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CDC Data Shows Gun Violence is Tied to Unemployment Rates

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 16, 2013 @ 12:33 pm In The Point | 10 Comments


So if Obama wants to fix gun violence, the way all those carefully selected children’s letters to Gun Santa ask him to, all he has to do is fix the economy [2] or resign and let someone [3] competent do it.

I hear Mitt Romney is still available.

Moroz finds a close relationship between city unemployment and murder by gun (and has some nice scatter-graphs to show it). The correlation between city unemployment at the overall rate of gun deaths is considerable (.55), and the correlation between it and gun-related murders is even higher (.72).

It’s almost like wrecking the economy and keeping people permanently out of work, especially young males, is likely to increase gun violence.

One of Biden’s expert gun advisors has even mentioned the [4] unemployment link.

“If you compound mental illness along with substance abuse, unemployment, and other dynamic factors that are going on in the community, victimization, lack of community ties, etc., then the risk of violence increases significantly,” said Dr. Calderon-Abbo.

Instead of trying to deprive people of their civil rights, maybe Obama can actually try to focus on lowering unemployment rates, rather than putting out some fake statistics for his media allies, delivering another speech and then going off to play another round of golf.

A country with high unemployment is a place where teenagers and twenty somethings are more likely to drift into gangs and gangs are behind much of the gun violence in this country.

Banning guns will not stop gang activity. Creating jobs will.

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