Chicago Police Will No Longer Respond to Burglaries or Robberies

If your car has been stolen or your home has been broken into, don’t bother dialing 911. You’ll have better luck calling the Ghostbusters. The Chicago Police Department has better things to do than to troop down to your home, look over the damage and tell you there’s no way you’re getting any of it back.

You’re not living in Seattle or Fargo. You’re living in Chicago. Hometown of Barack Obama. Crime is everywhere. The pile of corpses you walk over to get to your job as a union organizer at the Chicago Department of Fraud and Civil Rights is part of the appeal of living in a city with high art, culture and calibers.

Just strap yourself in and wait for the announcement that the State of Illinois has decided to wall off Chicago and use it as a giant open air prison.

Starting this week, Chicago police are changing their responses to 911 calls. They’ll no longer come right away to reports of things like criminal damage to property, vehicle thefts, garage burglaries, or other crimes in which the suspect is no longer on the scene, and the victim isn’t in immediate danger.

On the block where burglars broke into a home on Christmas Day, Carmen Curio has a strong opinion on the city’s new 911 response plan.

“I think that’s ridiculous. I think if there’s a burglary, they’ve got to come. It’s what we pay for. They have to come,” she said.

No, no.

You pay taxes so that Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union don’t pick up gas cans and begin starting random fires until you pay up.

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy insisted crime prevention “in the future” happens when officers are on patrol, not tied up taking reports at the scene of non-violent incidents.

“I don’t mean to be flippant here, because I’ve been the victim of a burglary at least three or four times,” he said. “I’d rather have the officer on street, where he can prevent the shooting.”

Wait. The Police Superintendent has been burgled three or four times? Is Chicago the new Detroit?

Police said officers will always take information about crimes at district stations, or over the phone – even if officers don’t respond in person.

Maybe it’s time for Chicago to consider the solution that Detroit turned down.


  • JenniferRedmond

    This is crazy but spreading across the country in no time I'm sure. I guess that since no one in Chicago can be armed, we don't have to worry about gun violence ergo problem solved. If it's just your possessions, don't be stupid about it; I mean after all it's just YOUR possessions and not your life. Besides you probably have too many possessions – if you have more than you can carry on your person, you are too wealthy anyway. Man up and quit whining, think about the less fortunate that need whatever they took more than you do (logic would tell you that they wouldn't steal it if they didn't need it) Besides, did YOU earn the money to buy all those things or did the government put it there for you? Hmmmm?

    • UCSPanther

      The only exception is if you are a gang member, which appears to give you a pass to pack heat in Chicago…

      • AdinaK

        Guess what? This is good news, at least if one is a Second Amendment proponent! After all, how can anyone in their right mind – no pun intended – tell a law abiding citizen from Chicago, the police will assist them, when they already said they won't? Exactly.

        Alas, let the leftists go postal, but at least you will have your own protection –

        The NRA should use this as Exhibit Number One.

        Adina kutnicki, Israel –

    • Z Z

      excellent point to prove the true need for the law abiding citizen to keep and bear arms.


      I hope you
      WERE BEING sarcastic my place was broken in on Dec 10, 2012 I am a retired Healthcare worker. I EARNED EVERY THING I GOT .

      • Chris

        Not according to Obama you didn't.

    • Greg Rager

      We reap what we sow.
      Have some more Kool-Aid, Chicago – the Dahlibama is gonna lead you to the promised land.

    • David R

      If that is what they want to do with THEIR money THEY EARNED and what THEY DECIDED to buy? Good for them! Try working ans saving for what you want! NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING SCUMBAG! Do you have 2 arms, 2 hands, 2 legs, and 2 feet, a brain, able to get off you're ass? GET A JOB A WORK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES!

    • Logic In Mind

      So what you’re saying, Jennifer, is that I can rob you of your cash even if I’m already filthy rich? I mean, I need it right? Why else would I rob you in the first place?

  • tagalog

    Can ya say "tax revolt time?"

