from Long Island, Mahoney moved to Oneida, where she was studying husbandry at SUNY Morrisville. Investigators If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Oneida Police department Inv. William Clark (315) 363-9111

    IT WOULD ALSO HELP IF YOU COULD, TAKE THE TIME TO POST ON THESE LINKS. lets get this case on TV and back in the news. Just a short description of Tammy’s case and asked them to please check out Tammy’s page for more info (news clips on the case)

    Nancy Grace TV show ===

    CNN John Walsh ===

    TV show 20/20 ===

    CBS TV ===

    Homicide hunter Joe Kenda ===


    TV station ===

    Oneida newspaper ===

    The Rome Observer ===

    TV station ===

    The Oneida District Attorneys office ===