Chicago Solving Only 1/4 of its Murders, Asks Internet to Identify Murder Victims

Chicago is the dark beating heart of the progressive experiment where labor unions meet utter Dem Party corruption, multiculturalism and organized crime for the ultimate municipal trainwreck. And if only the rest of the country jettisoned the 2nd Amendment, somehow Chicago’s out-of-control gang murder sprees would stop and the coroner wouldn’t have to post corpse photos to the internet.

Only 132 of the 507 murder cases in the city last year were closed last year. That makes for a homicide clearance rate of 26 percent—the lowest in two decades, according to internal police records provided to Chicago.  To put it another way: About three-quarters of the people who killed someone in Chicago in 2012 have gotten away with murder—so far, at least.

“Those stats suggest a crisis,” says Arthur Lurigio, a criminologist at Loyola University Chicago…

But in the internet age, Obama’s tech savvy hometown has an answer. Just crowdsource the investigations.

For the first time, the Cook County medical examiner’s office has posted photos of unclaimed bodies on their website in an effort to help identify them.

The program is generating some controversy because of the graphic images, but for the sake of people missing loved ones, this is a decision where the medical examiner believes the ends justify the means.

The site contains information about when the bodies were found and where, along with as much identifying information as possible—including, in some cases–photos of the victim’s face.

These days Chicago’s failure isn’t just isolated to its own borders. The political culture of misrule has been exported to Washington along with Obama who took along many Chicago political vets to wreck the entire country.

The United States is in the hands of the political class who drove Second City into the ground. And now they’re doing the same thing from sea to shining sea.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama is the titular head of and evil that is destroying America as a land of law and order that
    makes sense and is supportive of free and honest people who live as One Nation Under God,
    this the Communist, Leftist, Liberal elite hate and are entertaining Islamist incursions as
    colonizers. When the backlash comes to sweep these enemies within away is a day that
    will restore America to a decent place to live. Eliminating most Judges, not allowing professional
    politicians, demanding civics be taught in restored schools where prayer and the Bible are
    again taught, these will be signs of rejuvination amongst many showing Americans have had
    enough of false leaders, teachers and judges, the end of leftism must come and America
    made right……………..We can build prisons and we can deport and we can demand justice
    for our people that is not a con game to inslave our populations and destroy truth. We have
    all we need to restore but who is it that will lead, anyone but a self serving criminal political

  • Mary Sue

    wow, epic fail. Incompetence on parade.

    • Mary Sue

      Chicago, that is. Not the article XD

  • UCSPanther

    I heard that Detroit apparently has a worse version of this type of macabre problem: They are so broke that they cannot afford to dispose of unclaimed corpses, many of which have been in the freezers for years.

    I wonder how long it will be before Chicago catches up?

  • pinnie99

    Bad bad leroy Brown. Badest man in the whole damn town…For years they watch the killings …..they don't care. Wtps have to watch Fools ..kill thier own & then the Bosses blame WHITE AMERICA….The bosses have given the "mentally challenged…a purpose= Make a mess..You have no resposibility in it. They even kill babies…… Crickets from the racebaiters. SO… I GUESS ITS OK!