  • Drew

    And that's why Chicago is so corrupt. They will turn a blind eye when this happens. Maybe it's time for someone to do what Batman did in Gotham!

  • Mary Sue

    This is part of the whole brownshirts thing that Chicago's slowly evolving into.

  • avantibev

    As a Chicagoan, I am not surprised. I remember attending a CAPS (Chicago Area Policing) meeting back in the day of Mayor Richie the Second when a Chicago area commander got up and told us that we had to expect the "have nots" to want to take from the "haves". I rebutted that I had missed that footnote to the Ten Commandments in my Bible's chapter of Exodus. I am one of the few conservatives in my west side neighborhood and all the white Lib/Lefties tittered nervously at my bluntness. Blind eyes indeed Drew! We have gone the way of Britain where the householder is disarmed, first burglaries not responded to and home invasions common. Just another success for the Obama team and their elite cheer squad in turning us into Europe.

  • idiot's guide

    REP – AR- A- TIONS! .. (YOU OWE ME!!!) Crack-er!

    • Dave

      For what?

  • Dennis

    Thats the thanks you get for being a registered democrat, no once you register as a democrat you cant choose who or what you vote for the party leadership decides that for you, how else do you think obama won re-election and dems kept the senate??

  • American 4 Americans

    The police are to busy in chicago collecting guns from <law abiding residents>and ignoring crime calls. See {cops ignore 911 calls}. Time to bear your arms people!

    • jakespoon

      Well hell, they could get hurt if they confronted the criminals.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      What? "bear your arms people!) in Chicago and show all of those needle marks and tats,
      how rigor…………………..William

  • Christian Dystopian

    I don't even report things unless absolutely necessary. Law Enforcement everywhere is so intent on enforcement interaction with them is risky at best. Report a burglary? They will not look for indications of who did it. They will look for any hint of drugs (even Rx drugs) & bust you. Firearms ditto. Even when they know the charges will be dropped, plan on having your stuff confiscated at best & likely 2-3 days in jail. Lots of luck ever getting your firearms back once the police get hold of them. Oops! the evidence room lost them. Reimbursement? The Department is not liable for things lost from the evidence room.

    • rock

      I too have been robbed by the Chicago police dept. 4 guns I had in my car for gun range range purposes. when i went to court the only one gun made it to the inventory list, and that was the 22 caliber. my 30-06, 44, and 45 was never mentioned. And we wonder how guns make it back on the streets Chicago.

  • Ghostwriter

    It's a shame. Chicago used to be such a nice place to live.

    • Blogen

      Chicago at one time had it's major problems isolated on 'the South Side' and into Gary Indiana. Looking at the latest Demographics of dependency across Chicago, indicate that the perpetually dependency addicted south Side is greatly expanded ..past the 1/2 point by some graphs. As the retreat of the productive society commences, the crime expands. 80% of Chicago homicides Gang related. There are over 100,000 gang members now in Chicago. 40% more than in 2009, as 'Hope and Change' swept the nation. East African gangs 'against' West African gangs. Asians and Hispanics fill in the stats. With 13% of the population of Chicago black, over 49% of the crimes are committed by blacks.

  • Mary Sue

    wait, I thought Chicago cops already didn't respond to burglaries or robberies?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Only, well maybe only if it's the station house being robbed………………..William

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "I thought Chicago cops already didn't respond to burglaries or robberies?"

        Yeah, but bragging about it does seem like it would make it worse.

  • monica long

    First-I would not pay my Chicago taxes, second-I would fire or recall the mayor, city counsel, the police commissioner, and everyone else in city government, next I would fire all the police officers, next I would make sure first of all I would have someone to replace all those fired city employees who were not elected and none of the replacements would be hires from Chicago, or from the state itself. Next I would hire people from other states, you may actually want to hire some people from TEXAS because WE believe in GUNS! I would start with the mayor and police commissioner and the police officers, then the rest of the city government.

