China’s One Child Policy Has Aborted 1,500 Babies Every Hour

Some newspapers are jumping the gun and predicting the end of China’s One Child Policy. It’s not too clear whether we are seeing the slow phase out of the policy or its transformation into something else. Or a bureaucratic turf war emerging out of China’s governmental shift.

China is aging and its average age is only a year lower than that of the United States. Which isn’t good. But it still puts China in the same rage as most major non-Muslim Asian countries, but well below Japan, so it’s not really a crisis situation.

400 million — That’s the number of additional people that China says would be around today if not for the one-child-per-couple rule that took effect 40 years ago. The country says 336 million abortions and 196 million sterilizations have occurred since then.

This isn’t really a problem for China, which thinks it has too many people. And as China urbanizes and leaves behind the countryside. The numbers are horrifying, but both China and Russia have killed huge numbers of its own people and viewed those deaths as fertilizer for their industrialization and growth.

simple arithmetic indicates 1,500 abortions have been performed in China every hour of every day for four decades.

So what is happening with the One Child Policy? That’s an interesting question.

But the most intriguing change is the reorganisation that will merge the family-planning bureaucracy, created purely to control population growth, with the health ministry to form a new Health and Family Planning Commission. Officials have vowed that this does not mean the one-child policy is about to come to an end. But public scrutiny of the policy is growing, along with pressure to loosen or scrap it altogether

Chinese demographers say the social and economic damage done by the policy will be felt for generations. The labour pool is shrinking (by 3.45m in 2012 , the first decline in almost 50 years), the ratio of taxpayers to pensioners will decline from almost five to one to just over two to one by 2030 (see chart), and there are fewer children to support their parents. Shanghai is an example of the demographic time-bomb facing China: its fertility rate, at 0.7, is among the world’s lowest.

Up to 500,000 people on the family-planning payroll. Those who work in the health-care system are much more competent than those in family planning, he adds, so the family planners are more likely to lose their jobs.

It may be that China is preparing to make its policy seem a little friendlier, but that is at odds with what is taking place in the government. On the other hand the growing militarization may have led its leaders to decide that they can afford extra children if they use them up as cannon fodder or settle them in conquered territories. But even that is a bit much.

It’s also not clear whether China can even reverse what it began. Chinese American birth rates (as opposed to Asian American birth rates) is lower than that of the native white population. And that rate is on the low side.

China may have begun this with its One Child Policy, but Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea (not to mention Japan) have even lower birth rates than Mainland China.

While China does use repression to maintain the policy, its own experts suggest that ending the policy would not result in a significant shift. And the region seems to bear that out. And what we may really be seeing is not the end of the One Child Policy, but a growing recognition that the authorities no longer need to work as hard to enforce it, because the people are voluntarily enforcing it on themselves.

  • Mary Sue

    That's because the people are so used to the One-Child policy that they'll be adhering to it regardless just out of habit. Because it's practically tradition now; it is simply what they have always done. That's the lasting damage of the policy.

    Leftist Paul Ehrlich types would be falling over themselves with joy if the demographic shift (and subsequent sudden population crash) suddenly results in a greatly depopulated China. They never did care all that much for them smart azns.

    • Toni_Pereira

      By some mistery of nature that we will never understand, that douchbag will never be labeled bigot or racist.Worse: he is considered in some quarters a visionary, instead of an apocalyptical doom-monger that he really is.

  • figment newton

    Good article. Does not address that the majority of those aborted or killed after birth are female. Have read that as many as 160 million females do not exist today due to the practice that the male heir takes care of the elderly parents.
    There is a huge hole in our world due to the machinations of those who desire to control populations through eugenics and social planning, aided by portable ultrasound machines supplied by Immelt's GE and Hilary Clinton, not just in China, but Russian countries, India, Africa, as well as bringing the practice to America after immigration.

    This does not bode well for the gene pool of the world.

    • Mary Sue

      I had to wonder if China wasn't in fact setting itself up for a HUGE military, with all the males screwed out of mate prospects, in order to invade countries and take THEIR women.

      "Hey sign up for chinese military, we take over Canada and get you wife. Lovely Inuit or white bride"

      • y Brandstetter MD

        easier said than done

        • Mary Sue

          true, but who's to say someone didn't look towards such a goal, as mad/impractical as it could be in execution?

          • figment newton

            Read Unnatural Selection by Mara Hvistendahl.

            Excellent study of the population explosion hysteria of the watermelon crowd.

            Most countries with gender imbalance do not recognize or admit to the causes or attempt to control it to regain balance (which is normally 106 males to 100 females due to the higher mortality of males due to aggressive and reckless behavior). A society weighing heavier in the male species is a violent society with a broken family unit. Having mothers and fathers kill their own unborn or helpless is a control device of statist regimes. Either way it's a win-win whether your supposition was considered or not. Which I hadn't thought of, although
            Chinese are just as racist as any other human being, with Caucasians being looked at with suspicion and derision, although whiter skin among other Asians is valued highly.

          • Mary Sue

            oh yeah the chinese have been racist forever. The term for foreigner in Chinese is actually "foreign DEVIL". The Japanese term is gaijin and means pretty much the same thing.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What can come of such evil carnage, absolutely nothing good and those responsible will have
    to face judgement which will expose the depth of the villiany and grotesque abhorence.

  • cynthia curran

    Too bad there was not a one child policy with the country to the south of US Mexico. Just saying.

  • surfcitysocal

    Well, I learned something new in this article: that any entity with the word "planning" in it, whether it's here or in China, equates to death for human babies.

  • LindaRivera

    There are large numbers of couples in America and other countries who would love to adopt the beautiful Chinese babies that are aborted. As the Chinese are FORCED to abort their babies if they already have a child, the Chinese parents would be incredibly happy to save the lives of their children through adoption.