Chicago Represents the Failure of Liberalism

The New York Times is a liberal narrative engine. Its articles may seem meandering, but they know exactly what they want to do and where they want to go. But that’s not the case with its “Two Chicagos” article.

The title “In a Soaring Homicide Rate, a Divide in Chicago” is traditional New York Times. The amount of titles the Times has done that focus on a divide is nearly endless. But there’s a sense of confusion and helplessness that fills the article.

The premise seems simple enough. Chicago’s murder rate is high, but it’s primarily confined to minority areas. And then what? The Times has no answer. When poverty or bad housing or high milk prices are confined to minority areas, racism is an easy answer. But how do you address black on black violence? The New York Times can’t do it.

The shooting, on Nov. 26, was one more jarring reminder of just how common killings seem to have grown on the streets of Chicago, the nation’s third-largest city, where 506 homicides were reported in 2012, a 16 percent increase over the year before, even as the number of killings remained relatively steady or dropped in some cities, including New York.

But the overall rise in killings here blurs another truth: the homicides, most of which the authorities described as gang-against-gang shootings, have not been spread evenly across this city. Instead, they have mostly taken place in neighborhoods west and south of Chicago’s gleaming downtown towers.

More than 80 percent of the city’s homicides took place last year in only about half of Chicago’s 23 police districts, largely on the city’s South and West Sides. The police district that includes parts of the business district downtown reported no killings at all.

And? Having gotten to this point in the traditional disadvantaged narrative, the story can go no further. What does one say about internal violence within a community?

“It’s two different Chicagos,” said the Rev. Corey B. Brooks Sr., the pastor of New Beginnings Church on the South Side, who had led the funeral service for Mr. Holman the day shots rang out, then found himself leading Mr. Miller’s funeral service a week later. The authorities here have described both shootings as gang related. “If something like that had happened at the big cathedral in downtown Chicago or up north at a predominantly white church, it would still be on the news right now, it would be such a major thing going on.”

No doubt, but that’s because shootings are much less likely to happen in white churches, not because of some endemic racism. When violence happens in a dangerous white area, no one pays much attention to it, instead the area eventually becomes a running gag. Habitual violence is ignored regardless of the population.

But surely gun control is the solution.

At Mr. Miller’s funeral in December, a large contingent of Chicago police officers waited outside.

“It’s gotten to the point, unfortunately, where something as significant as a funeral is subject to gang violence, and I can’t even believe that we’re having this conversation,” Garry McCarthy, the police superintendent here, said in an interview. “I’m not willing to gamble that maybe they’re not going to bring their guns this time.”

The Chicago cops can’t keep guns out of a funeral. How much use is trying to keep them out of a city, a state or a country?

In a corner of the church, a friend of Mr. Miller revealed text messages he had sent to her during Mr. Holman’s funeral, minutes before he was shot: “dis preacher like he talkin straight to me,” one of the messages read. “He talkin bout hurts and pain. I cant run from the pain cause its gone hurt me worse if I’m by myself because I gotta think about everything.” In tears, she recalled how she had replied to the texts with questions, but Mr. Miller never responded.

And the New York Times has no answers to its own questions either. The inner city represents the failure of a century of liberalism to reform and uplift. And once we get past the usual nods to racism, there’s nothing more to say about the reality of life there. Or at least nothing that the ideology responsible for the failures would like to discuss.

  • AdinaK

    What more needs to be said, when leftists/liberals allow the educaton of the young to be placed in the following hands –

    So whether the (mis)education involves inner city minorities, or suburban public schoolers, rest assured, the kiddies are not a priority for the left/liberal set, not even takin ginto consideration their "fuzzy math" programs and all their other methodology disasters!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Questions

    One wonders if the thousands of online denunciations of Chicago here, Town Hall, Human Events, etc. are from people who even have visited, let alone lived there. Typically, their argument goes: Chicago = Obama = liberal = bad. Throw in a bad joke about "Saul Alinsky's playbook," and somehow that denotes familiarity with the subject matter.

    For the record, I have been to Chicago many times on business, and not just its glorious downtown. Yes, there is bad, but there is much more that is good. As for the city's high murder rate, the problem isn't liberalism or "racism"; it's race itself. It is a fact: The vast majority of murders in that city are committed by blacks — and usually against other blacks. Chicago whites just aren't into murder, one supposes. Neither are Seattle whites, for that matter — and Seattle is every bit as liberal as Chicago. Until the mainstream Right stops spinning the black-as-victim (as opposed to victimizer) narrative, they will resemble the Left without even knowing it.

    • john spielman

      the problem with violence including murder etc is not about "race for there is one race and that is the human race, but rather the lack of fear of God and the day of judgment. If we feared GOD and His judgment we would not be committing such barbaric acts against one another and would treat each other with love and respect that Jesus commands.

