CNN Joins NBC in Producing Hillary Propaganda Flick


This is actually worse than NBC in a way because CNN pretends to be a news organization.

The Hillary Clinton production industry continues to grow. Just two days after NBC announced that it will air a miniseries about her starring Diane Lane, CNN Films today said that they are making a feature-length documentary about the onetime senator, Secretary of State and First Lady. The film will be directed by Oscar-winner Charles Ferguson.

In pre-production, the unnamed docu will debut theatrically in 2014 before being shown on the cable news network. No release date or airdate has been set.

“I am very excited to be making a film about Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose fascinating life and work embody so many of America’s, and the world’s, hopes and challenges”, said Ferguson.

Ferguson is a radical leftist whose resume includes No End in Sight, an Anti-Iraq War film, Inside Job, the predictable lefty slant on the financial meltdown, and a movie about Wikileaks.

If Michael Moore isn’t available, Ferguson is your third or fourth best option.

That now makes three Hillary Clinton productions in the works in the lead-up to her expected 2016 presidential run. NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said Saturday at the network’s TCA presentation that NBC’s Hillary miniseries would range from the Monica Lewinsky scandal days of 1998 to the present. Young II Kim’s Black List script Rodham looks at Hillary’s personal battle between her own political ambitions and desire to marry her equally ambitious Yale Law boyfriend Bill Clinton.

I don’t recall any Obama major movies or television miniseries before 08, but I figure Hillary’s people think she needs the juice.

Still this is a new low for CNN. CNN Films did step into blatant electioneering territory with Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare back in 2012. Pandora’s Promise is an equally obnoxious ecoscam doc pushing for a carbon crackdown. But this is the first time CNN Films turns out a hagiography.

  • GinaLolaJupiter

    TO ALL FILM MAKERS OUT THERE: make a parody, put a disclaimer on it, it would be soooo easy and could be a huge hit!

  • VHG1

    Is it true Betty White is gonna play Hillary?

  • gdoan

    I doubt either will show her performance on national TV blaming the Republican Party for the creating a conspiracy theory involving Monica Lewinsky. She and Bill may have pulled off the lie, it it weren’t for DNA testing.

  • RedStateVet

    “because CNN pretends to be a news organization.”

    It has not been a news organization for a long time. Its former nickname wasn’t the “Clinton News Network” for nothing. It looks like they want to resurrect that name.

    • BS77

      It is an Orwellian shill machine….not much more. The media no longer reports the news…it creates the news and manufactures opinion, controls elections…that sort of thing

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “If Michael Moore isn’t available, Ferguson is your third or fourth best option.”

    Plus everyone knows Michael Moore is a radical leftist liar. Ferguson is more successful at posing as a “serious investigator.”

    Yikes. So they really truly are planning on cramming this beach down our throats in 2016.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Hilary Z. Clinton

  • DogmaelJones1

    Oh, oh! Another “Walking Dead” zombie film! Or maybe a third season of Kevin Spacey’s “House of Cards”?

  • Sussex Girl

    My mother voted in the 2008 primary for Hillary and was thinking of voting for her in the 2016 election until I told her about the Benghazi debacle and Hillary’s rant during the Congressional hearings: “But what does it matter now, anyway?” She will never be voting for Hillary again. ‘Nuf said.