    • monica long

      Noting first to get rid of the law that citizens cannot carry guns..

    • Adam

      You don't have the power. YOU are just a "citizen". That power isn't yours to wield. Want to complain? Take it to the ballot box. Of course don't expect it to be COUNTED. This is no longer a gov't that gets it's power from the consent of the governed. The "governed" are "governed" for a reason. The "governed" are sheep that needs to be hearded, corralled and done away with after their use has been served.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I like your plan monica long, it could be good for just about every City in America.

  • richard jaeger

    If you need a quick response name drop Occupy Chicago into the call and you will get police, SWAT, FEMA, FBI and CIA within 10 minutes.

  • combat vet

    Wow look at these two fat old cops fresh off deck duty. How about we hire some young physically fit young cops, even Veterans!

  • Eric Nix

    People of Chicago! Your anti gun laws are unconstitutional, period end of story! Get a gun, learn how to use it and fight back!

    • John

      Time to fight back or lose your freedom!

  • Philip S. Thomas

    This is rhetoric at its worst. You shouldn’t be calling 9-1-1 if you are not in danger at that very moment. Call the non-emergency number. But someone wanted to troll up some responses. Read some NON-biased reporting people.

    • Rebecca

      you are mincing words. the police will not respond, regardless of the avenue of contact.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It's over for the folks in Chicago and they know it, the City will be exactly like those pictured in
    the crazy SiFi regem where insanity is the norm and death and destruction passtimes.
    When the crooks take over this is what you get and it has spread from Chicago to
    Washington DC (District of Criminals) and soon in a neighborhood near you, that is unless
    you are one of those misfits sitting at home with your Bible and Guns and a few big dogs.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      Residents of chicago can no longer trust the police; but its not only Chicago. Last summer, in Towanda, Pa. a young man named Robert Leone was pulled over by Pa. State police, for failing to pull over sooner, removed from his car, and brutally beaten. They took him to the hospital, where they beat him again, then put him in the local jail. I understand they are still holding him there, illegally, until the statute of limitations on any civil suit expires. They weren't aware, when they pulled him over, that he suffers from bi-polar disorder, and hadn't taken his meds that day. They wouldn't have cared if they had known, probably. These kinds of frightening incidents of police brutality are on the rise; partly because police are overburdened and stretched very thin. In Chicago, its because of gangs and their symbiotic tendencies with politicians. Whatever the reason, we are in greater danger every day.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Trust is something that must be carefully placed today, the times are changing and
        not for the good, be very circumspect no matter who or what you deal with………William

  • rycsailor

    Let's try to understand this; since police are by definition remedial, they show up after the event because they are seldom present at the initiation, this means that the new ruling just reinforces what has been standard practice. Only now, they won't even have to come to take evidence, sweep up the empty cartridge cases, or blot up the blood as long as the culprit has left. So, by logical extension, one must injure the perp ( can't shoot him because guns are illegal) and keep his body on ice until they find time to show up in a week or two.

  • Tom

    Chicago is a example of every city if OBAMA gets his way. Then he will have the guns and put you in camps if you don't like it. And he has about 4 bullets for each one of you if you want to get them.

  • Ron

    "Protect and serve{ on the side of police cars has no meaning any more. At least here in my hometown., if I call the police they respond and will do what is necessary to protect us. Even when I have the suspect all handcuffed and a gun trained on him. Have any of you ever heard a hammer pulled back in the dead silcence of a dark night. It is scary and will make you "wet your pants." I know because I have seen grown men do that as I cocked my gun.

  • beccalouise

    that was a laugh. so reading this article, they won't respond to past crimes because they want their officers patrolling for future crimes. but since they're not omnipresent, future crimes will quickly become past crimes, and once they are past crimes, they still won't come. so what will they respond to. hostage situations is the only thing that comes to mind that fits that criteria. and the citizens have no way to protect themselves in chicago!

