Center for American Progress Claims Global Warming Causes Arab Spring

So I have to assume that they are for it then, since the Arab Spring is a good thing. Why if the temperatures keep going up, maybe there will be an Arab Spring every spring.

Or alternatively, since the Center for American Progress’s own politics played a large role in getting the United States to pull its support for allied Arab governments with disastrous results, this may be CAP’s convoluted way of claiming that the Arab Spring had nothing to do with them. It was just a natural phenomenon caused by rising temperatures.

Forget Islam. There’s no Jihads to see here. Morsi is shooting protesters because of Global Warming. The protesters are protesting because of Global Warming. Obama is shipping jet planes and tanks to Morsi because of Global Warming.

It’s Global Warming all the way down. Global Warming created the world. It created man. And now it’s creating war, famine, pestilence and celebrity advocacy.

Please join the Center for American Progress, the Center for Climate & Security, and the Stimson Center on Thursday, February 28, for the release of a new volume on “Climate Change and the Arab Spring.” Panelists Tom Friedman, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Michael Werz will parse out these complex interactions and discuss the implications for U.S. foreign and development policy.

I think we all look forward to Tom Friedman discussing the flattening globalizing effect of Global Warming on the flat earth.

  • JacksonPearson

    There should be a serious food study done on the Center for American Progress ingestion habits, because their flatulence is getting pretty bad.

    • jakespoon

      Jackson , they recycle it, one emits,one inhales,then emits,another inhales, then on to the next,happens in a round-robin-fashion.

  • Mary Sue

    It's turtles all the way down! XD

  • MacGregor

    There's a lot of hot air in Washington too so maybe all those politicians and big government is contributing to global warming. All the more reason to shrink government.

  • Passer by

    There is a view that money printing done by the United States is causing instability around the world, especially in poor countries, and it is behind rising food and energy prices.
    The food riots that started the Arab Spring started after QE 2.

  • AdinaK

    The left's delusions know no bounds, and their chutzpah is as out-sized as their fantasies. A dangerous/deadly match.

    In fact, the most renowned poster boy for global warming fraud, is now in bed with the "Arab Spring" and its agenda. Take a peek within –

    CAP is a huge radical umbrella, and it heralds the marriage between the reds and the greens, aka Islamists. Whenever you read the word "progressive", run for the hills –

    Adina Kutnicki Israel

  • Mark E

    Arab Spring started where? In a marketplace, over the price of bread. Why had bread prices spiked? Because the region's main wheat supplier, Russia, had a pitiful harvest after extreme drought. What is one of the main projected impacts of global warming? Much more frequent and intense droughts, interrupted by increasingly rare but much more extreme rain and snowfall events.

    I t agree with the other commenter that we should be doing intense studies on food…. as in the connection between food security and geopolitical stability.