Charlie Rangel Wants Republicans to Vote for Amnesty Because He Cares About the GOP

Some of you might think this is some kind of trick, but it’s well known that Charlie Rangel is nearly as devoted to democracy as he is to not cheating on his taxes. The very notion that this is some kind of trick to destroy the Republican Party is inconceivable.

Charlie Rangel is just looking out for the Republican party in urging his House colleagues to support the immigration-reform bill.

“I would hate for them to see themselves just go out of business and we don’t have this competitive form of ideas in our great country,” the New York Democrat told Fox News this weekend. “It’s the right thing for the country, and it certainly is a right thing to make certain we have two parties competing against each other.”

Rangel warned that if conservatives vote against immigration reform, “it’s going to have an impact as to how long the Republican party will be in existence.”

His comments echo another Democrat, New Jersey senator Bob Menendez, who opined that Republicans’ future prospect would be best served by supporting immigration reform.

And why would we ever think that the members of a partisan party might want to get the Republicans to destroy themselves? Whatever you do Brer Elephant, don’t vote against amnesty. Anything but that.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Well, Al Capone, a mental ancestor of Rangel’s, also believed in democracy and “competing parties.” He advised his serfs to vote early and vote often.

  • OfficialPro

    Charlie Rangel, he’s got the GOP’s back! Just so he knows where to stick the shiv…

  • jakespoon

    “I only want what’s best for you chickens.” – said The Fleet Red Fox.

  • Manaphy

    If Rangel cared for the GOP and for his constituents he would be against this blanket amnesty.


    This think is another reason why we should never vote for a ….. .