Chicago Murder Rate Hits 13, Only 9 Days Into the New Year

Gun control continues to score more points as Chicago show that the people in Obamaville are capable of killing more people than there are days in the week.

The first Chicagoan murdered in the new year was Octavius Dontrell Lamb.

Then followed 12 others. Including the latest casualty, Tyshawn Blanton.

The majority of those killed were black men. Most were in their 20s. However there were a few exceptions.

Michael Kozel, a 57 year old auto shop owner, whose last words were “‘They shot me in the back.” Angela Welch, 55, was stabbed to death by her daughter. For the most part though the pattern consisted of young black men shooting other black men. And if Obama and Holder would like to have that conversation on gun violence in this country, they should start at home, right in their own communities who clearly need their help.

Chicago’s murder rate is already up 15% in the new year over the last year. Chicago’s gun control is no match for its gangs who are at the root of its murder rate.

Chicago police Superintendent Gary McCarthy believes most of the violent crime in the city is “absolutely” gang-related. He said the problem has a lot to do with drugs, guns and gang wars.

The city’s largest gang is having an internal war. Chicago has the largest gang population in the country, with approximately 100,000 members who commit 75 to 80 percent of the city’s homicides.

As I wrote before, the high murder rate isn’t a gun control problem, it’s a gang control problem.

  • RedWhiteAndJew

    Disarming victims has a predictable effect.

  • chiraqSMH

    no, Chicago's murder toll is 15 as of Jan. 9th

  • carrie

    How many of the guns used were legally owned and registered ?

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Somewhere between zero and zero, I expect.

      But registration works! And the chocolate ration will be increased from 30 grams to 20 grams!

    • Mary Sue

      gang members neither register nor obtain legal firearms.

  • Little Knight Music

    "The first Chicagoan murdered in the new year was Octavius Dontrell Lamb. "

    Octavius Dontrell Lamb…..likely Had in his pockets,…….

    …….. three ETB cards, and a couple of Obama fones.

    • RedWhiteAndJew


    • Mathchopper

      Was he an Amishman?

  • Questions

    Chicago has a murder problem, all right. And it always will have a murder problem as long as blacks comprise a large share of the city's population. I could care less whether a Democrat or a Republican serves as mayor. Blacks are habitually violent and all too often resolve interpersonal "disputes" via gun or knife, and without regard for consequences. Ask yourselves why that is.

    This piece is just another excuse to take some easy pot shots at Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel. It will resolve nothing. Murder has plagued that city for decades. I might add that Chicago remains a great city. The worst shouldn't define the best out of existence. Every time I've been there, on business or pleasure, I've had a blast.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      It is a dysfunctional culture, not race that is the problem. Blaming it on race is like blaming it on guns. It is superficial, nonproductive, divisive, and wrong.

      • Questions

        There is nothing "divisive" or "nonproductive" about speaking the truth. And the truth is that murder, whether in Chicago or anywhere else, is overwhelmingly a black problem. Even Jesse Jackson fully admits as much. Citing a "dysfunctional culture" is a copout. One cannot separate race and culture; the two inevitably have a strong overlap.

        • RedWhiteAndJew

          One cannot separate race and culture

          Wrong. Look at Jews. What race are we? Look at muslims. What race are they?

          Google "Beta Israel."

  • JacksonPearson

    But, but, but democrat Godfather Rahm said he was going to heal Chicago of all sin, and the senseless murdering would come to an end….what in the hell went wrong, and where's Jesse Joker, and Al? Why haven't they been protesting or marching? /Sarkmark

  • Arlie

    The corrupted Federal government is seeking to punish ALL law abiding citizens for the sins of the drug crazed few who live on government welfare and supplement their income and fill their empty heads and time with deviance of ALL laws against G-d and man. This culture is sick to the core; beyond repair. There is no saving grace, none. 0, being their savior, has given them license to do evil and lead them further down their path of destruction by enabling and fueling the fire, just as he is with jihad terrorists. The very crisis in this country and the world is this pResident of evil intent and his backers.

    • Questions

      Oh, deal with the real world, will you?

      • Poppakap

        Once again, another leftist troll evades answering the tough questions raised by the article and obfuscates the issue via an ad hominem attack on another poster. The sickle & hammer club trolls have gotten so predictable they're boring.

  • Robert Pinkerton

    Simply from observation and anecdotes heard, I get the idea that most White subcultures in this country's cultural mosaic, appear very Apollinian compared with most Black subcultures. Conversely, most Black subcultures in this country appear verey Dionysiac in comparison with most White subcultures.