    • Mary Sue

      That is because the Seattle, Portland, or Chicago Whites just aren't into Gangs because their broken homes aren't as bad and there's usually a father in the picture.

      Contrast that to Surrey, BC, the Car Theft Capital of Canada, where terrible single parenting among whites is rampant, coinciding with a large contingent of undisciplined young men that join the East Indian gangs or form their own.

    • 375

      The problem IS liberalism my friend. I grew up on the south side of Chicago, now live just outside of the south side and still work on the south side of the city. The probably is that no one dares say what the real problem is. The problem is cultural and being critical of that culture of fatherlessness, having adverse attitudes toward education, perpetuating the concept of victimhood etc, draws the ire of the weepy liberals in the media and academia. Until we confront the real issues honestly the carnage will continue and no doubt worsen.

      • Questions

        If any of the black or Hispanic "homies" tried to invade the still-white "Bungalow Belt," I guarantee you they wouldn't get very far. And back when the Windy City was still mainly white, all it took was a quick phone call from a neighborhood leader to his alderman and the problem would be solved in short order. The mayor would be all over the police chief to deploy more street cops to the problem neighborhood. Irish, Lithuanian, Polish, Italian and other white ethnic neighborhoods didn't have a riff-raff problem. They may have been rough customers themselves, but not criminal. And they were instinctively conservative. They didn't believe that multicultural nonsense.

        The worst thing to happen to Chicago politics was the election of Harold Washington as mayor 30 years ago. I can still remember the poisoned atmosphere. The city is still in recovery.

  • JacksonPearson

    Thug (Rahm) Emanuel hasn't helped:

    • Roger

      With more failures to his name, Rahm the shower finger will no doubt have a great career ahead of himself.

      Liberals always flock to the losers like Barney Franks, Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.

      • JacksonPearson

        I don't see Thug (Rahm) being much of a drawing card. Emanuel doesn't have a good record of any kind to run on. Chicago is still the number one murder capitol in America, and there hasn't been any improvement with him as mayor. But he might be a tad better than Baracky, but not much more?

        • Roger

          His wife isn't so repulsive.

          • JacksonPearson

            I'm surprised she's stuck it out with him. Because his background is questionably shady.

          • Roger

            It seems a lot of democrat politicians have loyal wives.
            Ten Kennedy had Joan for a lot of years. Bill has Hillary.

            I wonder who Janet Reno has….

          • JacksonPearson

            None…she's a lesbian.

          • Roger

            I know, I said that tongue in cheek. Clearly she's not a lipstick lesbian.

  • Horace

    Tolerance of a homicidal cultural norm (the "music" played on black stations) has a lot to do with it. Macho tough guys gotta kill you when their "honor" is insulted. The moronic idea of gang identification as self protection has a lot more to do with it. The hopelessness induced by the narrative from liberal left wing media (NY Times etc) and the black race hustlers (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rev. Barber etc,) that there is no use getting an education or otherwise acting white coz it represents submission to the mainstream American racist culture, has a lot to do with it. The American black tendency to circle the wagons and hate whites, asians, immigrant blacks etc. for their better success rate has a lot to do with it. The fact that the left wants to destroy America has the most to do with it.

  • Tina Trenner

    Inner cities like the one in Chicago are Americas Socialist Society. They get government housing, food, health care and a rotten education nothing more…and they keep voting too live like that…Its is shocking to see how many people will except the poverty, the violence, the drugs and unwed mothers and the spiral of societal death and keep voting for it.Its as if they scream " give me more of the past 40 years" ..and if you try to point it out…the fact that they could have a good life and their kids could too…your a racist and you hate people of color….The truth is the people they vote for are the racist and the ones they should resent…Wonder if we can wake them up? Progressive = lies, pain and suffering…

  • Rocco

    My recommendation is to introduce a Feral Bastard Eradication Act. This act would require any child receiving any type of public assistance to be eradicated from urban or suburban areas when they are convicted of a crime or quit high school. If the state is supporting them, the state should have the right to determine where they place their wards.

    By eradicating the baby-momma spawn from densely populated areas the amount of violent crime within the cities and suburbs will drop dramatically. If they still want to kill each other, they will have to work a lot harder at it. As an added benefit, many more innocent lives will be saved just by being out of the cross-fire.

    If these feral bastards want to act like animals, let them do it in the woods.

    • Roger

      That would pollute the better places.
      But I can see the futility of leaving them there to learn how to be worse.

    • patron

      That’s awful. You and the criminal share the same vulgar mindset.

      You can end subsidies which promote horrible behavior without eradicating every “feral bastard”. It does not happen as Stephanie Cutter and David Axelrod do a great job at clearing out the ghetto on election day, and the modern Republican voter is either too apathetic or too foolish to form credible reform opposition.

      • Rocco

        Thank you for your input.

  • Robert Klein Engler

    More grist for your mill: WHAT WE FOUNDWHEN WE CAME HOME: