Chris Christie Complains Black Democratic Speaker is Blocking Bill That Would Help Black Families, Accused of Racism

This is another one of those stories that makes no sense whatever except as a selective use of political correctness to silence criticism on a dangerous issue.

School vouchers are an explosive issue because they threaten to dismantle the educational bureaucracy and liberate low income students from failed schools and systems. That’s why the left tries to shut down any discussion about them as hard and fast as possible.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie visited St. Luke’s Baptist Church in Paterson, a black church, and told the audience that an “African-American female speaker of the Assembly” is blocking a vote on a school voucher bill that would let children in failing districts attend classes elsewhere.

The message was fairly obvious. Democratic Speaker Sheila Oliver was blocking a program that would help black children, despite being black.

What made less sense was the outcry and the demands that Christie apologize.

Democratic Speaker Sheila Oliver later said she was “appalled” that Christie injected race into the discussion on education.

In what universe is that even a credible complaint for a Democrat to make? Obama is pushing racialized education standards. Is pointing out that Sheila Oliver is doing a bad job representing her constituents, racist?

On Thursday, the pastor whose church hosted the meeting asked Christie to apologize. He said the governor was disrespectful to the speaker and missed a chance to unite the community.

Oddly, Democratic speakers are never expected to be respectful or unite the community.

But apparently the problem now is that instead of calling her Speaker Sheila Oliver, he referred to her indirectly.

Republican Gov. Chris Christie has been asked to apologize for referring to the first black female leader of the state Assembly by race and gender, not by name, during a church-hosted meeting.

Would the opposite be true? If Sheila Oliver had called Christie, the white male governor, would she be expected to apologize?

On Thursday, his spokesman, Michael Drewniak, noted that the head of the Black Ministers Council, Bishop Reginald Jackson, said in 2010 that the fate of the stalled voucher bill was in the hands of the Legislature’s Democratic majority, especially Oliver. Jackson, an advocate of the bill, known as the Opportunity Scholarship Act, said then, “The Democratic Party must stop taking us for granted and failing to act for our children.”

But it’s easier to distract from that issue with petty complaints and accusations of racism, instead of dealing with the fact that the Dem establishment is pandering to New Jersey’s teachers union, instead of helping black children.

  • Edward Cline

    I'm thinking of giving up writing fiction and turning to writing reality instead. You can't make up stories like this one.

  • Mary Sue

    It's obvious that Sheila Oliver is so immersed in the Identity POlitics (as is the pastor of that church there) that she'll gladly sacrifice black childrens' educational success on the altar of Socialist Indoctrination.

  • AdinaK

    Of course the BLACK speaker is towing Obama's radical line, and she is likely where she is due to her trucking with the thuggish teacher's union. Moreover, anyone who cares about the rest, whether he called her by her name or other such nonsense, needs to go back to sleep and stay asleep.

    The core issue is the radicalizing of the kiddies and that is more than worth fighting over –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel