Chavez Successor Got Communist Training in Cuba

Chavez was always Castro-with-oil, which delayed Venezuela’s economic implosion by some years. Had Chavez remained alive, he would be using the economic implosion accompanied by a large population that is either on the dole or works for the government (sound familiar?) to continue to the next age of the Bolivarian Revolution, with the final destination being Cuba.

But since Chavez died and his corpse is too rotten to even embalm, the task of imposing Socialist tyranny on Venezuela falls to his successor. And his successor has gotten some training for that right over in Cuba. (via Babalu Blog.)

New pictures show the self-appointed successor to Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, at what has been described to The Commentator as a “communist training school” in Cuba.

The images were published earlier this month by the Diario del Huila, Neiva, Colombia and were provided by Israel Guarnizo Silva, who says he studied with Nicolas Maduro at the ‘School of Political Education’ between 1986 and 1987 in Havana, Cuba.

Maduro is often portrayed as a man with a simple background of being a bus driver, union official and someone who rose through the ranks to become Chavez’s Vice President. The new images will certainly cause concern that the man is far more than that – a well-trained, hard line, old school communist from Havana in the 1980s.

The images are somewhat corroborated by a news story from 2011 which states that Maduro went out of his way on a trip to Havana, to make sure the importance of the “Escuela de formacion politica” (School of Political Education).

Maduro emphasised the importance of the new School of Political Education for the ALBA Armed Forces, calling it a “vanguard experience not just in Latin America but for the entire world.”

Observers have noted, “The School of Political Education for the ALBA Armed Forces appears to be a communist counterweight to the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC).”

Latin America expert Joel Hirst told The Commentator, “It has been 25 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, yet Latin American governments are only increasing their deference to tiny, totalitarian, and economically irrelevant communist Cuba. The Cubans, trained by KGB, have always taken a longer view. It’s now paying off.”

And it helps that Obama has left a major power vacuum in Latin America for his comrades to fill.




  • Yael

    This is not the darkest bit in Maduro's history. He was a part of the armed branch of MIR ("Movimiento Izquierda Revolucionaria" or "Revolutionary Left Movement") during the 70s. He then founded a violent group in the UCV university, they wore hoodies and masks during the attacks. He was also a part of the Socialist Legue who were the ones who sent him to Cuba for training. He ambushed and killed people for the venezuelan government in the Puente Llaguno incident in 2002:

    He is more radical than Chavez ever was, but less charismatic.

    He used to be a bus driver:

  • Simon

    Long live Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution. You can kill the messenger but not the message.

    • Mary Sue

      boy, you're either steeped in Purple Koolaid and have no hope of smartening up, or you don't know what Bolivarian Revolution actually does.

  • kuffar geoff

    oh christ, let me guess simon you are speaking from a non communist free society right? just like sean penn and danny glover and bellefonte, you love the glory of communism but refuse to move to a communist country. victims of communism do not need you to speak for them until you walk the talk buddy.

  • John

    Simon, was he killed with death cancer ray or CIA seeding the clouds with salt? The Bolivarian Revolution couldn't even work with all that oil revenue, either it's badly flawed or Hugo was an moron. Maybe both. Bottom line where would you rather be poor, Cuba, Venezuela, or the US?

  • formación online

    Me ha gustado, voy a echar un vistazo al resto de la web >)