  • Brian

    Wow, what a poorly written headline and lack of rational thought around here. First, "Chicago Police Will No Longer Respond to Burglaries or Robberies" doesn't jive with, "They’ll no longer come right away to reports of things like criminal damage to property, vehicle thefts, garage burglaries, or other crimes in which the suspect is no longer on the scene, and the victim isn’t in immediate danger." This is just a gross misrepresentation.

    Secondly, there are many situations (not just hostage situations as one commenter pointed out) where you want police there in the here and now. I live in the suburbs in North Carolina. There are plenty of situations where cops are called in to preempt what could be a dangerous situation. Heck, I've even called in sketchy occurrences. Moreover, just yesterday, there was a domestic disturbance in my community that turned into the boyfriend vandalizing his girlfriend's car when she was in it. I'm glad one of my neighbors was able to call in the cops so quickly. The point is that there are plenty of situations where you need a cop there in real-time. As a citizen of any jurisdiction, I'd want this same priority level as what Chicago is implementing.

    C'mon people use common sense here.

    • Rebecca

      well average response time is not real-time, even if they do decide to show up. just read national average for 911 is 23 minutes. I'm guessing it might be a little longer in Chicago. By then you're vandalized or dead or whatever the situation is already and the criminal is long gone. Did you want them to have a 50 word headline? Your criticism is weak, you are missing the main point.

      • Brian

        "By then you're vandalized or dead or whatever the situation is already and the criminal is long gone. Did you want them to have a 50 word headline?"

        You're off-base here on both accounts. The title is in the affirmative leading you to believe that the Chicago Police Department will never come to your house if you're robbed. You read 4 paragraphs into and it's not true. Additionally, you are making the grand assumption that police never put themselves at the scene of a crime or a potential crime in time. I think they deserve better than this criticism.

        • lloyd

          Brian, your argument is Bogus. YOU live in "the suburbs in North Carolina". There is NO WAY to equate what you experience with what the folks in Chicago experience. Get Real. The Article is ABOUT Chicago not your "better protected" area. Chicago has a NO Guns law in place, your area DOES not, and Concealed Carry is Allowed.

          • Brian

            Gun law or no gun law in Chicago (regardless of the fact it's not mentioned one single time in the article), It doesn't change the premise Lloyd. I don't care if you're in the suburbs of Alaska or in Bronx, NYC.

            If I come home from vacation and I find out that I've been robbed, surely I am pissed. But if takes longer for the police department to come to my house and take my statement and gather evidence – because they are doing these other measures that could prevent crime, possibly violent crime – that is okay with me. At that point, I'm physically okay; I'd rather have the cop finish his patrol of the local playgrounds to make sure my unborn kids, or anyone's kids for that matter, are not being creeped upon.

    • Ely

      Well Brian, as a police officer working in the Bronx, NYC . I wonder if you'd feel the same if your house were burglarized and you not realize that it wasn't burglarized but that in fact its being burglarized. I can say that I've been to a few jobs where the home owner comes home and didn't realize the burglar was hiding in the closet or under the bed only to be found once we do our search of the home for that very reason . Now imagine what might happen if the home owner just doesn't call 911 because its "not an emergancy". How about when some one is robbed? Those first few minutes are crucial in being able to catch perp. Since in those first few minutes the victims tend to still have the perps description fresh in their mind. Sorry, but I must say life in the suburbs and life in the city , in this case one of the big three major cities in the US, doesn't compare. Neither does the police work. Chicago is treading on thin ice.

  • henrybowman

    It's just as well. If you were counting on either of the two lardbutts in the photo to chase down and apprehend your burglar, all you'd be getting for your trouble is a huge tax sinkhole in workman's comp claims.

  • Dr Adam Caldwell

    The Miami Country, Ohio Police department already does this. and then The prosecutor does not files charges when there are eye witnesses. then those criminals keep stealing, burglarizing and victimizing neighborhoods.. It is now the court systems who are the menace to society. They are all for profit now and care nothing of public safety.

