CDC Data Shows Gun Violence is Tied to Unemployment Rates

So if Obama wants to fix gun violence, the way all those carefully selected children’s letters to Gun Santa ask him to, all he has to do is fix the economy or resign and let someone competent do it.

I hear Mitt Romney is still available.

Moroz finds a close relationship between city unemployment and murder by gun (and has some nice scatter-graphs to show it). The correlation between city unemployment at the overall rate of gun deaths is considerable (.55), and the correlation between it and gun-related murders is even higher (.72).

It’s almost like wrecking the economy and keeping people permanently out of work, especially young males, is likely to increase gun violence.

One of Biden’s expert gun advisors has even mentioned the unemployment link.

“If you compound mental illness along with substance abuse, unemployment, and other dynamic factors that are going on in the community, victimization, lack of community ties, etc., then the risk of violence increases significantly,” said Dr. Calderon-Abbo.

Instead of trying to deprive people of their civil rights, maybe Obama can actually try to focus on lowering unemployment rates, rather than putting out some fake statistics for his media allies, delivering another speech and then going off to play another round of golf.

A country with high unemployment is a place where teenagers and twenty somethings are more likely to drift into gangs and gangs are behind much of the gun violence in this country.

Banning guns will not stop gang activity. Creating jobs will.

  • mindRider

    In Spain youth unemployment amount to 57% but I do not think the murder rate by and in that group has increased badly so the easy availability of guns in the USA must be of significant influence in the equation.

    And you Daniel must agree, no matter how dear you hold the constitution that access to guns is way too easy in America.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      How is the gang violence situation in Spain?

      Much of the homicide rate in the US is gang related.

      And gangs, like most sectors of organized crime, can always get their hands on what they need.

      • Swanky

        mindRider's point is valid and you didn't address it. You merely shifted to the gang argument. Which is it? Gangs or unemployment? Because it certainly can't be guns, can it?
        This is the kind of cherry-picking that researchers like myself loathe.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Unemployment = Income from Organized crime = Gangs

          • Swanky

            Okay, but you're saying that the gang activity must be low in Spain to account for a non-proportional homicide rate. That would mean that unemployment does not equate to income from organized crime, and then to gang activity, so is the connection there specific to America? An application of Occam's Razor would purport that it's more likely a variable that directly relates to the outcome is responsible for that outcome, as opposed to a variable that is indirectly related, and only in certain cases. I.E. more guns = more homicides is more elegant than more unemployment = (sometimes) more gang activity = more homicides. The point is, we have to look at everything and gauge the most likely predictors based on research and application of elegance principles, not supposition. I'm not saying guns are definitely the problem, I'm saying that, if Spain DID have higher unemployment, lower gang activity, lower gun availability, and lower homicide, it is more likely the simpler relationship than the more convoluted one.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            I'm not saying, I'm asking about the gang activity level in Spain.

            Gang activity in major American cities is responsible for as much as 80 percent of homicides. Organized crime increases firearm availability even in places where they are banned.

            There are going to be a variety of factors influencing homicide rate, many of them cultural, so even if two countries have the same unemployment rate and the same level of firearms availability, it doesn't mean that they will have the same homicide rate.

            This can be seen easily across different parts of the United States.

            Just because we're zeroing in on one of the factors does not mean that there are no other factors.

    • Greg RN

      One must take into account, That most firearm related Crimes are associated with stolen or illegally obtained firearms, not to Mention the Mentally imbalanced factor, desperation in Light of little HOPE or CHANGE in the availability of JOBS. This economy is a Recipe for Disaster.
      The primary purpose of the Second Amendment is to Prevent the Tyranny of Shallow Empty Suits or Pantsuits, Be they in Government or University Professorships. So, No, Daniel must not agree, nor do I.

  • Ar'nun

    Weren't we once told by Obama himself that young men in Islamist countries are only terrorists because of their impovershed fate and lack of upward mobility in their societies???

    Maybe if we start paying people to blow themselves up in populated areas, we might get Obama's attention and sympathies.

    • Mary Sue

      I know, right?

      If this is not extreme pie-in-the-sky, head-in-the-clouds utopianist thinking coming out of Obama, it's absolutely deliberate. Deliberate because he is a totalitarian Communist at heart.

      Rush was saying this morning he couldn't understand WHY Obama was deliberately riling people up. I do. O is a Commie, and he's "safe" from any further Presidential Elections, and he's a narcissistic douche. His EGO is causing him to do this because he has some sort of satisfaction rubbing people's faces in it.

      • Swanky

        I hate to be so dismissive, but I'm sorry, if you listen to Rush Limbaugh, you lose all credibility with reasonable people and you're opinion is to be take as seriously as if you had blamed this all on My Little Pony. Anyone who really cares about discussing topics on an intelligent, learned level knows that Rush Limbaugh is not a valid source of any information. The worst part is, I'm convinced he actually looks down on his listeners; he insults their intelligence every single day and bets that they'll buy what he's selling. They do, and he rakes in the dough. I bet he doesn't even really believe half of it.

        • Swanky