  • JK

    Chicago has a local sales tax of 3.25%
    Illinois has a sales tax of 6.25% (much of which has been reported may go to Chicago)

    I have some questions:
    How much does Chicago make when an insurance company pays the claim from a real burglary and the person who was robbed pays 9.5% sales tax on all replacement items?
    How much through sales tax does Chicago make from a fraudulent insurance scam that the insurance company pays because there was no immediate police investigation that could have discovered the fraud?
    Those without insurance- wouldn’t they have to replace their belongings that were stolen and pay for it themselves, also adding tax money to Chicago?
    Will burglary increase because criminals could perceive that Chicago police are now ‘soft’ on burglary and theft?
    If it does, will Chicago make more money from all the extra sales tax?

    Would it make sense to petition for a law that no sales tax could be charged on items replaced from a theft?

  • rdancy

    Now that all the bad people know this they can increase their crimes.
    More innocent people will be raped, killed or kidnapped. Stupid mayor and police. Glad I don't live there anymore. It's a wild jungle.

  • fuzzybroom

    Chicago, Detroit, California and the rest of the mushy Liberal states and cities got what they deserve. They all voted for the "Big Government" Democrats to run their lives for them. So they can just suck it up.

  • rycsailor

    Phillip S, If you call 911 for help because of imminent danger, by your perception, and the danger evaporates does this mean you should have called 411 anticipating that it wouldn't last ? Are you going to be the judge of the seriousness of a personal situation? Get real, if the boys in blue get a few non-serious calls isn't that too bad…….all in a days work.

  • republican spinsters

    I got a splinter in my finger…..thanks, Obama.

  • mustapha

    bring in the National Guard put those monkeys in their place listen people are being hurt innocent people are being hurt and I don't want to hear this racial profiling you cannot straighten out your own city the federal government will come in the stree t it out for you they need to come in so people can work and play and go out in peace .

  • John

    Can you say donuts and lazy cops?

  • Adam

    Vigilante justice. If you catch'em robbing you, shoot them, patch them up and drop them off at 95th and Cottage Grove and then rip the band-aid off and go home. Nothing will ever be said or investigated. They'll just chalk it up to another gang land shooting.

  • Hugo

    Yeah republicans do love to spread fear and use scare tactics.

  • krhill

    what are you all surprised about the courts have said since 1855. the police have no duty to protect individual citizens and no citizen has a right to police protection

  • Ben Robinson

    I see a huge huge pay cut in your immediate future……he he he.
    No workie, no payie.

  • Ben Robinson

    Now does Rev. David Wilkerson's Vision of looting and fires in EVERY major city look more and more possible? People are more and more fed up with the government under Obama. Obama the same that rejoices that there have been abortions commited now for 40 years. I think it is criminal and nothing to be happy about with now nearly 56,000,000 aborted/slaughtered little innocent ones. God I pray you will stop the abortions even if you have to crack America in half to do it.

  • 300

    They just going to let them kill each other off, all of you are blind.
    On BD 300 Oblock OTF FTO LowEndorNEnd !

  • kbaby

    My house got broken into yesterday it took them damn near a hour to come, and didn’t take finger prints. This is some bull.

  • Tony Perkins

    Is anyone here reading the quote? They won't come "right away" to these crimes, which makes sense. Why do you need a police officer RIGHT NOW when the criminal is gone? Do you think they are gonna come back for more but leave when they see a cop taking a report?

  • keltec

    i live in canada, my mom’s work place got sacked by armed robbers and the cops showed up 3 hours after the employees pushed the silent alarm as the criminals rushed in. goes to show how little the cops cares about the average joes

  • jack

    will they respond in you have a your security system alarm is set off?

    • Mike Davis

      Only if you have a permit or if it is a duress code or holdup alarm.

      Better to just have the signs. The blaring alarm simply alerts more people that the home is insecure. I called the police because a house in my neighborhood got broken into. 4 hours later, I walked down the street and closed their front door. The alarm continued until they got home from work.